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Lulu said:

I am on my second day of Lexapro and I've NEVER been so angry in my life. I'm also so hot I can barely keep any clothes on and peeing about every 20 minutes with no significant increase in fluid intake. Are these normal reactions? I've read comments and I see some have experienced the anger but not sure of the feeling of being hot/frequent urination.

Amanda said:

I am using venlor 150mg for 5 years now. I always feel listless and do not feel like doing anything except just sitting and doing nothing except google on my tablet. Why do I feel like this? Not interested in every day activities anymore.

Rita said:

I was on Lexapro in 2007, I took it for almost a year, before I felt so bad, depressed that I thought deathat was a better option,
So I opened their bottle of Lexapro, took quite a few that were left, I figured it was more than enough for what I needed. I left notes for my family, saying goodbye and why, went to bed. Said goodbye world in my head, and waited for sleep to take me away from my black pit of endless pain.
Well woke up next morning? Shocked to their core, not even a headache.
Lexapro kills you slowly, spiritually, but not quickly as a overdose, never want to take it again. That and Cymbalta they are the worse antidepressants I've ever taken, Rita

margie said:


James said:

Two weeks of hell and then things started getting better. After a month I started feeling like great again. I so nearly came off them during the first fortnight but I'm so glad I didn't now. Yes you may feel worse initially and every time you increase your dose, but this will sudside. Some of the side effects I had were increased panic, anxiousness, headache, hot sweats, restlessness, insomnia, head spinning, etc. But these gradually wore off and eventually went completely. I'm on 100mg presently and may possibly increase next time I see GP. They tend to make me very sleepy so I take at bedtime and I'm knocked out within 10 minutes, which suits my great! My advice to anyone starting out on Sertaline is to stick with it, don't be put off by the side effects and be prepared to feel worse before you feel better. Good luck folks and God bless.

Tammy Richardson said:

My daughter had all the horrible symptoms she passed away on Jan. 4th 2014. If you start to have the uncommon symptoms contact your doctor immediately and insist on a full blood workup. My beautiful intelligent 28 year old daughter was robbed of raising her then 3 year old son that my husband and I now are raising...her doctor did nothing to help her other than tell her the medication wasn't working yet and up the dose 3 times...Rest in Peace my beautiful Brandy.

Andrea said:

I have been on Zoloft for 20 years. At first the only side affect I had was the sexual ones. Two years ago I started getting a rash type thing on my chest and neck. It would itch and burn like mad. Sun made it worse. I sleep with ice packs on my neck as that is the only way to relieve the burning itch. My doctor told me it was photosensitivity. To stay out of the sun. Well I'm light skinned so I do everything to avoid sunshine that I can. Nothing helps, mostly because I am a mail carrier and cannot avoid the sun. I wear 100spf and a hat and sunglasses. Recently I started getting migraine headaches from sun exposure. I have been on 200 mg for several years. I come home and sit in a darker room and the headache just disappears! Never has a headache left me so quickly. I looked up sun induced headaches and came up with extreme photosensitivity. Zoloft causes this. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and can't just stop using it. I feel like I'm trapped with a drug that continuously will make living a normal life impossible. If they put you on this, find a way to manage depression without it! I'm only 39 and it's looking like I won't be able to do my job anymore because of the side effects.

denise adam said:

I just start to take wellbutrin.I'm so depress,hope this med helps me.doctor said is a good med,I don't know.you know?

Michelle Rosewell said:

Hi I've been taking 5htp for over a year now. I was advised to take it as i was having opticalmigraines every 2/3 days i was also suffering from mild depression. The migraines have now disappeared and i feel great. I did decrease the dose towards the end of last year and my depression and anxiety where worse than ever. In now worried as i take between 299/400mg every night.

Kathleen Jones said:

Hi All,

I was able to get off Effexor 37.5 after doctor prescribed it to me for hot flashes in my early 50's. I am now 65 years old this March 20th. I got off slowly by opening the capsules for about two weeks and took less and less of the balls. I bridged the drug with 10 milligrams of Prozac at the same time. I got this info from Wendy Neilson's blog about bridging the 2 drugs. I am finally off of both and feel fine it has been about 7 days a true miracle. I tried skipping two days of Effexor previously but the withdrawals were so unbearable. Happy to be chemical free. Just wanted to share my experience. Wish you all the best!

Mila said:

L-tryptophan has helped me more than anything and everything else I have tried. Reading some of these comments shocked me as I have had nothing but great success. I feel calm and balanced for the first time in my life. The crushing anxiety that assails me as I wake each day is gone. I feel capable. Nothing is an issue. I have Leaky Gut and was diagnosed with depression at 13. They tried meds, I threw them away. 17 years on and events occurred that left me with ptsd and high level trauma, and still no meds. Just L-tryptophan and a good quality magnesium supplement. If you're deficient due to gut health, pyrrole, or poor diet, I think it's good for you. Not sure that it treats mental illness exactly but it seems to be the exact right thing for my system. Thank god for L-tryptophan

Mindy Gruidl said:

I have suffered from depression and addiction (alcohol) for a few years due to life long issues.
I am now in a 12 step program and was recently prescribed LEXAPRO for deep depression and OCD.
Although I feel somewhat better I am still feeling very restless and fidgety much of the time! I have a hard time concentrating. or staying focused and mind fog. I am also very forgetful, leaving the house only to have to come back a time or two to retrieve forgotten items. Also experiencing a great deal of irritability, especially with coworkers!! I have also had some weight gain and trouble sleeping. Anyone have any suggestions for something better to treat my condition?

