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Yolz said:

Its funny how i read that glenlaping was sworn at and didnt respond, because when i first started i was telling my cousin who suffers anxiety, that i had started Lovan and these are my exact words" i swear i feel like i dont care, nothing bothers me! If some one said "youre a fucking bitch" i wouldnt care! Lol.... " Its kinda good for me cos usually i am over sensitive. The only thing that nosy me is the acid reflux, so i need to eat with it.

Eileen said:

I was on Amitriptyline for my fibromyalgia.the Amitriptylline sut my brain so i could sleep.now i take 5HTP at bedtime but my brain just keeps going and going day dreaming.thinking of things.my quetion is if i can take Amitriptylline during the night and 5HTP in the morning.any help pls.let me know.i took 5HTP at 100mg and in six weeks i have lost 12lbs.Thanks

roseanna griffin said:

my doctor put me on sertraline 50mg and 100mg and I would like to know will it stop my nerves from being so jump can you please let me now I have not take it yet because I need to know and I worry about my husband a lot and my bills can you please help me I don't like be like this thank you Roseanna griffin

Caroline Jones said:

I took effexor for 2&1/2 years. I was not in this world. I was numb to the world. I stopped taking it 6 wks ago. I continue to have forgetfulness, body and brain zaps,tremors,anxiety,loss of appetite, headaches,upset stomach. This medicine has affected my family and my life. I don't know if I'll ever be normal. I'm getting a attorney and trying to get this drug off the market!!!!!!! Just read about the poor people trying to get off this medication. They are begging for help as I am!!!!!The withdrawal effects are horrid and real!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

kramdrol said:

taking 300mg for a few days, severe rash came up, then after that subsided, increased fatigue, anxiety. Still happening 10 days after quitting. I remember a tv show saying everything is a poison, it just depends on the quantity. Positive effects were insignificant compared to horrendous potential side effects. Ban this poison or sell in extremely small quantities.

kevin said:

I am writing concerning my brother-he has been on zoloft for quite some time now and has had a deteroiration of his memory 'n I'm writing this blog to ask if anyone knows how to alter this memory loss? I asked him to check wi/his doctor, see if he can have his dosage decreased but I think he's afraid of what effect that might have on his depression. Help!!


Sam-e was a great alternative to meds, but since Im Bipolar, I know mania is a side effect. I take it two weeks, than stop two weeks, to avoid build up. I do not recommend anyone to take it daily, long term. Also works better for me 30 min before any meal, to be absorbed by digestive system, not the liver.

Mitchell said:

I have been of 50 mg of zoloft for three weeks. It is unbelieveable how much better I feel. I have PTSD from combat. I did not want to take a drug but was advised to try. I wish that I had taken it years ago. Life no longer sucks.

Jobar56 said:

Zoloft has been the worse most horrible drug I have ever taken!!! IT IS A NIGHTMARE!!! Especially coming off of this devil's drug! In my opinion to whoever reads this - PLEASE say NO NO NO if ever told to try this! PLEASE take my advice - I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!!

ANN said:

I had sore chest discomfort all day yesterday which I get from time to time but usually goes. Im on Setraline and have been for 5 weeks now.I have been told my heart is ok. Isd this a normal side effect of the drug.

Margaret Santiago said:

I used to use welbuttrin. I was on it for about 7 years. I stopped using it because I was taking too many meds. I don't remember having a Withdraw. But you do have to ease off on them slowly. What I did like about them was I lost a lot of weight. I didn't want to eat at all. I'm now on just lamictal for bipolar. Lamictal works for me.

Jeremy said:

I started the generic of Zoloft yesterday, so I cut 100mg in half to 50mg as directed and about 2-4 hours after taking the pill, I noticed a very positive feeling as back to normal. I saw the psychiatrist for feeling down, withdrawn, irritable, unable to concentrate, and anxious. Now I feel totally fine. I don't notice any side effects yet. Just feeling good.

Rita said:

Go to YouTube and watch Dr. Caroline Leaf. Her teaching is life changing for those with depression, mental illness, etc.

Christine said:

Wow, I'm surprised that so many of you are feeling anxiety & nausea.....I'm 50 and have been taking 400 mg. every morning for a couple years now. I don't seem to have any side effects, but I think it is helping with my depression. I also have a lot of pain in my hip joints that I take it for, not sure if it's helping with that or not but it's worth a try. Wish I did get the energy that some of you talk about!

H said:

I started taking SAM-E about 20 days ago. I started at 200mgs of Source Naturals brand. It was hard to notice any changes at first because I traveled to Europe for close to 14 days and the jet lag got to me.

Upon catching up on my sleep I started noticing more energy, more positive thoughts, general improvement in my overall mood, motivation increasing, and I am not experiencing the insomnia. In fact I've actually started to have dreams, sometimes strange (LOL), but not like the ones I've experienced in the past.(I am a Veteran)

I feel better than I have in years! Upon noticing the upbeat mood I increased to 400mgs daily. I then started having the palpitations that most everyone is experiencing. Today,(9/21) I've backed down to 1, 200mg tablet per day hoping that will help with the palpitations. Otherwise maybe I'll try 1 tablet every other day. So far it's been great for me and I will continue to take.

glenna said:

Just started Effexor 75 mg instead of Zoloft, which I was on for 14 years. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but it seems like it works well for about 3 hours. I feel up and motivated, but after 3 hours I get really tired. Anyone else have this experience? Does it get better? Only been on 75 mg for 2 weeks.

