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Waylon Smith said:

I have taken Sam-E for a while now and it works great! The dosage on this can be tricky, but I take the GNC brand, 2 200mg first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I wouldn't recommend the 400mg supplement, it is doesn't work well. If you start taking this supplement, my recommendation would be to start slowly with 200mg and work your way up. Taking a B-Vitamin supplement every morning with it is crucial, don't overdo the b-vitamins, but get a good supplement.

Ryan Vranch said:

I have only just started taking 5htp and already I can tell a difference in mood. I took 100 mg last night and took 50mg tonight. I'm also taking 150mg magnesium a day as I was getting lots of tension headaches anxiety etc today is the first day in 3months I haven't had a tension headache or the lightheadness I was getting with it. Will keep ya posted...

Amanda said:

I started taking the Nature Made brand of Sam-e 400mg around summertime when I was feeling sad and stressed from work. I felt my mood lift almost immediately and was so happy that it was working that I upped the dose a few months in to 800mg in the morning. What a mistake! Sleep disturbances, tingling in limbs, anxiety and shakiness that I had a little bit when on the 400mg got even worse. I decided to quit cold turkey and replace with b12 after a few too many sleepless nights. I should have tapered off but I just wanted to be done with it. Big mistake. The first week I felt fine but I'm now going into my third week without Sam-e and definitely feel the withdrawal symptoms. My sleep is pretty disturbed, I feel spacey and shakey. I'm upset to be going through this but I will keep moving forward and try to get through this the best I can.

Please use caution when upping your dose. And know that there are definitely withdrawal side effects that can happen in some people. I'm glad I found this site so I know I'm not alone. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it helps me stay a little more calm to know that it's not in my head and that it's just the supplement getting out of my system.

Julie Webster said:

Since tapering off Effexor and surviving the horrific effects of withdrawal I have not looked back . And want to shout from the roof tops that in only five weeks my oral leukoplakia has all but disappeared . What a bonus !

Stan said:

Does anyone know if taking Wellbutrin and Lexapro together cause strange dreaming?

John said:

I took 25mg CR for 15 years. I wanted to stop taking for years, but could not get over the withdraw. The "zaps" and general malaise feeling from not taking it for a few days always got me popping another. I finally quit taking it about 3-4 months ago. This time, I grabbed some weed. I quit taking it on Wednesday, the week of a 3-day weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I smoked a little. Not a lot, just a few bowls a day. This worked wonders. I did not have one "zap," nor did I feel the normal malaise I experienced from waiting too long between doses. On Monday, I was off the medication and most (if not all) of the physical dependence symptoms had dissipated. I tried multiple times over a 5-year period to quit, and never succeeded. For the medical weed haters, it definitely had a therapeutic effect in this case. If it wasn't for the weed, I would still be taking Paxil.

J said:

My daughter is on Lexapro for about 10 days now. She has PTSD with anxiety and some recent depression due to these issues. She has gotten progressively worse on this medication, saying so many things out of character, and that she is extremely suicidal. None of her previous therapists ever thought she was a risk. I am so scared for her and waiting for the Dr. to call me back so they can take her off this awful medication.

Tonia said:

My 14 year old son was put on Prozac about 2 months ago on 10 Mg's.He was doing fine then his dr.
increased it to 20 mgs and a week later he was throwing up had diarrhea inst going to school.Could it be that the mgs.are too high?

Kendon said:

In response to withdrawl, if you decide to ween yourself off. Yeah, there are pretty bad symptoms. I have been on lexapro for six years. Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder are what I have struggled with for most of my life. I'm 38 and I began taking lexapro in 2007. I wake up with swollen fingers in such pain. I stopped taking the lexapro for a few days to see if the medicine was the cause. I became severely I'll with a migraine headache so bad I had to go to the emergency room . The doctor told me to never try to ween myself off lexapro because I could have a seizure, or go into a coma. This is for anonymous post on October 7. Just sharing what I went through. Hope it helps.

