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JJ said:

I have been having unusual headaches for about 2 months that are different from ones I have had over the years. Then I realized I had also started taking Sam-E for my joints about the same time. I only take 1/2 pill once a day but am now taking them less frequently and hoping the headaches will stop.

kathy jumper said:

Hi, I was taking 20mgs of Celera for years. It helped some what for my depression and anxiety. A few months ago I decreased my dosage to 10, which I was okay for awhile. The last month or so, I started felling really bad, I wanted to sleep all the time, or not sleep at all.. no energy to do anything, especially going away. I decided to go back to 20mgs days ago, I actually feel better, had a good night sleep for once . I will have to see how I fell in a few more days. Medication does help. When you go off it, than u realize how it does help you.

Jen said:

I've been taking Sam-e 800 MG for 2 months. I started to have trouble concentrating and blurred vision. I've lowered the dose over 2 weeks from 800 to 200mg. I have been very dizzy and off balance and shaky at times since lowering the dose. I've had blood work and a CT of my brain and all came back ok. I am convinced it is Sam-e withdrawal. Very similar to what I've experienced withdrawling from Prozac and lexapro. Brain shivers and all.

Amanda said:

I have been perscribed 400 mg SAM-e twice a day by my doctor, been having lots of issues and we had my methylation pathway figured out with 23andMe.com, and GeneticGenie.com, anyway, I have been soooo noticing a huge improvement, EXCEPT now I've had horrible stomach pains! After reading (I do have tummy issues) it's probable its caused by the Mannitol, I found 1 brand that didn't have it (really only one?!?), we we'll see how that goes. Unfortunately thats $11 for 5 days! Yikes. Well, this isn't forever and it was really helping!

Nicole said:

I wish that I had never taken this drug. The first few months were fine...it helped and I thought that I could get through anything. Now, I feel empty. Lonely. Tired. Pathetic. Ashamed. Anxious. Empty. I feel like I do every single thing wrong and I cannot control it. I want to come off, and I've tried, but the side effects are atrocious. Send help. I'm raising the white flag, here.

H said:

I'm sure every drug affects people differently so take this with a grain of salt...I started taking Zoloft three days ago (just started my fourth half-pill). At first the results were pretty mixed - I definitely felt 'out of it', but I already had been feeling that way to begin with so no noticeable change there. The doctor prescribed Benedryl to help sleep and the first two days I was doing fine (going to bed around 10pm and waking up around 8:30). This third day, I went to bed around 9:30 and woke up around 1 in the morning completely terrified and exhausted. I am so anxious and sick to my stomach and I can't go back to sleep at all. The drug definitely had some positive side effects but it's not worth this if this disruption of sleep is going to be a regular thing. Definitely going to try and get off it tomorrow.

Frances Greene said:

I have been on Zoloft 50 milligrams for seven and a half months. The doctor said it would help with my mood swings from menopause. It did but I did not like it and the thought of being on the pill forever, I just turned 60. So now I am nine days no zoloft went cold turkey it really was easy with the exception of some dizziness that seems to happen every evening and last for an hour. If you are looking for opinions stay the heck away from these pills, try to deal with your problems moods depressions talk to whoever you can but don't get on these pills because it's supposed to be very difficult to come off. I thank God that my coming off his been easy. Some people may need to wean themselves drop down and 25 every other day but I just wanted it over with it.

Marz said:

Day one and I can already feel my spirits lifting just sad it took this long to find this mirical herb 💗It

tony said:

hello I was just to see my doc today and he recommended Lexapro 10mg . I have been reading all this bull shit people are saying about Lexapro . are all you people crazy ? you people act if was a deadly drug. why on earth would you try to scare people to death with such bull shit. old man told me the computer was made to finish destroying the world and I can see it now. going to try Lexapro and see what happens. later all

Liz said:

I have been taken ssri for 13 years and just went off Prozac after being on as hi as 60mg. I've been doing hormone pellets for about a year. Decided to go off Prozac so over a year ween off. Well I've been crying for 3 months and it didn't stop yet.

k said:

My partner started taking paxil, in 3 months he left me and the kids, he started cheating on me whilst begging me to take him back,I knew this man like the back off my hand and he was a complete stranger to me, compulsively lieing manipulating id get calls of sobbing. He swears now black and blue the paxil changed him and he couldn't control himself, iv heard horrible things about what it can do to people but I don't know if I can believe him.any help?

Liz said:

I'm 27 years old and was prescribed paxil after I had my daughter 2 years ago. It generally works but my problem is the withdrawls. The body zaps, crying for nothing, worsened depression,vivid dreams,head aches,nausea, and more. I wish I never started taking it, and I wish I was informed of how powerful the withdrawls would be before I ever started taking them.

Devan said:

I've been on Prozac for the past couple months, being in my teens I was put on 10mg for the first 3 weeks and then I was upped to 20mg. I've been on 20mg for the past 1-2 months and I truly do feel happier but I'm not happy for the right reasons? My depression is much easier to hide now, I have odd sudden bursts of energy and it all feels fake. It all feels so fake, it feels as though my soul has been pushed aside and some "anti-monster" has taken over. I hate this feelings of fake happiness, it almost feels like "high" but it's not real. My goal is to be happy, but when *I* am supposed to be happy not this fake stuff. I've skipped my doses for two days now and I've been hiding them in my locker. I don't know what to do? I haven't self-harmed since I've been upped, and I haven't attempted suicide since too. But, what I feel (and I know 100%) is fake. Should I tell my psychologist and/or my psychiatrist? My mom? I have no clue what to do and I just want this "high" to stop so I can be normal. I want to be ME. I want to be me without my depression and anxiety. Right now, I am NOT me.