Bob said:

I was prescribed Sertraline (Zoloft) after being on Mirtazapine for 3 years. The reason for the switch in medication was because the latter had stopped being effective and was causing significant memory problems. I was on Sertraline for a total of 3 weeks. Aside from the standard effect that SSRIs have on me (sexual dysfunction etc), there was one additional side effect which terrified me. I'm a considerate, kind, peaceful and quiet guy, but Sertraline caused the darker side of my personality to come to the forefront.

Some background information - I'm 31 now, but I had been bullied at school for years and tried to kill myself at the age of 16. So aside from the depression, I have PTSD too and with that comes a lot of anger. I don't let the anger out, though. Nobody deserves my rage for what happened, but the darkness is there, and I've often compared it to how Bruce Wayne/Batman must feel, being able to direct it and reshape it into motivation and determination. But it was my suicide attempt which started my precarious journey into 15 years worth of various antidepressant and antianxiety medications (Effexor, Citalopram, Mirtazipine, Sertraline, Prozac, Amitriptyline, Propanolol, Prazosin (great for stopping nightmares btw), Zopiclone, Valium, and talking therapies (CBT, Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnosis, Eye movement desensitisation, and everything else). Also worth mentioning that I've always been pretty fit and have practised martial arts and weightlifting since the age of 16. At age 31, my doctors have finally realised that my depression is treatment resistant.

Anyway, back to Sertraline. So after 3 weeks of being on Sertraline, I had noticed that with each passing day I was feeling more aggressive, which was unusual for me. Everything, even the slightest thing would trigger it. I felt more like the Incredible Hulk than Batman. It got to the stage where the anger was leaking out and my family noticed. I was thinking of some truly terrifying and violent things and it took every ounce of my willpower to hold it all in. It was actually my Mother who booked an emergency next-day appointment with my Doctor. Unsurprisingly, after my lengthy explanation of how I had been feeling over the past few weeks, my Doctor ordered me to terminate my use of Sertraline. The only medication I'm currently using is Prazosin. The other standard treatments I havenít tried are ECT and TMS. There are more novel treatments too, like vegas nerve stimulation, and even clinical trials using psilocybin and ketamine, but those are years away from being ready for public consumption. I hope this short excerpt of my story helps someone. Thanks for reading.

tom said:

I guess I am the lone ranger cause SAM e helps me with joint pain and depression. I cannot take antidepressants because they give me the same feeling most of you were describing from SAM e. It does wonders for me and if I stop taking it I am back to my pain level 7 or 8 and depressed , badly at times. I'm sure the bumming out is related to the pain I have been fighting chronic pain for 50 years. I'm now 60.

bpd123 said:

I have been on Effexor for 4 years now. My doctor started me on 37.5mg Effexor along with 25mg of Seroquel. My advice to anyone is NEVER EVER TOUCH EITHER OF THESE!! Within 1 year, I gained 40 pounds. I stopped taking Seroquel about 2 years ago cold turkey, and let me tell you it was the worst few weeks of my life. I have tried to stop taking Effexor (I'm on 150mg now, was on 300mg but managed to cut it in half) however I get the grueling side effects within 24 hours of not taking my dose. I feel like the past 4 years have been foggy; almost as if I've been floating by like a zombie.

Cj said:

5 days now and it is helping a lot. Had some headaches and have had some stomach side effects but manageable.
I wish I had started this 2 years ago.

Alex said:

My doctor put me on 10mg of lexapro about 3 weeks ago because I had panic attacks for about a week. By the time of my appointment and when he put me on it I was already feeling a lot better and I rarely got panic attacks. I don't have them anymore but for the past week I have felt very spaced out, I am tired a lot, and my vision is very weird like whatever goes in front of my eyes I see a blur behind it, it's hard to explain but my vision is just not normal I can notice it, everything is like 3D. I'm going to wean off it because I don't have anxiety, I'm not depressed, and I don't get panic attacks, but are the side affects I am having normal and will they go away?

desertchick said:

Years ago I was on Lexapro, and for the first three days I felt lighter and energetic. After that, all I could do was sleep. I was in a constant fog, couldn't think, and was completely lethargic. I kept telling my doctor that it wasn't working, and he always said it takes time. I got to the point that i just wanted life to stop, and was contemplating how to make that happen. After a year, I ran out before payday. As the days went on I began to get a clear mind, and came out of the fog. So thankful I ran out! It made me really freaked out about any antidepressant!
A couple years ago however, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I was so on edge and ready to thrash anyone in my path. Everyone became a threat. So I agreed to try Venlafaxine. I'm so happy I did! There's no fog, no suicidal thoughts or feelings, and I am as clear minded as I can be.
So don't give up! Just know there's something out there in the pharm world that works for everyone.

