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Lexapro is a drug that was released by the Forest Pharmaceuticals corporation aimed at fighting depression. The FDA approved Lexapro in August of 2002. Lexapro is a member of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor family, which increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells.Official Lexapro Website
If you or someone you know has had a problem with Lexapro feel free to call the advertising section of FDA at (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240.
Lexapro Feedback and Side Effects

I have been taking lexapro for about 3 months and really think it has made me clinically depressed. I was depressed before taking it, but not clinically. It has caused me to have more panic attacks as well as feelings of hoplessness.

Stupidly, I drank heavily on two separate occasions and felt absolutely horrible the next days. Not only from a hangover, but I had some terrible allergic reaction by mixing the lexapro and the alcohol.

I was only taking 10mg a day, but I am now trying to wean myself off and am taking 5mg a day. I probably should have gone off sooner, but thought that I just needed to give it some time.

Other side effects have been clenching teeth and weight gain. I am not a fan of this drug. I do know others who are on it and it has helped them tremendously, but not me.

Posted by: at December 2, 2004 7:57 PM

Unfortunately, my experience with Lexapro has been devastating.

I am a 31 yr old female student finishing up my PhD. I was prescribed Lexapro as a mild stress reliever to alleviate symptoms caused by Post Concussion Syndrome and school related stress. The Doctor conveniently took out the literature pamphlet from the sample box and threw it away and gave me about 14 tablets and asked me to come back for more. Anyway, seeing no reason to mistrust the doctor, I took 10 mg of Lexapro, first on the day he had prescribed it and then on four consecutive days a week later. THe symptoms are anyone's guess. I had never had anti-depressants in my life and did not realise that this was one till I started feeling the exhaustion and dizziness. Other symptoms - Concentration down to nil - very dangerous for a student, complete aversion to all kinds of food - I have to force myself to eat, nausea and a nagging headache on the left side, complete loss of short term memory - I need to write down that I need to go to work the next day, severe exhaustion, absolute loss of interest in every activity, insomnia and periods of somnolence, joint pains ..... All this after only four consecutive doses. STUDENTS THIS IS A KILLER - DON'T TAKE IT, GO FOR LONG WALKS, TAKE HOT SHOWERS, HAVE HOT MILK, MEDITATE, STAND ON YOUR HEAD IF YOU HAVE TO BUT DON'T TAKE LEXAPRO!!!

Posted by: AM at December 5, 2004 8:30 PM

I am so lucky I found this site, because I've had the exact same problems as you all. Can someone please tell me how to go off of this drug without feeling horrible? As usual, the cure is worse than the disease.

Posted by: Corey at December 9, 2004 12:44 PM

I took it for six weeks - dr prescibe for anxiety
I felt better at 10mg then went to 20 after two weeks. I was soo tired all the time I stopped taking it. Bad move; have had terrible withdrawls. I can't sleep, can't eat, and my head has been killing me. It's been two weeks
and I still grind my teeth. I still can't sleep
more than a couple of hours a day. I think I need to start taking it again and then slowly
cut my way off of it. Hope it works..

Posted by: lucas at December 10, 2004 9:05 PM

I have been on lexapro for just a few days, I feel extremely tired all the time. I yawn all day long, like every few minutes. I am clinching my teeth as well. I am also having some pretty nasty diarriah. I am going back to my doctor to see what she says. I am going to try and give the meds a few more weeks to see if the side effects diminish as my body gets used to the foreign medication. If anyone has experienced these things and they went away over time, please let me know, so I can have hope. The positive thing is that I have stopped crying, and my anxiety is less intrusive.

Posted by: jamie at December 11, 2004 9:02 PM

I was prescribed Lexapro about 6 or 7 months ago. I have a history of anorexia and bulimia and it was at it's worst at this time. I was also very depressed and unmotivated, I stayed at home and slept all the time. During the first week and a half of taking the Lexapro (10mg) I was very dizzy and had a headache, the world seemed "fuzzy" to me. I didn't really care and used it as an excuse to sleep more. After the third week, I started feeling a lot better. I started walking a couple miles every day. This was a very big deal for me, I had been very sedentary for months. I was also bingeing/purging much less than usual. Again, this was a big deal, I had been on a steady binge/purge cycle for months and months previous. The next couple weeks after that, I became very obsessive and started exercising much more, and eating much less. This, of course, wasn't good, but it made me feel in control temporarily. It was around this time that I went back to my doctor. She was unpleased with my weight loss, but pleased with my mood improvements. I began to relax and eat when I was hungry, exercising semi-regularly. For the first time in years, I began to see food the way that I should. I started going to work. This was good, and it kept me busy. Fast forward about 4 or 5 months to today: I am still going to work, my weight and eating habits have stabilized. These are good things. I've tried going off the medication a few times, but the withdrawals are too intense. Most days I only take 1/2 (5mg) of a pill (10mg). One negative thing is that several times a day, I become overwhelmed with an empty, blank sort of feeling mentally and emotionally. It's a very negative feeling, and I believe it's a result of the medication. I never felt like this before. I don't think I would reccommend Lexapro, or any other antidepressant to anyone. I believe it has simply helped me cover up my problems. I say this because in the couple times that I attempted to quit, I became depressed within days, and began bingeing and purging once again. Lexapro can help you, but don't expect it to solve your problems, that was my mistake.

Posted by: Jessica at December 13, 2004 2:19 AM

I have been on 10mg of Lexapro for about 2 years now. The effects it has on my anxiety and depression have been very positive. Lexapro has allowed me to control my temper far better and sleep quite well. The negative side effects are concerning my libido and ability to achieve orgasm. I am a 40 year old, highly active male in very good physical condition. My wife was the first to notice that since I have been on Lexapro, it takes me forever to achieve an orgasm, which is aggravating to her and me.

Posted by: Bud at December 13, 2004 2:46 PM

I started taking Lexapro about 18 months ago for mild depression. At first I found it to be a miracle. No more anxiety. My doctor told me that after about a year I could go off, and decided to since I did not like being on any medication for life. The side effects for going off were horrible. I was unable to get out of bed due to incredible dizziness. My doctor assured me that Lexapro had nothing to do with it. I saw a neurological optimoloigist and a regular neurologist. Had a CAT scan. Nothing was found, so the neurologist prescribed me Lexapro again! I began taking it and was better within 2 days. Which was great after being in bed for 5 weeks during the summer! I stayed on 20 mg of Lexapro for about 4 months. I then started to feel very depressed, even suicidal, which I never in my life felt before! I cut my pills in 1/2 and felt a little more normal, but that experience scared me. I had to get off Lexapro. I stayed on 10 mg for a month, then went to 5 mg for a month. Within a week of going off Lexapro, I began to feel dizzy again. Has anyone else had this experience of withdrawl? And if so, how long did it take to get out of your system?

Posted by: Lisa at December 15, 2004 6:20 PM

I have suffered from mild depression most of my life. When I was a teenager I slowly worked my way through every anti-depesssent on the market. Only one ever worked for me, in fact it worked so well I went off of it.I never bothered to remember which drug it was (I'm an idiot).

Now five or so years later I tell my doc about my continued depression and he suggests Lexapro. He gave me a month of 10 mg. samples. The info packet says it takes a month to feel any improvement so I give it the benefit of the doubt through the side effects. The worst of it was the two weeks of horrible exaustion followed by two more weeks of continued lethargy. When I called my doctors office (twice)to ask for another month of doses my calls were not retured- so off the medication I went.
Having been through a number of anti-depressents I'm familiar with withdrawls but going through two weeks of withdrawls for a month worth of medication sucked!

Anyway, back to the doc I go a few weeks later for my ADD medication check and lo-and-behold there my sample packets wait. The doc says I just have to talk with a nurse to get the samples and we can decide at my next appointment (three months later) if I should get a prescription to it. (BTW he was surprized when I complained about the withdrawls. He was of the impression that Lexapro had only mild withdrawls at best.)

So on I go again. This is against my better judgement but after years of depression I really want to feel better and my family is asking me to stick with it.
It is now another month later(and a month more of doses already aquired) and I'm waiting for anything positive to happen.

So far it's been a solid month of zombie-like lethargy. In fact, I'd be perfectly content to not get out of bed at all. I can't even do mindless things like washing the dishes without forgetting my place or what I was doing. Worst of all, I do not give a crap about anything. I have tons of stuff I need to accoplish and I honestly can't work up the effort to care.
Another increadibly annoying side effect is a mild increase of acne. I didn't associate the problem with Lexapro last time through. If I had I wouldn't have bothered starting on this stuff again. After the large amount of money and personal misery I spent on Accutane treatment I'm not happy this is bringing some acne back.
It's also caused me to loose a lot of weight. I am just not hungry ever. I've told my family that the weight loss seems to have evened out but I may just be kidding myself. I wasn't overweight before so the continued drop isn't welcome.

I'm giving it another month to do what it's supposed to but if not I'm done with this stuff for good.

[moderator comment: I am not a doctor, but the lack of care, forgetfulness, and lack of hunger are likely signs of having excessive serotonin in your synapses. Many times the problems that cause depression are not serotonin but people just prescribe crap that boosts your serotonin level to make it "all better."]

Posted by: at December 16, 2004 8:51 PM

I have been on lexapro since jan 1 2004, I recently weened my self off of it. I had no side effects coming off it since i tapered off easily. I was on 10mg a day. It took about 2 full weeks before i noticed any changes, Although it did help me in many ways, After about the 9th month of being on it, it still didnt really help me in social situations. I was put on it for social axinety, but didnt help as much as I hoped. Compared to xannax, in social situations lexapro doesnt seem to do as much as xannax does for me. To be honest the resond i stopped taking lexapro was my girl friend was saying that I was more testy, and seemed to get madder about things that i would normally overlook. It's almost like lexapro was making me the person that I always tried to advoid. The wild, person that didnt take crap from anyone. type person. Is this a common effect of lexapro? these feelings of anger or outrage only became present during the last few months of being on it., Stopped taking completely Nov 13th 2004, so I was on it just under a year, if anyone has had any similar effects please drop me a line to my email djru372@hotmail.com..

