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Lacy said:

I'm on Prozac and I feel great! The only bad thing I can say about it is if I forget to take it one day my mood will instantly change. But I've been good about taking it. It give Los me so much energy and if something happens that would make me so mad before I just let it slide right by.

Rebeca Ruff said:

I took Celexa and found it extremely helpful. I was no longer looking at life in a negative way, I was kind to my husband who is ill and needs my help, I was no longer anxious. Celexa, though, obviously gave me an effect of a form of hallucination in that at night when tired and when waking up from having "dozed off," I would see right in front of my face a miniature version of whatever was around me (curtains, pictures, things on walls). I was taken off Celexa and the visual disturbance disappeared and so did my first-ever feelings of well-being. The effort of going back to seeing a doctor and starting again a process that previously took nearly 2 months is something I can't do at this time, so back to being anxious, negative, depressed, short-tempered. Whoa.

Maria said:

Why is depression an illness yet we don't get help
We still have to do everything
We are abused for our illness as our reaction is disliked
Yet people tell us how it affects them and how we treat them
We have permission to get annoyed
U have no reason to be annoying and ignorant
Yet u choose to blame

LPW said:

This is the second time I've been on Zoloft. The first time was over ten years ago and I don't recall having this much trouble with it then.
This time I've been incredibly nauseous, have had diarrhoea, have been terribly depressed and anxious and unable to sleep. I have been on Zoloft for a month now and the side effects are the same now as the first day.
I am on antidepressants for severe agoraphobia and clinical depression. The first time I took Zoloft was after a mental breakdown and it helped me to recover my sanity. It seems that my body can respond totally differently to the same drugs at different times. (Have had two very different responses to Lexapro as well).

Brian said:

I have read alot of these comments.I have been on Effexor for 4 years now, 1 year at 300mg. I have never felt better in my life! I only had problems at the 150mg dose, couldn't get out of bed,no energy and always felt irritated.I hope i never experience the side effects that alot of you are having.

Chris Roubis said:

Started taking SAMe 400mg yesterday. And today I have a ripping huge headache, with increased anxiety.. Not taking this stuff ever again.

jess said:

i was only on 50mg antidepressants, i took myself off them coz i didnt feel like myself anymore if that makes sense. i feel fine, ive noticed i get agro a bit more but only with just cause (i used to let people walk all over me but now i stick up for myself and dont take their shit) but otherwise i feel fine ive gone from unemployed to working a full time job and im really happy with the way my life us going atm. only thing is my bf pulled me aside today and said he thinks i should go back on them as hes noticed i havnt been myself and hes worried about me. the whole time hes known me ive been on them (50mg). thing is the people ive been standing up to lately are his family, i told them if they cant treat me with respect then to stay out of my life. im wondering if hes just requesting i go back on them to make his family happy or because hes genuenly worried about me. i dont know whether to go back on them to make everyone else happy or to stay off them like id like to. i believe im handling things well juggling a full time job and two kids. ive been off them for over a month now, all the withdrawal symtoms (dizziness, tingling, headaches, trouble sleeping) are long gone. i dont have suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting myself or others, the only thing ive noticed is the temper and i get a bit emotional easier eg sad movies make me teary. is that just the real me coning out or is it still withdrawals. has anyone been in a similar situation that can give me advice? should i go back on them?

Ashley A said:

I have taken Wellbutrin (Bupropion)for depression 150MG for about a week. In the passed I took it for 3 months. It helped me through a time of need then I weaned off of it and needed it again about 8 months later. I have experienced body twitches from the drug. Has anyone else had this experience?

ranman92509 said:

Ive been on generic lexapro for about 2 months now. I was proscribed 20mg but I kept getting uncontrollable dihereah so I grabbed the pill splitter and cut them in half for 10mg doses. The dihereah stopped and I do feel a little more normal without the feeling of it hitting to strong when it kicks in but it doesnt feel like enough. Lately ive been getting feeling of this deep anger and rage like I want to grab a baseball bat and smash everything. I deal with a lot of shit though so being irritated isn't anything new.

June Romain said:

Hello, I would like to know if I can 30 mg of celexa instead of 40 mg since it makes me very sleepy.
I am used to taking 20 mg. at 10:00 a.m. and will take 10 mg around 3:00 in the afternoon. Would this be okay. Thank you so much. June

rob said:

I took ten mg. a day for four days. I got every side effect imaginable. I haven't slept any for the last two nights, my eyes jerk around and make it impossible to drive, my face is red and my eyes sting, my mouth has a bad taste. I think this is a very dangerous drug.

Meh said:

Only on 4th day of lexapro 5mg for major deppressive disorder and anxiety. I know it hasn't been log at all to reach its full potential but I do know I feel numb..just numb. Before I was on it I worried about finding another job because I had a meltdown at my previous one. And I always dealt with suicidal thoughts off and on through the years.. But now I just don't care. I am tired when I wake up and just feel like a zombie. And at night I can't sleep. I don't have an appetite either.
If anything lexapro makes me so numb to any anxious feelings I had about killing myself before. I could probably off myself now with no worries..thanks lexapro!

Larry said:

Need energy. Will generic prozac and vecaflaxinr gel?

