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Wellbutrin is an antidepressant drug created by GlaxoSmithKline. Visit the official Wellbutrin site for more information. Wellbutrin users may leave feedback below.
Wellbutrin Feedback and Side Effects

I have been on Wellbutrin for at least a year now, and I can honestly say that it has helped more than any other med I've tried.

I too tried Lexapro and had very serious stomach problems (God knows I deal with that enough without medication to make it worse), so I quit taking after a short period of time. I also tried Zoloft with the same results, and no benefit for the depression.

I initially started the Wellbutrin at 150mg, and am now at 300mg/day. I will admit that I noticed more benefit previously, but I would hate for the depression to go back to what it was. I still occasionally have my bad days (mood swings, etc), but overall, the Wellbutrin has made a significant improvement.

I've read the recent posts some of you have made, and I can sincerely empathize. I still occasionally feel that life sucks, that my world is like walking on egg shells every minute of the day, and that my entire world can come crashing down at any moment. On top of that, I'm dealing with a wife who has a serious medical condition that has caused her to lose her job, approximately $80K in debt, and have this constant feeling that everytime I get upset about something, I have to remind myself for the reasons I NEED to live, rather than the reasons not to.

As a person who has dealt with family suicide, I can offer this advice. My wife and I (a long time ago) made a pact that we would never commit suicide without giving the other just notification first. I know it sounds dumb, but it's a safety net. When you feel like you're at rock bottom, you've got to have one last straw to pull. Unfortunately, my relative didn't see it that way, and the signs that he DID give to other members of the family were not caught in time.

I hope this helps one other person on this site. I was blindly searching the web and came across this.


Posted by: Mike at February 2, 2006 5:20 PM

I've been on Paxil (had no emotions and was insensitive to the emotions of others and it took me 2 years to wean off) and I've been on Serzone but it was taken off the market.
I've been on Wellbutrin for the past six months and it is a wonder drug. It is without a doubt the BEST I've ever been on. I've been able to exercise, eat healthy, lose 40 pounds and I'm STABLE, yay, yay, yah!!
Only drawback is my hair was thinning when I went up to 300mg/day so I stay at 200mg/day and no problem with the hair.
I seriously suggest this drug to anyone suffering from clinically diagnosed depression.

Posted by: Anna at February 2, 2006 7:58 PM

I have been takin Wellbutrin for almost 2 years. I've taken it with other anti-depressants, and maybe it's me, but I can't seem to feel any better. At the beginning I rated myself on a 1-10 scal about a 3, and now after upping the meds to their highest dossage, I am maybe around a 5 or 6. I also take lexapro, and ambien.

Posted by: Amanda at March 5, 2006 1:54 AM

I have been on Wellbutrin for almost a year and honestly I've never been better. I've tried xanax (alprolazam), zoloft, lexapro... all of them and I am only 16. All of the others caused serious weight gain or loos for me. I went up too 185 and all the way down to 103 because of the others and I wanted to stablize my life. When I started taking Wellbutrin I noticed an intense change in my life. No more crying fits, anger bursts, or anxiety attacks. Because of Wellbutrin I have a normal life now. I am at a healthy 147 lbs., I am able to be there for my six younger sisters, and I am also able to be strong and a helping hand to my pregnant mother. I have introduced Wellbutrin to many people I know and it has all donw eually well for them. I reccomend this strongly and hope it does all the best for everyone else.

Posted by: Paige at April 12, 2006 11:32 AM

I take Wellbutrin XL 300 mg along with Fluoxetine (Prozac) 10 mg each day. This medication allows me to be a college professor, a great mom, a writer, a gardener, and frankly, a contributing member of society. Without it, my depression is debilitating and would likely be fatal. How can I express my profound thanks to the scientists that created this medication, to the company that made it available, to the medical community who have cared for me with such compassion & effectiveness?

Surely each person with clinical depression is different regarding what treatment will work or not work. I highly recommend working closely with a psychiatrist letting them know what's working, what's not working and when things change. I have been treated for depression for about 15 years - and I've made changes when a medication that previously worked stopped being effective for me (my body does that sometimes). But my partnership with my psychiatrist allows me to stay on top of the disease. I also see a therapist when necessary. I've also gone to the hospital when necessary.

Depression isn't who I am, it's a disease that I have that right now is being very effectively kept under control with Wellbutrin. The only side effect I've had is more happiness.


Posted by: Sharon at May 13, 2006 4:21 PM

I took Wellbutrin for two years and unfortunately it dried out my whole body. Not only did I get dry mouth, but dry nose too, which resulted in spontaneous nose bleeds. Also, it slowed down my stomach to the point of causing constipation, which sometimes led to stomach blockage (very painful). My doctor said my stomach problem was related to the overall drying out affect of Wellbutrin. I'm not sure if drinking a lot of water can help with this side effect (it didn't help me much).

Posted by: David at June 17, 2006 12:51 PM

Hello. Just wanted to say that I have been on Wellbutrin for 5 years and it has been a life saver! I've been on several others before and nothing really worked.
I've had no negative side effects.
I recently (about the last 3 months) have noticed obvious mood swings around "that time of the month" so my Doc perscribed me 10mg of Lexapro to try a few days before the period (as soon as I start feeling the swings) and a couple during...kind of play with the days accordingly...I sure hope it helps...supposedly at this time the female hormones affects the saratonin levels???
We will see. I've just had my first dose of it today and boy am I tired! Not a normal thing. All that I have read about Lexapro on this site makes me glad I'm not suppose to take it every day.
Take care!

Posted by: CoCo at June 20, 2006 3:39 PM

Wellbutrin seems to be helping, but only a bit. I started taking it two weeks ago and theres only been a slight change in mood. Overall, its not a bad drug, its giving me some of my life back and its making me feel better.

Hope it's full affects come soon!

Posted by: Loki at June 26, 2006 2:03 PM

I've only been on wellbutrin for about a week now and am a little nervous. I was on lexapro for over 6 months and zoloft for 5 years before that. I got off zoloft b/c I felt it was no longer working. Lexapro seemed to be working great but the side effects were not standable to me (30 lb weight gain and absolutely no sex drive) the reason I'm nervous about this drug is because I'm getting back to the point of wanting to cry all the time and I don't know if it's just because I haven't been taking it long enough to see results, or if it just isn't right for me. I'm going to try and stick it out for a few weeks, b/c it seems to have been helpful for some. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will kick in soon. I will update with results...

Posted by: kari at July 1, 2006 8:50 AM

Have been taking it for 5 months now. Initially on 150mg, now on 100mg (don't know why my dr reduced it) and have felt myself sliding again..... no change in weight, either (gained some when put on celexa before I switched to wellbutrin) unfortunately!

Posted by: wellbutrin at July 4, 2006 1:48 PM

I recently went on wellbutrin SR 150mg...i'm a few days past my second week on it...at first it seemed to be working, i seemed to progressively be getting better, past couple of days i've felt just blah, very tired today, kinda in a fog and can't concentrate, lethargic big time...please tell me this will go away and kick in soon.

Posted by: Scott at July 23, 2006 10:54 PM

My Dr started me on Wellbutrin over a week ago and I am very happy with how I've been feeling. Getting up in the morning is much easier - I haven't been late to work 1x this week (my place of employment is very understanding). The first couple of days I was jittery and couldn't sleep at all in the evening (I'm taking 150mg in the morning). Now I'm in a groove. So far I'm not experiencing any of the common negative side effects - no dry mouth or constipation. Instead of feeling much happier I'm feeling more productive, which, at the moment, is ok with me. And I lost 3 pounds this week!

Posted by: Jeanine at July 24, 2006 1:02 AM

I started taking Zoloft this year. It really helped me handle my depression, but I've gained nearly 40 lbs. while dieting and exercising, which made me depressed again. I'm starting Wellbutrin XL, and I cannot wait to see results. I just want to be happy, AND healthy, not one or the other.

Posted by: Stephanie Stroud at July 24, 2006 11:45 PM

Hi just got an rx for Wellbutrin today. I was wondering, does anyone have any advice for wether to take it in the am or pm.



Posted by: Amy at July 27, 2006 12:37 PM

I was originally put on 100SR once daily. For the first couple of weeks I felt great! Unfortunately I began to have alot of agitation, nervousness, anxiety. So what did my Dr. do , he doubled my dose! That did NOT help, only made things worse. I stopped taking it last winter.
When I am on this drug I want to eat non-stop. It's unreal the cravings that I have. I know this drug is a stimulant , it's a stimulant for sure for me. It stimulates my appetite!!
I went into the hospital for severe depression and was admitted. The Dr. put me back on Wellbrutrin XL, I was doing ok with it, but still having the weight gain. Today he started me on 300XL a.m. I am sooo agitated way over eating. Does anyone else have this problem. ??
I mean of almost uncontrollable eating??

Posted by: shallie at July 28, 2006 2:27 PM

I just started this medication today and was wondering what the normal side effects are that some of you have expierenced.

Posted by: Christina at July 31, 2006 5:24 PM

I've been on wellbutrin for seven months now and it's been really great. My grades increased dramatically and my mood is better than ever. I didn't experiance any negitive side effects. It's definitly better to take in the morning and during the day because it will keep you up all night if you take it later, or give you crazy dreams. ADD runs in my family and I feel that wellbutrin keeps me more focused. In high school I would have to sit in the front row of every class because if I didnt I would end up counting how many people were wearing red shirts and other pointless things instead of listening to the teacher. I only wish I had gone on this sooner.

Posted by: aj at August 3, 2006 11:53 PM

Does anyone have any comments about sexual side effects of Wellbutrin?
Does it decrease libido?

Posted by: diana at August 8, 2006 11:29 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin xl 300 mg for about 5 months now. Previously on Celexa for four yrs., then Zoloft and Adderall (for Add), then Lexapro, now this. Was way agitated with Zoloft and now starting to get to that point again with this. I also take Straterra and Trileptal. When will I not be soooo irritated? It's mainly 2 weeks before period. I have been dx'ed as PMDD, ADD, and Depressed.

Posted by: Christin at August 9, 2006 11:47 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin xl 300 mg for about 5 months now. Previously on Celexa for four yrs., then Zoloft and Adderall (for Add), then Lexapro, now this. Was way agitated with Zoloft and now starting to get to that point again with this. I also take Straterra and Trileptal. When will I not be soooo irritated? It's mainly 2 weeks before period. I have been dx'ed as PMDD, ADD, and Depressed.

Posted by: Christin at August 9, 2006 11:48 PM

I also have the constipation thing going on. I have IBS and usually go every day,well ok, a few times a day. And the sexual side effect. I think the only one that didn't was Celexa.

Posted by: Christin at August 9, 2006 11:51 PM

I am on 300mg of Wellbutrin a day and i have put on 25 lbs. within 3 months .i am starved all the time . Can this be from the Wellbutrin?

Posted by: KAY at August 14, 2006 11:10 PM

I have decided to try Wellburtrin since Lexapro took away my sex drive. I tried the XL before but his made me very sick. The doctor gave me SR but i have been vomitting or havign direahhea everyday ( for a week since I started).
I don't want to go back to Lexapro.
Are there any other antidepressants that don't kill your sex drive besides Wellbutrin?

Posted by: Jessica at August 15, 2006 9:12 PM

I started taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg two weeks ago and have broken out in hives all over my body. It itches and is painful so I called my doc and she told me to take Benadryl or use Benadryl cream. That just makes me sleepy and I can't work very well but the itching is crazy. And, I still feel tired all the time too. She told me to come in to see her in a week if it hasn't stopped. Plus, my appetite hasn't changed at all like I thought it would. I haven't lost any weight on this drug like the doc thought I would. I think I'm going to stop taking it because I can't stand it anymore. I think it's making me worse instead of better.

Posted by: Suzanne at August 16, 2006 6:18 PM

I've been on 300mg for about 4-5 years with wonderful results. I have a normal life now! It only took the edge off my sex drive, which at the time was a great thing.

My son is also on it an resents having to take a pill everyday. Has anyone else research plausible alternatives? St John's Wort, therapy, fish liver oil, etc. does not work for us.

Posted by: kelli at August 21, 2006 9:46 PM

I've been taking Wellbutrin 300mgs on and off for about 3 years. I do have nausea and lack energy. I have also gained weight, but not sure it is the Wellbutrin or a thyroid condition that I have always had. My greatest concern I suppose would be swelling and abdominal distention which seemingly slows me down. Does anyone else out there suffer with Edema and abnormal swelling all over their entire body?
Thanks for any ideas you have!

Posted by: Tracie at August 24, 2006 5:52 PM

I've been taking Wellbutrin 300mgs on and off for about 3 years. I do have nausea and lack energy. I have also gained weight, but not sure it is the Wellbutrin or a thyroid condition that I have always had. My greatest concern I suppose would be swelling and abdominal distention which seemingly slows me down. Does anyone else out there suffer with Edema and abnormal swelling all over their entire body?
Thanks for any ideas you have!

Posted by: Tracie at August 24, 2006 5:52 PM

I have been taking wellbutrin for only 5 days now but i have been feeling fuzzyheaded and i have not really noticed any improvement. Is this a normal feeling until it gets in my system

Posted by: Tracy at September 3, 2006 2:45 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin for about 20 years (150mg 3 X day) Does this medication still have an affect after that long?

Posted by: at September 5, 2006 4:43 PM

hi, this is in response to Tracie's question about edema and abdominal distention...I have also had the same problem with wellbutrin...when I first started taking the medicine my doctor also gave me Paxil (25 mg) and then started me on 150mg of wellbutrin. That was about four years ago, and at the time I was soooo uncomfortable and my stomach felt like a bowling ball. I always felt like I had to urinate, but never felt like I went enough...pretty much like I had really bad PMS or symptoms of a urinary tract infection...so, I lowered the dose to 75mg..that really helped..last year I actually stopped taking it all together and noticed ( along with all of the other horrid withdrawal symptoms like lack of appetite and flu-like aches and pains, and lack of energy) that I was able to lose alot of weight and also could go to the bathroom and actually feel like I got rid of all the water in my poor bladder-no abdominal bloating and I also started my period again!!!! (not that having my period is a great experience or anything, but I was happy about it because the Wellbutrin actually seemed to affect my menstral cycle...I went for months at a time without having one at all...so I was happy to finally have my normal cycle back) I also experienced edema in my wrists, fingers, ankles and thighs and abdomin. All I can think of to tell you would be to lower the dose and drink alot of water...and stay away from caffeine!!!!!

Posted by: christina at September 7, 2006 3:47 PM

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL (150mg) for 6 months and I have gained 20+ pounds, I thought this was supposed to help you lose weight? Is this from the Wellburtin and what can I do about it? Please help. I had been feeling much better, but the weight gain is making me more depressed than I was before I started...Other than that I also feel the full bladder without real relief, but I have tried Lexapro (hated it) and I don't know what else to do?

Posted by: Liberty at September 11, 2006 8:08 PM

I've suffered from depression my whole life. At various times I've been diagnosed by M.D.'s and Psychologists with moderate to severe.

About five years ago I went on Wellbutrin to stop smoking, but stayed on it because I was less depressed. Soon after I quit using alcohol and street drugs. I consider myself a recovering alcoholic.

Eventually I went off of Wellbutrin because of the stigma and because I was in a self help program that emphasized a spiritual solution. I went a little crazy...kinda like quitting smoking.

The stress in my life remained low and I was able to avoid depressing situations. I maintained active recovery from alcoholism. I was able to cope, mostly for a few years. Things have changed..baby, job, school....and the evil cloud came back pretty thick. Talked to friends, family, M.D. and peers...2 days ago went back on Bupropion 150mg.

The effects and side effects showed up within 12 hours. The cloud lifted, outlook improved, joy returned, rationality prevails, anger dissolved, productivity is posssible and in the last 48 hours positive things HAVE happened. I know it is crazy to make a connection between 48 hours of relief, 2 pills, and positive external occurences but.....I have been in self awareness therapy for 5 years...I have gotten honest. Honestly, it's crazy NOT to make the connection between relief and my obvious chemical deficiency. Thank God I am again on a leveled field where I can continue to recover, contribute and care.

Negative side effects are consistant with the Pharmacists warnings: dry throat, frequent urination, trouble sleeping and the thing I like the least, stimulation. I hate speed, always have and Wellbutrin stimulates me like 2 cups of coffee too much.

My first 48 hours?: Strong coffee buzz and fuctionality versus rage and suicidal thoughts.

Posted by: dan-o at September 16, 2006 7:45 AM

Eventhough I've only been on Wellbutrin XL for a week, I already notice improvement in my mood. I feel a lot happier with my boyfriend where as before I was really moody and had doubts about our relationship. Now I look forward to seeing him everyday! However, I do not notice any weight loss or increased sex drive :( I notice the appitite supplement a little bit, on Celexa I had alot of binge episodes and gained 20 pounds in 30 months so it feels good to eat like a normal person. I am feeling a lot of my anxiety coming back which I'm a little worried about but I have klonopin I was given but never took so I am going to take that when I feel anxiety come on. I have NO insomnia on this drug whatsoever (on 300 mg- was put on this initially as well, didnt start off at 150) and I still can sleep 13-14 hours (was hoping this drug would give me a little more motivation). However, I feel more like working out and my mood has lifting more then it has in a while so I"m going to stick with it and hope that my weight drops from just being off celexa. DRY MOUTH is a big side effect for me, but not a big deal because I should be drinking alot of water anyways!

Posted by: Brandy at September 16, 2006 4:16 PM

Eventhough I've only been on Wellbutrin XL for a week, I already notice improvement in my mood. I feel a lot happier with my boyfriend where as before I was really moody and had doubts about our relationship. Now I look forward to seeing him everyday! However, I do not notice any weight loss or increased sex drive :( I notice the appitite supplement a little bit, on Celexa I had alot of binge episodes and gained 20 pounds in 30 months so it feels good to eat like a normal person. I am feeling a lot of my anxiety coming back which I'm a little worried about but I have klonopin I was given but never took so I am going to take that when I feel anxiety come on. I have NO insomnia on this drug whatsoever (on 300 mg- was put on this initially as well, didnt start off at 150) and I still can sleep 13-14 hours (was hoping this drug would give me a little more motivation). However, I feel more like working out and my mood has lifting more then it has in a while so I"m going to stick with it and hope that my weight drops from just being off celexa. DRY MOUTH is a big side effect for me, but not a big deal because I should be drinking alot of water anyways!

Posted by: Brandy at September 16, 2006 4:16 PM

First, a big thank you to everyone who posted on this blog. I have been taking Wellbutrin for about 10 months and am happy to see that it has worked well enough for some to be take for 5+ years. Overall I think it is a lifesaver and have been very pleased with the minimal side effects. I have actually felt like a "normal" person at times! Dosage: I am taking 450 mg/day. At 300 mg/day I was ok for about 5 months but then started to alternately crash or become extremely agitated. My doc said I am a "fast metabolizer," and upped me to 450. After another 4-5 months it worked great in the beginning but now I feel too speedy at times. Guess we'll adjust it again.

What I wanted to ask is if anyone has had mood swings with WB? I recently have been really really social but get nervous when I am talking, even think I sound strange. Other times I sad, angry, sleeepy or aggitated. I might be quiet all day and not be angry or sad, thinking I feel fine, but then my boyfriend asks me a question and my response is "barkish" and sounds mean. I can't draw a pattern here except that PMS makes it worse. I have insomnia sometimes, usually brought on by even the smallest level of stress. Insomnia for me is one of my "big" symptoms that warn me of an impending crash. Typically I sleep 10-11 hrs/night. I have lost weight (5-7 lbs) because my appetite fluctuates. Any thoughts?

Oh and thanks for the reminder to drink more water!

Posted by: denise at September 22, 2006 2:28 AM

i have been on Wellbutrin 300mg for three weeks now (did not start on 150mg) for depression. It has been everything the doctor said it would for me. I am active, optimistic and living my life like a normal 24 year old should. My boyfriend has also noticed my change in mood. The only side effect has been loss in apetite (which is good since I gained 25 lbs. in one month while I was "depressed".) and situational agressiveness. I have been able to control it though and it seems to be diminishing more everyday. Everyone is different but Wellbutrin is the solution for me.

Posted by: jen at October 6, 2006 2:41 PM

I've been on Wellbutrin for 3 weeks. The first week I was jittery, now I just feel mellow...not extremely happy or sad. The uncontrollable crying has STOPPED since I've been on Wellbutrin (THANK GOD!!!) I have not experienced weight gain; I actually feel motivated to work out. It'll dry you out though, be careful of dehydration when working out...drink a lotta H20. My appetite fluctuates, but, it's leveling off now. I still get snippy and rude around PMS time, but, who doesn't, right? Life is good again!

