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Paxil is a drug that was released by the Glaxo SmithKline corporation aimed at fighting depression. The FDA approved Paxil for research in 1992. In May of 1996 Paxil was approved for the treatment of panic disorder and OCD. Paxil is a member of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor family, which increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells. Official Paxil Website
If you or someone you know has had a problem with Paxil feel free to call the advertising section of FDA at (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240.
Paxil Feedback and Side Effects

I took Paxil for almost a year, 20mg per day. I did feel better, but I had a side effect where I was unable to ejaculate. I finally decided to stop taking it, and I had a very difficult time quitting. It took two months of very gradual dose reduction before I was finally off of it.

Posted by: TAB at November 4, 2004 9:40 PM

i have been on paxil for 3 years.i have taken as
much as 60mg but was mostly on 40mg.i decided to slowly wean my way off did 20mg for about 2 weeks and then 10mg now trying to do every other day.i have periods of nausea and mild headaches.i have experienced the whooshing in my head and hot flashes(probably due to menopause).i
really craved carbs which my doctor adv me about.i decided to go off since i had no sex drive and wanted to feel like my old self.everybody at work said my old fun personality is returning.i only went on because i had just lost my dad and had alot of anxiety.i never realized how this drug effects you.i am actually crying and emotional again.i really missed not feeling anything.i am committed to getting off this drug but its rough.people should now the truth about this really feels good to hear others talk about what they are going through.we need support group so we can talk to others going through the same.people that have never taken do not i am mean do not understand what we go thru.thanks for letting me speak my mind i really hope i can do it

Posted by: claudia larsen at November 15, 2004 10:24 AM

Different people will have different reactions to most medications. I have been on Paxil for over 12 years due to my Viet-Nam experience and chronic depression. I maintain a maintenance dosage of 20mg and when I enter into my never ending (in & out)depression phase, I up my dosage to 40mg. Have to share with you folks, if you are taking Paxil you should consider taking the natural suppliment, SAM-e. SAM-e is used in Europe in place of Paxil. It is not recognized in the US like it is in Europe. Drug companies can't make any money on a natural suppliment, that's why it's not promoted in the USA. Paxil and Sam-e is a dynamic-duo for depression. 3 to 5 days and you can actually feel the differene. Take it from a LONG time user of Paxil. Adivce, if you want to get off Paxil you have to diminish the dosage very very slowly. 20 mg to 15mg, 15 to 10, 10 to 5 and then even 5 to about 3. Takes awhile but it works. I wish everyone the best when dealing with Paxil. Jack

Posted by: Jack at December 3, 2004 1:10 PM

I have tried on and off everything from trycylics
to more modern meds like paxil and prozac. All left ne feeling spaced out.

Nardil-an old MAO inhbiter basically sved mu life and my sisterslife 18 years ago. It is one of the first Anti-depressants. And it is the best. My sister and I fighting Panic Attacks and Depression for years were basically saved by this med. And no shrink wants to prescribe it because
of interactions with some foods and ALL OTC cold remedies. However, when given an ultimatuum they will prescrbed it, AND OVER THE YEARS ALL ^ SHRINKS TOLD US IT IS REALLY THE BEST OUT THERE.
Nardil provides a scatter shot of all the specific
target meds found in all the new meds. It works fast within days, you will feel a change. 3-4 pills per day(all 15 mg) are a good start. Then drop down in 6mo.s to a year to 2 per day.

PLEASE LOOK UP ON OTHER SITES. I BEG YOU TO TRY IT<Add in a bit of CKlonopine as needed.

Posted by: Jim at December 5, 2004 9:55 PM

Hi im 24 years old, I was molested for mos of my childhood till i was 10 sexualy and physicaly..and I have been diagnosaed with severe ptsd,with phsycotic episodes and ADD and alsop some sort of panic atack dissorder that goes inwith the PTSD somehow...well anyways...all I have to i heard Bi-Polar people shouldnt take Paxil because it makes them angry...well me i do not believe after years of evaluation still that i am bipolar....and I was given paxil on 2 diff occasions when i was about 12 and then again at about 17....i remember taking the druig for maybe 2-3 weeks both times
before stopping it because i found myself wanting to kill everyone around me for no reason.I mean like to thwe point i would fantisize about ripping theyre face off...and i found that since normaly...i am a VERY passive person who isnt really violent,this disturbed me...shure it got rid of the depression...and made me feel phsycoticly homicidal and many other disturbing feelings....well just wanted to share that....and saee if anyone else has expierienced siode effects of incredible rage and animalistic bloodlust while taking that drug.,..causei shure did ..i personaly will never take ANY anti-depressant med of that nature ever again..because Zoloft even gave me that feeling but milder..anyways...thanks -Van

Posted by: Van at December 6, 2004 1:09 AM

I have been on Paxil for 5 years due to severe PMS symptoms. This past year I have repeatedly tried to get off Paxil, but every time I try, I have debilitating migraine headaches. I have lost more sick days because of this than in my entire life. Paxil is extremely addictive and no one should be using it without being told of all the risks involved. I am currently in my 7th try of trying to kick the Paxil habit and have the worst migraine that has lasted 4 days.My doctor has put me on Wellbutrin now, but I hope that this will improve my headaches. I didn't realize that Paxil would be so extremely addictive.