John said:

i ran out of paxil 20 mgs 3 days ago...now im going through hell...and im trying to quit smoking...cant get in touch with my doc or get an appointment...i have old prozacs left...if i take them, will that relieve the symptoms?? plz help

tammy said:

My doctor my new shrink said I had bipolar type 2. I'm depressed from my cancer and the death of my mom who died In my arms at home she had llung cancer. And the death of my son at age19 he was only 15months old I had to
Id at the e.r

Tanya said:

I take 10 mg paxil n 5 mg Lorazapam n I feel so dazed n out of it

sara said:

As the wife of a man taking lexapro, the inability for him to achieve orgasm has created issue inside myself(i take prozac for anxiety and ocd).logically, after reading this blog, i see this is a fairly common side effect. Does this get worse with alcohol? Also, is it known to go away after time? It give me anxiety and stress cause after 2 kids...i suddenly can't get my husband off and it makes me overly critical of myself. Its a bit of issue. However, if one stays away from drinking,..would the inability to achieve orgasm diminish?

k said:

Hi I'm on celexa well the generic and I'm week 3 but some reason enjoy most of my day laying in the bed waiting to take the 20 mg at 5 pm to go to sleep at 7:30 is this the way it s going to be?

michael said:

I see a lot of symptoms that might be caused by serotonine syndrome. Taking 1000 mg a day tryptophan for 6 weeks might be too much. Don't take 5htp, it is very easy to cause serotonine syndrome because of this. I say, this is just my opinion, take 500 mg tryptophan a day in 2 doses, one during the day, one before sleep. I had symptoms of serotonin syndrome too, and yes I knew what is was and it went away after a couple of hours, never overdose on this stuff. I think tryptophan is safe, because it is found in chicken. But don't overdo it. And also don't combine it with other serotonine enhancers, this can literally kill you.


I would never take medicine as I do not trust medicine. I started taking anxiety medicine and sleep medicine as needed recently as it calmed me down. It made me drowsy and more miserable. I had my depression under control for nearly 15 years but the sadness never goes away. I learned to accept that. However recently the sadness and anxiety became extreme due to major life events. I recently got prescribed Prozac and I wish I had used this earlier. I know it is early days (4 days) but I feel incredible. I feel ready to tackle phase 2 in my life. I never knew I suffered so severely from depression until the veil lifted. The negative is that I can not sleep but the positive is I am so full of energy. I was diagnosed with PTSD at 25 yrs old and after trauma counselling managed to get on with my life. I think we repeat our earlier life cycle again at mid life. I have seen it happen to many times. I am grateful that I have hope again. I still have severe anxiety at night so hope that too will soon get better.

rolmbo said:

Well I tell you something that just happened down the street yesterday. This family several houses up the street has a son who suffers from major depression. Yesterday he started trying to fight his stepdad who fathered him since he was about 7 years old he is now 29 years old. Anyway they called the cops and of course he had been drinking and they put him on wellbutrin 3 weeks ago. Now he see's the state MHMR. It turns out that this young man told his mother after one week of taking Webutrin that he had lost his bottle so they contacted MHMR and they gave him a new prescription. This young man had started drinking early in the day because he didn't lose the first prescription he had snorted the one month prescription then they replaced it with another 30 day supply and was drinking because he was having hallucinations and thought that if he drank enough he would stop hallucinating. It turns out my daughter who is in the medical field told his mother to call the MHMR Crises hotline. They directed the police to come and get him and take to the local hospital. His was twice over the legal limit of alcohol and the MHMR person on call yesterday then had the police drive him to the local behavioral health hospital and commited him. His is now a ward of the state. It also turns out that he had a suicide plan but didn't follow through because his mother made sure to stick it out and stay through the whole process. He told the local MHMR person that he snorted the Wellbutrin medication because it gives you the same high as cocaine and that had been his drug of choice when he was younger and doing that crap. I know of one other person who also took this medication and had a bad reaction but it turns out that person had a Hypoxia episode 2 years ago and if you know anything about Hypoxia. If you happen to survive the episode it affects the short term memory and she forgot she had already taken a dose just 30 minutes before from what we can figure out. They took her off it completely and we discarded the pills with the local police department. I honestly couldn't tell you if this medication works if taken as prescribed. But I learned that if that person has had a drug abuse history keep them away from it or make sure someone administers the medication to that person. I think it applies in both cases.
I hope this helps someone as depression can take a person to some very dark places.

Ruth said:

I started Sam-E to see if it would help my osteopenia and arthritis. I have taken it now for about 2 months. To my delight it suppressed my appetite and I have lost 10 lbs. My thoughts are clearer. But, my sleep is affected and although I can fall asleep easily I am also wakened easily and feel like staying up which leads me to not sleeping a full nights sleep. I discovered that my blood pressure has risen also. My normal pressure is 110/70 and lately it is 132/80. I have decided to quit taking Sam-E to see if my BP returns to its former levels. Also I do have occasional stomach pain and gas, very occasionally, a headache, but not bad.

ellw said:

was taking 2 tabs ,dropped it to 1 1/2 the 1 now pn depressed and anxious.

Eve said:

I feel like Zoloft definitely does not work for me. I don't feel any less depressed. If anything it has gotten worse. Additionally, every morning when I wake up I have an anxiety attack that is completely unfounded. It's essentially all physical, but still uncomfortable and distressing. Also I have diarrhea every morning now that I started taking it. I think I need to switch medications.

Rebecca said:

I am 31 yrs old. I was taking effexor xr 275mgs a day for about a year. I lost my insurance so about 4 days ago I stopped taking it cold turkey. I'm constantly dizzy even when lying down. My hearing has been wierd. I cry over nothing and I can become very angry easily and yell often. I do not want to be on any antidepressants. I don't know what to do from here. I do research the withdrawal symptoms of effexor xr but was trying to find out more info on what to expect or do now. Thank you

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