Posted by: at October 13, 2006 6:37 AM

Thanks to Everyone and the feedback! Thanks especially to Christina for answering about the Edema and abdominal distention. I too stopped my Wellbutrin simple because I cannot figure out what is making me gain so much weight, fatigue etc. I have had one bladder infection after another, constant colds and simply do not feel well. Every doctor and book has their own beliefs and remedies for the symptoms we experience and they are all different. I too try to drink alot of water and definitely get enough rest which seemingly is all I really want to do in hopes that sooner or later I will begin to get my energy back. This feedback is helpful and certainly helps us all to realize that we are not in this alone. Thanks!!!

Posted by: Tracie Olin at October 13, 2006 5:55 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin Xl 150 mg for a couple of months for post pardum depression. I started having rapid heart rate in the morning after waking up and had insomnia. I stopped the med with the permission of my doctor.

Well the depression came back after 1 month.

I started to have the loss of energy, social anxiety and bad PMS symptoms.

Now I take Wellbutrin Sr 150mg and Paxil Cr 12.5mg in the morning. The Wellbutrin Sr last for 12 hours, so I didn't have the insomnia associated with Wellbutrin Xl. I have energy during the day and sleep well at night.

Don't give up in meds. Find a wonderful doctor that will help find the right therapy for you.

Posted by: Christina at October 18, 2006 11:08 PM

Sleeping is hard on Wellbutrin! I've taken 150 mgs of XR for three days. I can't stop thinking about things long enough to get to sleep. I have a ringing in my head, and feel like I'm on amphetamines. Then, I wake up in the middle of the night, and can't get back to sleep. I'm a little more upbeat. Maybe, I'm bouncing off bottom. I'm also a little more tolerant of my kids, which makes them behave better. I feel dehydrated. My throat and sinuses are dry.

Effexor was way too powerful, Prozak made me a zombie, and Paxil was a little better than the other two. They all were really hard on "sexual function." I had withdrawls from all three, and Effexor was the worst. I didnít like Prozak very much at all. I quit all three because I donít want to be on drugs.

Posted by: ned at October 28, 2006 10:31 AM

How long does it take for 300mg of wellbutrin-xl to take a positive feeling of getting better

Posted by: sharon at November 5, 2006 2:31 PM

i am so scared of taking any meds i have phobias of meds any advice?

Posted by: sonyahdoor@yahoo.com at November 14, 2006 7:15 PM

After one week on Wellbutrin, my ears were ringing. The psychiatrist--a relative--said, "Keep taking it, it will go away." It is now three years later and the tinnitus is loud and permanent. When I told the psychiatrist what happened, he shrugged and escorted me out of his office, and I never heard from him again. No other psychiatrist is even willing to discuss it.

Posted by: at November 16, 2006 9:53 AM

I was on prozac for probably 15 years before it started not working on me. I tried effexor and was doing really well on it until I forgot to take it one day and had a psychotic crying episode that scared the everlovin crap out of me - withdrawal on this drug is legendary and my sex drive had disappeared - so even though I was doing really well other than no libido, I decided that I needed to change so was changed to 10 mg of lexapro - I was so tired that I was given 150 Wellbutrin XL - which helped but am still prone to crying and feelings of dismay and that nothing will get better - they are upping me to 300 mg as of today and I have bad ringing in the ears... I am also on bp meds that made my feet and ankles swell like crazy - norvasc - so I got put on 20 mg of lasix and a potassium supplement... I did have the distended stomach as bowling ball thing but it went away... I try and have flax meal every day in something to help with constipation - like in oatmeal or on yogurt. Without meds I have no idea where I'd be today.. you do have to work with someone who is willing to work with you.. get help - get meds if you need them - if you broke your leg you'd get a cast - right?

Posted by: s at December 20, 2006 12:58 AM

Wondering if anyone has sexual side effects with Wellbutrin? I know it is supposed to be neutral or increase libido, but I have had NO sex drive since being on it for two weeks.

Posted by: gracie at January 4, 2007 3:29 PM

ive been on 150 mg well xl for 9 days. i just started feeling better 3 days ago. each day better and better. very hyped up but in a good way. im getting all the stuff done i couldnt even think about before. feelings of stress, overwhelmed, anxiety, confusion, fear, etc have gone away. im just a little too awake at night, and find it difficult to settle down. taking ambien at night for sleep helps

Posted by: michaela at January 10, 2007 11:22 PM

Whether or not Wellbutrin works is only part of what someone considering this medication needs to be concerned about. Take very, very seriously the warnings that come with the pills and make sure you ask your doctor about Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Better yet, plug it into Google and learn more. It's a side effect they mention but don't tell you anything about (essentially: the meds have the potential to turn your immune system against you). Wellbutrin helped with my chronic major depression but I'm allergic to it (not Stevens-Johnson, I hope, but bad enough to make my doctor tell me to stop taking it immediately). I'm glad for everyone it works for, I really am, but we all need to be much more informed than the medical profession encourages us to be before we dump this stuff into our bodies.

Posted by: A at January 17, 2007 8:59 PM

Have been on 300mg since Aug 06 (it's almost Feb 07). Listlessness disappeared. Much more cheerful. Although sometimes it feels like the cheerful is a veneer with a scary empty hole underneath. After several months of v. high stress lifestyle, veneer wore thin.

Upped dosage to 450mg this month, and have had extremely dry throat ... have to drink water all the time ... it's starting to really bother me. Recent sex life: excellent, but nothing to compare it to since i've been in grad school all this time. Pretty good mood, though still anxious about everything.

Failed to take meds off and on for about a week, and complete withdrawal from world resulted.

Posted by: kadosh at January 30, 2007 11:09 PM

I had taken paxil in the past and gained 30 pounds in a few months, so now im tryign wellbutrin. I don't feel a supressed appetite, abut i feel soooo bloated right now after i ate!! i feel like 10 pounds heavier than i was 2 days ago before i started. does this mean ive gained weight?if anyone can help please email me at lauraelise26@yahoo.com

Posted by: laura at February 9, 2007 9:48 PM

I battled and temporarily succeeded with Bipolar by hitting the gym, eating properly and doing things for myself. I tried meds (Effexor and Paxil, but the side effects were terrible), and I was sick of taking a cocktail of drugs everyday. The gym and the slight lifestyle change worked for a bit, maybe a year or so...
And then things got rough, I became very affected by stressful situations, and life even became unbearable. I couldn't deal with myself and became withdrawn. I cried and pitched fits, and then an hour later was puzzled at my moods. I didn't trust myself, I didn't know how I would react to any situation.

I got over the whole "I don't want meds" thing, and that was only because the depression began to bleed into my life, my job, my relationships, my socializing...It was out of my hands.

Its only been a few days on WB XL, and so far, so good. I feel a bit shaky, my mind races at bedtime and a minor loss of appetite. The jittery feeling could be likened to Ritalin. My stomach isn't that steady, but it's a small price to pay for feeling a bit more serene. I know its only 3 days, but even the first day, I felt a bit happier. Who knows, it could also be just knowing that I was finally doing something for myself. Wellbutrin is a great place to start because the side effects are nothing like the conventional anti-depressants.

Please, be patient with these kinds of meds, they take a while to kick in sometimes. It's totally worth it.

Posted by: Valentina at February 10, 2007 5:13 PM

bupropion makes me feel like im on speed! lost like 20 lbs on it. pee all the freaken time! drink 12 dr peppers a day! i hope i dont die from this! then i take like 4 otc sleeping pills just to get to sleep. any comments? please.

Posted by: michelle at February 12, 2007 11:28 PM

Husband was... well lets just say something had to give before I ended up in prison. He would fly into fits of rage, throw five year old tantrums, just become mean and cruel and seemed to get off on making me cry. Bizarre. I spent a day researching divorce, and then depression. It dawned on me he was depressed and because he was a man he wasn't crying or able to talk about his feelings. I talked to him about it and low and behold he seemed to know something was wrong with him but thought it was ADD. Thanks for mentioning that babe. I sent him to the doctor with a note (shaddap lol) and he came home with Wellbutrin. OK Now I am not crazy and I am not one to put all my eggs in one basket but he has been a different man since. Amazing. We can actually enjoy each other and like each other again. Instead of flipping out on me he will just casually tell me to stop being a bitch. Who knew this would work LOL One thing though. Wellbutrin didn't make him any less forgetful and e forgets to take his meddy and the monster returns in 1-2 days. Horrible. Also doc upped his dose when 150 was working fine and he seems a slight bit more edgey.
Anyone notice this?

Posted by: Nicoel at February 13, 2007 7:32 AM

I'v been on Wellbutrin for a few years, starting with SR and switching to XL a year ago. It's been better than any other antidepressant I've tried, except that for the past 9 or 10 months I've found my hair rapidly thinning. It's always been very thick, and although I realize hair does thin with age, this is beyond normal. I don't think my other prescriptions - Neurontin, Rozerem, Benicar or Lamictal, would do this. Lamictal possibly, but cutting back on that hasn't helped. I talked with my psychiatrist and he agreed that although he's never seen this happen, we'll halve the dose to 150 mg/day. We'll see.

Posted by: Jan at February 19, 2007 6:44 PM

I just started Wellbutrin. I am only on 150mg/d and have never been on any other type of medication. My brother was on Lexapro and gained weight and fell asleep throughout the day - something I refuse to let happen - I think gaining weight will only hurt my situation more, and obvioulsy cannot sleep through the day. When I brought this up to my dr. she suggested I try Wellbutrin first and then see what happens. It has only been two days. So my questions to yall: Is it abnormal that I am already feeling different when I have only taken 2 doses? Is this just a mental change, not a real, physical one? Also, I feel slightly jumpy, almost as if I took a caffine pill. Is that normal? Does that feeling go away? I liked the idea of Wellbutrin for the fact that it gave you energy back and is said to have a low chance of sexual/weight side effects. I also like that they prescribe it to those who wish to quit smoking as I do. I want to give it a shot, but do not want to feel so out of it everyday. Help!

Posted by: Michele at February 28, 2007 11:50 AM

I have been taking wellbutrin for about a year now. It had an immediate positive effect on my life. The first week was tough though, hard to sleep, and stomach nausia. I feel it has changed my life. But I am starting to wonder if it is not working the same. maybe my body is becoming tollerant. I don't seem to have the optimism that I have carried continuously for a year straight. Overall great drug.

Posted by: Matt at February 28, 2007 9:15 PM

I've been taking Wellbutrin xl 300 mg for 4 months now. The first 3 months I was taking 150 mg. I realized the effect it had after the first month by looking back and realizing I hadn't been obsessing over everything like I used to and I felt at peace inside. That feeling began to wear off during month 3. That's when my doctor "upped" my dosage to 300 mgs. I've been taking it for a week and a half now and hate the side effects. My memory is shot, I keep dropping things and by mid-afternoon I get hot flashes and I feel like I'm high as a kite. I've become extremely intolerant to alcohol and I just don't feel well. I'm not sure if I want to continue on the medication anymore. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Best of luck to everyone dealing with the same issues.

Posted by: Laura at March 4, 2007 7:49 PM

I started 100 wellbutrim yesterday. Ive been on for a couple of months the following: cipralex40,effexor75,Lithium750, dexetrine10 ( it is the best but my dr. says I was developing a tolerence for it at 20 and it could kill me), clanazepan 2 mg as per needed.i'm very depressed negative and hopeless, aggitated, and have an anxiety disorder. Once many years ago I was on wellbutrim, and nearly jumped off a chair lift(not a suicide attempt). Maybe I won't get that sensation this time as am on other things. Can I take the Wellbutrim at night? The reason we are using it is the dopamine as in the dexadrine seemed to help? I've been on the whole gamet of medications, I think it is possible that the lithium is keeping me in depression. Oh, I'm also on 200 serequel. My Dr. and I would very much appreciate whatever help and advice you can give us. Thankyou gratefully, Cheryl

Posted by: cheryl at March 5, 2007 9:03 PM

I've been on Wellbutrin 150 for two days now and I'm definitely feeling worse- more anxiety, more stomach upset and tinnitis. I'm also taking .5 mg of risperidal. I know that it takes a few days to get used to the meds. Will the anxiety lessen with time?

Posted by: George at March 10, 2007 7:50 PM

I have been taking wellbutrin xl since December 2006 and I haven't felt that good in years. Because of insurance purposes I had my doctor change my script to Wleburtin SR (generic) which I hate.Pharmacist says there is no difference but there is.Its like I am riding the roller coaster from hell.Ups and downs are horrible and uncontrollable. My poor family have been suffering for 2 weeks.Progress at my job and at home in caring for my family and our home has completely stopped.I am miserable and feel like I could take a hard right off a bridge.I don't care what I have to pay for the XL brand I am going back to it.There is a difference between the two for me.

Posted by: Amy at April 9, 2007 3:15 PM

I have taken the whole variety of anti-depressants..paxil; buspar; effexor; and now lexapro. I have been taking Lexapro 10mg for about 8 months..but had to tell the doc about the loss of sexuall intrest. Two weeks ago he started me on welbutrin 150xl and told me to double my dosage if I did not notice a difference after a few days. After a week I contacted my docter and doubled the dosage to 300mgxl. I had a noticeable difference, he told me to continue taking the Lexapro, but I have not noticed the increase in libido. i am considering to discontinue the Lexapro and Welbutrin work on it's own.
Any thoughts?

Posted by: toomanymeds at April 12, 2007 7:18 PM

Wellbutrin makes me feel not so well.

I have been taking it for about 18 months. I am anxious, depressed, crying easily and often, sad, angry and unable to make firm decisions or focus my thoughts well.

I thought this SSRI drug was the most benign of all of them - since I had a really bad time (mentally) on Prozac and needed a homeopath to get me off it.

So Wellbutrin was the next try. But I am convinced that it is making me feel very badly. I will get off it as soon as possible and will start looking for some natural product that has NO SIDE EFFECTS.


Posted by: tess at April 16, 2007 2:17 PM

I started taking Wellbutrin XL 150mgs, in Late January, I was very suicidal, I noticed an immediate change the day I took it. I LOVE it! I began to eat right, work out and Lost a good 40 pounds (doesnt hurt them I am A Vegan) in 2 months. I don't have crying spells, I am happy and I feel this medication blocks any intense emotions, its harder for me to cry at things sometimes.
I began to sleep through the night, I really think this medication saved my life.
I tryed a brief stint at 300mgs, it was horrible for me personally, I was very moody, very angry, felt I was starting to eat emotionally, I was soooo exhausted during the day!!!
I am back on 150 and I love it. I can't see my life without it. From wanting to die to really enjoying my days.. my life is completely different.
I was ready to die before this.. and for people who know me now.. they would never believe it.
basically, I feel for me personally this medication takes the edge off so I can think clearly, it makes me not want to stick a gun in my mouth. it really releaves alot of negative tension I've had for so long.

Posted by: Alexis at May 9, 2007 1:41 AM

After trying many SSRI's and experiencing sluggishness and flat affect, I tried Wellbutrin and found it to be the best anti-depressant for me. I've been on it for about 6 years, though, and have tried many times to stop taking it (slowly, decreasing my dosage every other day), without success. Within 48 hours, I feel angry, homicidal even, and my thoughts race so badly that I don't trust my judgement. I say things that in no way reflect my true feelings, and I respond harshly and negatively to everything. (By the way, my original symptoms and reason for taking medications was dysthymia and depression, not anxiety and rage). I have also managed to stay off for several weeks, but the side-effects don't improve much. I'm afraid my chemistry has changed permanently and am also looking for 1) a method of discontinuing that doesn't give me such scary side-effects and 2) a natural alternative.

Posted by: Allie at May 24, 2007 1:01 PM

I"ve been taking Wellbutrin for well over 2 years now and have never felt better. I've been a little concerned about how long is too long to take it but really don't want to risk stopping or changing meds. I hate that I have to take a pill everyday but the alternative is much worse. I started having problems very soon after a hysterectomy. I started obsessing about little things and had really bad mood swings, my family doctor was amazed that the gyno did not perscribe something after surgery. Many women have depression issues when their hormones get messed up. Wellbutrin has been a huge help for me. I don't take it with anything else and from what I can tell people that do mix it with other depression meds seem to have a less than positive outcome. I think it takes time for your body to adjust so if you've just started taking it and have not started feeling better, give it some time. I feel great and recommend it for anyone having hormone issues. Another positive for me has been weight loss! I lost about 10 lbs within the first couple of months and 20 over the past year. Prior to Welbutrin I'd been trying to lose without success. The dry mouth is easy to fix too, drink lots of water, its great for your skin. Stay away for soda, the sodium really puffs you up.... good luck with your Wellbutrin, I hope you have as good an outcome as I have had.

Posted by: bambilion at June 3, 2007 10:54 AM

I have been taking wellbutrin SR 300 mg per day for about 6 weeks now. It seemed to give me a lot more energy at first, and seemed to be helping. But all of a sudden for the past week I have had peaked anxiety, which usually isnt a big problem for me. Also, I am very depressed, especially the last two days. the depression seems to be on and off. But last night and this morning I just cant break the sad, unmotivated, give up on life feeling! I hate it. Is this from the medication, and should I add zoloft with it or discontinue it all together?

Posted by: haley at June 19, 2007 7:50 AM

hi all
i read all these blogs and being a Rph i understand all this more than a doctor. I just wanna share the little pharmacology here. Wellbutrin up your dopamine and Noreepinephrine levels. It has nothing to do with serotonin. Serotonin has properties like sedation (weight gain), mood, appetite: while dopamine is opposite, energy, reward, happy. dopamine also makes your heart beat more stronger not faster incraeseing your cardiac output. If it doesn't work for you it can because you have normal dopamine and NE.
hope this helps

Posted by: Ram at June 22, 2007 4:44 PM

I had to give up lexapro because of 40 pound gain in 4 years and continued to gain even with swimming 45 min mile 3 times a week. Lexapro changed my life. I was only sick for 3 days and then it worked. I could live with the night sweats and lack of libido but being obese was too far. Wellbutrin XL is difficult to adjust to. Hand tremmers the first week, Nausea 50 % of the time the first 6 weeks, Edgyness, short temper and I'm depressed. I'm and determined to give it time because I am desparate to lose weight. I was discouraged that I didnt loose the 5 pounds I untill 7 weeks, esp with feeling horrible most of the time. Now going into my 8th week and hoping to feel better soon.

Posted by: Sandy at June 29, 2007 7:20 PM

I'm supposed to start Wellbutrin for depression. I drink alot of wine though due to the depression and am scared about my liver and the seizure side affects of Wellbutrin. Does anyone have any advice?

Posted by: sarah at July 20, 2007 9:50 AM

I have been on bupropion 150 SR for about 1 1 /2 yrs--originally on it to stop smoking. Did nothing to improve my morose, black moods which i have been prone to all my adult life. My Dr upped my dose to 3oo mg just the other day. I had read in a book by a psycologist that less than 300 mg day had NO effects on depression so I am hopeful this upped dose will help. Has anyone else heard or read about the '300 mg and up' for depression?

Posted by: Lynne at July 26, 2007 4:05 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin for 6 weeks. It sucks. It really does. I have panic attacks, have absolutely no energy and cannot concentrate. It makes life terrible. I can't see anything good in life anymore. I am going to stop taking this terrible stuff tomorrow.

Posted by: Bilbo at August 6, 2007 11:41 PM

I have been on 100 mg of wellbutrin twice a day for a week now. I have headaches and there are times when I am just plain mean. I was on cymbalta for a while and it helped for nerve pain. Problem was I was sleeping way to much and not wanting to do anything. I actually started antidepressants because I would lash out verbally and say hurtful and mean things. Should I give the medicine more time or should I go back to doctor? Could this be just a response to the change from cymbalta to wellbutrin? Not sure just know today I ended up lashing out for small stuff.

Posted by: angela at August 11, 2007 8:30 PM

I have to say out of all the meds I've taken, wellbutrin had the most positive effect on me, but my pot smoking really effected my ability to reap the benefits of this ssri.

I'm on lexapro and havn't smoked pot in years, but lexapro just zones me out half the time and really turns me apathetic to everything and everybody, but at least I'm not flying off the handle every 2 minutes and yelling at my kids.

Everything is a compromise in life, and I want my family to feel safe and contribute to the rearing of my children so I'm going to continue on lexapro.

Posted by: B at August 19, 2007 2:47 AM

I am a 44 year old male with severe insomnia
I am currently on Syraquil,rozerim and ambian pm
and after taking all 3 before bedtime,I sleep
maybe 3 hours. I am never mentally tired, I do
not drink smoke or do drugs, also I have got no sex drive for about 15 years and have been to
many doctors who tell me my tetesterone is low
and my thyroid is not functioning properly
I go on medication and it does not help me I am
totally feeling beyond helpless

Posted by: Tom at September 2, 2007 8:29 PM

I have been on WellbutrinXL 150mg for 8 days now and feel nothing, if anything I have noticed in the past 2 days it has been hard to get out of bed and I am cranky in the morning, which is abnormal for me as I am a morning person. I read that it may take several weeks for the medicine to start working - is this true??