Sandy said:

I been on Zoloft for 10 years and I finally got my life back. I had suicidal thoughts constantly and I couldn't get it out of my mind and I was crying. I felt that life wasn't worth living. I was a mess and I went to couselling for 2 years and now I am doing good and still on Zoloft 25mg and now I am not in counseling anymore and i don't need it now.

Justine said:

Went on Zoloft briefly when I was eleven. Went on it again in July of 2013. I was extremely underweight then (due to anorexia) and weighed 100 pounds at 5'11. I had just turned 16. By September, I weighed 120 pounds. By February of 2014, I weighed 140 pounds. By July of 2014, I weighed 154 pounds. This medication caused me to gain 54 pounds in a YEAR. The doctors told me everything was "fine" and didn't do anything about it because I was healthily thin at 154 pounds. I believed them. Worst mistake of my life. It is now February of 2017, and I weigh 210 pounds. I've never been so ashamed of the way I look (which is saying something). I don't want to go out, I don't want anyone to see me, I just want to fucking DIE. Those doctors and Zoloft have ruined my life.

Johnmac11 said:

I fixed my 35-year depression with Learned Optimism (a branch of cognitive therapy).

But I took one 200mg SAMe pill recently as I'd read it clears histamine, with which I was having problems.

I'm glad I stopped after 1 pill, as the symptoms - similar to many of those below - were most unpleasant.

John cosgrave said:


TRIED GO OFF TWICE ONCE 12 YEAR AGO ESSENTIALLY OVER TWO WEEKS - Huge mistake no idea then it would launch me into severe depression worse than before and steal 11 months of my life ultimately having go back on and should never have been given as much to start, what ever happened to lowest theraputic dose Dr Lochner? and telling me in advance advance the ups and downsides up front, i should've been concerned when you told "we don't really know how exactly it works but it does". Fast forward I tried going off again last Jan - slowly, but not slow enough which means for some people never coming off. Two and half months of slow taper isn't even close when youve Been taking for 20 years. Now I'm screwed over next three months after tapering I crashed and though other meds have been tried they ultimately made worse and have shocked my brain silly - my nervous sytem is completely gone in toilet losing cognition hearing eyesight smell and feel aged 16 years in six months with no end, it's messed with sleep, energy levels memory, erratic blood pressure all the time, dry nose mouth internal tremmoring now too, Akathisia like internal angst agitation. Their answer is "im not being treated" yeah well now I can't even take effexor or anything anymore not even bp meds are being tolerated, and worst of all I have lost sensory feeling throughout my entire body. Im sure this does happen to every single user, but I think the longer you take the more you are exposed to serious potential problems especially if combining with other meds or any alchahol or pot the latter two I definitely caution strongly against I used alcohol with and would never do so again despite them telling you that you can have some with it. Please anyone knowledgeable I need help now I don't know what to do am desperate 503-819-4772 if you have real knowldege pertaining to please contact me asap! Please!

Emalee said:

Hi all. I started taking Lexapro 10mg a little over 1 year ago. I got put on it due to massive anxiety that I would have due to being in a bus accident and having anxiety about everything. I've noticed a major increase in weight when I got out on it I weighed roughly in the 170's now I'm almost well over 215. I'm often unmotivated or get depressed over small things such as cleaning (dishes, vacumming etc). I want to workout and it is often hard for me to due to being so lethargic. I want to sleep all the time and I eat just to eat. I want to come off of the medication, but I'm so scared my anxiety will come back to haunt me as it did before the medication and I don't want to go to that. I have not taken the pill for the last 4 days and I have not noticed much of a difference except I don't want to eat as often and I'm overly emotional about the simplest things. 8i went cold turkey simply because I have been forgetting to take it. I just noticed today I had not taken the medication for quite a few days and usually I can tell right away, but for some reason I feel fine. Besides being emotional and crying about everything. What should I do?

Judi sims said:

I was just changed from fluoxatine 40mg to.60mg
I have been having weird very real dreams nothing bad just weird is this a temporary thing
Also is there a way to go from 40mg to 50mg then if needed go higher weird dreams when I went from 40mg to.60mg. At 40mg my life was back,I was not worried about things like I was I could make better decisions I could tell 40mg was working like it did after about a year. Now 2nd week.on 60mg. Having weird nothing scary vivid dreams will.they be temporary

Kimberly said:

I started taking 25mg zoloft 6 months ago. For many reasons. My son died, then my dad died, I gave up the home I loved to move in with my mom to help her, my husband has been off work for a year because he hurt his back at work, etc... I became depressed. I stopped the zoloft cold turkey about 3 weeks ago, I am extremely tired, emotional, dizzy at times, and I get frustrated very easy. How long with this last?

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