Posted by: randy at December 18, 2004 1:07 AM

I have been on Lexapro for approximately 8 months. I was on Zoloft previously. My doctor changed me to Lexapro because of very strong sexual side effects that I experienced on Zoloft (basically no Libido). I am currently on a 10mg dose of Lexapro. Here are the side effects that I notice on Lexapro. Although my Libido seems somewhat improved and I am much more mellow, I have gained about 10 pounds although I have not changed my diet or exercise routine. I am always tired no matter how much or little sleep I get. I have also noticed that if I take Tylenol pm it has the opposite effect that it is supposed to have-I'm up all night with muscle twitches. I have also noticed that I clench my teeth at night and usually wake up with a sore jaw and sometimes a neck ache. I wake up sweating sometimes in the night and do not seem to have a healthy sensitivity to the cold (I always used to be cold but now I rarely even feel it, even when it is really cold outside). I seem to have trouble remembering certain things that I used to be able to remember easily and I generally feel more "scattered" than before. This would have really bothered me before the medicine as I was very very much a perfectionist but now, I just let it roll off. I also suffer from constipation and fluid retention. I've been on antidepressants for the last 3 years and would really like to get off them as the events that had triggered the depression in the first place are now resolved. My doctor has told me that some people just need to be on antidepressants for life, but I don't believe it. I would like to taper off but I have tried and the withdrawl symptoms are terrible - dizziness, disorientation and rollercoaster emotions. Yuck! Any advice on sensible, slow, tapering methods would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by: Suz at December 20, 2004 1:29 PM

Lexapro - I've been on Lexapro for only a short time but am concerned over several side effects, drowsiness, I always feel I could close my eyes and drift off; constipation, this has never occurred to me until now; ejaculation delay, aside from the mental obstacle it creates, there is the problem of having a heart attack trying to climax. Perhaps getting pissed off once in a while is not such a bad thing!

Posted by: Robert St.George at December 21, 2004 12:10 PM

I started taking Lexapro for depression when my baby was about 9 months old. She wasn't sleeping through the night yet, so I associated the extreme drowsiness with not getting enough sleep. After about a month, I stopped taking the drug because I heard others talk about the drowsiness effect. I couldn't function at work, yawned all the time, and felt like I was struggling to stay awake all through the day. When my baby was about 18 months old, I started recognizing depression again, and a therapist told me that I should get back on it. She told me that sleepiness wasn't a side effect of Lexapro, and said that it WAS probably the fact that my baby was keeping me up at night. So I tried it again (about 3 weeks ago) and so far I've been a sleepy, lethargic bag of bones the whole time. I can't concentrate at work, I still feel depressed. When I took Celexa I remember literally feeling my brain come out the depressive fog. I had energy and became motivated to get off my butt and go live life. The only problem with Celexa was the sexual side effects. I guess I'm going to have to choose - at this point I would enjoy a better quality of life and can deal with not having orgasms for a while. I'm asking my doctor to take me off Lexapro and put me back on Celexa.

Posted by: at December 22, 2004 10:03 AM

I have been on Lexapro for about 9 months. I was previously on Zoloft, but went switched to Lexapro due to weight gain and sexual side effects. The libido got better, but I have not changed my diest or excersize, and have gained 15 pounds.

I am going to taper off of it.

Posted by: Nancy Connell at December 28, 2004 4:53 PM

I've been on lexapro for about 2 months. I was prescribed 10mg, which I started the 1st wk, but since I'm about 100 lbs, I usually split a pill. My doc says this is fine. My "depression" was mostly exhibited as anger and frustration, so when I feel this coming on (ususally around PMS time), I up to a full pill. Side effects the first day were nausea and dizziness. Days 2-4 were just slight dizziness. However, the anger is gone, my sex drive is back (although it is harder to reach orgasm), and I overall have a feeling that life is going to be okay, whereas before I was overwhelmed and pissed off most of the time. For me and my family, Lexapro has been a God-send!

Posted by: nameless at December 30, 2004 1:56 PM

I just left positive info and after reading other comments wanted to add that at first I also yawned a lot and had restless sleep. These symptoms disappeared after about a week. The only negative side effect I experience now is sporadic teeth-clenching, which I must also do in my sleep because I sometimes have sore spots on my tongue. This is an annoyance, but the benefit definately outweighs this negative. Those of you seeking info... Remember, in any situation, people are always more likely to aire complaints rather than write thank-you letters. So it only seems logical that you'll read more negatives than positives. I'm not refuting any of the posted problems, but the people who haven't had problems probably aren't searching blogs -- they've most likely taken up "living" again.

Posted by: nameless at December 30, 2004 2:15 PM

I've been taking Lexapro for a few weeks. I can't seem to control my sugar intake. I crave sugar and without even being able to think about it I eat anything containing a lot of sugar. Is there a connection with Lexapro and sugar? I feel out of control with sugar and it doesn't help my anxiety. It seems quite strange!

Posted by: Debra Vein at January 2, 2005 2:29 PM

I have been taking Lexapro for about a month. My doctor prescribed it for IBS and minor anxiety. Although it has helped my IBS greatly, the side effects are not worth it. I am tired all the time no matter how much sleep I get. It is almost impossible to achieve an orgasm and my libido is almost non-existent. I feel empty inside and not motivated to do anything. I am taking myself off and I just pray I do not experience the withdrawal symptoms I've read about here. Wish me luck.

Posted by: Kim at January 2, 2005 9:16 PM

I went on vacation this past weekend, forgot my Lexapro, and was really worried about withdrawl side effects after reading this blog. I'm relieved to report that I had NO negative side effects at all. By day 3 I had less patience, but that was about it. On day 4, back home, I took my usual 5mg (I'm small and split pills) and it was like starting over. No nausea, but definately felt in a fog and just "floated" through the day not getting much done. Day 5 (today)and I feel totally normal again.

Posted by: at January 4, 2005 6:57 PM

I was prescribed Lexapro when my husband was fighting overseas in the war. Understandable to be depressed. I have been taking this drug for over 2 years now, when I was only situationally depressed. I have gained over 30 pounds. Whenever I try to go off the meds, I have dizzy spells and my tongue turns numb. After a few days, I go back on the meds to make the dizziness subside. I know I don't need these drugs and I feel trapped to take them. Another problem I have discovered, is that I was prescribed the maximum dosage, so I have a lot of weening to do until I can permantly go off of this drug. I am so frustrated!

Posted by: at January 7, 2005 10:31 PM


Posted by: debbie at January 8, 2005 10:39 AM

I've been on Lexapro for almost a year now, prescribed for depression/anger/pmdd kind of issues. It has made a huge change in my life - i no longer go through huge mood swings, ridiculous ups and downs - it's just help me kind of settle things down and be more normal. I don't flip out on my boyfriend or think about killing myself anymore. I take 15mg a day, and although it's definitely hurt my libido and when I don't take it I get headaches and get dizzy, it's been worth it to feel like a real person again. I haven't gained any weight or had any other problems.

Posted by: at January 11, 2005 5:51 PM


Posted by: Lynn at January 15, 2005 1:21 AM

After reading the other comments, adding a P.S.:
I also have been having a terrible time keeping my temper since I've been on the Lexapro, but I hadn't related it to the Lexapro til now. Also, the craving for chocolate has been mindboggling---maybe literally!

Posted by: Lynn at January 15, 2005 1:26 AM

I was prescribed Lexapro for anxiety and depression. I refuse to take this medication ever again! I took it about 9:30 at night. I finally fell asleep about 10:30-11:00 pm. I was up at 1:30 with the worst case of nausea and diarreah I have ever had in my life. I begged God for two hours to let me live through this ordeal. The nausea and diarreah were stomach acid. I also have gastritis and I'm starting to wonder what this drug did to me. The diarreah got to the point it was blood and stomach acid. I took it on Thurs. night and went to the ER Friday morning. They could find no cause for the bloody bm's. I have NEVER had that before in my life. It is now Sunday afternoon and I am still trying to recover. I'm starting to eat a little more and the diarreah is finally wearing off (I think). I still get the shakes and severe lightheadedness/dizziness. I hope this ends soon. I also hope that this comment will help someone who is debating taking this drug. I don't know if this is just my reaction to it but to me anything that causes diarreah of stomach acid and blood is NOT something that needs to be taken lightly.

Posted by: Jada at January 16, 2005 1:31 PM

None of the antidepressants work very well.

I have been on Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Elavil, Remeron and Effexor.

Lexapro is by far the worst, with weight gain, no effect on my depression, & incurring suicidal thoughts.

Elavil works the best for me, although it is old-fasioned.

Zoloft seems the lesser of all evils.

Posted by: Keith at January 16, 2005 6:43 PM

I have been taking Lexapro for about 6 weeks now and have gained 10 lbs. I have decided that I am going to stop taking the Lexapro. What's the best way to taper off.

Thanks, Jackie

Posted by: Jackie at May 10, 2006 10:19 AM

my wife said she became mildly depressed about a year or so ago and the doctor, who is a morron,put her on lexapro 10mg. a few months later i noticed her doing weird things, listening to the same music over and over very loudly,she had no desire for sex and could not reach an orgasm when we did. She left me a couple of months later with hardly any emotion at all.today i recieved divorce papers. she said she tried to get off of lexapro once and became very angry, so she just got right back on it.i love her very much but there seems like there is nothing i can do.

Posted by: tim at May 12, 2006 3:03 AM

I started taking Cipralex (Lexapro) over a month ago. I understand what people are going through who have negative comments (anxiety, tired, yawning, headaches, problems eating, diarrehea, etc.). I also experienced these side effects on the drug too. Only recently have these improved/fadded away and now I feel great. I suggest you persevere for 6 weeks to see if it will work for you. You should receive 100% of the benefits and the side effects should dimish by that time. I hope this helps you.

Posted by: at May 29, 2006 2:38 PM

I startede taking lexapro a little over a year ago... well maybe more than that... I think it was maybe a year and a half ago. I was feeling very anxious and depressed and like many of you would not get out of bed etc. It really helped me after a few weeks I felt great no problems etc. I after about 9months or so started to wean myself off of it. I did not feel li needed it anymore. I spoke to my psychatrist and she was fine with it. However, I also have a fear of flying and my family is going overseas in a few weeks. I had noticed that when i took the lexapro in conjunction with my other meds for flying my anxiety decreased extensivly. So she told me I could start to take it again for a few weeks before and then through the trip. To help with the flying. I hav ebeen on it for approximatly 3 weeks again and feel exactly how i felt when I decided I needed to start going on meds I feel anxious and confused and detached. i have decided to forgo taking ita gain
but am curious if it is possible for meds to ahve the opposite effect if you don't need it.