Posted by: Janel at September 12, 2007 3:34 PM

The first day: switching from a previous perscription that didn't seem to affect me at all. I previously used Wellbutrin to try to quit smoking. No help there but I remember being happy and peaceful like no time in recent history. I suppose I've always harbored some sort of depression but lately, it's come to a head. I'm hoping that Wellbutrin will help me find that equalibrium I have misplaced in my crazy life....

Posted by: dough121 at October 3, 2007 3:56 PM

I found that Wellbutrin worked for the first four days and then I began to have the same feelings of depression after taking the antidepressant. I was irritable, very moody and had no sex drive. I lost about five lbs. on the drug, but I probably gained this weight back. I don't feel that the antidepressant helped me overall with my depression.

Posted by: lk at October 6, 2007 11:44 AM

I have found that I have gained weight on the Wellbutrin XL and it has decreased my sex drive. I also went through an angry period which I've heard others mention as well, but it has passed. My question is that at times it looks like it is coming out whole in my stool. Has anyone noticed this?

Posted by: joann at October 28, 2007 3:24 PM

With Wellbutrin XL, it is normal to see the coating of the pill come out in your stool. The medication has entered your system; what you see is just the covering. This is normal, nothing to be worried about.

Does anyone know if there are any effects from taking St. John's wort and Wellbutrin at the same time? I wouldn't think so, since they act differently- St. John's wort is a natural SRI, whereas this works on norepinephrine and dopamine... just wondering. I'm interested in alternative approaches and I saw a significant improvement in my depression after taking 1200 mg Omega 3s (mood stabilizing effects after a few weeks), and 300 mg of both 5 HTP and St. John's Wart three times a day (which both affect serotonin levels) but wasn't quite enough of an effect so I just started 150 mg Wellbutrin XL in addition. I'd like to know if anyone has had any reactions to any of these combos.

Posted by: Lindsey at December 1, 2007 11:38 AM

It does not work. I have been on it for 5 years and it does not help me in anyway possible.

Posted by: Elizabeth at December 7, 2007 10:36 PM

So far, after 2 months, extreme dry mouth, dry eyes. Serious headaches.
Libido is back after taking Lexapro for 3 years.

Posted by: Teresa at December 21, 2007 9:46 PM

Wellbutrin has been a life saver for me. Five years ago, I experienced anxiety attacks that were so severe, I was certain I was having a heart attack. I could not control my temper, and I was always sleeping and feeling down. First, I tried Celexa. I felt like a zombie. I couldn't even make myself cry. They I was switched to Paxil. I gained about 20 lbs, I had no emotions but I was stable. About 3 years ago, I was switched to Wellbutrin XL 300 mg, once a day.
I take it before bed. I sleep great, and feel great. I no longer feel overwhelmed and hopeless. It's a terrible way to feel. When the generic became available, I started it, Buderprion xl. Still have great results, no difference at all. The only draw back that I had with all 3 medicines, is the first week I had a hard time adjusting. When coming off the paxil, I had buzzing in my head, it felt like small shocks. When I started wellbutrin, the 1st week, I was spacey and felt like I was a little high. Luckily, that sensation went away quickly. It started to work effectively after about 2 weeks.I lost the extra 20 lbs. and now maintain a healthy weight.
I hope you all find the right medicine to help you. Once you do, your entire life changes for the better.

Posted by: Bernadett at January 6, 2008 6:29 PM

Was on generic wellbutrin for 6 months. Ok, then the doctor didn't renew the Rx very quickly and now I am without for 2 weeks. Amazing difference. Not to the positive. Depression is back and I sleep 10+ hours a night. My Rx was due to be renewed called 10 days in advance fo a 2 week trip and didn't get the renewal before I left. Now, not sure I want to go back on drugs. Word to the wise. Rx can take over 10 days to renew. I had no idea.

Posted by: LLLL at February 4, 2008 10:22 PM

i'm on day 16 of wb sr 300mg, and so far so good I think. I had a hard time with side effects like ringing in my ears, feeling foggy & light headed and one episode of dizziness that was pretty insane. I do have some anxiety that won't go away though, although the bruxism seems to have really settled down. I am scared that i might get hives though - today i had one on the back of my leg, and then it went away and i got one on the side of my foot, but that one went away too. i'm also on 100mg of zoloft for major clinical depression.

Posted by: pinkfuzzies at March 3, 2008 12:00 AM


Posted by: jb at March 10, 2008 8:31 PM

I began taking bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) in October 2007. I was severely depressed: Some days I couldn't get out of bed and missed many of my classes at college and suicide thoughts were a daily occurrence. After about 6-8 weeks of taking bupropion, I thought I felt better. I told my therapist and psychiatrist that I thought my depression was gone although I wasn't feeling "complete" and there was something "missing." I couldn't quite pinpoint what the problem was.

I continued to take the medication. However, everyday around 6 in the afternoon, I would get in a sad mood. I resorted to drinking alcohol and taking drugs to help lift my mood. However, after several weeks the alcohol and drugs began to take a toll on my body and I realized I couldn't keep doing this. I began to do some research online and found that literally hundreds of people had written of negative experiences while taking generic Wellbutrin and they recommended taking the brand name by GlaxoSmithKline. There was even an article by MSNBC, a reputable source, questioning the effectiveness of generic Wellbutrin.

Well, my depression slowly returned, and this time with anxiety. I had to take a semester away from college in New York and go back to my home in Florida, to try and sort this debilitating illness. I met with my psychiatrist in Florida on February 7, 2008. I specifically told her I wanted brand name Wellbutrtin. I also told her I had trouble sleeping so she added mirtazapine (generic Remeron) to my medicine cocktail. In about three weeks my depression was COMPLETELY GONE! And my anxiety was much less than before. I don't know if changing to brand name Wellbutrin or adding the mirtazapine or both was responsible for improving my symptoms, but I highly recommend the combination. (Especially since bupropion targets dopamine and norepinephrine and mirtazapine targets serotonin and norepinephrine so you get all the major neurotransmitters that make you feel better.)

One thing I do highly recommend is NOT TAKING GENERIC WELLBUTRIN! I went through different bupropion brands: Watson, Anchen, Teva. None worked. And frankly I'm quite upset at the pharmaceutical industry for not investigating this matter further, especially after it's been on the news and many customers have complained. It could have cost me my life. Good thing I found out in time.

Posted by: Edgar at March 11, 2008 5:20 PM

I have been on wellbutron for a month now and don't feel any better than when I started. I have been reading up alot on it latley and from what I get fom it is I should have at least some improvement. I just wanna know is there anyone out there who has taken wellbutron for a month had not showed any improvement and then started to feel better, or is it time for me to move on to something else? My doctor tells me to waite 6-8 weeks.

Posted by: Bert at March 11, 2008 8:09 PM

i posted 2 weeks ago. listen folks.start with sm doses.75 to 100.not generic.dont drink more than 3 glasses of wine or two cocktails.give the drug at least 45 days before jumping the gun. you have to determine whether your depression is caused by lack of dopamine or a serotonin problem.read dr amens book. wellbutrin is a great drug for dopamine issues but if it causes anxierty try provigil which works on dopamine with no side effects. ive been on wellbutrin 35 days and its been fantastic.

Posted by: jb at March 22, 2008 5:11 PM

does it work good?

Posted by: danny at March 23, 2008 4:02 PM

I took my first pill today, I was prescribed 300 XL of Wellbutrin. I'm worried about the hair loss and hair thinning..if my hair thins, can I revive it?
I'm only 21, and I've got wavy..thick hair, I'd rather be depressed than ruin my hair!

Posted by: Kyle at April 16, 2008 2:43 AM

I've been on Wellbutrin for almost 2 years now. When i first started taking it I weighed about 220lbs (which was WAY bigger than I was supposed to be). After taking Wellbutrin I had all this drive to work out and I worked out all the time and was enjoying it. I also ended up losing 80 pounds in 6.5 months! It is seriously a miracle drug, in my opinion!

Posted by: Jen at April 18, 2008 3:15 AM

I just started on wellbutrin about a week ago. My depression seems better, but not completely gone. I also started a drug called Etodolac at the same time which is an anti-inflammitory drug for my back pain. For the last few days my stomach is a reck! It is twisting and turning and i have diarrhea. I don't know which new prescription is causing this stomach pain. Has anyone had this issue with Wellbutrin?

Posted by: Harmony at May 21, 2008 12:50 AM

Anyone taking wellbutrin xl 150 take diet pill with ephadrine?

Posted by: jenny at May 22, 2008 12:07 PM

I have no sex drive and feel way depressed. the no sex drive is really out of charecter for me. I have been taking welbutrin for 8 days and feel no changes.. at alll.
Will it help my libido?
Wen does it kick in?

Thank you!!

Posted by: Mike at June 4, 2008 11:25 PM

I'm 19 and I feel worse than I ever have. I started taking Wellbutrin two weeks ago. I've been taking 350mg the past week and it seems to have made my moods worse, although I do have the energy to do things I couldn't do before because of always being so tired (but my moods cause me not to do a lot). I've been crying, not eating, lashing out people for even the littlest things and wanting to sleep all day, but can't seem to. I'm desperate for anything that works, because my depression is extremely debilitating. How long does it take on average to adjust to the dosage? I have seen that many of the people who have the same symptoms early on, progress over time. I'm worried that will not happen for me.

Posted by: Terry at June 5, 2008 12:27 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin for about a year now. It changed my life and allowed me to become a human again that works and hangs out with friends. But.. it seemed to level off or something because I started getting depressed alot again and anxious. My doctor raised it to the max 450 a day and I am on 20mg cipralex and now he has added 10mg olanzapine...
Its not working. Things are boing backwards and I am becoming a hermit again because I dont want to go out and feel the panic attacks and anxiety. Is this medication doing more damage then good now..Am I taking to much medications or not enough or the wrong ones...grr this sucks.

Posted by: Alli at June 8, 2008 6:35 PM

I have been feeling like sh#t off and on for the past 15 years. I get in bad moods, dont want to see anyone or even answer the phone. I have 2 small children at home and dont want my depression to rub off on them. I have a great life, 2 healthy kids, a HOT wife and a great job. My wife suggested I talk to our Dr. He started me on Cymbalta (duloxitine hcl), the only thing that did for me was on the first day give me vertigo....and for the following 4 weeks, I couldnt get enough sleep! even 12 hours I was still dead tired. I explained this to my Dr and he started me on wellbutrin last week. I just today went to 300mg, not noticing anything in the first week. I havent felt sick, dizzy, tired or crabby. I havent noticed my stress level or horrible feeling of depression changing. I dont know when I will start feeling better. My hotmail is isaacmac69@hotmail.com if anyone has feedback.

Posted by: isaac at June 17, 2008 10:02 PM

Does anybody have an urgency to pee as a side affect from wellbutrin?

Posted by: Karrie at June 19, 2008 10:39 AM

I take 150 mg of Wellbutrin twice a day (8 hours apart) and 50mg of Pristiq before I go to bed. The Wellbutrin does off set some of the side effects of Pristiq but I am still having trouble staying focused, attentive, lack motivation and energy. This is not to say I'M lazy I work out 4 nights a week at the gym, and have lost 55 pounds in 7 months I'm 39 and in the best physical shape of my life. I was wondering if Adderall would be helpful for my condition.

Posted by: Bigdaddy at July 11, 2008 11:07 AM

I am a 55 year old PhD working at a prestigious medical school and have a significant drinking problem. I agreed to take Celexa 20 mg which made a slight difference in mood and then agreed to 300 mg Wellbutrin. Within 2 weeks, I became suicidal. I immediately cut the Wellbutrin back to 150 mg (this can be done as the half-life of Wellbutrin is very fast but CAN NOT be done with Celexa) and then to 75 mg and then none. I became so anxious after stopping the Wellbutrin that my wife convinced me to start yoga and my drinking has curtailed a good bit and I am feeling much better about myself (I was drinking 1/2 - 1 fifth of vodka/scotch/bourbon a night - now 1 to 2 glasses of red wine). The moral of the story, if there is one, is that Wellbutrin can have negative side effects and you should let your doctor know IMMEDIATELY if you have them. Good luck, God bless and namaste.

Posted by: charlie at July 11, 2008 10:46 PM

WB XL so far for me it's not much positive or negative. Maybe I'm not going obout it right. Doc started at 300XL generic. First night, no sleep. Called him, he stepped it back to 150XL can sleep ok but no help (5 weeks)Have cut back on smoking some, still depressed. Bumping it to 300 again (not generic-another site people disliked generic). After 5 weeks I had periods I felt better like from a 2 to a 4 on a ten scale but I want 6 then 8 quick. All SSRI's made me a zombie and tired; never could tolerate them long enough to see if they work. I'm sick of this. To Kyle, the guy that would rather be depressed than loose his hair, you aint that depressed.I'd rather go bald than be this depressed!

Posted by: Martin at July 17, 2008 8:43 PM

What is wellbutrin designed to help? I have periodic depression and anxiety...tired all the time have headaches and cant focus.

Posted by: Dorothy Hurkett at July 19, 2008 5:50 PM

I think Wellbutrin is making me more depressed. I think of killing myself a lot now. Didn't so much before taking it.

Posted by: me at July 27, 2008 9:27 AM

I have been on Paxil 20 mg/day for 11 years. It saved me, stabilized me, but I gained a lot of weight and of course low libido. A couple of weeks ago, my doctor weaned me off Paxil and started me on 150 mg/day of Wellbutrin as I was tired of feeling like a blob. At moments I have experienced great mental clarity, and other moments fogginess. I do not feel depressed, BUT I have the most terrible bouts of irritability, anger, even split-second feelings of rage and I've never felt this before. I am afraid as it has begun affecting my job a little bit. Can anyone tell me if the irritability goes away? Do I need a higher dosage? Or should I switch altogether, and if so, to what? Of course I will see my doctor about this but just wondering about your experiences out there.

Posted by: jiggy at August 13, 2008 3:58 PM

I have been on Effexor for about 5 years and it was great in the beginning but now, with a load of personal problems, stopped being so effective. I have been on Wellbutrin now for two weeks. Before going on Wellbutrin 150mg a day, I just wanted to sleep to escape the world. It was a mission to get up in the morning and focus on the day. I use to drink about 10 - 15 cups of coffee a day. This was almost like a constant craving I had. Since being on Wellbutrin, I get up with no problem. I have no urge to drink coffee at all and this is very strange for me. The only thing is that I really feel like crap. I am so dizzy and I feel like I am motion sick the whole day. Please can someone tell me if they experienced the same feeling and if it goes away?

Posted by: Lie at August 18, 2008 2:41 AM

Can anyone tell me if wellbutrin is for anxiety. I'm only on 100mgs and it makes me feel like i am on speed.

Posted by: Dee at August 21, 2008 2:46 PM

I have been on wellbutrin for over a year now.I have tried almost every antidepressant there is. See i have anxiety really bad. I do work but it is really hard some days.The wellbutrin makes me feel like i am on speed.I can't stand still. I feel like my body wants to run but i don't. That sounds crazy i know but i don't know how else to explain it.I've told the Dr. with no response.If i'm standing in one spot my feet are always moving.Does anyone else have this problem.

Posted by: Dee at August 21, 2008 3:02 PM

I started on Wellbutrin 150mg a year ago because I was an emotional eater....turn to food when I was sad or angry. It seems to help with addictive personalities. WB started working around the 4th week. I also take .5 mg of Xanax at night to sleep. The combination of both works for me most of the time. I am going back to some bad eating habits again. My Dr. wanted to up the WB to 300mg but I like to drink wine and was afraid of the seizure side effect. She said that would not happen. So...going to give it a try.

Posted by: Cherry at August 26, 2008 11:33 AM

I had taken Zoloft for 10 yrs and it was effective but after so long I started having anxiety with it so I took Lexapro for 1 yr but could not tolerate the tiredness, recently I tried Wellbutrin and it was horrible! I would grind my teeth and sweat buckets! I am thinking of trying Effexor-I have clinical depression and GAD but after the Wellbutrin experience I am a bit timid of trying anything new. Wellbutrin for me was a nightmare but as I read I see each person is different.

Posted by: Salinda at September 8, 2008 9:18 AM

is it normal to be aggitated when starting to take wellbutrin xl 300 mg? how long does it last? will this feeling go away?

Posted by: jenn at September 9, 2008 3:35 PM

what have been the experience of wellbutrin (side effects, intended effects) for thos etaking it, I just started and am nervous about it

Posted by: johndz at September 12, 2008 9:09 AM

I've read that, for many people, medication works although it may take a while to find the right one. There's a therapy that has been approved by the American Association of Psycholgists and the American Association of Psychiatrists(MD's) called EMDR that has proven successful in the treatment of certain anxieties caused by traumatic life events. There are some therapists who are certified in EMDR but not many. There is a new website that offers EMDR too.
It is WebEMDR.com

Posted by: Jane at September 20, 2008 4:52 PM

I have been depressed for most of my life and have been in various stages of treatment. I have tried therapy, medication, group therapy, exercise, holistic meds. There are so many different appraoches and it is hard to pick the right one. I think the best advice is keep trying. If you are seriously depressed then you should address this with medication/therapy.

I have tried prozac (zomie on it), zoloft (got so large I became borderline diabetic - and I was a size 6 before the meds - quit them and went back to size 6), cymbalta (vomiting, twitching, yawning, jaw clenching and lost 7 lbs in one weekend), effexor (great but a zombie).

I am now on wellbutrin. I can sympathize with anyone who experiences anxiety over starting any of these meds. There are so many horror stories and we are all axious to begin with. I was jittery over taking my first wellbutrin pill (I acctually took off work for several days in case I had a reaction).

I've been on them for a few days now and have experienced no side effects. It's funny but it has relaxed the jaw clenching I experienced with cymbalta and effexor. I hear that it takes a while for it to kick in. I feel a little more able to talk with my husband like an adult vs. the teary mess I was over every little issue. I also noticed that I obsess less on certain issues in my life. I don't feel nauseaous but I am not able to eat as much and when I do I feel sick (I had started to somewhat binge eat during my depression).

What I didn't notice about wellbutrin thus far is that great euphoric feeling you'd get when starting or re-starting a new med of this class or the ssri class. I also (as stated above) did not feel the 'induction' period of weirdness like I did with all the other drugs I took.

I really felt like I was on fire for the first few days I took Zoloft; I felt warm and tingly with effexor; Prozac gave me a couple of days of euphoria; cymbalta was just all nausea, tourette's-like facial twitching and vomiting. I think, for me, this is more of a subtle drug than the others but maybe it is the best thing for me. I did a lot of research on this one (as it is my last med-based hope) and others said they still felt like themselves (warts and all) but no overwhelming depression.

Also, I have anxiety like most of you but don't confuse anxiety over taking a med that you are concerned about and the med's side effects. I had to coach myself through the first and second days on wellbutrin to not be nervous about putting yet another scary SNRI or SSRI in my system.

It is all worth it as I felt like I wanted a divorce and wanted to quit my job and was getting to the point of disfunction before I started back on meds.

Wellbutrin was also my first choice and not my dr.s as I had read many depression discussions and those taking it seemed to have symptoms most closely related to mine; I had also noticed the side effects were more tolerable. We went through cymbalta and effexor hell before he would agree to wellbutrin. I am glad I stood firm on what I wanted and got a chance at recovery.

Posted by: claire at October 4, 2008 5:10 AM

I am (was) on Wellbutrin SR 150. They started me at 1 pill once a day. After three days to 1 pill 2x a day. Last night was a "clutching my rosary" moment. I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later to go to the bathroom. I had INTENSE ringing in my ears - like a freight train. I was very dizzy. By the time I got down stairs and went to the bathroom I was so dizzy and disoriented I knew I couldn't stand up much longer. I ended up crawling around on the floor praying with my head down on the floor. I had HOT, I mean like FIRE sensations shooting up from my abdomen in massive waves to my head. These subsided more and more over the night as long as I kept my feet elevated and lay flat on my back. Has anyone had ANYTHING like this? This is just AWFUL. It hasn't been a week yet, but I'd rather be seasonally sluggish than EVER go through this again! I am waiting for my doctor to call me back today. I did NOT take a pill this morning!

Posted by: Douglas at October 11, 2008 11:43 PM

i wanted to know if wellbutrin works for you, if you have ever been on it. I have been taking 150mg for about two months now. I still feel very depressed. My doctor just bumped me up to 300mg. I hope this works

Posted by: kelly at October 22, 2008 7:07 PM

Wellbutrin has saved me from suicide without a doubt. Been on 7 other antidepressants, none of which worked. I am so thankful I found this because it has truly changed my life unlike anything I ever thought possible (I had given up after 5 years of bad meds). I seriously recommend this to anyone who doesn't respond to "typical" antidepressants. Also, lost 15 pounds and have maintained this weight without altering diet.

Posted by: Courtney at October 28, 2008 8:50 PM

I wasprescribed Wellbutin 1-2 weeks ago along with the depakote I take. I have taken 150mg and then was upped to 300mg and now 450mg as I see no imrovement with this drug. I do not have energy, i feel very depressed to the point of suicidal and hopeless.