Posted by: Karen at December 11, 2004 2:52 AM

I have been taking Paxil for 4 months now and my mental life has changed dramatically. I am so happy that I decided on taking it. I started taking it for anxiety purposes, but I must admit it has helped me in so many other areas as well. It has made me such a more optomistic person, a happy person, a less anxious person, a less stressed person and it has helped me with every relatiohship I have with others! I recommend it to anyone who is seeking help in controling their emotions and seeking a happier life.

Posted by: at December 15, 2004 3:34 AM

I thought that I would start having bouts of depression when I stopped taking Paxil but irratability is really bad. Has anyone else had the same problem

Posted by: nolecat99 at December 20, 2004 12:41 AM

I just lived hell with paxil.
i was under prozac the past 5/8 years doing quite well at least with no symptomes. I suffer from chronic depression having hard times with stress/anxiety and also having high energy (working to death sometimes...)
i got fired. i got a job back with another company - i had panic attacks due to this bad experience. i was seing a psychologist to deal with that. i was facing all my fears at work and was going on the right track.
i went to see a generalist doctor who gave me paxil against anxiety in march 2004.
i could stop prozac easily. because i did not have any new prescription, i had to stop right away.
terrible thing to do and i did not know at all this drug.
crazy hallucinations, gain of weight, increased of breast as crazy, restlessness, hyper very hyperactive, mind racing, voices telling me i was going to die young, i associated with all sick people. completly out of control.
my dear doctor did me all tests with finally irm only in november 2004.
all this hell started in june when i stopped promptly. in october one morning i did not go to work - i quit after a terrible nightmare like living the true death of my husband on bike on the road - complete craziness. i spare the details. i had to call him several times a day to check - thought he was jesus...etc never happened before in my life. i spent money more than usual. i was becoming very boulimic more than usual. i did not enjoy really my vacations in july due to hyperactivity, mind racing.
my psychologist and everybody started to wake up only in october. i was going crazy, hopeless.
i was leaving work at lunch going directly to my doctor because i had hallucinations with my computer, i searche all diseases on my computer - sure i was dying. was unable to enjoy present time anymore. had many multiple projects - changed my mind all the times.
i stopped working. i got fired meanwhile (it was a nice company by the way - they do not know the disability program !!!).
they put me back slowly on prozac again. very hard. migraines, heavy migraines - never had that before. it was shown on my irm.
i did not trust my thinking anymore, any choices, any desires i can do. changes of sexual behaviours - had nearly a sexual affair with a stupid massage therapist whereas i never do this type of thing - quite under control. he grasped the opportunity.
i did not bear the noises, the noise generated by too many conversations created by my family - was hyperactive - felt very lost.
today after 1 week and after many press publications in france for example in the newspaper The Monde (look at bmj), I stopped taking prozac. I was with 20mg. I do not trust the medical body and feel very angry against my generalist doctor who is scared about potential complaint i can do. (he mentionned it clearly). i will not do anything - just willing to get better and move on.
i started a fitness program, start to eat vegetables, cut on foods. think about tai chi, relaxation massage.
i got referral to start to go to the hospital each morning to get course on behaviours to handle depression, anxiety. BUT, the psychiatrist when i met her for assessment was starting to talk about putting me under another drug - prozac plus benziam...for the anxiety. i am truly against. my generalist doctor told me if i do not take the medecine, no need to come to bug him - once again a churck...
if you have better heathly solution to live without psy and medicaments, let me know.
by the way, i had a copy of my irm showing in november migraines at unusual locations. is there a way to schan it and show it to you, a doctor to get double advices as very hard to trust the medical body after all of that.
thanks LC.

Posted by: ant at January 10, 2005 5:31 PM


Posted by: ERICA at January 12, 2005 2:18 PM

I have been taking Paxil for one year, I started gaining weight right away. In 12 months I have gained 30 pounds. I was not told of that side effect at the time it was prescribed to me.There has been times that I missed taking my paxil 20 mg for about two days this causes me to get dizzy and have horribel headeaches that keeps me from concentrating. It usually messes me up for the rest of the day. Once I get the paxil back into my system then I can function fine. I also have had problems with vision. I went to get glasses but the problem is still there. The problem I had before taking paxil is gone so I am thanking for that.