Hassan said:

I've had the strangest run in with sam-e. What initially began as a great experience (first 2 months ) coupled with my ssri , turned into a nightmare with in days.
Chest pains, anxious thoughts, headaches, extreme irritability, and speech problems. I had to question the sam-e so I let it go and followEd everyone's b12 recommendation
However, my chest pains have gotten worse and so have the anxious thoughts. Bear in mind this 2 weeKS of the meds.
I'm worried its now a heart issue and I have no where to turn. A doctor ? I'm not too fond of additional drug regimens on top my ssri.
Comforting to know im not alone. Be well my friends. ANY advice would really help :)

Deborah Isbell said:

I was taking 40mg a day CELEXA and I took myself of of it

Smitha920 said:

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Danielle said:

I have been prescribed Lexapro for years. Originally, I got it from my therapist who didn't ask me a lot of questions about my anxiety or depression before assuming that was what I needed. I took the pill, and I must admit at the time I was about 15 so I was young and careless, but I never took the pill regularly. I was always forgetting to take it, I also was never worried about taking other stuff with it such as drowsy increasing cough syrup, etc. At the time I was on 10mg. He doubled my dosage which made me rebel against his word resulting in having to wing myself off this drug alone! It was a NIGHTMARE! Where do I begin?! The sweats, sleeplessness, constant feeling of death, nausea, irregular appetite, chest pains, DEPRESSION, weight loss, and I barely have anything to lose! I'm now at 108 pounds at 5 foot 3. The worst side effect that hasn't left is my irregular heart beat now.. I'm still depressed and having WORSE anxiety attacks! One day years later, I'm in my 20's, I start having severe chest pains on the side of my heart which made me panic, thinking for the worst! I spend two hours at the hospital just for them to tell me I need to get back on Lexapro!! I get so upset, along with my anxiety kicking in at this point, so I refused to take them until, unfortunately, a week later my anxiety gets to me SO bad, I didn't sleep at all! So around 4pm that afternoon, I took Lexapro again. My chest pains decreased slowly but surely. Once in a while I have a chest pain but, I'm also a recovering mild cigarette smoker so I'm not sure what I can blame on what but, I do know another thing is trying to relax your mind and body to go to sleep! Is the juice worth the squeeze?!

Kayla boyd said:

Ive been on zoloft for 5mths went from 50mg to 150mg once a day ive been breakin out since been takin it with looks like bug bites but isnt n they itch like crazy i got sores an scars all over my body help me please sthing is nit right. An my dr referred me to go to skin dr. But i dont see tht doin nothin the meds is whats caused it.

Howard Kelly said:

I had been depressed for eleven years after taking Olanzapine 5mg daily. Out of desperation to try something like an antidepressant I discover SAM_e. This was nothing short of a miracle for me. within days All my symptoms
just melted away. With my new found energy
I started a wheat/gluten free diet and my life has changed. I feel like a new man !
If you have side effects change to a brand that doesn't contain Manitol (stomach ache)
and reduce the dosage.


Howard Kelly

Laura said:

Lexapro has literally given me my quality of life back. I was suffering from multiple panic attacks daily. Im 26 so it really messed with my quality of life. I couldn't even function most days. I started lexapro and the first two weeks were hell and so much worse than before I started but then I woke up one morning and the side effects were gone. Since that morning I get maybe one mild panic attack every few months. I had forgotten how nice it is to be able to go through an entire day without wanting to be in a corner shaking and feeling like I was dying. Tough out the first few weeks if you can because after that you will get your life back!

Endurance warrior said:

I'm also surprised to read all of these negative experiences with Sam- e. I've taken between 100- 300 mg daily for almost a year, and I can vouch that it has the capacity to increase anxiety and cause headaches, but it DOES help with mood, energy, and gives a feeling of clarity. As someone with major depression, I know no antidepressant is going to have no side effects, and consider it worth the negatives (even if I have to take some advil) to even temporarily get out of the suicidal, sitting in my room for days. If you have major depression or a low tolerance for a little discomfort, you can't expect any supplement or medication to make you feel wonderful. This stuff has its redeeming qualities. Just like coffee- coffee can give me a headache, anxiety, or shakes SOMETIMES. Other times it makes me feel really great- either way it helps. The GI pain is most likely caused by the fillers and binders.

Cat said:

I am 48 years old (female) and have been on 20mg of Prozac per day since April of this year. I got on it of course for depression, and anxiety because EVERYTHING was an overwhelming, irritating, anxiety causing ordeal for me. Even the simple decisions like what to fix for dinner. My father was being put in a nursing home, my youngest was going off to college, I didn't have a clue what was going to happen to my 26 year marriage after the kids were all gone so I had to seek help. After a couple week of taking it I felt fabulous! I had tons more energy and actually lost about 10 pounds. It has drastically reduced my anxiety, irritability and panic attacks. But recently I have felt that numbness or emotionless feeling. I didn't even cry when my daughter went off to college! I went to my doc yesterday and she said that this feeling is somewhat normal on Prozac. It takes away the really low feelings, which is good, but it also takes away the high feelings too. Nothing excites me anymore, and that's just not me. I've not really had any sexual side effects, I just feel emotionless and disconnected and I don't like it. I am going down to 10 mg per day and see if that helps. I just can't handle the numbness and I'm afraid that it is going to have a long term negative effect. Hopefully this will work out.

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