Anyone experience this or is it me. Has anyone had sever reactions on this does of 450 suchas seizures-that scares me

Posted by: renate at November 28, 2008 7:41 PM

I weaned off Effexor to Wellbutrin. It has given me back my energy, after 15 years of fatigue, even before I started on antidepressants. I've been on generic Wellbutrin for 9 months, and the main side effect has been sudden acute anxiety after I was finally completely off the Effexor. Since it was so sudden, I figured it was a chemical problem, not "being crazy," so I started taking Buspar, and it handles the anxiety very well. I have to be careful about caffeine now - it can cause anxiety, so I drink very few caffeinated drinks, and never after 12 noon. A secondary side effect seems to be frequent urination since I increased to 400mg wellbutrin daily (in 2 doses). I will be seeing a doctor about it though, in case it's physical. I am very grateful for finally finding a medication that has brought me back my energy - motivation, it says in the medical literature, but the more I am motivated to do, the stronger I get, and the more I can do. I'm no longer out of breath after a brisk walk, and I do tasks (no longer "chores") easily - just because I feel like it, not because I've guilted myself into doing it. I was so overwhelmed by my life before Wellbutrin that I spent most of my evenings playing cards (numbing out) with strangers on the internet. I was exhausted, able to function at work, but too tired for just about anything else. I have 4-5 hours more a day - I'm not hyper, but I can calmly and contentedly fiddle here and there, do a few dishes, bring things into the house that have lived in my car for months. And I regret having to go to bed, because I want to play longer - like a kid. So if you're searching for your answer, I hope mine can help you. Most of my progress has come from my persistence in searching for solutions. It is mostly up to me - doctors don't know everything, and each of us has unique brain chemistry. Keep trying, and keep asking for help. The answer is out there for you.

Posted by: Jennifer at December 27, 2008 7:33 PM

I know my comments are a repeat of some I just read, but if I can ONE person not to suffer as I did, it's worth it. I took wellbutrin 300mg for about 2 1/2 years for anxiety that led to depression. Up to that time I NEVER felt so flat...not sad, sad, but just not wanting anything except being allowed to WORRY. I would agree with Sharon that it was/and is my lifesaver. I went down to 150 mg a day for the past 6 months and that's fine, also. I'm an artist, a retired art teacher and I can work, function, create and promote my art business. W/O wellbutrin, I wouldn't have continued as an artist...I don't know what I would have been. My regret is that I did not talk to someone earlier as I still believe I passed on some 'depressing' qualities to my daughter (then, about 16 years old). My concern is what is too long? Can I stay on this medication longer than 5 years?

To those of you afraid of 'wellbutrin'...my therapist told me of a case of a pregnant mom whose dr. prescribed Wellbutrin because it was so much safer than some of the others for post partum, etc. That convinced me that it was ok.

Posted by: g at January 16, 2009 12:48 PM

i have ocd, gad, depression
i have tried a laundry list. luvox,prozac, effexor,celexa, and zoloft.
luvox lots of stomach issues. effexor and celexa did nothing for me. prozac and zoloft helped me feel like myself again however with proac i had sexual side effects and stomach issues. zoloft, just the sexual side effects. my doc put me on wellbutrin to offset this and eventually weaned me off of zoloft entirely. i was back to feeling like crap. i had been up to 200mg of wellbutrin (generic) for a few months and am not on 300mg for almost 2 weeks. i have had a very diffiuclt time getting and staying asleep and have had to take valium to help me sleep. i have never in my life needed meds for sleep. i have had poor sleep in the past, but never to the point where i needed to take something.
it's possible i am not being patient enough, i am trying but i am thinking wellbutrin is just not enough alone for my system and have lexipro to try now too.
wondering if anyone has had experience with being on wellbutrin 200mg for a while with no help, and then upping to 300 and it kicking in at a certain point.

Posted by: frankie at January 19, 2009 9:03 AM

Does wellbutrin cause insominia?
How long does this side-effect last for?
Do I need to ask for a sleep aid as well?

Posted by: em at January 27, 2009 8:14 AM

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for about 5 years now. Until April 2008 I took 300mg in the mornings. Since then I have been taking 450mg in the mornings. It pretty much allowed me to further my relationship with my girlfriend at the time(now my lovely wife :-) and go back to school. That was January 2004 and I was 24. Now I'm 29. I'm still in school. Wellbutrin helped me so much and then it kind of leveled off to where I didn't get worse, but I didn't improve either. Lately it either seems to be losing its effectiveness or I'm getting worse. My big gripe with Wellbutrin is that since I can't get another refill until I see my shrink(a month from now) and I'm out of meds already, I'm going through bad withdrawals from Wellbutrin. One thing that helps is Nature's Plus: Source of Life vitamins. They seem to help with the Wellbutrin withdrawal. I do not want to take something that makes me feel like this if I have to stop taking it. It can't be healthy.

Posted by: Timmy at January 29, 2009 5:00 PM

I have been taking wellbutin for about 20 years now. i was just wondering, if it looses its effect after taking it that long?

Posted by: Janet at January 30, 2009 9:03 AM

I too have been on wellbutrin sr 150 mg. I take 300mgs a day. Wellbutrin has stablized my life. Before I was taking wellbutrin, I was always so beside myself, tired, sad, body was always in pain. My quality of live was a day by day thing. Sometimes it was hard getting out of the bed everyday. I have chronic back pain, and I have been on Ultram for about 11 years. my depression was so bad, that when I started taking ultram, it made me feel better, but the more you take, the less effect it has on you. I was taking more and more everyday. Of course my script would run out, and I would get so sick, it's hard to describe. I would take anything to try to ease my body and mind. This went on for years. But I did not give up. I have a very good reason not to. I have two beautiful little boys, that I adore. I love them more than my own life. I was desperate to feel better for them. My mother commited suicide when I was 9 years old. I don't know the pain of what she may have endured, but I was and still am determined to continued to better my life. No one knew what my mother was going through, because she never talked to anyone. But as a person who has depression, I can guess. I never understood why she would leave me like that, but she probably felt that there was nothing that no one could do to save her. Being a child of family suicide, I told myself that I would never put my children in that type of situation, because i've been there, and know what it feels like. I started taking wellbutrin for about a year and a half, and it has changed my life. I still have moments of depression, but tolerable. I no longer "drug-seek" trying to cope with everyday life. I am living a better life, that I thought would never come for me. It has changed my life. sincerely Paula

Posted by: Paula Hodges at February 22, 2009 4:27 PM

I know these posts are old but i just had to write something somewhere. I have ADD am a woman and have suicidal PMS symptoms. I am really beginning to think there is bipolar disorder going on as well. I am a recovering Alcoholic and after 2 years sober working an intense AA program (service, sponsorship, steps, evrything) I still felt like killing myself all the time. I even converted to a strict meditation practice and became very religious. Still I wanted to die. I'd have moments of relief and always come crashing down either evry couple of days, every other day, withing the same day...i never know when it's going to hit me. i am so tired of this reading these other posts helps so much at least i know i am not alone. i am reading a lot about women and menstual cycle effects and it's really real...people don't understand this stuff...i've ruined so many relationships and crippled all of the others because of my rampant thoughts of persecution, paranoia and spinning out of control thoughts and incessant talking fits. i wish i knew once and for all what i have...PTSD and pathological grief are 2 more options! Wellbutrin is helping...i took NO meds at all for my first 2 1/2 years of sobriety and i can't believe i wasted so much time...i could keep going forever..no one will probably ever read this...i think for people like me life is just a constant search for balance but with the threat of complete and utter despair always just around the corner. thanks for this website. peace.

Posted by: grace at March 28, 2009 11:54 PM

I recently started taking Wellbutrin, in hopes that it would change the issues I have suffered for over a year. Since having my child in March 2007, I have had anxiety issues, memory problems, turning later into lethargy, lack of motivation, and sexual dysfunction. Even though the baby is one, she continues to wake through the night, contributing to my issues by preventing more than 2-3 uninterrupted hours per night. I started the regimen a week ago. Initially, it felt like magic. I found myself cleaning things before bed time, playing with the other kids, and playing with my hobbies. Subsequently, I have had some major mood swings that I can identify, more difficulty falling asleep, and some mild depressive effects. My sex drive was up for a couple days, now down. I keep telling myself this is all part of reaching a therapeutic level. But it's tough. Does this all sound normal?

Posted by: DMcaLL at April 3, 2009 5:40 PM

I take wellbuteron and it works for me. But I started out with anxiety medication and now I am on mood medication and everything now seems to be working. I am back to my normal happy self. Here is my blog explaining more of what I went through. http://helpless-depression.blogspot.com/2009/04/keeping-yourself-beautiful-at-40-and.html

Posted by: Laurie at April 26, 2009 1:35 AM

I have been on Wellbutrin for a couple of weeks for anxiety. But, I have notice my mood is a bit better but my anxiety is still off and on up there. But, I do have an issue with very dry mouth and nose I have a cold. The cold I know isn't from that. My appetiate has decrease alot. But, I feel ok I guess. Any suggestions about the dry mouth? I drink a lot of fluids to help but it doesn't really feel dehydrated alot. Plus, my period isn't on time. Does this medicine effect that? Thanks!~

Posted by: Alicia at May 15, 2009 5:51 PM

Wellbutrin really doesn't work that well for me, but it works a lot better than Prozac (what I used to be on). Prozac just made me want to punch things and stab myself every second of the day. They first gave me Prozac when I was in the hospital for suicide attempt, and it just made me want to kill myself even more. Then they switched me to Wellbutrin. I'm pretty much just apathetic and I feel like there's no point in living. Sometimes I feel like depression is better than apathy. I have major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, ocd, and borderline personality traits, and I am only 16. I honestly don't think that anything will ever let me be able to live a normal life.

Posted by: Christine at May 18, 2009 6:36 PM

I feel scared, I cannot go out, I feel I cannot breathe sumtimes and feel I have lost control.

Posted by: Jolene at May 27, 2009 11:42 AM

I have been on Dexedrine for over 10 years (since I was 17) and was just recently re-assessed for ADD. The result was a negative on the ADD but I showed strong indicators for Depression and Anxiety. After trying Buspar for a month (2.5mg/day/week, then 5mg/day/week, then 10mg/day/week, then 15mg/day/week) It was obvious that it wasn't working as the final week was by far the worst week for me. I have started on Wellbutrin XL 150mg/Day for two weeks before starting at 300mg/day. I am two days into it and feel pretty low.

The complication is that I am weaning myself off of 10 years of taking dexedrine. For the last 8 years I have been taking at least 35mg/day. I will be taking this down by 5mg/week until I am off of it.

I feel depressed and agitated so far. I'm bit sure what it's from...the dex or the wellbutrin. I know that these two are not a good combo but I don't know what else to do. I guess I just have to expect some not so pleasant days ahead (until I am finished with the dexedrine). On top of that I am lacking in one of the most powerful A.D.'s out there...SLEEP. I have always slept quite hard but I am now waking up every two hours to go pee. Any suggestions on how to combat this? I take the Wellbutrin at 8am.

Posted by: Brad at May 28, 2009 3:04 PM

I have been on generic Wellbutrin XL for about a month. I want to die every single day. It takes every ounce of what little life I have left not to blow my brains out, like my only sibling did. I have a dog and my Dad that I hang on for. That's all. My dog will be 12 in November and my Dad is sick with bad Diabetes. There are a couple of places I want to see before I go, Paris, London, Australia. When my only hopes go, I will too. I want to cash in my retirement and see the places I want to most when that awful time comes when they go. I want a baby more than anything, but I guess I am too old(36) and my body won't let me. I tried not to "trap" a man into having kids. Now, I pay the price. Any advice how to survive the next year or two?

Posted by: sharon at May 31, 2009 9:55 PM

I am taking Wellbrutrin XL for quite some time and stopped using, and then started up again.
Does anyone know how many days it takes to start being useful again?

Posted by: Grant at June 5, 2009 4:01 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin for about 5 weeks, starting at 150mg and increasing the dose to 300mg after a few weeks. A little over a week ago I my ears started ringing. I drop my dose back down to 150mg thinking that would help. Unforuantely it hasn't. Does the ringing ever stop? I hate to go off the drug because it has really helped my depression and ADD.

Posted by: karen at June 15, 2009 5:46 PM

only one 1 week lowest dose 150 i think it is.. no bad side efects except the ringing in my ears and occasional bouts of racing heartbeat.. i called my doctor today to see what to do and if thei will stop soon i can deal with it for another week or so if it will stop but if it doesnt i cant handle this 4ever.. any body else have the ringing in ears and did it go away while still on same dosage

Posted by: lynn at July 13, 2009 11:46 AM

Hi everyone. I am having the worsed experiance on this wellbutrin. I have been taking it for a little over a month. Before i started taking it, i was on Lexapro for extreme anxiety....I LOVED IT!!!! However the Lexapro made me gain about 15 lbs in 7 months. I didn't like that one bit. Not to mention the sexual side effects. So...i decided to talk to my doctor and she suggested prozac or wellbutrin. I thought my anxiety was okay and i could start the wellbutrin.
Now i am completely off the lexapro and now on the wellbutrin for just over a month..... and i am angry!!!
I get irritated and mad just when the phone rings, or the water in the kitchen is running. I snap and make sounds like "uuugh" or "WHHAT" when someone is talking to me. I'm extremely emotional! I cry at anything! I'm nervous all the time and tired as well. I feel like a crazy person. I thought wellbutin was supposed to make me happy and feel good! It has done just the opposite for me!
I just called my doctor and i'm going to see if i can possibly take Prozac. I guess that is good for anxiety and won't make me gain weight!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because i'm tired of snapping all the time. Even at my daughter!

Posted by: Keri at July 17, 2009 3:27 PM

I've been taking the generic wellbutrin xl for three weeks. I have more energy but then it's very, very hard to get to sleep. I have restless legs and I am just not sleepy. this makes me grumpy. In fact, the wellbutrin is paradoxical. I feel laid back and yet my temper will flare up. I haven't noticed any increase in libido. I do know that my thoughts seem to race more so a sexual fantasy is hard to maintain. My mind jumps around a lot. I'm an artist. Has it affected my creativity? Hard to say. This is a transitional time (school year starting) so it may be all the other crap I have to attend to. Is 75mg. an effective dose?

Posted by: joe at July 29, 2009 9:18 AM

I just started taking wb 150 mg a week ago. I have had nothung but headaches, out of control irritability, stomach aches, suicidal thoughts,feeling like I am not all there, blurry head,loss of train of though and can not sleep but I feel so drained and lathargic. I am completely unsure as why I am on this drug. I told my PC that I was irritable. NOT depressed. I feel like I am a walking psycho now!

Posted by: Beka at August 18, 2009 7:32 PM

I have been on wellbutrin for 6 months now. My life has changed so dramatically, improving every aspect of living it started getting scary and now I'm working it out with a psychoanalyst. My senses have increased (touch, taste, libido), I'm still loosing weight (I really have to get to the tailor as I can't afford to buy new everything!).
But here's the amazing thing; it all happened in about 5 minutes! I had a complete mental paradigm shift at 1:20 pm, December 20th 2008 (my new birthday). My sense of reality fell apart to be instantly replaced with an understanding of where I was in the world (not a good position. The person who was filling in my place had chosen a life of an artist! A god damn artist!? How do you make a living doing this? The only upside is he trained me very well. So I'm giving myself a year to move forward in this industry or it's back to school).
Today I talk differently (more slowly and deliberately). I can look people in the eyes now. I can take control of a conversation and speak my opinion instead of giving the answer that I think is expected of me. But most importantly I'm making choices for the first time. I have desires! I want things. I've never wanted anything before, living in dingy holes of apartments, shying away from society. And I can read people, I know what they're thinking based on their answers and body language. It's all so obvious. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and if you don't acknowledge it they get upset! Most people are desperate to tell you everything about themselves (excuse the long post) if you just give them the time.

At the age of 33 I'm starting out like a teenager who lost decades.
I'm looking for another person like me. Perhaps it was Chronic Depression (likely Inhibited Reactive Attachment Disorder for me), perhaps something else but I've been searching the net for other stories like this and haven't found any. But perhaps this sounds familiar to you. If it does, please get in touch.

Posted by: ecco at August 24, 2009 3:25 PM

I have been taking wellbutrin sr 150mg in the morning for about a year...recently I have been complaining of anxiety, dizziness, fast heart rate etc. I also take adderall for ADD and lamictal to stable my moods.(being a college student life gets stressful) Yesterday my doc upped my doasge to 300mg a day. I have been taking it and feeling very weird but I also think that I am putting this in my head.. and I was prescribed xanax 0.25mg for an as needed basis. Does anyone else have a similar situation?

Posted by: Samantha at August 27, 2009 6:54 PM

i started taking wellbutrinover a year ago. so far so goodI started at 150 mg, was later increased to 300 at that time my doc told me to take 150 twice, not 300 once a day. I never asked why although I could have. i also have bipolar disorder. What's the answer

Posted by: Peggy at August 28, 2009 10:26 AM

I am an eighteen-year-old girl, who was diagnosed with depression and started taking wellbutrin about 2-3 years ago. When I started taking it, I was very suicidal and depressed. Eventually, the drugs kicked in and i was fine, the best ive been in my life. I was like that for a few months, before I began to feel very weird. This might be due to the fact that I didn't take the wellbutrin very regularly. Ive felt like this for a year now-sort of disconnected with the world and even with my own emotions, like I am asleep all the time and everything that happens is kind of unreal. Like this is all a dream. There's this inability to think about things, almost like i cant "see". Last september (08) when I started feeling like this, i took the wellbutrin regularly for a few months before i gave up. Now i havent taken it since last December. The symptoms have persisted, and even gotten worse and I'm trying to decide if it is due to going off and being irregular with the wellbutrin. Ive been to see a GP and a few therapists, trying to figure out what the problem is, but no one really listens to me/knows whats going on. Please help, this really sucks.

Posted by: Laura at September 20, 2009 4:37 PM

I did not do well with the generic but the brand name seems like a completely different drug...be careful of the generic. There is currently a class action suit regarding this drug.

Posted by: Karen at September 24, 2009 7:43 PM

I took 150 mg a day for a week, and then just doubled my dosage. This is weird: I really wanted sex, and it really felt great, but I couldn't have an orgasm! It was really strange. I don't know if that has something to do with the depression itself, the fact that I used to be on Lexapro (only for 2 weeks tho), or what. Hopefully it is a problem that will go away with more Wellbutrin?

Next, I'm getting really angry at work for really stupid things. I'm a manager and I'm usually really laid back with people as long as they're working. But now if somebody is joking around with me I'll take it too seriously and then threaten to write them up...I just doubled the dosage to 300 a few days ago so hopefully this is just my body adjusting and it's transitory.

Posted by: Eric at September 25, 2009 10:19 AM

I am 19 yrs. old and I'm on 100mg of lamictal AM and 200mg at bedtime I am really having some bad bipolar moments and very bad mood swings and I am so bad I'm saying cruel things to my mom that I would never say to her and she has always been here for me and I really hurt her feelings but she understands Iam having problems I need advice what do I do please help me the lamictal worked great before but now I'm thinking it may be too high or it's not after on it for a year.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: alecia at September 28, 2009 11:43 AM

I want to thank everyone for adding your comments. I have been off meds for a while thinking walking is my med. After recent relaps ..I went to see a therpy dr for first time today & although I hate meds. Took:Lexapro 10mg made me feel tired & recently tried Pristiq 50mg but felt like I was on speed. I expressed I hate the trial & error process!! but dr gave me a choice of Wellbutrin or Cymbalta. After reading all the blogs I feel there is more good then bad and it gives me peace to give it a try. Wellbutrin here I come... I have hope!

Posted by: angela at October 4, 2009 12:05 AM

I LOVE this medication and have never been taking anything that has changed my life so much around. A few years ago, I had a major depresive disorder and was put on Celexa at that time. While it DID help my depression, it also made me feel like a sleepwalking zoombie and made my girfriend frustrated due to lack of enthusiasm both with and without clothes.

Wellbutrin didn't do much to me the first weeks, or at least I didn't think so, but my wife noticed difference in my mood after a couple of weeks. Now I am 5 months into the medication and honestly cannot say anything bad except the regret that I didn't start this one earlier in life. My libido has almost exploded, sometimes driving my wife crazy, but overall a positive net, as she had previously complained of the opposite (!!)

I HAVE noticed that my mouth seems a bit dryer than normally, but I brush my teeth three times daily, floss and stay well-hydrated.

In my opinion, the inventor of this drug should be given a Nobel Price. It has done miracles to me and I even had a seizure at younger age (Which I didn't tell my doctor, hmmmm). I am on WellbutrinXL and according to the latest studies there is no increase in seizures with that one compared to drugs like Prozac.

Professional and personal life has never been better and if I don't stop typing now I might jinx myself..