Posted by: LMA at June 11, 2006 5:15 PM

I have been taking lexapro 20mg a day for about 4 years. But I still have problems with depression. I feel like I can make noone happy including myself. I sometimes even have thoughts that this world would be a better place if I was'nt in it. I dont know what to do. I have been on celexa, prozac, effexor, paxil, wellbutrin, and zoloft and nothing seems to work. I am 28 years old, I am not married yet. But engaged to a great guy to be married this October. We have been together for almost 3 years and we both want children really bad. But have'nt been able to get pregnant. We both have medical problems, mine being the ectopic pregnancy 7 years ago. Also he has had testicular cancer. He was raising a child that he was told was his for 3 years and through DNA testing we found out that he is not his. I know it's not this child's fault but in the beginning he got on my nerves. But I dealt with this because I thought he was his. Well once we found out that he was not his I tried for the benefit of the child and my fiance to deal with this. But I cant get past the fact that he's not his biological child and he really does get on my nerves. Even though we dont get him anymore his parents still do and try to make us feel bad that he's not a part of our lives like he once was. I honestly think it would make everyone happy including my mother, my fiance if I was not around anymore. If anyone has any advice or has ever been in a similar situation I would greatly appreciate anyone's point of view.

Posted by: anonymous at June 11, 2006 10:35 PM

I stumbled across this forum. I have been on 10 mg of Lexapro for about two years and I'm shocked to see all of these people experiencing what I have been experiencing. I have had heavy sweating, memory loss, intense fits of rage, increased suicidal thoughts, teeth clenching, weight gain, and, worst of all, I don't feel anything. I am cut off from normal, healthy emotion. I am an actor, and I can't seem to cry anymore! This is a problem!

I think I might need to leave Lexapro behind but those of you trying to get off this drug have me even more concerned!

Posted by: anonymous at June 11, 2006 11:52 PM

I have been on Lexapro for about 2 years and I noticed a change for the better as far as my depression goes. However, during the same time-frame I've noticed that I have become very angry about many things. I've always been a very mellow and tolerant person, that has now changed. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

Posted by: Brad at June 14, 2006 12:29 PM

For the anonymous woman's posting on 6/11. Really read what you are saying:
- He was raising a child that he was told was his for 3 years and through DNA testing we found out that he is not his. I know it's not this child's fault but in the beginning he got on my nerves. But I dealt with this because I thought he was his.

- We have been together for almost 3 years and we both want children really bad. But have'nt been able to get pregnant.

Someone who says that a 3 year old of their fiance's got on their nerves is definitely NOT ready to be a parent. If you were you would have been more tolerable with that child. Because it's yours won't make it any easier.

Get help for yourself and be part of a solution instead of creating more problems with a family.

Posted by: For anonymous at June 15, 2006 6:40 PM

I was on Zoloft for a couple of months and felt great on 100mg, but I started to twitch when I slept at night, to the point of waking up out of a deep sleep. So the do put me on 20 mg of lexapro. Within in a week I thought I could literally kill someone. So I begged to move to 10 mg. It's been a week and half and I'm unsure about. I have jaw clenching, and am fidgety. I'm staying on it for a few more weeks and hope it works like the Zoloft...I defintely feel Serotonin is what I always need though. I'm 36.

Posted by: AA at June 15, 2006 6:45 PM

so uh-- im 21 years of age and i lack passion in life and tend to be apathetic. so i got on lexapro at 10mg a day and initially i got tired and a few weeks into it i thought i felt better. now after being on it for a lil over 3 months i don't notice anything different about me. the psychiatrist says it is a type of drug you won't feel or notice and the impact of the drug isn't that great. he also mentioned that it is the therapy that is what will heal me. which i think is a crock because i don't have any thing to talk about. anyways after gazing at some of you people and the side effects and opinions i'd have to say lexapro doesn't seem to be the pill for you or me. then again at least im not going thru withdrawls or some of the cruddy side effects that you people are. you guys ever just been bored of life? hit me up with your answers at my email.

Posted by: Ryan at June 28, 2006 4:42 AM

I have been on Lexapro for almost 2 years. I have had depression for many years before that and have fought taking an anti-depressant for most of that time. Finally, my doctor convinced me to go on Lexapro. Now, I did feel many of the symptoms that are described within this blog, however I do feel that the benefits have far outweight the negatives. Nothing in this world is free. There is no MAGIC pill that will fix everything without any side effects. So, I do take the good with the bad. Many of the strong side effects of fatigue, delayed ejaculation, headaches, etc. have gone away with time. This medicine in many ways has saved my life.
Having been on it for so long and having done so well, I have asked my doctor if it is becoming time for me to consider getting off Lexapro. I am scared of all the physical and mental consequences. But, like I said before, there is no magic pill. I do believe that I might be ready to try life again without a daily pill. I'll just take a very long time to taper off.

Posted by: at June 30, 2006 11:12 AM

I was taking Lexapro for about 6 months. I started developing acne after the first month and couldn't figure out why. Not thinking it could be the Lexapro, i stayed on it for a long time and developed a serious case of acne. It was painful! Eventually I decided it had to be the Lexapro even though the Lexapro was really working well for my depression. As soon as i stopped taking it my acne started to go away instantly! Because of the serious case of acne I got from Lexapro though, I ended up going on Accutane. That was about 1 years ago and I am terrified to take any other kind of antidepressant even though I suffer from depression and I really felt better when I was on a medication. If anyone can help me and give me any information on a medication I can go on that has not given anyone side effects of acne I would love to hear someones advice. Thank you!

Posted by: Maria at July 15, 2006 10:19 AM

Been taking Lexapro for about 2 months - I have had a great experience with it. I am a 46 year-old male who was suffering with depression. This medication has "leveled" me out - no outbursts of anger and it allows me to contemplate a situation instead of flying off the handle with it. Only side effects have been insomnia for me, which in turn keeps me yawning for most of the morning. No real sexual problems either. I have not gained any weight, as a matter of fact I get out more now and exercise so I feel healthier.

Posted by: Mark at July 18, 2006 2:15 PM

I have been on Lexapro for a little over a year, and am up to 40 mg. a day. I am fortunate to have a very competent psychiatrist, at a very prestigious Medical Institution. This is VERY important. I had taken meds. before under the care of half-baked psychiatrists at free clinics, and the difference is phenomenal. At first the Lexapro didn't work, and so he adjusted the medicine; he kept slowly adjusting it up, and had me split doses in half, and take one part at diff. times of day. He checked in with me regularly, on the phone, and regularly assessed my symptoms and responses with assessment tests. Now it is helping to alleviate my OCD, Anxiety and Depression symptoms, BUT I have had fits of rage over the past couple of months, and this worries me. I haven't yet told my psychiatrist, but will see him in a couple of weeks. My fuse is now very short, and I feel irritable, and agitated a lot of the time. I wondered if it might be the Lexapro, and did some google-ing, and found this forum. Wanted to write so I could IMPART MY experience with a competent psychiatrist, and, also, so I could find out if others are feeling this same thing after taking Lexapro for some time.

Posted by: Nicole at July 24, 2006 2:27 AM

I am a 29 year old female. I have been taking Lexapro for 3-4 weeks, and I am so tired and "out of it" that I can barely concentrate enough to type this post. I have been in bed for 4 straight days. I feel like I could sleep 24/7. This is especially terrible because I have two young children to take care of,(one is an infant). The first week that I took Lexapro 10 mg. I just felt a little dizzy and foggy but I could still function. Then, in the second week the fatigue started. It kept getting worse, my doctor decreased my dosage to 5mg. and told me that it should get better, but it has gotten more terrible each day. Has anyone else ever had this side effect even on such a small dose? I am getting very scared that there is something else wrong with me (besides Lexapro).

Posted by: Emily at August 3, 2006 1:30 PM

I was on lexapro for one year, and it kind of helped out my anxiety and depression symptoms. The first few months were amazing, I felt calm, cool and comfortable in any situation. I did have some nasty side effects when mixing with alcohol and, on one occasion, marihuana. The mix of pot with lexapro was really bad. I was with a friend in his apartment and I became so paranoid and freaked out I couldn't move and just sobbed uncontrollably. My friend didn't know what to do, it was scary. It's been about a year since I came off lexapro and I feel good. I get anxious and depressed some days but nothing like before I took the drug.

Posted by: Joel Bermudez at August 6, 2006 3:41 PM

I'm 22 and I took Lexapro for over a year and I found it helped with my depression and overall mood incredibly. Everyone around me also noticed a positive change.
I was very fortunate with my doctor, he explained how they might effect me and talked me through how they worked. Yes the first two weeks or so I felt tired but he warned me this may happen. I don't think this is just a side effect of Lexapro though, family members who have been on other anti-depressants have had the same thing happen. It is not meant to be an instant cure so people need to not expect that from them. Like most medicines they dont fix everything straight away. After the first couple of weeks of taking them the change in my moods was very apparent.
I've noticed many of you saying that when you came off them u had terrible withdrawals and your moods got worse - I also had that, but because I just stopped taking them one day. It's advised by doctors, and is very clearly stated on the box that they are not to be stopped without consulting the doctor. My doctor helped me come off them slowly the second time and therefore I had no negative effects or withdrawals of any kind.

Posted by: Sarah at August 18, 2006 10:52 AM

I've had chronic anxiety all my life (literally), and have been on several psychotropic drugs for treatment. I hate them ALL. If I could live with the anxiety, I'd refuse to take the meds, but it makes me suicidal. Switched from Paxil to Lexapro about a year ago. At first, I LOVED it and thought I'd finally found the golden pill. But 3 or 4 months ago, I noticed I couldn't reach orgasm. This has NEVER been a problem for me, in fact I used to have multis. But not anymore.

Last night I realized I AM having orgasms, I just can't FEEL them. I could tell by the physical after-effects that my body had orgasmed, yet to me it had felt like everything climbed to a certain point and then just stopped. No glorious cresting-the-peak, and delicious slide back down the other side. Just ... nothing. I feel cheated. This is devastating to me. I've only been married 3 years, and am crazy in love with my husband.

Came across this forum while seeking answers, and now I read on here OTHER stuff that it hadn't occurred to me Lexapro might be causing. I've gained 30 pounds, and lost interest in all physical activities. My house looks like a slum because I just don't care enough to clean it (I thought I'd just gotten lazy!), and I never want to go anywhere. I've become a total couch potato.