Anna Emily said:

Hi, I have been on Zoloft 50mg for a week for mild anxiety. I already feel a lot happier and am not suffering with any major side effects, although I don't really feel myself. My anxiety and panic attacks have disappeared completely. However after doing lots of research I am doubting weather I should be taking this drug - as I've heard coming off it is hell and for many people their reasons for taking the drug comes back. Does anyone have any advice? How will my doctor react if I just stop taking it? (Planning to lower it down to 25mg and come off slowly to avoid any side effects)

Kim Delaney said:

I have had a terribly stressful life for the last 5 years. I married my husband with teenagers, 3 months later my brother died whom I loved dearly, 2 years after that I found out my stepson was sexually molesting my stepdaughter and it happened not once but 14 times. Lawyers, law enforcement, Children Youth Services (I can't remember the actual name, it was all a nightmare). Separation of our children. Husband's exwife cut the brakelines in my car, then my mom's demensia and my father's diabetes. Dad lost his toes, then his foot and now his leg and he will not admit he has diabetes. His diet is almost constant sugar - he will not eat real food. Cake for breakfast, Ice Cream for lunch. After all of this I saw a therapist who prescribed Zoloft. At first, I felt really good and my memory came back! But after two weeks I noticed I had too much energy and was having trouble sleeping and eating. I went to back to the doctor and he now said I had bi-polar and needed more meds. WTF. I didn't have all of the over the top energy until I started Zoloft. I was on it for a month in total and will never do that again. SMH, bipolar.

Wendy said:

My husband killed himself while on zoloft.

Lana said:

I don't understand all the negative comments. Tryptophan has been a wonderful gift from G-d to me. Not only does it help me sleep, but it completely relaxes me and I feel balanced for the first time in my life. I have been taking 500-1000 mg every day for nearly a year now with no side effects other than being a little bloated,but I actually I think that is from something else and not the tryptophan.

melinda said:

My son is 18 years old and is on Zoloft 50 mg for anxiety. He has not been wanting to go to school and is so scared to do anything. He has never been on this and I have seen a kid that loved to do everything to where he wont even talk to anyone anymore. Does this drug have reverse reactions to it because I just want to have my son back. He is so close to graduating and he does not even want to go back to school.

Anton said:

I started takinig Lexapro 3 weeks ago I was prescribed 10 MG once a day.

I started it on a sunday night but I felt quite anxious the next day and worried that I had started the medication. I missed the following nights dose and then took it the following day and felt the effect immidietely I felt amazing smilling and Happy. That evening I stupidly took half of a 5 mg pill before I went to bed so in a 12 hour period I had taken 15 mg. That Night I woke up with a horrible panic attack. The next day up and took today I have not felt the same effects as I did initially. I am very worried that I may have over stimulated my brain by taking this extra 5 mg before bed. The follwoing day I continued on 10 Mg in the morning and I have been doing so ever since. My anxiety has not improved very much and neiether has my mood. I am not sleeping well either. I have a good appettite but I am not gaining weight. I find that in the mornings is when I feel the worst. By taking this extra 5 mg initially could this have really effected how it works? I seemed to have convinced myself that this is the case otherwise I would have been fine. Can anyone give any could information on this?

Gretchen said:

i have been taking prozac for 6 years. It helped me quit smoking, or so I associate it with that. In years following I gained 30lbs, had two children and I am suffering only the side effects and no benefits of this drue
EI, sweats, anxiety, sadness, weight gain, skin rashes, general unhappiness...
I have two young children and I just want to enjoy life,
how do I wean myself off this!
Please help!

Robert Stokley said:

I was taking welbutrin once a day , when I was suppose to take twice a day. No wonder I did not notice any change

Louise said:

I have been taking SAMe for fibromyalgia. The firth dose gave me great energy and enthusiasm and I was so positive. The next day I had excruciating stomach pain with vomiting and a sensation of diarrhoea. This was the same for the 3rd day. I decided to stop and try a few days later which I did today. Back came the stomach pains, cold sweats, shaking and vomiting. It would seem that this is not for me but I wish those who have found some positive use from it continued success

Anna Gates said:

St John's Wort seems to help me when I need it most, of at least 300mgs for the days I take it, with or without Ashwaghanda (actually the blend I just got yesterday has Gotu Kola in it and Ginkgo from Giant Eagle, but I'm only going for Ashwaghanda); from there: nobody would believe it but at least 100mgs of Korean Panax Ginseng helps me, Vitamin K2-7 (it says on the back if it's K2-4 or K2-7 usually) is good and no doctor evidently thinks you can overdose on it; helps teeth and bones as well. Tried Carnitine for awhile; it's okay temporarily; always need D3 and C with Bioflavanoids (any blend of the 2 -- Ester or not), and then I need to usually make sure any dairy I eat is organic, and less than 9g sugars per 100 calories. SmartWater and Green Tea can help me too, but the last 2 aren't for everybody; neither may be Gotu Kola and Ginkgo.

iris o sullivan said:

i have been taking lexapro for a good few years now,i was going through a really bad time i was put on 20mg of lexapro an then things got worse for me i have had a really bad time since my marrige break up in 1993 an a lot og hurt an pain done to me by people i so trusted so my new doctor siad i needed to take 30mg of lexapro an that was early june an i have been coping fairly well on them but on tuesday morning my chemist rang me to tell me the doctor i have not attended this three years he rang my chemist an told them i am to get just 20mg now he cut 10mg of me without calling me in to talk to me its not good doing that to someone that suffers with my nerves, what i please ask you is there some kind health tablets that will boost me to help get through this an not have another breakdown i would be so greatful for your help.

Kind Regard's

Iris O Sullivan

Helen K said:

If you have a job or career, stay away from lexapro! I lost all motivation within 3 months! Could not concentrate or focus! I'm normally a patient person, yet started being very irritable and very angry. I couldn't remember the simplest things. I eliminated Buspar, then a prescription NSAID, & finally realized it's the generic lexapro!!! My career is in jeopardy? My home is a disaster; I have barely managed to do laundry. I've been on Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, & am going back on Effexor now! Lexapro is like being a stoner 24/7 - BAD BAD DRUG!

Jo said:

I am so thankful I started using SAM-e! I actually took it for something completely unrelated a week before my Dr appt to ask for an antidepressant. Thank goodness I did! I feel like me again. No waking up with anxiety every morning, I actually have energy again, no depressing thoughts, I can actually focus, I feel like I can tackle life again. And this was all in a matter of 3 days on it!

Only side effects so far are mild stomach upset after I take it if I don't eat anything for a bit (you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach though, I try to eat within half an hour to avoid this now), and when I first started taking it I felt like I had a little too much caffeine or something. I no longer have those side effects and I'm up to 600mg a day (3 different 200mg doses throughout the day though).

I would also recommend starting at a very low dose though (cut a 200mg in half) because it can make you feel almost ready to go, like you had too much coffee if you have too much. I can see why some people experienced anxiety from this. Start small and see how your body reacts, slowly up your dose to the recommended for depression and anxiety.

Side note, they say NOT to take it unless supervised by a doc if you are already on an antidepressant.

Vicki said:

Oh my god I am so glad that I found this!! SAM-e was awesome for a few days, totally high and feeling great at 200MG x 2 per day, then went up to 400MG x 2 per day (as I read this was OK for depression!) but I have been wondering why I can now barely eat, stomach feels so small, serious anxiety, panic attacks and confusion over what should be simple decisions, unable to focus. I just thought my emotional distress was at an all time high, but I can now see the SAM-e is not working for me - I should have known, I am super sensitive to supplements. I will stick on the naturopath liquid adrenal herbs. Thankyou all for your contributions.

Jim Galliford said:

I've been taking St. Johns wort for 2 weeks works off an on but never at night. I take 900 mg.a day. Should I take more or diferantly? Or something else?

Steve Childers said:

This is gonna be short. The welbutrin has really helped me with my totally unexpected anxiety attacks. I will say this. The welbutrin has a side effect off "flushing". Sometimes my face gets red as a beat if my face gets cold and go to warm.
Also,the use of Viagra and welbutrin can make you feel like your head is going to explode due to the major increase flow of blood to your head. I thought my eyes were gonna pop out. That is all.

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