God Bless Wellbutrin and thanks G-Sm-Klein for making this wonderful drug. I am glad that there still are drug companies making new innovations despite more ambulance chasers around than ever before..

Posted by: Ariel at October 7, 2009 1:24 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin for 4 days now and I can really tell the difference in regards to my depressive state. Iím no longer thinking about ďwhatís wrongĒ in my life. Iím glad that Iím not having any of the headaches that the Seroquel gave me. However, I do feel a bit tired during the day and Iím still having the anxiety attacks a couple of times a day.

Just the mere thought about being around people, the loss of sleep at night, and the fact of knowing that I am not financially sound, yet to go out, spend money, and have fun with my friends causes for the panic/anxiety attacks to begin.

So, Iím still working with my doctor about this issueÖI placed a call to him and his nurse just this morning. Hopefully, they can help me.

All in all Ė Wellbutrin has helped me. I wish everyone out there who is going thru depression Ė never sit back and allow your doctor to dictate your feelings. Be Persistent!!!!!! Remember, itís the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

Posted by: Depressed in Duluth at October 26, 2009 9:20 AM

I started Wellbutrin XL on Thursday (six days ago) and immediately felt improvement the same day. My mood went from vounderable to confitdent as I normally feel and no more overwhelmed feeling. I was able to drink on the weekend and I feel back to myself. I like this med. Think this is what I have been needing. Nothing like Lexapro what a relief!

Posted by: angela at October 26, 2009 11:10 PM

When I first started taking it I felt a boost of energy and managed to clean my whole house. I lost weight and just generally felt great. It's been about five months and the energy part has sort of dissipated. My house is messy again. But thanks to Wellbutrin, I don't really care that much whereas before it would have sent me spiraling into guilt and anxiety.

An interestesting effect for me has been with alcohol. Before taking Wellbutrin, I drank quite a bit. Four or five vodka soda's a day easy and that was if I wasn't actually at a party. After taking the drug I noticed that if I drank too much I would get blazing horrific headaches the next day. On as little as three beers. Probably has to do with the overall dehydrating effect Wellbutrin has. But interestingly I don't really need the alcohol anyway. A big part of why I was taking it was a social awkwardness and a need to get constant validation by being the center of attention. I find I can have great conversations with people now, even just nursing one beer for an hour and I don't feel shy at all.

Posted by: Tracey at November 30, 2009 3:27 PM

I've been on Lexapro 20 mg for about two years. Recently, it seemed to be working less and less. My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin two days ago and I'm feeling weird - almost high/light-headed. Is that just because my body's not used to it yet and will eventually go away?

Also note that I am on the generic...several posts have mentioned that it's much less effective than the brand. What are your thoughts?


Posted by: Kay at December 3, 2009 12:56 PM

I just got back from the clinic and was seen by a nurse who is starting me on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg, once daily. I'm not sure she knows what she's doing.

Does that seem right to start off at 300 mg?

What could possibly happen if I don't start at a lower dose first?

I am afraid to wait and go back her to discuss because I need to start on something asap. Plus, shouldn't she know this info cause I'm not a doctor?

Posted by: Keleigh at December 9, 2009 10:46 PM

is anyone using just 150mg of wellbutrin daily?

i'm currently at the 150mg level (wellbutrin sr for anxiety/depression), and i'd prefer to stay at this lower level & not increase to a typical therapeutic level of 300mg or more.

i'd like to know if anyone has stayed at the 150mg level for an extended period and found it relieves their depression.

thanks for any feedback.

Posted by: joel at December 14, 2009 4:20 PM

To Sharon, May 31, 2009 post. I have read 100's of these posts and your's struck me the most. I feel very badly for you and what you've been through. But don't give up hope!! Take out the retirement, have a baby-you don't need a man to have one, and you have a few years left to try. Thousands of women do it every day! Go out and fall in love! Love can cure so much. We, as Americans, are all imprisoned by what society and our Government has turned us in to, in the name of productivity, to fill someone else's pockets with what makes them happy. And here we are, left lifeless and shrunken, feeling like a useless being, covered in skin. Get up , go to work, pay the bills, barely survive and get up and do it again. But we don't have to live like that!! Go see how relaxed Europeans know how to live. Simplify as much as possible. Stop buying "things". Things can't and don't make us happy, long term. There is so much out there to see and do! That's what makes us happy. Wildlife, sunrises and sunsets, hearing the music and seeing the art in everything. And you never have to be by yourself. There are people all around you who feel just like you, go find them and help each other, experience new and wonderful and wild and adventurous things together! Don't let the day to day monotony bring you to your knees. You deserve so much more, go get it!! All of you. I know you feel like you can't but you can! Just try to make yourself do things you don't want to do and you'll feel a little bit better. I know medication is needed sometimes. But don't forget that the natural way can work too. There will never be a drug that feels as good as falling in love and doing something adventurous you have never done before. Keep the faith! In yourself!! Know you're not alone, ever. we are all together here.

Posted by: Tracy at December 18, 2009 9:02 PM

Hello im 27 and have delt with depression since childhood but just started antidepressants in the last year. Last jan. I developed anxiety and panic attacks after my divorce. Klonopine works well for my anxiety and has made it able for me to leave the house again as I had gotten so bad that I was house bound and scared of everything. I tried zoloft and I had to stay in the hospital for a week bc it caused heart problems and tremors. Then I tried celexa but was taken off only 7 days later bc I became so dizzy and light headed I could hardly walk. And it incressed my anxiety. Then I tried prozac and became very suicidal and the withdrawl lasted two months! Now my doctor wants me to try wellbutrin and I have to say im scared!!!!!! I've had bad reactions to Antidepressants and my biggest fears are suicidal thoughts and feelings, not being able to sleep, heart problems, tremors and hullsionatons. I filled my prescription but im so scared im not sure ill try it plus I heard it can cause sezuries. Any ideas from someone who has gone through the same thing? Im very sensitive to drugs and the past year has been my first time taking any drugs legal or not.

Posted by: sarah at December 25, 2009 11:10 PM

Hello im 27 and I just started wellbutrin today. Im taking 100mg once a day till I see my doctor in a month. Im very sencitive to drugs and have had horrifying results from SSRI's. So im kinda scared and kinda interested in seeing how this drug works for me. I've read really good things and hope that my search will be over and that this is the last drug I have to try. My name is Sarah and I'll keep you posted on how things are going. Right now my head feels a little funny but im not sure if its the drug or me bc I have depression and anxiety and I can scare myself easily. Well only time will tell.

Posted by: sarah at December 28, 2009 4:44 PM

At 450mg. daily, taken in the morning, my entire day looks better and the daily demands of life sot quite so overwhelming. I'm certainly more operational-able to actually accomplish more without quite so much panic.

Posted by: brian lentz at January 6, 2010 8:41 AM

I used to feel like you describe and took effexor for 6yrs that helped a little with anxiety, but I was still always depressed. I was finally diagnosed with Pyroluria , undermethylation and copper overload and treated by an MD who had trained at The Pfeiffer Research Institute. Please research Pyroluria, it is a genetic defect that causes the loss of zinc and Vitamin B6 and no meds can help. It can lead to very severe depression and suicide. I too, have a family member who took her own life.

Posted by: chrislot at January 14, 2010 4:36 AM

Hello everyone,
Thanks for all the postings. I started taking bupropion 150xl about 3 weeks ago and noticed an immediate difference. Subtle, but a difference non-the-less. I did notice a slight ringing in my ears, but it seems to have subsided. I am fairly "anti meds" for myself, but my chemical induced depression began to make me withdraw from my very good life, and I realized that I had to do something.

My clinician raised the dosage to 300 5 days ago. I have had minor dry mouth, decreased appetite (looking forward to the weight loss - I could stand to lose 25 lbs thank you very much) and today, for the first time, I had that "speedy" feeling which I am NOT comfortable with. After looking at my behavior today, though, I'm sure the 2 double shot lattes and lack of protein ALL day did not help me. Anyway, there is a slight change for the positive with regard to sex drive, which has been taking a dive due to the depression. Besides that, a little spotting (also new today). All of these things are minor to me...I'm very tuned in to myself and am on the alert for any new "developments".

Oh...and I seem to have a slight mood change around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Slight agitation or annoyance over minor things. Guess it's the extended release releasing, eh?

Anyway, good luck to you all and be well.

Posted by: Moire at January 30, 2010 6:10 PM

Well I have been on Wellbutrin for one and a half weeks. So far i don't like it. I'm very tired and weepy . I'm trying to get a job and this medicine isn't helping me do this. The day of an interview, I didn't take any because I didn't want to feel groggy, plus, I was out for my interview when it was time to take the second pill. A few years back I was on fluoxitine and that made me tired, too, but I took it before bed. Took the edge off, but wasn't perfect in handling my depression. After a few months,my body seemed to"kick in" by itself and I no longer needed meds. I would just feel like I was over dozing and stop. I would be fine. I don't know the best thing to take,my depression seems to come and go at strange times.

Posted by: wendy at February 3, 2010 3:51 PM

I started taking Wellbutrin SR 3 days ago, and can already see a huge difference in the way I feel. I've went to 4 different doctors and been on probably 10 different medications over the last 5 years. I had pretty much gave up and just decided that no one was EVER gonna figure out what was wrong w/ me. I was diagnosed w/ everything from depression, to anxiety, to bi-polar disorder. Recently, I had some problems w/ my period. So, I went to my gynecologist and he began asking me about my mood and sleep patterns, etc... He prescribed me 150mg per day. And so far it is working!! Every anti-depressant that I tried previously made me feel like a crack head, couldn't concentrate, headaches, totally out of it.

For those of you out there who have the same problem...many doctors...many diagnosis. Don't give up! If you haven't tried Wellbutrin, talk to your doctor.

Who knows..maybe you should try your gynecologist LOL!

Posted by: CJ at February 4, 2010 7:29 PM

I just started taking 300 mg of generic Wellbutrin xl. The first night I had a hard time fallin asleep. It gives me energy to clean my house now which is a great thing. My sex life is alot better. I could tell the difference after 5 days of taking it. I hope to loose weight off of it because for my age I am considered obese. My yahoo screename is megan2007_4208@yahoo.com if u would like to discuss this further. thanks for listening.

Posted by: megan at February 7, 2010 12:47 PM

I was just diagnosed with depression and the medication that they gave me is Bupropion 150 mg SR..She told me that it was going to give me energy, help me stay focused but most of all keep me out of my low. I took it for the first time today..and i havent felt like that AT ALL. i feel like a zombie. Im actually kinda blue and angry..i just dont think its owrking the way its suppose to and i've been really tired all day long after i got off work i came home and slept all day and i still could sleep. Whats wrong with this? Is this normal?

Posted by: Sarah at February 19, 2010 8:37 PM

Hello Everyone- I am 53 and was diagnosed as bipolar at age 48. I have had daily low grade depression my entire life with periods of depression so deep that I thought of suicide many times. Like another woman posted on here, her Mom commited suicide, so she said she would never do the same, even though she is suffering from depression, because of the obvious impact her mother's suicide had on her. My father killed himself when I was 14 and he was 43. He was an alcoholic and looking back on him now I believe he also was bipolar. I was given a variety of different serotonin type anti-depressants over the years, no doctor ever diagnosed me as bipolar- so I would have hypomanic episodes that I did not understand. When I was 38 I was put on Prozac. It made me start to crave alcohol. Prior to that I was a social drinker only. Thankfully, I had a full-time evening shift job, so I could only drink on my days off. But then I retired in 2000. Still on Prozac I began to drink every day. A few glasses of wine per night led to a bottle a night, led to two bottles a night, sometimes 3, and then on to the hard stuff- whiskey, scotch. All the drinking became incredibly intensified when my doctor upped my Prozac to 40 mg. I drank more because (and you can Google it- the serotonin-type anti-depressants can cause compulsive drinking in non-drinkers, social drinkers and especially those that have a family history of alcholism. Thanks to Prozac and my family history I am now a full-blown alcoholic of 12 years and recently I am a recovering alcoholic. I attend AA 5 days a week. I am no longer taking Prozac. NOW- to the point of Wellbutrin. This drug is what finally led to my diagnosis of bipolar. I was started at 100 mgs. 2x a day then upped to 150 mgs. 2x a day. This was at age 48. At the 100 mg 2x a day dose I found I no longer craved alcohol, had more energy, felt like doing things. Once I was upped to 300mgs a day- OMG! I went off the wall! Like I said, I was an undiagnosed bipolar, so without a mood stabilizer this drug took me to full-blown mania. I did such things as chopping my hair all up and dyeing it hideous colors, I would stay up for days and paint and repaint the walls inside my house sloppily as I was so driven and out of my mind with maniacal energy, I thought my brand new van was possessed by the devil and went back to the dealership and traded it in for a small sedan losing $6,000. I went out and spent money like a drunken sailor. My eyes bulged out of my head and I talked non-stop. I heard evil voices, I saw my face change into an old lady right before my eyes. Thankfully, some sane part of me that was left called a shrink out of the yellow pages and the guy diagnosed me in 3 minutes as bipolar. I was taken off Wellbutrin and put on lamictal,which I continue to take today. No doctor would agree to put me on an anti-depressant because of the mania history, although my main problem has always been major depression. My major mania has always been medication induced. My hypomania was part of my bipolar and I would have bouts of it even without anti-depressants, and then go into a major depressive episode and for a short while normal mood. Without an anti-depressant I became more and more depressed. I wanted to kill myself. I could not sleep. I was filled with anxiety. Finally, I decided to go on a low dose of Prozac. I started at 10 mgs (still drinking at the time) then was upped to 15mgs. On that dose I went into a full blown drinking binge- a fifth of whiskey or more a day and night...I drank from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. I was literally DRIVEN to DRINK on Prozac. I decided to finally end my life as I could not take the depression, the day to day lack of total energy and zero motivation where I would just lay around even on the most beautiful days and just drink and cry. Yes, I know booze is a depressant, but I had major depression before I ever drank. I drank to blot out my life. I didn't want to live, but I didn't want to die either. So after my suicide attempt I decided there had to be a reason i did so badly on the serotonin anti-depressants. It was because I am not deficient in serotonin. I am deficient in dopamine and norepenhrine (sp?). I decided to try Wellbutrin again (yes, believe it or not!) but this time KNOWING I am bipolar and I AM ON A MOOD STABILIZER. I said to myself that I would not go manic, that I would not have side effects, that this drug would help me be the person I want to be. I started VERY SLOW. I split a 75 mg regular release tablet in HALF- and I only took 32.5 mgs for the first week. I found my sleep to be better and I had interesting, very vivid dreams. I felt a little more energy in the morning, but then back to feeling tired and depressed the rest of the day. But keep in mind I was only on that dose for a week. I then increased my dose to 32.5 mgs in the a.m. and 32.5 mgs in the early afternoon for a total of 75 mgs per day. At this dose I felt a definite "thing" going on in my brain. Like pressure, but not a headache. Like my brain was saying- Hey, what is this stuff here? My brain needed a chance to figure out what it was doing there and how to work with it. So I said to myself, ok, my brain is feeling it and dealing with it and I will go with the flow as it works itself out. All the time knowing the signs of mania so if that started up I would decrease my dosage or up my mood stabilizer. On the 75 mgs. I am sleeping soundly, dreaming vividly. Keep in mind I have been on 10 mgs of Ambien a night for the past 3 years. But the Ambien was not working that well after that long of a time, but once the Wellbutrin was added it was like the perfect combo! Go figure. I just told myself I would not have indomnia with the Wellbutrin. I told my brain it needed this medication and that it would have to work with it. So that is where I am at now. I am not out of the woods, but I know I will get there. The thing is you need to be patient, not in a rush. IF you have been depressed for years then a few more months aren't going to kill you to start the medication slowly so as to not have these major side effects that will make you want to get off this drug as I feel for the no energy, lack of motivation depressive type people who just want to hide in the house all day and not answer the phone this drug will work wonders for you. If you get irritable, cut back on the dose until you feel you can handle an increase. When you first start the drug TALK to your brain and tell it that you are helping it and to accept the help and work with you. I know this sounds crazy, but it works. It is like when I went to detox- after drinking almost every days for years and years...I told my brain it was not going to have withdrawals, that there would be no problems with my being without alcohol. To the medical staff they were all shocked that I had no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. The brain is a powerful thing, but always remember that it is the soul that resides inside you that is in charge. YOU tell your BRAIN what YOU want from it. Treat it with love and care. Tell it that you are only helping it, so you can both be happy again and enjoy life! Trust me, it will work. :) I personally think for those that are so nervous about starting up on the drug the immediate release tablet is the way to go. Get the 75 mg tablet, a pill splitter and split the pill in half. Take one half as soon as you get out of bed. Tell your brain you are taking a brain vitamin. Do it for a week. Then up it to half in the a.m. and half at noon-1 p.m. for a total of 75 mgs. Then after 3 weeks at 75 mgs a day, if you feel you can handle it and you think you are still depressed then up yourself to 150mg a day-75mg in the a.m. and 75 mg in the early afternoon. Always tell your brain you are taking a brain VITAMIN. That this vitamin is to help you, my brain. Talk to your brain like it is a person. Explain to it what you need from it. If you find yourself having a driven type of excessive energy then you need to work through it. Give it a few days. If it continues- cut back. If you are irritable- same thing- stick it out a few days and if it continues cut back and give your brain the time it needs before you up the drug. I know this is the drug for me and this is what I am doing. I am on my second week and just started up to 75 mg a day and I am bipolar, but remember I am also on a mood stabilizer. IF you feel wacked out like I did when I took it years ago without a mood stabilizer then you may be bipolar. You don't have to stop the Wellbutrin just get on a mood stabilizer. I have gone on most of them, and the best one by far is lamictal. With lamictal I had much the same thing understandable side effect I had when I just started Wellbutrin this time around. A weird feeling in my brain because a new chemical showed up and the brain is trying to figure it out. I mean come on people, you are not drinking a glass of water here, you are taking a serious medication so give your brain a break and allow it to process what is going on and do the self-talk thing. Talk to your brain. With the lamictal, you tirate up very slowly...so why not do that with the Wellbutrin??? Each time I tirated up on lamictal-starting at 25 mgs. and ending up at 200mgs. I would get that weird brain thing for a few days and with lamictal you can and I did get the famous "lamictal headache" which lasts two days and then just goes away! So postive vibes, slow is the way to go, baby your brain, and think vitamin...not drug. And good luck to all of you. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. (I will re-post later if anyone is interested in what happens with me in the next few weeks/months with my postive journey with Wellbutrin.

Posted by: Susan at February 20, 2010 11:36 PM

I have started taking wellubutrin and it has had me emotional. Maybe it will get better I been taking it for 5 days now. I think it will come thru for me. I have a lil more energy than lately. I'm never late to work but I just don't feel like getting out of bed sometimes.

Posted by: nina at February 24, 2010 8:37 AM

I have been on Paxil for 5 years, it seems to mellow me out some but I have found I was becoming more depressed every year. No energy, slept all the time, never felt happy. Then while undergoing counseling for drug addiction (took narcotics on regular basis to help with the depression), my counselor recommended that I talk to my physician about wellbrutrin. I did and he placed me on 150 mg 2 times a day. WHAT A DIFFERENCE, I only wish I had spoken to my doctor earlier about paxil not doing much good. I just assumed all antidepressants were the same -- man was I wrong. I have energy, I sleep less, I am actually happy for the first time in over 15 years. I do have my bad days but nothing like I use to have. It has truely been a life saver. My lesson in all of this for depressed patients --talk to your physician -- there are alternatives and for me wellbrutrin was a life saver.

Posted by: mike laycox at March 1, 2010 3:41 AM

I started Wellbutrin almost a week ago. So far, it feels like its helping. I come out of my room and intereact with the kids so much more. Still have some anxiety but not like it was last week! It is also making it where i dont smoke much anymore. I dont get the craving like before. So this is a good thing. I pray that I continue to get better because I have had enough of being down depressed, high anxiety, and feeling like i'm losing my mind.

Posted by: TJ at March 3, 2010 10:59 AM

You people are more worried about your weight gain than your well being. You do not need to be on this DRUG. You need therapy.

Posted by: Terence at March 5, 2010 6:32 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin XL for 4 weeks now. I started with a dosage of 150mg once a day for 7 days and then went up to 300mg once a day. I felt better at 150mg a day after the initial side effects wore off(extreme tiredness and headaches). I have not noticed any improvements in my mood. I have recently become very irritable, very quick tempered and easy to yell at my son and husband. I am hoping this will go away at some point or I am going to have to get off this medicine. Could this side effect be due to me getting more mg than is needed? I really want this to work for me and have the same good results many others do.

Posted by: Christy at March 8, 2010 7:20 PM

I have been on wellbutrin for almost 3 weeks now, i really aint seein any improvement. I have tried everything, no lie. I wanna get rid of the feelin of bein irritated and i get in bad moods very easy. I just want to be happy. Is there a medication that is especally for to make ppl happy? I dont think im depressed, im just tired all the time and irritated all the time. I wanna kno wat can i ask my doctor? Like what med would work?