My doctor says "Lexapro doesn't cause significant side effects." He's an idiot. I want OFF this stuff, but Wellbutrin isn't effective for anxiety. I don't know what else I could try.

Posted by: Poppy at August 22, 2006 12:44 PM

I have suffered from mild depression most of my life and have battled with bulimia for over 15 years. I started taking Lexapro three months ago and it has been very good for me! Of course there were a few side effects (trouble staying asleep, jaw clenching, and dizziness). I rather have the side effects then be miserable! My mood has completely changed, I have lost 7 pounds, and I do not feel like binging and purging. I was mortified when I first started taking Lexapro after reading so many negative comments but I guess things work differently on an individual.

Posted by: at August 25, 2006 1:44 PM

I have suffered from mild depression most of my life and have battled with bulimia for over 15 years. I started taking Lexapro three months ago and it has been very good for me! Of course there were a few side effects (trouble staying asleep, and jaw clenching, and dizziness). I rather have the side effects then be miserable! My mood has completely changed, I have lost 7 pounds, and I do not feel like binging and purging. I was mortified when I first started taking Lexapro after reading so many negative comments but I guess things work differently on every individual.

Posted by: Anonymous at August 25, 2006 1:46 PM

Talking about Lexapro in regards to anxiety this med doesn't do anything. I had panic attacks that 2 different ear, nose and throat Drs thought I had acid reflex and had me on Nexium for 4 years and I didn't have anything but stress related anxiety. Tranzene worked fine but it's a downer and made me sleepy and gain weight. I wanted something else so my regular Dr put me on Lexapro which didn't help at all, I still had to use Tranzene and now 3-4 months later I decided to get off it. I quit cold turkey on the Lexapro and have been having bad dizziness, night sweats, leg itching and arm numbness to name a few. It has been about a week since I quit taking it and nothing would ever make me get back on it.
Does anyone have any idea how long it takes for all the withdrawal sypmtoms to go away? i've been on several sites and hear some 2-3 weeks but some people say months. I know everyone is different but I've heard mostly lousy things about this drug especially getting off it no matter how many different ways they try.

Posted by: Kat at September 5, 2006 12:14 PM

So far I like lexapro, it has helped with my OCD.

Posted by: Mallory at September 20, 2006 6:32 PM

I have been on lexapro for 2 weeks. The first two days were amazing, I felt like i should've taken it years ago! But shortly thereafter I crashed...
• Suicidal Thoughts
• Complete loss of short term memory – forgetting days of the week, where I live, what classes I have
• Terrible binging – in one sitting: 3 PB&J sandwiches, 3 oatmeal cookies, 2 bowls of cereal, 2 boca burgers, 2 yogurts
• Absolutely no motivation to do anything like shower, get dressed, move out of bed
• Lethargy – can’t get out of bed, can’t focus or concentrate at all
• My head feels like it’s 1000 pounds
• No interest in doing anything that I used to enjoy
• I keep grinding my teeth
• I feel sore and weak all the time
• My surroundings feel “fuzzy”
• I just want to give up on everything
• I’m too tired to keep trying
• I can’t stop eating even though it’s making me sick
• I feel like a zombie
• I feel like everyone hates me
• I hate myself
• But I don’t give a crap that I feel this way, I wouldn’t care if I died
• It takes too much effort and energy to care about anything or anyone anymore including myself
• I just want to crawl under a desk and be away from everyone
• I wish I could cry but I can’t express any emotion
• I yawn all the time

This IS from the Lexapro-- I have been diagnosed with massive depression but it was never this bad, I have never felt so worthless and alone in my entire life! I'm getting off of this, this medication is a KILLER for sure...

Posted by: Tiffany at September 22, 2006 2:31 PM

I am 36 (female) , married for 12 years and we have a 10 year old child. I have a flexable job that allows me time for family and to take care of our home. It was surprising to my family and myself when I started showing signs of being depressed last march. What started out as the "blues" progressivly got worse. I began having feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, etc... unable to shake off these dark feelings I began to wish for a way I could just erase myself out of the world. I started taking St. John's Wort and SAM-e. I gave up coffee and alchohol(not a big drinker anyway). still I continued to spiral deeper and deeper into depression. I started seeing a therapist and went to the Dr. for a physical and blood tests.
Both Drs. felt I needed an anti-d., and more out of concern for my family than myself I agreed to give meds a try. Having never taken anything stronger than cold med I was a little nervous. I have been taking 5mg of Lexapro at bedtime for two weeks. I am so grateful for the relief from the dark emptiness, and the negative "tape" that was slowly and painfully distroying my life and my familys happiness.

Posted by: kelly at September 25, 2006 9:15 PM

I'm a student who has been taking lexapro for four weeks now and it has saved me. The benefits far outweigh the side effects (which aren't unpleasant). Without it I would never have been able to drag myself out of the vicious cycle and finish my studies.

Side effects:

My IQ might be a points lower, but before taking it I was always so anxious that I didn't ever use my IQ anyhow. Sometimes I feel spaced out, and my coordination is poor. The jaw clenching has stopped, but I'm still sweating and my skin is hot.


I feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. I feel fresh all day although I only sleep for 5 hours (before I needed 8). Everything is twice as enjoyable, food tastes nicer, sex is better, my skin is so sensitive that every massage is the best I've had yet. I'm much more aware of the world around me. Instead of getting anxious I get euphoric and it helps me to get work done rather than stop me. I can lift more weight in the gym. My body rarely aches anymore and I'm never irritable. I am also a lot more attracted to people in general and have become more extroverted and sociable.

Before taking SSRIs I've always had a very cynical opinion of them, but now I've completely changed my point of view. I would recommend all students with depression to take them sooner rather than later. I wasted a lot of time trying to pull myself out by the bootstraps and ended getting in deeper and deeper as a result. I doesn't hurt to try - if you get negative side effects you can always try a different SSRI.

Posted by: Milo at September 26, 2006 9:39 AM

I've tried lexapro a number of times. Between severe headaches and anxiety, i have started and stopped few times. It seems like each time i stop my headaches are more tension like and last longer. I've also become irrational, am tense, and have had thoughts of despair and severe emotional weakness. I've never experienced anything close to this. It is exhaustive and confusing. Any help?

Posted by: mark at October 6, 2006 12:36 AM

Hi Mark, Lexapro does not sound like it is the right fit for you. My Dr. told me some people need to try several diffrent antidepressants before they find the right fit. I hope you have a good doctor who will work with you. I pray you find some releif from this painfull illness soon!

Posted by: kelly at October 16, 2006 12:56 PM

I thought that I was the only one who was feeling these side effects of Lexapro / Cipralex. I was well on my way to achieving my weight loss goal and then my weight loss just stopped. However hard I tried nothing worked. I thought that it was something that I was doing wrong but it seems not. I have gained back all 14LBs and I am miserable. I also have a really hard time concentrating on my job or my school work. The first six weeks I would say after I started taking it were the worst. It would give me dizzy spells and nausea like nothing else. I also could not focus at all at work. Some days I would just stare at the computer screen all day and when I would go over the work that I had done that I had done for the day it was full of mistakes that I would not normally make.
That said my life has improved so much since I started taking it. I have hobbies and my inhibitions about sex are gone. Once I missed about 10 days without taking it and I could feel the change back to my constantly sad, and withdrawn self. Any suggestions? I would not mind sexual side effects for now but the weight gain is a no no!

Posted by: Anne at October 17, 2006 3:22 PM

I took myself off of Cymbalta 15 days ago cold turkey. It has been a living hell. I've had brain "zaps" where it feels like an airplane in my head, headaches serious enough to go to the Er and horrible nauseau and dry heaves. I'm so anxious and wmotional and depressed, I scare myself. I was taking Cymbalta for Nerve pain. I went to the dr. yesterday because I could not handle myself and was scaring my 24 year old son. I was considering taking off to be alone and yet afraid what I might do. My Dr. said none of this was due to the Cymbalta..we argued. I never felt any nerve pain relief from the Cymbalta by the way, and was more depressed. She has prescribed 10mg of Lexapro to help me deal with my anxiety and suggested a therapist. Help here..what does a person do? I've never been on any regular drug (every day) even with back surgeries, shoulder surgery, neck injury. (car accident and work injury)My first of both my whole life. Any suggestions. I'd rather be drug free altogether, but am having a horrible time. Thank-you.

Posted by: Joni at October 28, 2006 12:06 AM

I have been on Lexapro for 10 days now. I was diagnonsed with generalized anxiety disorder when I was 11 and am now 22 years old and in my final semester of college. About 2 weeks ago I had a panic attack and the symptoms were so debilitating that I ended up in the hospital two days in a row. I was prescribed Lexapro and since I started taking it, I have noticed great changes. My depression has almost completely gone away in only 10 days, I am able to function much better, and can concentrate on studying. Since starting on Lexapro, I have more energy to work out and in fact have lost 2-3 pounds in the 10-day period since I started taking it.

Posted by: Adam at November 10, 2006 1:30 AM

well my doc tryed to give me lexapro but my expereance wit paxil scared the life out of me and now i am afrade of every thing even over the counter meds can someone write me and recamend a good med at sonyahdoor@yahoo.com

Posted by: lisa at November 11, 2006 7:47 PM

I am a 56 year old married male. I took methampthetamine on a daily basis for approximately twenty years. It took an arrest and some jail time to make me quit. When I got out of jail and got home all I could do was curl up in bed and hope I could get some sleep so time would go by faster. My drug taking had so totally destroyed my serotonin and norepinephrine generators I had zero motivation. I wouldn't even get out of bed to eat and I lost 50 pounds. My wonderful wife insisted that I see my doctor about me depression. After laying in bed for ten months I finally went. I told my doctor the whole story including my history of drug abuse and he prescribed Lexapro. I took it for one month and absolutely nothing happened. I went back and he put me on Wellbutrin. I took it for one week and I started to experience horrible, depressing thoughts. Watching TV became depressing. Even the animal channel was bad. Watching an insect eat another insect horrified me! I quickly called my doctor and told him about my situation. He then prescribed Effexor. That was one week ago. It has been a miracle, an answer to my prayers. I have now begun to feel normal. Actually I feel great. Not high, but normal. Look at me, I'm actually writing this blog! In closing, allow me to offer some advice. If you take an antideppressant and it doesn't work or you have a bad experience, try something else. I'm certain that there is something out there that can work for most people suffering depression. Have faith and cling to hope. One more thing, stay away from illegal drugs, they ruined my career, my life and nearly my family and they will do the same to you.