Posted by: at January 12, 2005 3:29 PM

I've been taking paxil for about 2 years now. At first I felt like hell. Dizzy spells,loss of appitite, headaches. After about two weeks they started to go away. It took about 6 weeks to reach it's full effect and in my opinion it was worth the wait! It's been years since I've felt this great. The biggest difference I've noticed is how confident I am now. I found out that I had Social Anxiety Disorder a few years ago and would avoid social gatherings at all costs. Not any more! It wasn't until about a year ago that I realized the down side to this drug. Such as, don't forget to take your meds! Major headaches and light-headedness.Not to mention the 50 pounds I gained in the first year and a half. I got so frustrated with the weight gain that I decided to enroll in a weight loss program and was given phenermine. I am happy to say the I have lost 26 pounds in the first three months. The phenermine completly eliminated my cravings for carbs. Although I'm sure my doctor would not advise me to take phenermine with paxil I decided to say SCREW IT! That's how desperate I was to get rid of this excess weight(which by the way she called vanity weight, yah right!). I'm not sure how long I'm going to be on this med, I'd like to get off eventually but I'm not looking forward to the side effects at all. Overall rating for this drug; Damned if do, Damned it you don't!

Posted by: at January 20, 2005 5:27 PM

All I can say is...DO NOT get on paxil. It does help with anxiety and depression very well. However, the side effects are not worth it. Neither are the withdrawls. I'm constantly nauseous when I'm on paxil. I have been on it for over 6 years. I've also gained over 30 pounds. As someone else above said, damned if you do, damned if you don't. If I take it I feel naseous and gain weight, if I don't take it the withdrawls are so bad I can't get up. CONSTANTLY crying, nauseous, migraines, the nausea is a million times worse on the withdrawls. I've actually been off work for the last year and a half and I'm hoping to start a new class action suit against GSK for the withdrawls and my inability to work because of the way I feel constantly. Why should I keep paying my money to someone who didn't tell me this drug was SOO addictive? If you know anyone with this problem, being addicted, let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Maybe we can all start a case together! Email me at

Posted by: Gina at June 18, 2006 8:58 PM

I took 20mg a day after my horrible experience with my anxiety and depression, after the fifth day i was taking it, i had a really bad depressive feeling that made me feel completely out of this world and that nothing felt worth living, this led to an anxiety attack and eventually throwing up.....i was so scared that i called my doctor and he told me to detox for a week and to come back and see him........i didn't I found a book called "From Panic to Power" by Lucinda completely transformed my life and I have almost completely recovered, it's been about 3 months now and it's just amazing how powerful your mind can be......I really hope you can go and buy this book and to keep a positive attitude.... i was able to get out of my severe anxiety and depression with this..........please give me some feedback if you do........if your reading this, just like i read everything i could about my condition, you will do it....

Posted by: Louis at July 17, 2006 5:48 PM

I took xanax and zoloft and then finally paxil........20mg a day after my horrible experience with anxiety and depression, after the fifth day i was taking it, i had a really bad depressive feeling that made me feel completely out of this world and that nothing felt worth living, this led to an anxiety attack and eventually throwing up.....i was so scared that i called my doctor and he told me to detox for a week and to come back and see him........i didn't......... I found a book called "From Panic to Power" by Lucinda completely transformed my life along with seeing a therapist once a month, I have almost completely recovered, it's been about 3 months now and it's just amazing how powerful your mind can be......I really hope you can go and buy this book and to keep a positive attitude.... i was able to get out of my severe anxiety and depression with this..........please give me some feedback if you do........if your reading this, just like i read everything i could about my condition, you will do it....

Posted by: Louis at July 17, 2006 5:52 PM

Drugs that target specific mental problems are a nightmare if they're not right for you and a miracle if they are.

I'm bi-polar with extreme social anxiety and suffered for many years with crippling anxiety.

I was misdiagnosed many times over the years by well-meaning physicians who did their level best to nail down what was wrong with me. I had many years of absolutely horrible experiences with medications, and many disappointments with drugs that worked at first, but soon lost their effectiveness.

For me, Paxil was the magic bullet I'd been searching for. It was hell the first month or so until my body got adjusted, but I'm now enjoying a level of quality of life I haven't experience for many years.

Brain-science is still in its infancy, and researchers, physicians and drug-manufacturers are going their level best with what they have. It's easy to blame them for our troubles, but one has to remember that not many years ago there was no treatment for any of these problems. What we have today is far from perfect, but I'll take what we have now over the practice, which existed until the 1950's, of sticking people like us in assylums.