Posted by: Ashley at March 18, 2010 11:07 PM

I've been taking Wellbutrin SR for about a month now and I feel so much better but the only downfall is that i've noticed i'm starting to get a rash or hives. I was wondering if anyone out there has had the same reaction.

Posted by: Natden at March 23, 2010 9:34 AM

Question - I have just started taking Wellbutrin 100 mg per day. After only 5 days of taking this medication, i woke up in the morning of day 6, to find my right leg from my hip all the way to my toes had swollen three times the size of my left leg! This was very frightening as i also suffer from Panic Disorder for nearly 20 years. The day before yesterday was when i woke up to find my right leg swollen 3 times my left leg, and my heart was racing uncontrollably, along with all the other fight or flight symptoms and i called 911. The ambulance came half an hour later, and saw how swollen my leg was and after i calmed down, i was able to send the ambulance on it's way and drove myself to the doctor's office. The doctor looked at my right leg, and was very certain that i had a DVT (blood clot), and he sent me to the hospital where they immediately did an ultrasound of my leg. The results of that showed no sign of a blood clot. I was then told, no blood clot, so just go home and keep an eye on it. If it swells up more, or you get pain, or have difficulty breathing, chest pains, etc, to come straight back to the hospital. So i leave there with still not even a clue as to what has 'caused' my leg to swell so incredibly much! I slept all night long with my legs elevated that night. When i woke up yesterday morning, all the swelling was gone. But i had been peeing every half hour all through the night. And still today. Also from then to present, my mouth has been extremely dry.
When i woke up yesterday i found both of my calves were so stiff and sore i could barely walk, and today i am still limping around due to stiff calves, and this is not from exercise, etc, there is no real reason for this to be.
Then about 2 hours after i got up yesterday, i started getting short of breath, and had chest pains near my heart, then a full blown panic attack which lasted hours!!! I had heard of a type of blood clot that can move to your heart, lung, or brain, etc, and i wondered if i did have a blood clot after all, and maybe it moved just before they did the leg ultrasound on me at the hospital the previous day. So i went to the hospital again yesterday....They did more tests and checked my heart, kidneys, etc. And while at the hospital my right leg started to swell up AGAIN. The swelling 'was' all gone earlier yesterday, now it came back! Though not anywhere near as bad, but still it was quite swollen again. After this doctor did all the extra tests on me, he said he pretty much guarantees me that i do/did not have a DVT (blood clot)....His diagnosis - He figures i have had a bad reaction to WELLBUTRIN! He said this is definitely not a common side effect of wellbutrin, but that it is listed in his book near the end of the uncommon side effects. What i wonder is why after so many days i was fine taking wellbutrin, and on day 6 i have this happen? And then the swelling went away completely when in woke up yesterday. And it swelled up again while at the hospital, and i had already stopped taking wellbutrin after my day 5 dose. Maybe because antidepressants take a while to get into our systems, and they take a while to get back out of our bodies? I don't know. I just find it very hard to believe that my entire right leg, as i said from my hip to my toes, would swell up 3 times my left leg, and i just worry that maybe the doctor is missing something? I just don't know what to think or do about this.......So, i was wondering and hoping maybe someone else out there has had anything similar happen to them with taking Wellbutrin? Any help or ideas or answers you may have would be extremely much appreciated! Thank you so much!!!

Posted by: Trisha at April 2, 2010 12:31 AM

I have been on bupropion(wellbutrin) for a while and it doesn't seem to do anything at all for me....I have dropped a couple of pounds but I dont know how. Nothing else had changed I am the same with the same problems.

Posted by: muah at April 7, 2010 2:46 PM

Today was my first day of taking the Wellbutrin XL and I took it at the wrong time I took it in the morning because I thought it would cause insomnia. Not! Made me sleepy and I was still hungry as all out doors. I did not take my Adipex P today. I will take it in the morning and then take the W XL in the evening. My reasoning for taking the meds are related to my manic attitude toward everyone. I am a very mean and rude and I really feel fine with it. That is why I know there is a problem with that. There reason for my chemical imbalance has to due with hormonal changes and I know this. I hope this works.

Posted by: Linka at April 9, 2010 12:04 AM

Was on celexa for a year, middle of pregnancy, felt too tired, couldn't move or do things I needed to do. We moved into a new home.difficulty in moving things to put then away. Dr finally let me change to wellbutrin. Was great! Much increased energy, but still felt normal, happier, no weight gain, less depression.

Posted by: LeeAnn at April 20, 2010 9:56 PM

I have been taking for 3 yers am trying to get off and drink a glass of red wine before bedtime so far it is working pretty well. Does anyknow exactly what kind of red wine I need to drink. I do not know very much about wine.

Posted by: Bulah Taylor at April 21, 2010 8:35 AM

(33yr old female)I have been on wellbutrin for about 4 months was doing 300mg but cut back to 150mg due to the side effects. the upside: quit smoking withing 2 weeks, feel more motivated, no problems getting out of bed,normal appetite.no serious cravings.best of all: increased libido :))

downside: easily irritated,anxiety,rapid heartbeat,insomnia
i like this med alot and ive been thru all kinds of anti depressants thru the years..the pro's definitely outweigh the con's in my case.

Posted by: nicole at May 15, 2010 8:59 PM

I am just starting to take Wellbutrin SR 150mg BID (twice per day) as of today. I was previously taking Lexapro 20mg and I could not handle the side effects or the lack of interest in sex. I am a little nervous about taking this new drug. Wellbutrin is a totally different kind of antidepressant that affects dopamine and norepinephrine (my previous medication worked on serotonin). Is there any advice that anyone can give me regarding this medication and how long it took befofe the effects were felt?

Posted by: Nicole Smith at May 20, 2010 1:58 PM

I was on Pristiq for 3 months and my weight sky rocketed. I switched to Wellbutrin 4 days a go and I feel alot of side effects. I gained another lb. I have the jitters almost all of the time. I can't sleep. I am extremely tired but can't rest. Does anyone know if these symptoms will pass? Will I lose any weight on this? I am more depressed about the weight gain than anything. Should I just stop taking all of these drugs? Please help me. Gcherie@yahoo.com

Posted by: Cheri at May 28, 2010 8:37 AM

I have been on wellbutrin sr for about a month.I am taking the 150mg i sorta feel ok but i still can't think,remember or concentrate still.It also feels like my mind is blank.Will i ever feel better its like i am not myself i dont know if its depersonalization or derealization.i also have anxiety but i take cipralex 10mg.thats helping me alot for my anxiety.Its the depression thats bothering me will i ever get better i hate feeling like this.sometimes i think to myself am i going to die i get these thoughts alot.i am not suicidal either.I have 3 kids and a husband that i love with all my heart.why do i keep getting those feelings that i am gonna die,is it the depression or because i keep worrying.I a a constant worrier thats why i have anxiety.

Posted by: Tammy at May 30, 2010 1:01 AM

I was taking celexa and it worked wonders for me. I finally felt stable and happy without feeling like a robot. The ONLY downside of celexa for me was that i was unable to orgasm as a side effect. My doctor just switched me to wellbutrin and I hate it. I have been on it for about a month. I am irritable, I am always on the verge of tears and I have at least one or two meltdowns a day. I am also constipated and have gained weight. It is awful. The upside? I can orgasm again. Which is worse? depression or sexual dysfunction?

Posted by: ashley at June 4, 2010 4:43 PM

im on wellbutrin and 9 other drugs for bipolar disorder and thats not including my meds for physical problems and i still want to slit my fuckin wrists. must be nice to be all of you and have something work.

Posted by: booze and street drugs felt better at June 5, 2010 8:34 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin 150mg for 8 months maybe & have lost weight and I feel like my depression is improved around 90% or so. Not cured but dramatically improved. I have had very few side effects (some increased anxiety and lack of emotion)but a small price to pay to not be miserable 24/7. I think it's great medication.

Posted by: lindsayr at June 13, 2010 8:58 PM

I would like to say this article I am about to write will change your life if you read it. I am not out to sell anything but to tell you my story. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I have been on wellbutrin , topomax,lamictal,depokote,zoloft,paxil, you name it. These poison drugs damaged me physically, emotionally and spiritually. They changed my temperment and personality drastically. I did things I would never do in my life. I did'nt even know myself.After starting them I got hbp,fibromyalgia, asthma, sleep apnia,pre cancer,which I caught early,acid reflux and some of them caused weight gain. When I was on effexor I felt like a bottomless pit I coulod not stop eating. I gained from 130 to 173 then became even more depressed. I said all that to say this. I surfed on line. After dozens of drs. jerking me around and then being deemed diabled I saw an article on VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!I am no longer on any of those poison meds and I do not use my sleep apnia machine. I no longer use my inhalers,and I lost 15 pounds in 2 months!I no longer have bad rage episodes, and I can tell you I never would ever say a curse word and when I went on lamictal I started cursing like a sailor. I hated myself because I was a christian and that's why I ask God to give me the wisdom to know what to do and I want to help others to do the same.My blood pressure stayed at 140/ 94 150 160 but I have been checking it and it is so much better no longer hypertension level.I would love to know this helped someone . Please feel free to contact me at butterfly0557@yahoo.comand put coconut oil so I will know it is about this post. I am careful about what e-mails to open. I feel for all of you Ihave been there and for those of you attempting suicide think not God loves you!Try what he gave us coconut oil.~~~~Pamela

Posted by: pamelaray at June 27, 2010 11:49 AM

P.s. from Pam One thing I failed to mention on the topomax some drs will not tell you the black box warning is BLINDNESSa and you are supposed to have a reg checkup also there is a letigation on generic wellbutrin .You can go on line and find a lawyer so you can get a settlement.

Posted by: pamelaray at June 27, 2010 11:53 AM

To the girl amy especially. There is a letigation on the wellbutrin. There is a pending lawsuit. I was in exaclty the same boat as you probably worse. I never cursed in my life. I started cussing like a sailor.take virgin cocnut oil. Surf the net .There is tons of info. It has changed my life. I was on tons of drugs now all I take is my hormones I went from about 10 or 12 oills to one and a half per day.

Posted by: pamelaray at June 28, 2010 12:26 PM

I tried wellbutrin a few years ago to quit smoking at my doctors request. The drug was working wonderfully untill i broke out with a real bad itching rash. Is there any othter drug that may be like wellbutrin but does not have the ingredient that caused me to break out.

Posted by: stan shi at June 28, 2010 3:14 PM

I didn't like wellbutrin at all.
I was taking celexa last week...i only took it for 9 days, and even though i hated it, i know it helped in a way.
Wellbutrin on the other hand made me feel rather uncomfortable. It brought back the very symptom that i was trying to run away from. (breathing issues). So pretty much this drug made me feel all the negative things that i've felt before i took the celexa. Now things are even more messed up to tell you the truth, but at least i can tell my doc that i've tried it LOL
Take with caution, better yet don't take (if you're afraid of drugs )

Posted by: guest at July 2, 2010 10:50 PM

I am on paxil 4omg for anxiety attacks. I just went on wellbutrin (Generic). After being on it for 2weeks and one day I started feeling worse again. I'm on 75mg. two times a day. For the past three days all I've done is take care of the dog and bird and get back in bed.My Mom passed on 5/4/10 and that is why i'm on it. Could generic wellbutrin be making me worse?

Posted by: cynthia at July 11, 2010 8:53 PM

I have been on wellburtrin for a week at 300mg. I am dizzy all the time have headaches and generally feel like I have the flu. My doctor said to cut the dose in half at 150 maybe the effects will lessen until my body gets used to it. Does anyone one know how long this takes. I was on cymbalta before and I feel so sick (not depressed any more) just flu like sickness and want to feel normal again

Posted by: chrssy at July 12, 2010 2:35 PM

I am a long-term user of Wellbutrin XL (BRAND). IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO BE AWARE THAT THE GENERIC VERSIONS OF WELLBUTRIN MAY NOT WORK AS IN MY CASE. Did not notice I received one of the generic brands until I crashed about a month and a half later. LIVING PROOF THE BRAND WORKED FOR ME! Although would never commit suicide, the depression that hit me like a bag of rocks was horrible - made me weepy, totally miserable. From research and talking to senior member at Biovail which produces only the Brand version - there have been issues with previous brand users switching to generic and many do experience horrible drop off on generic Wellbutrin, Although ingredients supposedly are same, the big difference is the generics release med too soon and fast into the body and also the buffering of the generic tabs may also cause slow release or in my view little release,. The depression that hit me was so severe that I warn everyone I know to be aware. Ironically, I only pay $5 for 30-day supply of brand Wellbutrin (via Caremark) and the generic is $10! JUST WANT TO LET YOU ALL KNOW THIS (AND NO, I AM NOT ANTI-GENERICS, JUST THIS PARTICULAR MEDICATION in generic sucks!

Posted by: Diane at July 21, 2010 1:51 PM

My doctor put me on 150mg. of the generic anti-depressant Wellbutrin. I realize it takes several weeks to acclimate on the drug. It has been one week today and for some reason today I felt lathargic and extreamly irrtable. However, I did not eat for half a day then ate a snack. Could this be a factor for feeling this way? I really feel stressed today but I am going through some hard times as well. I would appreciate any input about this drug and how long it will take for my mind to adjust. Thank you Dawn

Posted by: dawn at July 21, 2010 6:36 PM

ive been taking Welbutrin for about 6 months now.previously on Zoloft i have noticed huge changes mostly good. On Zooft i gained around 15 to 20lbs in a 5 month period probably because all i wanted 2 do was sleep and yell and eat. So i asked the Dr 2 change what i was taking. At first i noticed no differance but once weaned off Zoloft, i really saw some changes. At first i had a little trouble sleepin and had extream dry mouth and a terrible taste n the back of my mouth. however~ 6 months n2 it i have lost 34lbs and im a very pleasent person 2 be around. my only draw back has been the constipation. I still have a problem with that. I can deal with that tho. the positive effects far out weigh the negitive for me

Posted by: Alise at July 26, 2010 10:26 AM

i have mitral valve prolapse and at times a slow heart rate. my dr. gave me zoloft and trazadone for depression and insomnia, it slowed my heart too much and made it beat irregular, is there a antidepressant that is safe for me to take? and wont lower my heart rate too low? is wellbutrin safe for me?

Posted by: samantha dawn tucker at August 2, 2010 8:51 PM

Works great for DYSTHYMIA. Dysthymia is an under-diagnosed form of depression. It's a chronic form of depression where you basically feel tired and unmotivated most of the time. This is how I describe it to other people who both have and don't have depression: "you know when you go to a theme park and are about to walk in and get really excited and happy? Well, with dysthymia you never get excited or happy about anything. You could be next in line for a roller coaster and feel the same as you would driving to work on a Wednesday." I've been taking it for years with my condition and it makes me feel normal. It is NOT for people who are anxious or nervous. If you have depression and have symptoms of worry or anxiousness you should look at an SSRI (zoloft is good). If this sounds like you, do a little research on dysthymia and talk to your doc about it.

Posted by: Dan S at August 9, 2010 12:33 PM

just started generic wellbutrin 2 days ago.no decrease in appetite and still depressed.how long does it take to kick in?

Posted by: bjm at August 11, 2010 8:11 PM

Wondering how people that were doing well on Wellbutrin are doing. I've been on it for 6 months 150mg XL daily and really like how it works for me but my anxiety level is high. I also take Celexa and am wondering if I should taper off the Celexa to see if Wellbutrin alone would cause less anxiety???

Posted by: Karen at August 17, 2010 8:19 PM

I've been on Wellbutrin for 2 weeks any my anxiety is through the roof! I don't this this medication is for me. It ruining my relationship because everything he does now irritates me to an excessive level. I was hoping for the positive effects - weight loss, libido etc. No weight loss, and now no libido..We went from several times a week to none because I'm so irritated. Forget it.

Posted by: Tammy at August 26, 2010 7:56 PM


Posted by: Bill B at October 8, 2010 6:48 PM

Just started the generic wellbutrin got a week now and I'm wondering when the effects of it will kick in. exactly how long should I wait before I tell my doctor that it isn't working for me? I don't want to give up too soon but I don't want to wait too long....... I feel like I'm loosing my mind. No suicidal thoughts just very agitated all the time. At first felt a little jittery for the first two days. And each day I'm feeling fine all day until my kids come home. Teachers are constantly calling be about my kids acting out at school and that gives me an instant headache. I go from trying to stay semi calm to (can't find a suitable word) instantly. I asked to be put on a medication to help with that. I love my children and I wouldn't hurt them, lets get that clear, but I want to enjoy them and desire to do things with them. If someone can relate or just share some suggestions, please do so. Thanks.

Posted by: Renee at October 12, 2010 2:02 PM


Posted by: betty at November 1, 2010 11:57 AM

I am taking wellbutrin xl 300 and have been experiencing alot of anxiety with it that I didn't have before. Has anyone experienced this and will it pass? I am going to go down to 150mg but have been on it for only four days now!

Posted by: brandy at November 1, 2010 5:48 PM

I am 24 years old I have been on Wellbutrin 150mg for 3 years, I developed depression and anxiety when my Daughter turned a year old I quite smoking when this all hit me, I started taking the Wellbutrin and that had took my depression away but my mind still raced all the time, my Doctor then put me on Clompramine 10mg that i took at night IT WAS AMAZING! I didnt make my head race anymore I had emotion but when I should have emotion, my mind was just so clear.. I took Wellbutrin and Clompramine together for 3 years and worked wonders for me I was also able to take it when I became pregant with my second daughter.. In the past 3 months I have stoped taking the Clompramine and still on Wellbutrin but I dont feel depressed I feel like my mind is starting to race again,I think about stupid things, I am ALWAYS worried, I get angry fast and have NO PATIENTS.... My Doctor wants me to try out Paxil I really dont want to looking online alot of people have posted alot of bad things about it.. What should I do?!?!?

Posted by: Ashley at November 3, 2010 10:33 AM

Has anyone been started out at 300mg and not at 100 and worked up to 300. Im taking it for ADHD and to quit smoking but yesterday i felt spaced out and felt like me leg was moving when it wasn't moving.

Posted by: Ryan at November 6, 2010 10:26 AM

it doesn't help with anything and it does make me tired. Funny about the itching thing, for I thought it was me and I had weird dry skin. Is it a reaction. I hoped it would work and keep giving it time, but when you can't finish one task, but I sure start alot of them. Then I get anxiety for not getting anything done, and depressed for letting my boyfriend and I down. I am always cutting him off when he talks and I am listening, but I can't concentrate. I don't know why he stays with me. I tell him why I do it, but hard to explain cause he thinks I am just trying to get drugs. But so untrue, cause I have lived like this for a longtime and I thought I could cure it but it is getting worse. I want help and for my boyfriend to talk to the doctor. I can't explain myself. And why would I want drugs, he knows I won't even take anything for my horrible sinus infection exept the second stand of meds he put me on to get rid of it. They hurt and this med is suppose to be stronger than amoxicilion. Thats not how you spell it, but oh well. Now it is going to drive me nuts. Amoxicilon. I got to look it up. Sorry, for the ramble. But I understand it, believe me. Now have to look up this med I am on.

Posted by: aimee cheverie at November 19, 2010 9:18 AM

Our story starts with my husband having depression all his life and one day after 14 years of stability he has to check in with a new psychiatrist to get the all clear to have his meds evaluated. She decides to start him on other things,(i can't remember now its been a year.) He came to her just having lost his job and me being pregnant. This change starts the roller coaster of managing meds and going through out patient therapy, blah blah, lithium is at an alll time high and he goes through ECT which doesn't work. Turns out he has hypothyroidism and wether it was his thyroid that decided to fail or the lithium that started it he has now started with hormones, all is well but occasionally he gets mildly depressed but it comes in swings. He is taking zyprexa, zoloft, clonazepam and wellbutrin which we forgot to up to 300mg after the initial 6 day start and now the dr. wants to start him on lithium! again. Feeling like we have hit another speed bump.

Posted by: Anne at November 30, 2010 12:06 PM

I started taking 150XL and have noticed that the pill coating is not disolving. Has anyone else noticed this?

Posted by: Janice at December 13, 2010 4:05 PM

I tried them all, then realized drugs were not even part of the answer. I took myself off and am doing a little better - not great but better than I did on the drug(s). Doctor's pill push. My insurance won't pay for any more therapy - after I finally found a behavioral therapist that seemed to really "get it." Oh well. . . I am better, my approach may not be for everyone but given this society's obsession with drugs, I might just write a book advocating the "tough" approach.


Posted by: bonnie hill at January 4, 2011 10:54 PM

I have been on the generic of Wellbutrin XL for 10 months...I have energy beyond what I can believe...have lost 20 pounds...and hope to lose more...but the downside...I am suffering from dry eyes and problems with my sinus..I feel like I am drying up...I see that others have posted this same thing...and I did read that I should be drinking lots of water...which I had not done in the past...have others experienced this problem?