Posted by: Bryan Hamel at November 13, 2006 3:52 PM

i'm 15, and i've been taking lexapro for about 6 months and last night when i was just about to go to bed. i was online talking with friends and i just got REALLY REALLY REALLY dizzy. and i was like "whoa, wtf is this???" and i got offline and went upstairs to bed and i couldn't fall asleep. so then i had this really strange urge to masturbate (so i did) and i couldn't orgasm. whatsup w/ that?

Posted by: belinda at November 13, 2006 7:39 PM

well a orgasm is the lest of my problems i just want to feel normal fuck some sex!

Posted by: lisa at November 14, 2006 7:12 PM

I took Lexapro for the first time about 2 years ago and had a hard time staying with it at first - It gave me insomnia. I felt relaxed enough to sleep at night but I never dozed off. After a while, this problem lessened but only if I took the pill first thing in the morning.
Also in the beginning, sometimes I would get hostile or felt like a zombie but this went away after the first week.
It was only through peers' constant nagging that I stayed with the drug and after about a month, it seemed to noticeably improve my mood, to being more optimistic and and in control of my emotions.
When I took lexapro, I had the familiar problem of delayed/less intense orgasm, even though sometimes it seemed to actually increase my libido (maybe I'm just horny anyway), then I discovered a "trick" that worked for me - even with continued usage, if you miss taking the pill just one day and then have sex, these 'negative' consequences go away and I am pretty much back to normal function. In other words, the sexual side effects seem to go away quickly. Missing a dosage every now and then probably won't hurt you.

I've been off of Lexapro now for about 4 months and I seem to be slipping back into my old problems with worrying, anxiety and depression so I'm going to get back on it.

Posted by: Patrick at December 21, 2006 12:07 AM

I have been taking Lexapro for over two months now at a 10mg dosage per day. My initial reaction to the truck was lethargy and less anxiety. I am a 37 year old male and feedback from my spouse is that I am more relaxed and less on edge. I am normally a perfectionist and of late I have found myself relaxed to the point of needing to motivate myself to action. Two interesting side effects worthy of noting in my circumstance: I have the ability to maintain an erection for a significant amount of time and while my orgasms take some time to achieve, they are pretty significant and leave me feeling light headed and totally fulfilled for lack of a better word. {this I suppose could be called a benefit rather than a side effect!} The other effect I notice is more of a deep sleep and plenty of dreams. My dreams are so frequent and easy to achieve I have a hard time waking and in some cases fear I could sleep all day. The interesting thing about the dreams is that some are so real I find myself confused about what I have experienced vs. that which I might have dreamed. I have no reason to discontinue use of Lexapro however if I find that my ability to concentrate effects my work and school, I will wean myself off the medication.

Posted by: Spent at January 14, 2007 7:42 PM

ive been taking lexapro for 4 months i am staying more exausted dont wanna do anything my sides of mylegs and around chin brake out in hives, but before i started lexapro i had feelings of eletric shocks in my head stayed way more dizzy,had face tingling bad sweating. so i guess it has worked

Posted by: leigh at January 23, 2007 9:31 PM

I have been on Lexapro for almost 3 months. I have found that Lexapro helps a lot with my anxiety and worrying. However, it does not seem to help my depression. I have some side effects -sweating (deodorant doesn't even help anymore), diarrhea, and forgetfulness. The forgetfulness bothers me the most. I keep forgetting things that I would never have forgotten before taking the drug, and if I'm not forgetting something, I feel like I am anyway! It is weird. I plan on discontinuing the medication.

Posted by: Julie at January 30, 2007 11:24 AM

I have been taking lexapro for 6 months now. My doctor started me on half a 10 mg tablet for about the first 6 days. The first week and a half were horrible!! Lots of nausea and vomiting. Like a week long hangover!! But I was comitted to helping myself and I trust my doctor so I stepped up to 10mg. By the 3rd week the physical side effects started to subside and I was able to make an appointment for counseling. About 5 weeks into taking lexapro, I started to notice the world around me again, things started looking bright again. My counselor was teaching me how to cope with the stress that brought on my anxiety and depression. By the end of the second month things were getting way better. I had started exercising again, and my doctor sent me to a dietician and I learned how to eat well. I started losing weight. I continued in counseling, and now 6 months later I am feeling like my old self again, but I am not 35 pounds lighter. Still have issues to work out, I am continuing on in counseling. Still on lexapro, just 10mg a day. I see my doctor regularly. He tells me when the time comes, I will need to taper off lexapro. Cut the dose in half for a couple weeks, then go to every other day for a few weeks, then twice a week. All along being evaluated and if the taper is to fast, he can change it along the way.

You know one point I want to make about my experience with depression. The drugs won't cure you and neither will the doctor or therapist. You have to cure yourself. But the paradox is that you can't sure yourself. When I was depressed, I did not realize how strongly depressed I was. Now that I am not depressed, I can look back and see how bad my depressions really was. Like being in a hole, but not know how deep it is until you climb out!!
To break the paradox, you simply need help. You will provide the solution, but you can't do it on your own. The meds, such as lexapro, will increase serotonin levels in your brain. That will make you less depressed so you can work with a counselor. This artificial increase of serotonin is like "jump starting" your brain. Just a little help for maybe a year or so. Once you get the jump start, the counselor will help you explore your feelings and then teach you tools to deal with the feelings. Tools to cope with stress. Once you get to this point, this is where you have to do your work. You have to use the tools to get (and keep) yourself healthy. The tools might be things like brain exercies or checklists to handle situations that cause you stress. Your "toolbox" will be tailored to meet your specific needs. One other very important point, you need to exercise!! Even if you don't need to loose weight, you must exercise. I had not had really exercised for several years, it was hard to get started, but you know what? Exercise does make me feel better. My doctor told me exercise is important because it stimulates a brain chemical called norepihepherine. Doesn't take much, 20 to 30 mins a day of brisk exercise, even a nice walk will do for starters. I think the whole key to feeling good is to do all things that keep your brain chemistry in balance. That is just my opinion... That is what my experience with depression has been. If you are reading this and feel depressed, please go see your doctor, or any doctor. You can get the help you need to get over your depression, and learn how to manage the things that ended up making you depressed in the first place. Get help and you can do the rest!! For me the stresses of modern living had overloaded my brain. I suspect there are a lot of other people that get depressed because of the incredible demands of modern living. I am in my mid 40's by the way....never to late to get help!!

peace and I hope you pick up the phone and call your doctor today!!

Benji Q.

Posted by: Ben at January 30, 2007 11:38 AM

I am a PhD student at an Ivy League school--I say this just to emphasize the fact that I have no time to be apathetic, tired or lethargic. I have been on Lexapro for about a year now and think it is great. I have always been a depressive personality, since I was a kid actually. I started taking Lexapro because I had developed a severe anxiety disorder. I am now not depressed for the first time in my life nor anxious!

I did not experience any negative side effects with Lexapro except for anorgasmia for several months, and a feeling of sluggishness for about the first month.

The anorgasmia went away on its own, after about 6 months. I recommed to people feeling sluggish to go on a cleansing diet and eat foods that strengthen your liver and kidney, the organs that are responsible for cleaning lexapro out of your body. Lexapro is a drug, so it does function as a toxin on your liver and this may explain people's problems with weight gain, feeling sluggish, etc. After I changed my diet to be fibre and protein high and cut down on breads and sugars, the sluggishness went away and I haven't felt it since. I have also not gained any weight.

Most of the time I can't tell I'm taking anything, which led to my most recent problem. After a year of taking lexapro diligently everyday, I forgot to refill my prescription for two days (or more specifically would remember once all the pharmacies were closed). On the second day I developed a headache and needed to take a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day even though I slept 8 hours the night before. I checked on line to find out if this was normal after only missing 2 doses, and sure enough, based on people's comments, it looks like it is.

I personally plan to take this drug as long as I can, indefinately if possible. It's great to not feel depressed, to be more of an extrovert, and to be less self-conscious as I was pre-lexapro. If you are an academic and have been depressed for a very long time (like years or decades) try some kind of medication. I avoided it for years, and now wish I had started taking something a long time ago. I feel that much better, and my scholarship has actually improved!

You can still live a rigorous, creative life with lexapro.

Posted by: PhD Student at February 14, 2007 9:46 PM

i have developed severe anxiety and anger issues since i had my child 15 months ago. i am very short tempered and i get all worked up and yell and scream over the smallest issues. i decided i needed to do something about it when i "flipped out" on my son for no particular reason and he started acting like he was afraid of me. i have taken zoloft in the past and it did very little for me other than making me feel worse and keep me in bed for 3 or 4 days at a time, so i was pretty aprehensive about starting again. i have been taking lexapro for 6 days now and i know it sounds crazy, but i actually feel much better. i have heard that lexapro can "kick in" faster than most anti-depressants, but this seems pretty fast. i have thought that this may be a "placebo effect" like its all in my head and i feel better just because im taking a pill, but if thats what it takes to stop "flipping out" all the time, then so be it. as for side effects, i get a headache for a few hours after taking the pill (at 9:30 am) but it is starting to get less frequent, and ive noticed that my vision is a little worse (sometimes AD's can dilate your eyes and that makes your vision a little blurry). i do notice that i clench my teeth, subsequently making my jaw hurt, and i have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. i do feel better overall, and the side effects are not enough to make me quit.

and just a thought about the people on here that say "ive gained 10 pounds and im going to stop taking lexapro." please, i'd rather be 10 pounds heavier than be depressed, or angry, or anxious, or whatever you may be.

Posted by: sara p. at February 15, 2007 3:47 PM

I was prescribed Lexapro 10 mg for, of all things, itching. My doctor thought my itching might be some made-up mental stressed-out thing. (It's not--the right antihistimines just had to be found). He thought Lexapro would CALM me. HA! I took it in the evening. I awoke at 3 am all hyper--heart beating like crazy. Eyes couldn't focus on one thing-darting. NO concentration. Hyper-alert. It was the scariest thing to happen to me ever--to be so out of control. So I went in to see the doctor and tell him about this--and that Lexapro was just not for me. He basically called me a liar--said you can't react like that so quickly after just one dose. Well, it wasn't the oatmeal I had for dinner... Anyway, just one person's experience.