Terese Trott said:

Years and years of struggling and bad luck, feelings that I'm hated by everyone. My family torn apart after my lovely Dad died, miserable, overweight, hopeless. Got into such a dark place. I couldn't even tell my partner because I felt like a miserable wife and he would only worry.Felt like running away to Spain or something and just going missing...starnge I know.I hit my worse point when laying in bed a few weeks ago thinking whats the point, I could not cope with these bad feeling racing around my head anymore, i started to talk to my late father as if he was there in the room to the point I was begging for him to help me and cried my eyes out.I then saw my GP who put me on 100mg Setraline.A week later I was going for a walk in my lunch our, I suddenly felt happy and peaceful, I started to notice the sunshine and the nice things around me.It was a feeling of I felt better for the first time in years.I sat down closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on my face.Anyone who says " its just the drugs" is a complete idiot. I was obviously suffering from some sort of imbalance in my body, and you dont realise how ill you were until, like me, you are suddenly feeling so much better. People take medication for all different things like Diebetes, heart problems, arthritis so why suffer when you have a chemical inbalance in your brain. I am so pleased I started taking Setraline for me, forget what people say if you need it, you need it! Don't be afraid of getting a little bit of help if you are suffering. With love to all of you out there who are suffering with this. xxx

Chris alfred said:

It works!

Patti said:

Hi! I'm 19 and I just started on Prozac about a month ago. I was on lexapro but I didn't do anything for me. Honestly I am in love with how I feel on Prozac. I do feel like I need to up my dose but after being in a deep depression for 7 years, I finally feel relief. The only thing that is odd is I always have to keep my legs moving. When I'm sitting still I'm bouncing them up and down or side to side. But other than that, nothing crazy!

kabelo said:

I took celexa for one month in 2015 june and I was sstopped by my docter, in july I got very sick, in august 2015 I got terrible chickenpox and after treating it I was put back to anti depressants but this time I was given escitalopram from pschytrist I got sick and I phoned about the medication she said I must terminate medication immediately. I had suicidal thoughts,pressure in my head,sore throat,heart pulpitations brain zaps, muscle twiches in my right eyes for two months, I feel a clicking sound in my eyes. Movement in my left part of my head, and often times pulls my arms down. I had sinus infection and my ENT specialist said my sinuses are inflammed, and became terrible when I its cloudy or too much hot. Is this nerve disorder or what. I'm now not on medication. Its been 7months ever stoped taking anti depressants and I now exercise and healthy. Although I still have sore throat, movements in my head. Please help. Kabelo from south africa

scott said:

I have no idea if related with Effexor, but I have dizziness for about 36-48 hours and then it can suddenly stop and then I feel just fine. But along with this I've had issues and pain in my left ear where it won't pop and feels like a fluid sac deep in the ear drum area. Extra ringing and pain when I'm laying on pillow with that ear. Anyone else having similar ear issues with the drug? I'm taking 150 mg/day for the last 9 months for Erythromelalgia which is a rare nerve disorder causing neuropathy in hands and feet.

Spencer said:

How many people can say they have become emotionless on this pill? I want to weigh my odds before asking for it. I want to not feel anymore. Suicidal thoughts are daily. So many different ideas on how to end my life come into my head, I've attempted a few, and at this point in my life, I feel that I'm going to be successful in my next attempt.

Leash said:

I do not believe in any antidepressive meds for any child! However, for me it worked wonders! I was diagnosed with PMDD about 4 yrs ago. It is/was a God send!But it doesn't work for everyone.

birgit said:

I tried Sam-e for just under 3 weeks. Started at 200 and didnt seem to notice difference. Did a couple of days at 400. Maybe placebo, maybe it actually worked. NOt sure. Went to 600 one day and I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack: throwing up feeling, anxiety so high that I felt like taking off and going home from work with or without leave approval. Just wanted to run and crawl into bed. No appetite because of anxiety. Cut back to 200 for this past week and very weepy and still anxious. Not interested in anything but sleep to escape. Today I didnt take one. Had my cup of coffee(which I had cut out for weeks to see if that would help), and actually had a good day. Maybe coincidence? not sure, but I am now a bit nervouse about SAm-e.

Dana brown said:

Sense I been on Lexapro I have really bad mood swings anger and rages against my husband I lash out at him.i sleep fine on it but my jaws ache from the medication cause I clinch my jaws allot.and the farts are toxic and don't even want to go anywhere.no hiding those farts.anyone else have these issues and what to take for the gas?

shirley marrs said:

My doctor stopped giving me all my medicines because of the DEA crack down on drugs and was left hanging with none of my meds for nerves or depression. I am a cancer survivor twice and have great anxiety. Was forced to go to a psychiatrist because the doctor would not risk her practice for these medicines. This psychiatrist would not give me what I was on before which helped me but would only give me Zoloft and some other pills and almost killed me with this stuff. The first and only doze made me crazy with fear and stress and then made me pass out for over twelve hours. I do not even remember passing out but found myself later in a chair with a unbearable headache, dizzy and heart throbbing in chest. The doctor would not return my calls for help so decided that this was not something that is good for you. Why would a medicine that is suppose to help you make you where you cannot function at all. This is pretty scary stuff and will not take it no matter what any doctors tells me.

Joseph Fanning said:

I read your blog post about Prozac. It said that it is used in fighting depression. It's a member of the Selective Retake Inhibitor family and that increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells.

Alondra said:

I just started taking 5hip from Nature's Bounty, so far I feel less anxious and surprisingly content. I used to feel like grumpy cat but now I feel really good and is only my third day taking it.

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