Posted by: nancy at January 5, 2011 7:13 PM

Im new to this and really need some help.... I started Wellbutrin 5days ago and I have went into a serious depression the past few days. I never stay depressed long, but It seems that the day I started the Wellbutrin It started and I cant kick it. The doctor has me on wellbutrin 75mg 2X a day. I havent had trouble sleeping or eating, I just fell into the- dont want to get out of bed, dont want to get up and do anything. I dont want to see anyone are talk to anyone at all... I dont know if I should stop taking it are wait it out.???? please help

Posted by: brooke at January 14, 2011 7:38 PM

When I first to it I stopped the 2nd pill because I couldn't sleep. Until this week I was just taking one 150 mg, then starting taking another one. Now today I'm crying and being aggitated, is this normal?

Posted by: Dorothy at January 16, 2011 2:55 AM

I am Bipolar and take WB SR .
I've just had to change to XL, because they are back- ordered; in not just my regular Drug store, but the 4 others that are close to me.
My sister, also Bipolar was recently put on XL as well and we both find it to be a roller coaster transition. Needless to say - I want SR. Should we give XL a chance ?

Posted by: sheri at January 23, 2011 3:22 PM

I have been on Wellbutrin for 4 months now. I was on the 150mg twice a day and I did fine. Now they upped me to 200mg twice a day and I feel like I am high. This is absolutely horrible! How do I make this feeling stop? I feel like a crackhead.

Posted by: Shawna at January 28, 2011 2:20 PM

Day 9 on Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin). 100mg 2x/day.

Jittery, dizzy at first. I couldn't stop talking. ha ha. I guess that's that "speed" feeling ppl are talking about.

Never been on anti-depressants. But when I looked at that bottle and took that first pill, I felt better b/c I was actually doing something about my depression symptoms. It's genetic in my family. Dad, Uncle, Brother, Grandma all have depression.

I'm 31, and I'm not watching TV. I usually come home and start the TV and it's not off until 11pm. I don't feel like watching TV. And that's good.

Slight virtigo still but I FEEL GOOD. And as time goes by, I know i'll be better and better. A little dry mouth and constipation. BUT I FEEL BETTER!


Posted by: BetterInLA at January 28, 2011 8:58 PM

It took me a while to understand what was wrong with me, but when I went to my doctor and explained to her what I felt, she diagnosed me with depression. I started off on 150mg of Wellbutrin xl. For the first few weeks, my side effects were restlessness, loss of appetite, sweating, slight constipation and slight stomach pain. This all subsided after my body got used to the drug. After about 3 months of the 150mg dose, I went to my doctor for a check-up of sorts. The drug did greatly help me, although a drug can only do so much, and for me at least, my only cure is to work out my mental/emotional issues that brought about my depression. Anyways, I told my doctor that I had sort of plateaued, mood wise, and she upped my dose to 300mg. With the higher dose it was the same side effects as previously stated.

About the drug in general: I don't know if its just me, it might be the same with anyone on any anti-depressant, but the drug only masks my emotion. I feel happier, or less sad, but I know that it isnt a true cure, its the drug masking how I really feel and giving me this false happiness. Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad I'm on it, it has helped me so much. Without it, who knows, I may have gotten so bad that I might have harmed myself or committed suicide, so I'm thankful I'm on it.
But the reason I'm posting here is this: Drugs can only do so much, and like I said previously, can't replace a true happiness or contentment. I urge everyone to seek mental help, through a therapist or psychologist/psychiatrist to deal with your problems. It's the only way you'll truly get better.


Posted by: Alexandria at February 1, 2011 10:41 PM

I've tried Wellbutrin to up my dopamine - I found it helped with certain things but made my anxiety worse. I would rather have anxiety than depression though! I've found that exercise works better for me than wellbutrin.

Posted by: Jen at February 4, 2011 1:08 AM

Someone please help :( I have been on Lexapro for the winter because my depression gets pretty bad in the winter. I gained 20pounds and slept all the time which made me more depressed. My doctor just put me on Wellbutrin XL 250mg to start. It has been 5 days and I am an emotional wreck. I have been crying and screaming at everyone. Does this go away? I am so tempted to just stop taking it all together. So far it is only making me feel worse. I don't know what to do.

Posted by: Kendra at March 29, 2011 8:12 PM

what affect does using pristiq and wellbutrin have when used together if suffering low libido while using pristiq

Posted by: paul wallace at April 7, 2011 1:10 AM

I feel awful and have for a long time. Dr. put me on generic Wellbutrin, started at 75mg for 15 days and now at 100mg for 2 weeks. I have migraines and headaches most of the time. The migraines have subsided somewhat but the headaches continue. Very foggy,nausea, but sometimes feel normal which is usually first thing in the morning. I'm not sure how much longer I can do this, but I guess I will hang in there another week, some blogger stated it took them 8 weeks...eeekkkk. If I wasn't desperate I would quit, I wouldn't recommend this drug unless you have limited choices.

Posted by: Darla at May 3, 2011 9:12 PM

I have switched from Ceprilex to Wellbutrin because I was having a significant loss of interest in sex. The Ceprelex was great except for that so my dr switched me to Wellbutrin and this is day 6 and I am extremely weepy and extreme feelings of hoplessness. I have never had this before so can only conclude this is the medicine. Anyone else experience this on W?

Posted by: MMarnie at May 15, 2011 6:00 PM

I was on wellbutrin XL for a yr, I did lose weight, which was a very nice bonus, but my anxiety levels went sky high..I felt like I could not show emotion or cry, so the doctor lowered the dosage to 150, for 2 months, and now I am completely off the meds....I have sinus problems, from the drying of the body, which Wellbutrin XL is noted for doing...I also began to experience dry eye, where my eyes constantly run, which I did not have before...the doctor and the pharmacist have suggested I drink lots and lots of water, as both said this was one of the setbacks from this medicine...I will never, ever take this drug again..I have too many remaining problems...

Posted by: Nancy at May 25, 2011 8:12 AM

I've been using wellbutrin since mid-way through last year, first anti depressant I've tried so I wasn't really sure what too expect. It did alleviate my stress & the way I handled things though I still have moody, lonely thoughts, & being happy is hard. Haven't felt any harmful physical side effects or interruptions in stuff like sleep. At the moment I feel like I'm just going through the motions & I've become more withdrawn, never really liked people but I could get along with em, now I feel even less of a connection & my friends have their relationships.. makes me feel more alone. I just wanna see my favourite comic through till its end. I wrote this on one of the bad days hope it passes.

Posted by: beloe at June 13, 2011 11:06 AM

I have been on Wellbutrtin XL for a little over a week and it is okay. I am hoping that it needs to build up in my system. I mainly need the energy I keep hearing about. I am praying though...

Posted by: Michelle at June 23, 2011 11:21 AM

I recently began buprophin hcl 300 xl from 2x75 ml and for the past 4 days I've expiernced depression like I've never felt before. I went to a doc because I was abusing percosets and he put me on 80 ml suboxone to stop. I was doing good for a month then felt an emptiness that couldn't deal with. I never suffered from depression in my life and am in a successful marriage and carrier. He pit me on 2x75 generic wellbutrin for 2 months and just recently told me to go to 300 ml. I began taking the Watson version of buprophin hcl 300 xl for the past 4 days and have never felt this kind of depression in my life. I can't get off the couch and have no mood to do anything. I did some recerch and found that the generic pills and these side affects. I called my pharmacy and going to get wellbutrin tomorrow. My question is will that make a differences or should I stop taking these meds all together and deal with the moods and emptiness until I get better on my own? I was ok on the 2x75 ml but was missing something. Anything is better then what I'm feeling now. This sucks. What should I do?

Posted by: Pete at July 24, 2011 5:39 PM

I recently began buprophin hcl 300 xl from 2x75 ml and for the past 4 days I've expiernced depression like I've never felt before. I went to a doc because I was abusing percosets and he put me on 80 ml suboxone to stop. I was doing good for a month then felt an emptiness that couldn't deal with. I never suffered from depression in my life and am in a successful marriage and carrier. He pit me on 2x75 generic wellbutrin for 2 months and just recently told me to go to 300 ml. I began taking the Watson version of buprophin hcl 300 xl for the past 4 days and have never felt this kind of depression in my life. I can't get off the couch and have no mood to do anything. I did some recerch and found that the generic pills and these side affects. I called my pharmacy and going to get wellbutrin tomorrow. My question is will that make a differences or should I stop taking these meds all together and deal with the moods and emptiness until I get better on my own? I was ok on the 2x75 ml but was missing something. Anything is better then what I'm feeling now. This sucks. What should I do?

Posted by: Pete at July 24, 2011 5:41 PM

I've been taking wellbutrin 150 for about 2 months. It has helped a lot but my Dr raised me to 300 xl but its very expensive and am about to stop immediately without filling the script. I took 1/2 a pill the last to days to try to ease any withdrawl. I was wondering if it won't be so bad bc I wasn't on it long enough. The Dr also raised my Trazodone dose to 100mg which is like double from b4. I'm thinking if I take the increased dose of that it will be ok for me. What do you think?

Posted by: matthew at August 5, 2011 4:21 PM

Hey Gang, for me Wellabutrin helps reduce anxiety 100% but my depression is still here or may have even gotten worse.

Posted by: Victor at September 12, 2011 10:25 AM

Well I got On-line to try and find something to help me. I am fourty years old and thought I was going crazy. Being tired,depressed, and just plain pissed off. With the full work day and husband and kids. My hormones were out of control. I started the Wellbutrin and with-in the first day I could tell and my family could tell a differences. This has helped me so much. I am back to my old self. And can Enjoy my Life again... Thanks!!!!!

Posted by: Melissa at September 16, 2011 7:08 AM

These posts have helped me, i thought i was alone in the world feeling like i could die at any moment, and that why worry about tomorrow when i might not make it, sad and lonely in a room full of people, i will start the wellbutrin tomorrow and hopfully it will help me like it has yall...if anyone has any advice for me u can email me at



Posted by: Coy at October 18, 2011 11:26 PM

hi, i just started taking a generic version of it, bupropion 150mg, and also have been on kolonopin, .5 mg a night for anxiety.. i am 30, fine shape.. eat good.. was very depressed because of a job thing, and hard to go to work, also get in arguments and crying fits.. weird.. anyways, will this medicine help me? can i still take the kolopin for anxiety because i do feel a little speedy because of the bupropion i think.. also, is alcholo or cannabis ok with it? please !!

Posted by: joey at November 22, 2011 10:00 AM

I've been on wellbutrin 6 days (150) and 20 mg prozac at night. I've never been so depressed and anxious. I've hd to take a two week time off from work.I feel so desperate and so afraid wellbutrin won't help. I've tried Pristique and it quit working.. Had a lot of stress over last few months, mother lives with me with dementia and husband recovering from bypass surgery.

Posted by: Dianne at December 6, 2011 12:02 PM

I quit smoking using Wellbutrin for three months , I've quit 2008! It's the best med.

Posted by: Jessie at December 10, 2011 2:11 AM

I felt like I was in an airplane hangar...my mind felt empty with just one or two thoughts hanging it space like I coould not access my normal ways of thinking...and most frighteningly I did not care. I knew the drug was making me feel souless but it "told" me that was fine. I took my child too a medical appointment that day and okayed a procedure I would not have let happen if I had noot been on wellbutrin. Evil. Stay off zombie pills. Try EFT and actually address your problems.

Posted by: m at January 9, 2012 12:53 AM

weight gain ? I do not remember about wellbutrin but I am on Saphris now. I have been gain alot of weight. My Dr. took away antidepression meds from me she said I am no longer needs it but this two days I feel depressin again and I have not been on antidepress meds for a year now. I think its coming back,but is wellbutrin really work? I used it 2 -3 years ago but not for long but I can not remember it. I need antidepressant meds will not make me gain weight. If can lose weight that will be better. Saphirs is new and it works for me but weight gain problems still there. I like Saphris and I do not want my Dr take it away from me again or change other meds.

Posted by: Sdgirl at February 28, 2012 5:09 PM

I have been having flashing lights in my right periferal vision . I am on Wellbutrin SR , and wonder if this has been a side effect for anyone else .

Posted by: Nancy Hulse at February 29, 2012 12:01 PM

I am really glad I came across these comments, even if they are a few years old. Mike, your comments particularly touched me and I am so grateful for your candor in sharing your experience.
I think Wellbutin has saved my life. I'm not sure how depression crept up on me as a possible diagnosis, heaven knows I had enough factors and warning signs. When my M.D finally gave me the Wellbutrin and said "Just try it for a few weeks, see how it goes" I was resistant. But it has been a life ring to me, in a sea of helpless backsliding and despair. I am not 100% back in track, but my moods are less cloudy and dark, I can keep going through the day without too much effort and I am no longer on the verge of tears half the time. I can look back now after three months and shake my head in disbelief that it took me so long to begin to treat this and hope that my road back continues to bring me back to "healthy".

Posted by: Sally at March 4, 2012 8:50 AM

I just started on Wellbutrin a few weeks ago. Have difficulty sleeping and the nausea is killing me. It's hard to know if it's working when I feel so sick all the time.

Posted by: Nikki at March 14, 2012 11:19 AM

Is it me or maybe it is but I'm on welbutrin n it's 200mg n anyone else taking it do u take it a the same time everyday? What happens if you take it at different times dowdy it make you feel weird? Has anyone get sideaffects from it? Or do get head aches? Ice maybe it's me. Thanks.

Posted by: Don't give up at April 5, 2012 2:38 AM

I am having an awful time with Wellbutrin, or at lest I think its the Wellbutrin. 11 years ago after the birth of my son, I suffered from postpartum. In a very bad way. I was put on 50 mg of Zoloft. It worked very well for me. Last year I had my daughter. Once again, I went through the postpartum again. Only this time it was far worse than 11 years ago. My OBGYN kept boosting the Zoloft. At the end I was on 250 mg. After I was feeling better, I was lowered back down to 50 mg.
Last Monday, I had an appointment with my primary care. She changed my Zoloft to 300 mg of Wellbutrin. All was fine until Saturday. I had a complete break down. Crying for no reason, anxiety attacks, feeling of doom, worthlessness, just very depressed. I waited until Monday to call my doctor. She said to add 25 mg of Zoloft to the Wellbutrin, for a week, then every other day the following week. As of today, I am just not seeing any improvement. I just feel overwhelmed by the simplest thing. Has anybody else gone through this? Is there light at the end of this very dark tunnel?
Thanks for any advice,

Posted by: Kristen at May 9, 2012 10:22 AM

Hi, I have just gotten a prescription for Wellbutrin XL 150 mg, I am on .5 pms-clonazepam-R. I am so scared to try the Wellbutrin.... it talks so much about having seizures ??? Also says to avoid drinking, well I like to have a few drinks on the weekends in the summer... I don't know, just really really nervous, don't like taking stuff.... anyone have any advise for me

Posted by: Jen at June 2, 2012 4:54 PM

I have never been on antidepressants before and I just started taking Bupropion SR this week. What shoud I expect?

Posted by: Kai at June 8, 2012 4:20 PM

Hi, I just wanted to say; It pains my heart dearly to hear the pain of many who have commented suicide and are really down in the dumps. Just to let you'll know I am one of Jehovah's witness. WE are living in a time where Satan the devil has truly enhance his power over people today, especially for those who don't have a true hope are feeling it is nothing let to live for. But Jehovah a god of true love has open a haven for you and not to feel that you are anyone else is along. Please Look at your personal copy of the bible and read this scripture that I will quote: The Bible assures us that Jehovah cares for his servants and those who are low in spirit and he will never forsake you. Ps.55:22 Throw your burden upon Jehovah himself, and he himself will sustain you. Never will he allow the righteous one to totter. This scripture helps us to understand that Jehovah knows that we are burden down, but he wants us to also know that he cares and if we pray to him for help he will answer us. Jehovah also tells us that he will strengthen us, and make up for what we lack. Look at phil. 4:13 for all things I have the strength by virtue of him who imparts power to me. Isa. 12:2 says Look God is my salvation. I shall trust and be in no dread; for Jah Jehovah is my strength and my might, and he came to be the salvation of me." Also these two scriptures really help me when I am feeling down, because we have to regonize that we are imperfect humans and we need to have something to put our trust in. Because the governments have fail the people by ruling apart from God it will never work. So this scripture is quit encouraging Ps.46:1 "God is for us a refuge and strength, a help that is readily to be found during distresses. Isa.40:29-31 He is giving to the tired one power; and to the one without dynamic energy he makes full might abound. Boys will both tire out and grow weary, and young men themselves will without fail stumble, but those who are hoping in Jehovah will regain power. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not tire out. Jehovah is such a loving God and he will not only help you to train your heart and mind but strenghten you for what lies ahead. This world you cannot put trust in it will fail you everytime. Trust in the God of all Comforts and you can be assure of a good outcome everytime. I was rise as a Jehovah's witness since I was 2yrs. old I am 45 now and Jehovah's hand of protection has always been there for me. My Parents are Jehovahs witnesses and they studied with us from young children about the love of Jehovah and following his son Jesus Christ examples for how we should lead our life and it has safeguarded our childhood as while as our grownup lives now my son is 16yrs. old and He is a baptized servant of Jehovah and has a wonderful outlook on life and he looks to Jehovahs kingdom to solve all mankind problems. So by doing things the way the bible says it will give you the peace that God wants you to have and your life will have more meaning to not only yourself, but to those who see you. God gave us this beautiful body and he expects us to hold it dearly. So please its my earnest and dearest prayer that you'll please find your way to one of the Jehovahs witnesses and if they knock at your door, please let them in and ask for a bible study they will be glad to help you to see as I have today and encourage, as Jesus set the pattern for us to help others learn about his heavenly father and how much he wants them to know that he really cares for you and your family. Please do this before Jehovahs tells us to stop preaching. Think about what happen in Noah's time, he try to preach about the coming flood, and I mean he really tried but know one listen and they laugh at him calling him names like what he was doing was stupid and really thats what alot of people do with us today. They close the door in our faces and they say bad things to us when we come to their doors. Think about when Jehovah told Noah to bring the animals into the ark and his family, when Jehovah close the door to the ark know one could go in or come out. This is whats going to happen when In the book of Revelations he will tell the Angels that are holding back the (4) winds of destruction to let them go and then it will be too late. So please take the time out of your busy schedule and listen to the lifesaving message that is here for you, look at the bad condition on the earth and they will not get better they are going to get worst. Please don't let the governments fool you into thinking that everything is fine. Its Not!! Turn away from the false religion in these churches who are only telling you what you want to hear not the truth, but turn to the ones who have been preaching and ask question as to why or how we can continued preaching without letup and why other religions are not preaching at all.

Thanks for reading my message and I hope it encourages someone to pay close attention to the signs of the time. Because the end is drawing near!!!!!!!



Posted by: Bonita at July 11, 2012 10:00 AM

I am on 200mg Bupropion SR and I just want to sleep.
A few weeks ago, my doctor started me on Bupropion ER 100mg, and I had a hideous headache, and kept falling asleep, I couldn't even drive.
Then, every few days I'd feel amazing and energetic or shaky, then back to frightening exhaustion and wanting to sleep all day.

I am on week two of the 200mg, I don't have as bad of a headache now, but I am always exhausted and I fall asleep very easily, early in the day. I also feel very impatient/short-tempered. Will this change or should I try something else?

Posted by: Lex at July 22, 2012 11:00 AM

I have recently had to change my medication. Was on prozac, and changed to Zoloft. I was offered the chance to go on Wellbutrin because of sexual side are less. Just wondered how's this medication.

Posted by: Maria Tucker at July 30, 2012 11:46 AM

HI i lost my husband\nd unexpected and doc put me on all kinds of med. nothing help now i am on wellbutrin like to how long it will take till i feel better

Posted by: helga at July 31, 2012 10:15 AM

I have aggravated depression my doctor put me on wellibrutin Sr it doesn't work any other suggestions.ive been on most everything

Posted by: lynn at August 3, 2012 1:28 AM

I had been taking 225mg of Effexor for at least 8 years or so. Decided that I was so immune to it and had been feeling very down about myself so decided to change to another anti-depressant to see if it could make me feel more better. My doctor has given me a prescription for 150 mg Wellbutrin. I started it on August 9/2012 and within 4 days started getting headaches and feeling like I am getting nightsweats the whole day long. Don't feel like myself like I was on Effexor. I know my pharmacist said to give it a couple of weeks to let it get into my system. Should I let it go a few more weeks to get into my system or what? Don't know what to do? Any answers? Thanks.

Posted by: Sandra at August 15, 2012 7:06 PM

Wellbutrin XL been on it for 7 weeks - i can feel
the benefit 300mg for major depression .

Posted by: lorna wright at August 16, 2012 9:42 AM

I've been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg for about 4 weeks, and feel a little better, but I am still depressed.