Posted by: suz at February 21, 2007 8:03 PM

I started taking lexapro 5 months ago after i stopped drinking due to a hightened sense of anxiety that came along with my sobriety. I cant say enough about how wonderful lexapro has been for me. I used to grind my teeth at night and had a panicky anxious tension in my arms that i wanted to shake out constantly, felt ill at ease in social situations and while speaking about anything at all. after about a month of 20mgs a day i stopped noticing the anxiety and stopped grinding my teeth as well. I can dance sober at a club, tell jokes at bars, walk into crowded rooms without sweating and all sober and all im sure made more possible by lexapro. ive not experienced any of the negative side effects mentioned by other users of the drug, except i do have a hard time climaxing now, i can attain and maintain an erection but it takes me far longer to climax that it did before. this has been a benefit for me however as i used to masturbate several times a day, i now no longer feel the need to do that. also i have noticed i am much less prone to rages, i used to get very very flustered in traffic or other situations that caused me to wait, but now i go with the flow, still get upset, but i dont see red. i would seriously suggest anyone suffering from general anxiety disorder look into lexapro, it really isnt an invasive drug and hasnt altered my perception of things or my mood, im just not anxious or angry or obsesively horny anymore and dont need alcohol to chill out with. by the way, im a 23 year old hispanic male 5'10'' 160lbs with a family history of manic depression, seasonal depression, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and obsesive compulsive disorder and alcoholism.

Posted by: Greg at March 12, 2007 11:36 PM

I started taking lexapro as treatment for bulimia--the doctor said that it would help decrease my urge to purge after I ate. And it did at first--but as I was on it longer, I began to feel more depressed even though I still wasn't purging as often as before I was on it. Then the fatigue came. My goodness, I couldn't stay awake for the life of me. I napped every single day for 3 or 4 hours in the afternoon, plus sleeping a full 10 hours at night. And when I WAS awake, I was still tired and felt like I could go right back to sleep at a moment's notice. I had to take a medical leave off of school because th combination of the medication and the bulimia was too overwhelming.

I made an executive decision and weaned myself off of the lexapro, and although my bulimic symptoms have somewhat returned, I am overall feeling better than I was on the medication.

Posted by: Loboro at March 14, 2007 6:12 AM

I took Lexapro for two weeks during an awful depression. It worked like magic. I felt incredibly better for the first time in a long time, I was happy, I could laugh. I was not crying all the time. In short, Lexapro was a miracle drug at first. After a few months on it, though, I started to notice side effects -- I could not stay awake in the evenings and then slept too deeply and had trouble waking in the morning. Then, even worse, the depression came back worse than ever. So my doctor suggested doubling the dose (from 5 mg to 10 mg per day.) Then the sleepiness problem became more severe, and I also felt dopey headed, like i could not think clearly. I eventually stopped taking lexapro. Felt ok for a while, and about a year later my depression was back, so I am now taking celexa instead. So far, so good.

Posted by: PCL at March 20, 2007 6:58 PM

I had been on Wellbutrin for about 3 years and was slipping into a major depression. Thoughts of suicide, etc. My psychiatrist put me on lexapro in addition to the Wellbutrin. It worked for a while and then after about 9 months I noticed I had no energy, gained weight, was sort of numb to emotions -- I had to put my cat of 18 years down and the only time I was cried was when I actually went to the vet to put her to sleep. This lack of emotion disturbed me so I stopped taking lexapro. I did experience side effects for only about 2 days -- achy, dizzy, but that passed. It has been six months now but I am still having a bad time with my depression. Seeing my psychiatrist next week to see if something can be done. Also, in addition to the medication I do see a psycho therapist every other week. Maybe this is all life has to offer.

Posted by: Nancy at March 21, 2007 9:20 PM

Oh well one of my friends uses Lexapro for her depression..... she says it gives her relaxation...I never used it.....I just wanted to share it with you.....


Posted by: Daniel at March 22, 2007 7:25 AM

I was on 10 mg Lexapro for 18 months, this is my 7th day off. I am extremly dizzy and nauseauted. Today I am crying over everything and loosing my temper often. Does anyone know how long this will last?

Posted by: terri at April 1, 2007 4:31 PM

I've been on Lexapro for only three days now but I have already noticed the intense side effects. I am taking 10mg a day and my appetite has diminished so much I do have to force myself to eat, my muscles twitch and I have trouble sleeping. But my energy has been tremendous. I can just keep going and going and going. But I do feel better. When hearing news that before would have made me nose dive in to a dark depressive hole I can bounce back much faster. My skin also feels tingly and I am clenching my jaw. I'm usually quite the boozer too and feel disgusted by alcohol. I am not sexually active at the moment but do not notice a decressed libido yet. All the comments have made me a little scared, but my father is my physician and gave me this RX and he is one of the best doctors in the country. I trust his judgment completely but side effects are different for everyone I suppose. Trust your doctor but listen to your body. If it isin't right for you, something else might work better. Listen to your body.

Posted by: Rose at April 4, 2007 5:36 PM

I'm a student right now and I just started lexapro a few days ago. I am having some serious prolblems with lack of concentration. I can't read, study, or write a paper because of this foggy feeling I have all the time. The reason I started taking this is for the bad panick attacks I have. I don't know if it is worth it for me to wait out the side effects.

Posted by: chrystie at April 12, 2007 10:48 AM

I am taking lexapro for pmdd and absolutely love it, I can now function like a normal human! I only take it for 2 weeks before my period, I take a low dose- 10 mg. My pmdd is pretty strong and without lexapro, life is very rough every premenstrual cycle. I have no symptoms when I stop it also. Prozac also worked like this for me as well- only switched to lexapro on doc's recc- seemed to make me feel a little more normal than prozac (p. made me feel kind of numb). I give 2 thumbs up for lexapro for pmdd!

Posted by: Heather at April 17, 2007 4:17 PM

my daughter is having a touch time withdrawing from lexapro. she was on it off and on for at least 4 years. her doctor put her on lamictal now. has anyone heard of lamictal for depression? thanks Sandy

Posted by: sandy at May 25, 2007 9:51 PM

I have been on Lexapro for about 18months and I am increasingly depressed and now suicidal. I am concerned that this drug has increased my anxiety etc. It comes into the same category as Prozac and I have personally known a couple of ex Vietnam vets to suicide on Prozac. I think that these drugs are too generic. I don't think they work for everyone and I think that those they don't work for can have very adverse effects such as I am experiencing. Th eincidence of low serotonin may be true for some but I don';t believe it is relevant to all sufferers of depression and/or anxiety. It's bit like a 'one size fits all'. I don't trust pharmacutical companies and I am going to give up this drug immediatly. I will attempt to deal with the effects of this as they arise.

Posted by: Tina at June 22, 2007 10:54 AM

I took one tablet of this crazy pill, and had a terrible rapid heart rate, headache, yawns, and this morning when I woke up my head felt like it's been in a vice overnight.

How did this drug get approval with so many obvious side effects. I don't think I will take another pill, because I am afraid of the withdrawal effects.

I've tried so many and nothing works. I'm going to a therapist soon. My mind feels like I am lost.

Posted by: Les at July 25, 2007 8:24 PM

I took Lexapro for a while (I don't know how long, but it was less than 6 months). I found no relief from my anxiety. The worst side-effect was anger...I felt angry all the time. It may work for some, but not for me. I currently don't take an antidepressant. I take Lorazepam when I need it.

Posted by: Jeff D at August 23, 2007 5:47 PM

I've been prescribed Lexapro 4 months ago for major depression and except couple of mild side effects which lasted for 2-3 days the drug has been working quite well on me. So instead of advising anyone to avoid the drug, its better to consult your doctor.

Posted by: CL at January 4, 2008 6:21 PM

After reading some of these blogs, it feels strange to say that Lexapro helped me. I'm a college stundent, ironically majoring in psychology, and I have felt like my depression has lifted while taking Lexapro (20mg). I have been taking it for three months now and, coupled with counseling, I feel like a new person. The only downside is that I have found it much more difficult to reach an orgasm. It's not impossible, it just takes more time.. and that can be aggravating. However, I'm pretty satisfied with Lexapro and plan to stay on it for as long as I feel it is necessary.

Posted by: Shaylyn at February 27, 2008 3:34 AM

hllo, i like to hear frome anyone if lexapro is working for you at work. can you still keep up with everyday life?

Posted by: theresa at March 18, 2008 8:50 AM

I have been on Lexapro for a little over a month and had several of the side effects during the first week or so. I was really tired, didn't have much of an appetite, yawned alot and had some stomach problems. The side effects went away except for being really tired, so I started taking it before I go to bed at night and I don't have the extreme fatigue at all anymore. I have had no sexual side effects, in fact, because I feel like myself again, my husband and I have been more active. :) I'm glad that I gave my body some time to adjust to the Lexapro because I feel so much better about myself, I'm able to be a better wife and mother and I am able to do my job better. I should have taken this step a long time ago.

Posted by: Stacy at March 26, 2008 10:56 AM

Believe it or not, I took one Lexapro and had an amazing reaction. I started itching all over my body and it didn't quit till I called my allergist who told me to take Xyzal and Atarax. I scratched through my skin!~

Posted by: Sabra J. at May 3, 2008 1:37 PM

I've been on Lexapro for 8 days now. I was given it to help control terrible anxiety and anger. I was feeling out of control and so unhappy with every aspect of my life. I want to be happy so I am dealing with the so far mild side effects. I was yawning alot, that has improved today. Weak stomach and foggy feeling is also deminishing. I feel better! I felt better after only a few days, much calmer and less edgy. It's just not normal to get pissed off when your kid drops her crayons. I'm staying on it for at least 4 -6 weeks, if I don't get a little more energy maybe I'll ask for celexa which worked when I took it a few years ago. I should have stayed on it!

Posted by: Cynthia at May 22, 2008 4:35 PM


Posted by: Valerie at June 19, 2008 1:30 AM

I have been taking Lexapro since January (switching from Prozac which I took since 1991), and I am just now realizing that I think my huge increase in anger and irritability and loss of temper is due to the Lexapro. Also, horrible eating, craving carbs, and tremendous fatigue (though I also have MS, so the latter might be due to that). I have only been taking 10 mgs once a day, and cut back to 5 mgs the last two days. Effective immediately, I am going off it. I noticed that just in the last 36 hours, my anger has subsided, and I think it is because of the cutback to 5 mgs. Has anyone else experienced increase anger and irritibiility with Lexapro? I also completely lost my libido (which Prozac had definately done in as well).