I'm hoping it will kick in soon.

Stay strong!

Posted by: BAR at August 24, 2012 6:34 AM

i need to know wellbutrin work for drpression

Posted by: carolyn at September 3, 2012 5:20 PM

I was given an RX for Wellbutrin and I was wondering if anybody has had any weight gain?? Also what different side effect others have experienced.

Thank you in advanced,

Posted by: Crystal (secretbear) at October 11, 2012 12:44 AM

Have just started Wellbutrin. Have increased urination. Does this side effect settle down with time?

Posted by: Jill at November 4, 2012 7:24 AM

I was taking Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety or panic attacks. For a while I thought I was doing better then feelings of small thoughts of suicide started. What... Me never. Yes it did.. I guess it's not for me. It's taken around two full months to fully recover and so far I'm still dealing with insomnia and anxiety but no suicide.....

Posted by: Mickle jean at November 8, 2012 11:54 PM

I've had seriuose depression, and anger for the past 2 years now.... I was diagnosed with Ciliacs disease, and IBS.....Lost over 115 lbs, due to it.... It got to the point were, my wife was ready to pick up, and leave me, so, I decided to do something about it.... Today was the first day on Wellbutrin SR 100mg.....

I tell you, what a day....I started off with nausea, and cramps for about an hour, then it hit me like a rock..... I laughed, had a great day, and danced with my wife.... It was awesome....Unfortunately the effects wor off after about 6 hrs, but I'm looking forward to tomorow...The Doctor said it could take up to six weeks, for full effect...I can't wait....looking forward to my new journey with a strong family behind me...

Thanks for reading.....


January 19/2013 Day 1!!

P.S. I appolagise for my grammar...lol

Posted by: John at January 19, 2013 5:23 PM

I have struggled with depression for several years, have been on lexapro, celexa, zoloft with little to no change, have been on prozac 20 mg about 1 yr, didnt seem to help. My Dr added Wellbutrin 150 mg 9 days ago, and this seems unreal, but I felt much better by the 3rd day, seriously I was having to list reasons daily why I must keep living. The problem is I made other changes so its hard to say which made the most impact, I tapred off Ambien, which I didnt take daily anyway, during this deep depressin I also had a heavy period, I am 58 and went thru menopause 14 yrs ago, I am seing my OBGYN for this, so my main question is has anyone ever had wellbutrin work that quickly?

Posted by: cathy at March 12, 2013 11:52 PM

All of these comments and no one says if they are taking the generic or original form of wellbutrin. I tried the generic and have NEVER felt more depressed in my life. It was awful. I switched to the real brand and felt so much better. I knew the difference....most people dont. There is a difference with generic, dont listen if they tell you different.

Posted by: T.P. at March 20, 2013 5:06 PM

I have takin Wellbutrin for a year...Just out of curiosity I looked it up to see how other respond to it...The first site I went to was 80% bashing the drug and telling people who asked about it...To not take it. I know so many people who swear they HATE Wellbutrin....Which is funny, cause it changed my life. Everyone seems to have atleast one side affect from it, my only side affect ya yawning (only 33,000 people reported this)....but I will take yawning 15 times a day over feeling like I want to die...ha! Bring on the yawns ;)...I was a rare case who noticed the positive affects immediately, within a week (this is not typical)....and I feel like it took a good 6 months for everything to get totally balanced...Long story short(er)...I am 29 yrs old, I have been battling with narcotics addicition for almost a decade....since starting Wellbutrin, I asked for help, went to treatment, got a great job and now have my own home...This all happened in under a year after starting Wellbutrin...So some people hate the drug...Some people need it. Dont go by what you hear or read...Everyone has their own story. If it doesnt work for you, I hope you find something that does :)

Posted by: Sara at April 30, 2013 4:37 PM

I have tried them all,nothing worked.Iam waiting for my first dosage of wellbutrin.I hope it gives me a better outlook on life..right now I don't want to be alive.I am a disabled vet 100%service connected disabled vet.with a spinalcord injury.i was hurt in the war.The ptsd is keeping me from enjoying life.Struggling to live..DocSM3

Posted by: john dougherty at June 25, 2013 9:50 AM

I just lost my44 year old son to suicide by hanging, he had everything going for him, he took wellbutrin 75mg twice a day for over a year, he had a very high pressure job and met a lady he should not have been with, he stopped his medication and devoted all his time and energies to this manipulating toxic relationship, and worked very hard at his regional manager position. He and this lady got into many arguments and he for some unknown reason hung himself. Still waiting for his toxicology report to come in, but I know wellbutrin is not a good medication to take and not be monitored on.i

Posted by: Joanne at September 11, 2013 1:12 PM

I've been taking Welbutrin XL for 2 weeks now and all of a sudden I"m getting terrible convulsions and unbearable chest pains by night time. The convulsions made me lie on my stomach with my knees bent and back stretched from the tension. The pressure in my chest was like there was a child standing on it. I wanted to cry but I could only howl and make a crying face like I was in pain. On the other hand I do feel more stable emotionally throughout the day. Not sure if it's worth all of these side effects though.

Posted by: Helene at October 30, 2013 7:22 PM

It reeaaallly works. I have been taking it for about three months, and around month two, noticed that I was not depressed, and also, was not worrying like I had before. Now that i am in my third month, I am feeling happy most of the time. Good spirits. No more of that awful dread and darkness. I just hope it will last a while! No idea how long the medication works, forgot to ask!

Posted by: Roxy at December 20, 2013 9:41 PM

I have been on a Wellbutrin (150mg) and Cymbalta (30mg) combo. I was doing extremely well..........until my insurance changed Cymbalta to a tier 3 $100 a month drug. The generic just came out, so it still costs a fortune. I switched to Prozac, and I feel terrible. Half of it is the discontinuation syndrome caused by Cymbalta, the other half, is that I have never tried an antidepressant that was better. I am wondering if it would help to go to 300mg of Welbutrin. I should probably wait til the withdrawals are over to figure out what is truly causing the problem, but I need some type of reprieve!

Posted by: Christina at March 16, 2014 6:59 PM

I am wondering if anyone has had problems with withdrawl from Wellbutrin? I am having a lot of bowel issues and diahrrea. This has been going on for about 5 days now, and I just started my lower dose a little over a week ago.

Posted by: Susan at August 2, 2014 5:56 PM

I have been taking paxil for years. I was gain weight so my doctor tapered me down and prescribed Wellbutrin 150mg. I am feeling clear and alert. I am doing so much better than I ever had! The paxil withdrawl has been bad, so fighting that has been hard. Overall, I feel great!

Posted by: Skylair at August 14, 2014 11:31 AM

I have started wellbutrin about 2 months ago and at the same time noticed a continual weight gain... Has anyone else had this side effect??

Posted by: maryann at September 6, 2014 8:17 PM

Well I tell you something that just happened down the street yesterday. This family several houses up the street has a son who suffers from major depression. Yesterday he started trying to fight his stepdad who fathered him since he was about 7 years old he is now 29 years old. Anyway they called the cops and of course he had been drinking and they put him on wellbutrin 3 weeks ago. Now he see's the state MHMR. It turns out that this young man told his mother after one week of taking Webutrin that he had lost his bottle so they contacted MHMR and they gave him a new prescription. This young man had started drinking early in the day because he didn't lose the first prescription he had snorted the one month prescription then they replaced it with another 30 day supply and was drinking because he was having hallucinations and thought that if he drank enough he would stop hallucinating. It turns out my daughter who is in the medical field told his mother to call the MHMR Crises hotline. They directed the police to come and get him and take to the local hospital. His was twice over the legal limit of alcohol and the MHMR person on call yesterday then had the police drive him to the local behavioral health hospital and commited him. His is now a ward of the state. It also turns out that he had a suicide plan but didn't follow through because his mother made sure to stick it out and stay through the whole process. He told the local MHMR person that he snorted the Wellbutrin medication because it gives you the same high as cocaine and that had been his drug of choice when he was younger and doing that crap. I know of one other person who also took this medication and had a bad reaction but it turns out that person had a Hypoxia episode 2 years ago and if you know anything about Hypoxia. If you happen to survive the episode it affects the short term memory and she forgot she had already taken a dose just 30 minutes before from what we can figure out. They took her off it completely and we discarded the pills with the local police department. I honestly couldn't tell you if this medication works if taken as prescribed. But I learned that if that person has had a drug abuse history keep them away from it or make sure someone administers the medication to that person. I think it applies in both cases.
I hope this helps someone as depression can take a person to some very dark places.

Posted by: rolmbo at September 30, 2014 9:37 PM

I have taken Wellbutrin (Bupropion)for depression 150MG for about a week. In the passed I took it for 3 months. It helped me through a time of need then I weaned off of it and needed it again about 8 months later. I have experienced body twitches from the drug. Has anyone else had this experience?

Posted by: Ashley A at November 4, 2014 3:06 PM

Has or Is anyone taking Wellbutrin with Cymbalta?

Posted by: TP at January 2, 2015 10:49 AM

I have been on generic wellbutrin xl (buprpion) for 4.5 weeks. I have had fits of anger, abused verbally everyone I love, and even strangers. I have been crying.on and off for 2 weeks and have attempted suicide for no reason. I have had suicidal thoughts on and off. Nauseous and a mental basket case. I would never recommend this drug to anyone. I went from loving mother and wife to satan the devil himself.in 2 weeks.

Posted by: Amy at January 4, 2015 1:53 AM

I either hear people love WB or hates it. I'm confused and I can't find anyone out there that has had the same problem as me.
I have been on Zoloft (50mg) for over 5 years. It works but I'm also tired all of the time, no see drive, etc. My doc put me on WB and I noticed the effects right away. I have always been able to feel effects of any anti depressant I have tried within a few days. It's nuts. ANYWAY...I didn't realize how depressed I really was until I started coming out of whatever depression haze I was in.
The problem (this has happened twice w WB) is, it lasts for around 3 to 4 months. Then it feels like I'm going in reverse and back in that "haze". I have gained 20 lbs. I have NO MOTIVATION. This really sucks bc it was so great before.
Anyone else have that problem??

Posted by: dyingtobehappy! at January 6, 2015 1:41 PM

Ive been on Wellbutrin for about 4 or 5 months now,for a while everything seemed fine. However, recently I have noticed ive been slipping back into where i was. The crying spells came back, im always tired, i have to force myself to eat because im never hungry. I take 300mg a day. I dont know if it's just me or if I need something stronger, but it just doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Posted by: Tiffany at February 1, 2015 5:44 PM

help me cant fall asleep it been five days

Posted by: sthe at February 22, 2015 3:45 PM

I was on wellbutrin 10 years ago for 4 years
if i go back on it will i get the same results as if i was never on it before my result was great

Posted by: Lisa Sherwood at February 22, 2015 4:21 PM

I have been taking 200 mg of serequel for a long time. I hate it. last night I took 1/2 dosage which was 100 mg/ I didn't sleep all night. should I keep taking the 100 ng for a week and then go to 50 mg? also will taking ambien help me sleep?

Posted by: norma avila at February 25, 2015 12:01 PM

It was very interesting reading this blog and all the people's experiences on Wellbutrin here.

I am 110, 5'2 female with stomach problems. When they started, my outlook on life changed and has affected me for a year. Adderall has not been a good drug for me, so the doctor put me on Wellbutrin. (I think most of the time adderall should be given to extremely hyperactive people, it does nothing but cause addictions and insomnia in healthier adults who just can't focus).

I have mild depression, I think? I like to sleep, a lot, I haven't gained weight, but it's hard to wake up, and I've lost interest in usual pleasurable activities. I also took Wellbutrin to stop adderall. It is an -amazing- quitting drug. If anyone here has a history of substance abuse or if anyone is simply struggling to wane off your antidepressant, your stimulant, your painkiller, please consider Wellbutrin.

However... it only worked short-term for me. THe first week on it was amazing. I was... normal. Not like super happy but normal, full of energy... good, like I was in college. I'm 28 now.

However... after a week, 150 BUpropion XL caught up with me. I started getting headaches, probably because I continually take melatonin or valerian root to sleep. I sleep on it averaging 4-5 hours per night. I also have a Bupropion 100 mg SR prescription (Twice daily). Oddly, at first it made me very energetic, when I switched from XL to SR. But it wears off very fast.. 3-4 hours. So I dose again. Lately though, 3-4 days into use between XL, it makes me tired!

So.. whoever is wondering - Wellbutrin may be great for some people with true chemical imbalance. I know a person whose life was saved because of severe depression. She must have it now otherwise she will go to that dark place, but now she functions like a 100% normal person.

People with emotional and physical problems however may differ. It is a good short-term drug. I think I will stop taking it as soon as force myself into exercising. Exercising is hard. Getting yourself to do it. But it really does do wonders for everything.

To wane myself off Wellbutrin (only been on it for a month), I started taking 400 MG of Sam-E on an empty stomach. We'll see how it goes. Studies have shown it cures mild to moderate depression, and eases severe depression. I don't think I"m ever going to try any other antidepressants.. because of their side effects. Either sedative or sexual (no sex drive). The side effects I have experienced through Wellbutrin are:

Dry Mouth/Throat. It dries you out. Drink water AND minerals and rehydrating agents. Electrolytes.

Hungry: Yes I'm pretty hungry on the med, it makes my stomach rumble, especially the XL. I eat healthy and small meals and lots of them, so that helps. A lot of my time is spent cooking, which is kind of depressing because that's a lot of time, but I highly recommend spending your time on cooking and making meals too.

Not Thirsty: To counteract my dryness, especially cracking lips, I'm not really thirsty on it. I have to make myself drink stuff. Teas are very easy, but stay off caffeine on this medicine. You won't need it.

Insomnia: Waking up feeling good is great in the beginning, but sooner or later lack of sleep catches up with you, causing headaches.

Headaches: These are likely from Insomnia, not the drug itself. When I get plenty of sleep or when I take SR version, I do not have these. Headaches feel more like tension headaches.

I hope this helps the next reader who returns to this forum.

Posted by: ADHDepressed at March 18, 2015 3:25 PM

I took Wellbutrin for a years af few years back, can't sleep on it but that was 1 of the many drugs I could take. Recently I asked my Dr for it again and I got some generic time released one - it scared me and I stopped it, didn't feel right. AT the time I was taking xanax with it now with the recent generic on I take Clonazapam, that might be the "culprit?"

Posted by: NIkki at April 30, 2015 11:55 PM

I have been taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin for years.

I switched to the company called Express Scripts through Anthem so I can get my prescriptions by mail.

Express Scripts gave me the generic for both medications. I slowly realized I was going back to the way I felt before taking the medications through Express Scripts.

If the medications above don't seem to be working for you, check to see if they are generic.

Google has many testimonials about the generic of both medications not working. I am relieved to find this out. Express Scripts said for my doctor to submit a request for preauthorization to Express Scripts and I should be able to get the real thing on both medications.

Just an FYI.


Posted by: sandra grindstaff at May 14, 2015 6:38 PM

i have constipation what should I do to help this

Posted by: Jackie at May 20, 2015 7:15 PM

I used to use welbuttrin. I was on it for about 7 years. I stopped using it because I was taking too many meds. I don't remember having a Withdraw. But you do have to ease off on them slowly. What I did like about them was I lost a lot of weight. I didn't want to eat at all. I'm now on just lamictal for bipolar. Lamictal works for me.

Posted by: Margaret Santiago at September 26, 2015 10:12 PM

Having been on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg daily, for only three weeks, I have seen an alarming amount of hair loss, appx. 1/3 of my hair has fallen out, my hair texture is very, very dry, thin, straw-like where my hair had been full, healthy and curly. I had always had compliments on my hair so it's a radical change in my self-esteem.

I called Wellbutrin and they could only tell me that hair loss has been reported post-clinical trials. They could not (or would not) give me any information as to if my hair would grow back, if so, how long would it take; if my hair would return to its healthy, full, curly, natural condition - absolutely no advice or information as to what to expect going forward. I am outraged that the manufacturer has offered me absolutely no guidance and/or comfort. Also, that they have not followed up with those individuals who have reported hair loss to advise others what, if anything, was applied to address this radical hair change, i.e., if their condition improved and what changes were made to see positive results, if any.

If anyone has had a similar experience, or has any advice as to what to do and/or what to expect, please let me know. I'm seriously upset by this and any information would be most appreciated.

Posted by: Nell at December 29, 2015 10:37 AM

Dr. doubled my welbutrin,1 in the am 1 at non-what should I expect

Posted by: Michelle Moore at March 25, 2016 4:11 PM

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has ever switched to Wellbutrin from Zoloft. I am currently taking Zoloft for about a year now and am starting to think it is not for me. Can anyone share their experience if you tried Zoloft and decided to take Wellbutrin?

Posted by: Jessica Maldonado at March 30, 2016 8:04 PM

I was put in Lexapro and welbutrin together. It took almost 3 months before I really started feeling good. These two meds are a match made in hevan. Been on them for 7 years now. Still can't believe it's real that I'm feeling this great!

Posted by: Anon at April 9, 2016 7:52 PM

I've been on Wellbutrin for almost 3 years now. This drug has done amazing things for my mood and outlook on life. It did great things to help me ease up and made it so I didn't have so many peaks and valleys through out the day. Honestly I feel like it just made me understand that these peaks and valleys were nothing to fret about. All in all it's helped me tremendously. The first month on it was incredibly rough though. The peaks and valleys(highs and lows) were extremely intense and almost unbearable. Once I got past that though I started to even out and haven't turned back since. I was on 2 100mg pills a day during the last 3 years and a week ago I switched from that to a 300mg a day so I only needed to take one a day. Big mistake I feel. Been more irritably agitated mean and almost in a psychosis state since I upped my dose. I was fine at 200 but I'm surprised I didn't lose my job and my family during this last week with my emotional instability that I've been experiencing. This is just my experience with it and a week later I'm starting to feel a little bit better I'm just curious if anyone else has had this experience.

Posted by: Ryandubya at May 30, 2016 7:33 PM

I just started taking Wellbutrin SR 100 mg twice a day. I feel very anxious and wondered if this is common and if it goes away. I have no appetite and have had sleep problems, waking up in the middle of the night.

Posted by: Kathleen at June 18, 2016 2:27 PM

My depression got so bad i tried to kill myself after that I started taking wellbutrin and after awhile it really starting to help me I feel like a normal human being now. I thank god every day that I failed at my attempt to commit suicide and that I am still here and feeling better for my children. I have had several close family members commit suicide and I know how it makes others feel and I'm so thankful my kids didn't have to go through that. Wellbutrin is a lifesaver for me.

Posted by: Kathy at June 19, 2016 8:04 AM

My Wellbutrin was increased from 300mg to 400mg a week ago today. I'm having side effects of it and want to know if they'll go away?
they come on at about the same time everyday; jitteriness, dry mouth, can't concentrate.
Any thoughts/suggestions would be very welcome.
thank you

Posted by: Jennifer at July 1, 2016 11:52 AM

I'm on the 4 miles out and depression and said I have how long does it take to start a new on this medicine

Posted by: Lisa at August 30, 2016 6:40 PM

Is any man having retrograde ejaculations from it?...and just not having sexual urges at all, or food?


Posted by: mark at September 9, 2016 1:23 AM

This is gonna be short. The welbutrin has really helped me with my totally unexpected anxiety attacks. I will say this. The welbutrin has a side effect off "flushing". Sometimes my face gets red as a beat if my face gets cold and go to warm.
Also,the use of Viagra and welbutrin can make you feel like your head is going to explode due to the major increase flow of blood to your head. I thought my eyes were gonna pop out. That is all.

Posted by: Steve Childers at October 17, 2016 8:00 PM

I was taking welbutrin once a day , when I was suppose to take twice a day. No wonder I did not notice any change

Posted by: Robert Stokley at November 21, 2016 2:41 PM

Hi, I have been on Welbutrin XL ,300 mg. for years with 20 mg. of Celexa , Name Brand for more than 20 years. Welbutrin XL, name brand seemed to balance everything out rather just on Celexa, 40 mg. did. I have felt more normal for the last 26 years. I want to know if anyone else has this combination as both have gone up in cost astronomically. I am in a hard place with the cost of both but really, I do not want to go through another combination of drugs; I cannot take the generic of both of these drugs. They make me sick as well as do not work the same. Any thoughts here?

Posted by: Bertie Gilman at January 13, 2017 7:10 PM

I just start to take wellbutrin.I'm so depress,hope this med helps me.doctor said is a good med,I don't know.you know?

Posted by: denise adam at March 8, 2017 12:27 AM

Welbutrin xl 150 the generic version for 4 months and it has
Helped tremendously with energy level & anxiety but I suddenly can't taste coffee.
I love coffee. Woke Up Excited To Have My coffee. I also crave sour foods. Pickles, sourkraut. Anyone else have these side effects?

Posted by: GrannyR at June 8, 2017 5:07 PM

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