Posted by: seamaiden at August 21, 2008 8:54 PM

I have been taking lexapro for 4 days now, 5 mg only. I am going through a nasty divore and found myself very short tempered with my boyfriend and children. I went to my doctor for regular physical and he recommended that I take lexapro. I started taking it that day and the only side effects I notice are: a sore mouth (i guess im grinding my teeth), lack of hunger, and tiredness, but I cant sleep. I dont know if this is normal or not, but its hard for me to deal with.

Posted by: KB at September 1, 2008 9:48 PM

I decided not to re-type/copy & paste everything on my blog ( lexapro-bob.blogspot.com ). It's just a review of my experience on Lexapro.

BTW, I rarely drink alcohol on Lexapro - bad reactions and decreased effectiveness of Lexapro (the same goes for caffiene).

Posted by: Bob at December 9, 2008 8:52 AM

I recently became aware of the research linking lose of bone density, and resulting 200% potential increase in fractures for SSRI users.
One year ago I had been taking Lexapro (for about 8 months)at 7.5 mg/day when I slipped in a laudromat (from a standing position!) and fractured my fibula (small bone in shin portion of leg). I stopped taking Lexapro 7 months ago because I was tired of the SEVERE MOOD SWINGS (within 24 hours!) when I forgot to take it. I was only taking 7.5 mg a day!!!!

Posted by: David at December 17, 2008 5:42 PM

I have been on Lexapro for a few years now. It has been a godsend! I have a moderate to severe case of IBS for which I have had since I was born. However, the daily stresses of life after college turned my IBS into a nightmare. I tried everything my doctor prescribed. The only thing that seemed to keep me out of the bathroom was Imodium and prescription anti-diarriah meds, which is highly addictive for your colon. Anyhow, my doctor prescribed me Paxil, which did nothing for me. I felt exactly the same for 2 years. Then he switched me to Lexapro. About a month later I noticed I wasn't going to the bathroom as much. I thought it might be a fluke. Nope! It has been 2 or so years now and I have my life back. The only side effects that I have noticed is sometimes I feel slight dizzy or if I miss a pill I start having withdrawal symptoms called "brain shocks". But other than that, I am a happy camper and I sleep like a bear in hibernation. Anti-anxiety and anti-depressants react differently with different people. It's all about finding the right one that works for you. My brother-in-law went through 3 different ones before he found the one that worked for him. Now, I can't wait for it to go generic so I don't have to pay $40 a month for it!

Posted by: Shannon at January 27, 2009 1:29 PM

After taking lexapro for six weeks I started getting massive headaches. I stopped taking the mediication. It has now been 10 days and still massive headaches. Can anyone please tell me how long these headaches may last??

Posted by: Armen at February 2, 2009 5:02 PM

I have taken lexapro for 10 years, gained 25 pounds and want to ween myself off the drug and work on my weight. What is the best way to accompolish my goal?

Posted by: Ruste at May 7, 2009 2:14 AM

i have a very important recurrent training class on the 11th. ive been off of lexapro for 4days, and im having severe withdrawl, mainly head freezes dizzy etc, memory lapse, and no concentration. this training depends on my job, i work for an airline, and its a safety and of course a job security. if i take just like 5mg to get me thru the day, without the dizzy head thing and concentration, will that start these symptoms all over, also, will it work immediately, so i can just take it the one day, and thats it...thanks for any help
barb mcgee

Posted by: bbmcgee at June 9, 2009 3:48 AM

Its more depressing not to be able to have an orgasm than to go without lexapro and be a little quirky. I dont trust any doctors. Ive even stopped birth control. I take nothing. and its GREAT! Think about biofeedback and Reiki and Pilates. And Run run run it will kick your ASS. Thats really what we all need. get your rear in gear. You are probably also all allergic to wheat, dairy, etc. so less BEER, less WHOLE WHEAT cereal, esp. if your of scottish irish british etc. heritege.

Posted by: S at June 24, 2009 7:43 AM

Hello.. this is my first time on here and I was wondering if the headaches go away after a while? I've only been on Lexapro for 5 days, but the headaches are really bad! It usually starts 4 hours after I take my meds and lasts until I finally give up and go to bed. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me...thanks.

Posted by: Donna at July 13, 2009 9:37 PM

Lexapro has been proven in clinical trials to be an effective and well-tolerated prescription medication that improves the quality of life for adults suffering from depressionA disease that affects millions of Americans each year, believed to be caused by an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters. and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)An overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often accompanied by physical symptoms such as tension, sweating, or increased pulse rate. Anxiety symptoms are commonly associated with depression.
Lexapro is a member of the group of prescription drugs called selective serotoninA neurotransmitter that is believed to influence mood. SSRIs help relieve the symptoms of depression by increasing the available supply of serotonin in the brain. reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Lexapro has been prescribed to over 18 million U.S. adults. With just one 10 mg tablet a day, Lexapro significantly improved the symptoms of depression and anxiety for many patients. In studies of patients taking 10-mg a day of Lexapro, the number of people who stopped taking Lexapro due to side effects was comparable to those who took placebo in the treatment of depression.Escitalopram increases the amount of neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain by blocking the resorption of serotonin from the synapse, having little effect of other receptors, which is why it is called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).Lexapro is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause depression or anxiety.

Posted by: jennismortal at July 22, 2009 6:42 AM

Avoid this crap at all costs. I took it for about 5 months and felt like a total zombie. I'd take this drug as a last resort. If you choose to take this drug be aware of the side affects--lack of concentration,dizziness, exhaustion.

To all those trying to quit without side affects:

All I did to quit was start cutting the 10mg pills into half. After a few weeks of taking half I eventually cut the pill into 4 equal quarters and take a quarter at a time. I had no side affects at all. No "brain shivers". Hope this helps.

Posted by: Mike at August 5, 2009 7:39 PM

Has anyone had an experience with lexapro and acne?
I've been on it for 3 weeks.
I dealt with nausea the first week.
Now I have horrible acne on my upper arms. I've never had this happen before. Any thoughts?

Posted by: tyedyechele at August 5, 2009 7:59 PM

I took Lexapro for two years. My son was diagnosed with pddnos and I was devasted and knew I needed to be the best I could be for him, and the rest of my family. The medicine gave me a thicker skin. I got over the sexual side effects. I started ADD medicine and thought I would have a heart attack or stroke on it so I stopped that. I had the funniest side effect from the Lexapro. I could dance like never before. I am telling you people would walk up to me and say you are the best dancer I have ever seen. My husband was like, wow. Somehow the music and movement of dance was so obvious. I tripped myself out. At the same time I was getting more and more lethargy and struggling to get out of bed and once out to stay out of it. My doctor switched my to Cymbalta. I feel much better, and the ADD meds are great now. Sadly my mad dancing skills have disappeared. I wonder what that was all about.

Posted by: michelle wall at September 1, 2009 8:15 AM

As a seizure patient I was on two medicines which caused depression, found about that later; and my dr put me on Lexapro. 10mg morn and nite. too heavy by far so I changed it to 5. worked better but lethargy accompanied it all...then a year later the depression got awful. I weaned myself off by taking 1/2 every other day. worked fine for a while, but a month after I took no more the severe depressions began again. I have gone back to 1/2 of a 10 mg every other day. It isn't perfect but takes the edge off the Keppra which is depressive. Lexapro should be taken very lightly. I weigh 155 lbs and 5 mg every other day is ample. Maybe more than ample as I am sleeping more, and as an artist I don't have the mental sharpness I used to and need.

Posted by: carolina at September 2, 2009 12:05 PM

I just wanted to say that I know how painfuall depression and anxiety can be. I have noticed however my symptoms always were the worst after going through a major life change. Ex: when I was 29 my husband died of lymphoma, When I lost a job, went through a break up, and when I had a baby I experienced post partum. After a period of time though the drugs seem to always make me feel worse off, or they don't seem as effective. I started Lexipro for anxiety, and was so fatigued the first 4 months and tired I felt like I was depressed. I have never experienced withdrawel for more than 2 weeks. I do think you hear things that frighten you about withdrawel so you expect the worst. Mainly irritable for a few days, and yes sometimes even more down temporarily. I had ringing in my ears when I went off of Paxil. Lexipro and Celexa was more moodiness. I think fear, stress, worry, and overall sense of loss can make us feel out of control. Meditation is good. If you find a good adio guided imagery tape, that can help you for a few minutes each day it can do wonders too, and walking. Just walking gets you out of your head and problems, and helps you work it out. I am not saying go off meds. They did get me through some rough patches. Nobody should have to feel alone. Depressian can make you feel that way, because you tend to isolate your self more, and don't want to talk about it to friends and family. People are ashamed of themselves for having it. There should be more openess for people to feel safe, afterall millions of people suffer from it.

Posted by: brenda at September 14, 2009 1:13 PM

I've been on and off Lexapro every year for the past five years and, more-or-less, it's helped ward off the blues, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and a host of other issues. It has made me somewhat out of it, constantly defocused, but on the upside I just can't seem to get worked up about anything and events that would preoccupy my mind for hours now flitter away.

One thing I have noticed is every time I go on then off it (with never any side effects, I do taper though) is I need a higher dose to be effective. I'm not sure why this is.

I do question, however, many of the posts here. Lexapro works for you, or it doesn't, or it's somewhere in between, but it's not a silver bullet, which many clearly here have posted expecting one (1) doze and all their problems will go away. Many of the posts here it seems were looking for a blog to vent about how Lexapro didn't make their world this happy rosey perfect place, sorry, it won't do that. Some people here need a reality check and to do more honest research about what these drugs do, and don't do, before coming out of left field with assumptions about how it should have effected them. If they were told it was going to be THE solution, then that person told you wrong, if you were told it might help a little, that's closer to the truth. Ultimately it's only a drug and you have to make changes in you as well.

Posted by: Colin at December 15, 2009 8:05 AM

i have had the same things happen to me! i was taking 10mg now im on 20mg,i have not been sleeping, i have been tired all the time and having more panic attacks, but i tried to get off the pill but it mad me seem like i was going crazy!!!! i have been taking it for over a yr now. what do i do?

Posted by: chelsea at December 30, 2009 12:33 PM

i have had the same things happen to me! i was taking 10mg now im on 20mg,i have not been sleeping, i have been tired all the time and having more panic attacks, but i tried to get off the pill but it mad me seem like i was going crazy!!!! i have been taking it for over a yr now. what do i do?

Posted by: chelsea at December 30, 2009 12:34 PM

my other half has been taking this drug since before we met. She blames this drug for her lack of libido, and has now dropped her dosage. But I thought 'lack of libido' was just a general dislike of sex. Problem is, she kisses me like I am her brother. More than 2 seconds, and she needs to come up for air. Please...I try to touch her with a gentle caress, she pushes my hand away. I need to know- is this 'lack of libido' or simply her way of telling me 'I abhor you' ? in every other way, she is generous and loving and I believe she is fond of me. I will have no choice but to visit a paid professional for some release (you know what I mean) unless one of you ladies can enlighten me about the lack of physical contact...

Posted by: confused at January 23, 2010 2:06 PM

Lexapro is a permanent life long cure for any depression if you can survive the treatment. I was prompted by a marriage counselor to go to my doctor and request drugs for my OCD symptoms (checking, intrusive sad thoughts, previous eating disorders as a teen and heavy drinking.) I went to my husband’s pcp who never met me before. He gave me a depression self-test and diagnosed me with depression and anxiety, and then prescribed me Lexapro and Rozerem since I had a terrible insomnia problem. He also decided it was a good idea to start kissing me and grabbing me in his office. The Lexapro did such a good job getting me up and doing things, lots of things, but unfortunately, I believe it also may have made me nervous because it raised my blood pressure from it’s usual 120/80 to 145/110. I was really up, up, up. I could drink twelve shots of straight liquor and still be walking around for hours. This was the busiest year of my life. I managed to get 2 DUI’s 4 drunk in publics and an involuntary commit for suicide, attend 2 rehab’s, a hypnotherapist, weekly ASAP programs, all while working full time an taking care of a young child. During the course of my medical treatment, I was seen by 3 psychiatrists, 4 doctors, and numerous counselors. Most of the follow up treatment involved numerous more drugs, anti-buse, campral, and Buspar. All of which I had to stop taking due to side effects such as full body tremors and falling down. Finally, after the second DUI which I was also charged with a felony for pinching a police officers butt, I decided maybe I should stop taking the Lexapro b/c I seemed to have developed some obsession with alcohol and I could see I was also becoming delusional. So, while in jail, I requested no more medication for 1 week and was able to fully withdraw from Lexapro, although the depression side effects of the withdrawal lasted about three months. I met numerous other women in jail for DUI’s while on Zoloft, Lexapro and Abilify and others for shoplifting on Zanax. My depression is 100% permanently cured. I no longer ever feel sad about my life. I have never killed anyone driving drunk, I didn’t kill myself, I am no longer in jail, I didn’t get my kid taken away from me, I am not in a mental institution, and I don’t have a lethal diastolic blood pressure of 110 anymore. No matter what happens in my life now, I am always hopeful and never depressed. I know things could be much worse.

Posted by: Happy Ever After at February 14, 2010 8:35 AM

ive been off and on it for about a year, and i know it sounds absurd but it makes my labido super strong. my girlfriend loves me on it. the only real concern i have is the dry mouth and weight loss. when i stopped useing it i felt no withdrawl at all. i dont know does anyone else feel that lexapro makes there love life better.

Posted by: daniel p hodges at August 21, 2010 7:37 PM


Posted by: addie walker at September 19, 2010 3:54 PM

Lexapro has been incredible for me. I am a 37 year old man. It has now been 5 1/2 weeks on 10 mgs and I feel amazing! For the first three weeks it was not effective and I did have some side effects, loss of appetite, fatigue, no sex drive (although I could still perform), trouble sleeping and I would wake up with a very uneasy feeling, basically anxious.

But at week four it all seemed to turn around. My sex drive came back, I started eating normally, I had more energy during the day. It is sometimes still hard to sleep at night, but not too bad. I am truly amazed at how I feel. I am a very successful person, have my own business, a beautiful family, but have always felt close to worthless inside, always feeling less than everyone else. I chose to fight this all my life natural ways, meditation, herbals, exercise. Although it all helped a little, nothing took it completely away. Then about a year ago it just started getting worse, I was very anxious to even be around people besides my family, I slipped into a moderate to severe depression. I still was trying to stay active, but felt very unhappy everyday. Had thoughts like why did my poor family get stuck with me. My thoughts were almost OCD like, everything negative that happened to me in the past was constantly racing through my head. Although I never really considered suicide, I thought it would be better if I was dead. So, out of desperation, I went to the doctor who gave me Lexapro. So now I am going out all the time with people, I HAVE NO ANXIETY!!! I am smiling inside and it almost feels like I am starting a whole new life, the one I always wanted to live. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner, like in Jr High. If this sounds familiar to you run to your doctor and start living your life, life is amazing when your head is clear!

Posted by: jo at October 20, 2010 3:07 PM

Well I am glad I found this website- I have been diagnosed with PTSD. My husband died 3 years ago and left me to be a single mother of our boys. I have been seeing a therapist for a while and the other Dr. in the office prescribed me lexapro, I took it for the first time last night. I feel a little weird today but nothing CRAZY. I have heard good things about this, but from what I have read here has scared the hell out of me! She told me to take my lexapro and my xanax at bedtime, because i cant sleep *always thinking of him* I slept pretty good but had a hard time getting out of bed and went to bed early. Thanks for the incite guys, greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Joyce at January 2, 2011 2:25 PM

i cut myself down from 10 mg of lexapro to 5 mg 10 days ago and so far i feel fine. how long should i stay at 5 mg? i plan to split the 5 mg next so that i am at 2.5 mg before stopping completely

Posted by: tricia at March 26, 2011 9:07 PM

I have been taking Lexapro 10 mg for 3 full weeks and two days now. I am still blasted by anxiety episodes - 5 or 6 or more a day.

When does Lexapro stop these anxiety attacks?
Am I close?

Posted by: Mark at June 13, 2011 8:27 PM

My fiance had a bad reaction to cipralex (same as lexapro as I understand it). He spent the first 10 days in bed in a mental fog. He experienced tremors and suffered insomnia because of them. Then he had a brief respite from anxiety and depression for 3 or 4 days. He then became very very tired and felt weak and immasculated. This lead to hopelessness and more depression ... His dose was the upped from 10 to 20mg. The the depression got much worse and he became very suicidal! This happened over the holidays. He even missed Christmas with his 6 year old daughter. Since we couldn't see our doctor and the symptoms were so severe he decided to go off cold turkey. Well it's been 2 weeks and he was fine the first few days. But he has had so much anger and rage in the past 10 days it's unbelievable!!!! He has been so hurtful to me, which he has never been like before. He's said the most mean things possible and almost left our family for good. He has always been my best friend and soul mate and nowhe seems to hate me...? So unfair!!! I hate what this medicine has done to him!!! I'd ad use anyone e to proceed with extreme caution!! :(

Posted by: rory at January 1, 2012 3:49 AM

I'm a 27 year old male who has been on lexapro for 5 yrs. It has been 2 weeks since I've been med free and so far withdrawal symptoms are manageable. I have times when I feel intense cold on my skin, body aches, neck aches, and the infamous brain zaps. Ive been doing consistent exercise coupled with a healthy diet that includes green smoothies. I believe thus far my symptoms have been bearable due to my active role in boosting my health thru exercise n diet.

Posted by: Phil at January 8, 2012 12:35 AM

anyone buy lexapro from india

Posted by: ed at July 30, 2012 6:24 PM

I was crawling out if my skin before I got help. My Hubbie even 86st his trip for business to bring me to the DR. Ridden with panic all the time, I could not see this as a good way to live. My Dr. Put me on LEXAPRO, 10 ml. at first, them 20 ml. after 30 days. I feel like I have my life back. Still some moments where I feel a bit overwhelmed, but the occasional XANAX helps. A little cardio and a bit of therapy helps too. Tell the people you love what you are feeling, and let them help. LEXAPRO is not for everyone, but PLEASE do not stop trying to find what will. Mild to big life changes have to happen too, to make the drug work as it was intended.

Posted by: regi at September 18, 2012 10:21 PM

lexapro is making me so tired and lethargic. i need to get off it. horrible.

Posted by: lexus at November 18, 2012 4:46 AM

I have been on lexapro for about 2 months or so I started off with 10 mg but it was making me sleepy soo sleepy so I started taking 5mg...all seemed to go good then I missed a few days and it seems everytime I forget to take the medicine I seem to get angry and over emotional...like soooo bad I throw things curse out people argue about simple comments...has anyone else had this problem

Posted by: beth at June 2, 2014 2:01 AM

As the wife of a man taking lexapro, the inability for him to achieve orgasm has created issue inside myself(i take prozac for anxiety and ocd).logically, after reading this blog, i see this is a fairly common side effect. Does this get worse with alcohol? Also, is it known to go away after time? It give me anxiety and stress cause after 2 kids...i suddenly can't get my husband off and it makes me overly critical of myself. Its a bit of issue. However, if one stays away from drinking,..would the inability to achieve orgasm diminish?

Posted by: sara at October 11, 2014 2:18 AM

I miss my wife, i had so much fun with her before we had a our daughter. after that and Lexapro became a part of her copping crutch, it been hard for me to understand her. I love her and missed the women I married, one should never drink when using lexapro. she becomes fixated and angry until the next day. meanwhile I want to run and hide, so I avoid being the punching bag!

Posted by: Ann B. at December 31, 2015 1:38 AM

hello I was just to see my doc today and he recommended Lexapro 10mg . I have been reading all this bull shit people are saying about Lexapro . are all you people crazy ? you people act if was a deadly drug. why on earth would you try to scare people to death with such bull shit. old man told me the computer was made to finish destroying the world and I can see it now. going to try Lexapro and see what happens. later all

Posted by: tony at February 24, 2016 8:56 PM

I started taking this for a week and a bit first few days I was vomiting and feeling dizzy . Next few days I did not knew who I was and started writing a book as if I was going to die.
Few days later I started cutting my self and now I feel like to commit suicide lexapro as made it worse

Posted by: josh at May 3, 2016 10:48 PM

I have been taking lexapro 20 MG for almost 2 years. I had to stop accidently bc I ran out. Funny thing is while I was on lexapro, I never had motivation to do anything. But after the side effects from the withdrawal, I'm actually more motivated than I was on lexapro.

Posted by: Amanda Tomas at June 15, 2016 6:34 PM

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