Posted by: GSMonks at July 29, 2006 1:50 AM

I take 20 mg of Paroxetine.I want to know if me being very nervous TOO much can be a side effect. I already am hipper active.But I have extreem periods of semi panic ,while driving,and at home. should I make an appointment with my Doc. I have started 3 jobs in 2 months and quit.I can't handle
radid movement. please email me back. Deanna

Posted by: Deanna at August 21, 2006 11:10 PM

I dont take paxil but my husband does and I find since he has taken it to be very forgetfull cant remember things that he should be remembering, I swear its the paxil I dont think he notices in fact I dont think he notices a damn thing since he's been on it, that me a good thing for him but as far as I am concerned thats no reality to me its like hes not even here most of the time hes just a blob on the couch and if I do ask for help or even just a response he gets really irate. I myself have just started taking Effexor and I dont find it having these kind of side effects on me, I get really bad hot flashes and sweating but other then not to bad. Any one else have these kind of side effects with paxil?

Posted by: Crystal at September 2, 2006 1:57 AM

wow! it's so nice to finally hear that i'm not the only one who is going through this paxil struggle. okay here is my story: I started taking paxil cr 25mg about 3 months after giving birth to my daughter because i had alot of chest pains and my doctor said it was because of stress and panic attacks. about 2 months later, i realized that the chest pains were not going away so i went to the hospital and demanded every test possible to be done to see what it was and in fact it wasn't stress that was causing was 32 gall stones stuck in my gall bladder! i was so pissed i had taken that medicine for no reason! I realized that while on the medicine i felt numb to all of my feelings inside... yes it makes you stop stressing but then again you can't feel any other feelings either like love and happiness! I started feeling like i didn't even love my own daughter or boyfriend! so at that point... enough was enough so i stopped taking it and that was about 2 weeks ago and i still feel terrible nausea, headaches, dizziness, weakness and irritablity!!! I am driving myself and everyone else around me crazy with the grumpiness and it's hard for me to take care of my baby because of the other symptoms but at least i can feel happy and sad feelings again! I figure everyone stresses sometimes and worries sometimes but you can't take a pill for the rest of your life to get rid of it because all your really getting rid of is your true self! try other methods of stress relieving. i fing working out is a great way to clear my mind! I just wanna know one long do the symptoms last?

Posted by: jennifer at September 15, 2006 2:51 PM

I got on paxil 2 years ago after having my first panic attack.. When they first subscribed it to me.. After 2 weeks I was feeling great.. And I was feeling good untill about a year later when I missed like a week of doses due to my doctor.. I got back on my medicine, but it never worked the same.. I was always blurry.. For the last year I my quality life has went to hell.. I never feel like I'm going to ever have a future or one to live for.. But, I didn't realize that it could probally be paxil that is causing this.. First thing I thought it was, was Caffeine because I drink ALOT of cokes a day.. I quit drinking caffeinated.. Nothing.. So, I thought it was my addiction to cigarettes.. It made me feel alot better as far as physically, but the mental problems were still there.. I have been off Paxil for 4 days now with the goal to quit.. I have been off it for 2 weeks max before, but wasn't planning to quit then.. And got back on, because I was being consumed by Depression and had no reason why I was depressed.. After 3 overwhelming suicidal attempts I got back on, I'm going to quit this time.. Wish me luck

Posted by: Randy at September 25, 2006 4:51 PM

hi paxil really made me feel bad to if someone can help me out with a good med sugestion feel free to let me no becase of paxil i am tarafide of any meds prascribed or over the conter please let me no becase time is of the essince i don't think i can suffer much longer email me at

Posted by: lisa at November 11, 2006 7:52 PM

Paxil was given to me in 2003 for anxiety. As I had been on another SSIR, and not felt any relief from anxiety, I felt the relief IMMEDIATELY. But, this was before the days of Controlled Release and I could bottom out by 10pm and night, then have a whole night of worrying and not sleeping. I then was put on the CR form of Paxil and am still on it today. Here is what I have given up for relief of anxiety that I could have fixed myself by just "getting out there and walking or some other form of movement." :
Feeling Love, Having any Libido, Feeling no Sadness or Happiness at all, Wanting to control things, so overspending on Ebay, just so I can control "something" in my life, Lackluster of just about everything! So know I am going to try and detox. I am going to a detox center in Virginia, which takes you off the Paxil and takes this very seriously, as abrupt stoppage can cause just about any and all things, what ever shape you might be in. DID YOU KNOW THERE WERE PLACES THAT DEAL WITH PAXIL ADDICTION AND DETOXING OFF OF THE DRUG? I THINK THAT SAYS AS MUCH AS YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Posted by: Nicole at January 30, 2007 11:41 AM

I've been on 37.5 of Paxil for a couple years and went cold turkey 18 days ago. I'm so mad I ever went on this crap, I'm totally in all the withdrawl symptoms described in the many blogs on the net. I know all bodies are different in the way they handle this but wonder if anyone can give me some kind of time frame as to when I might start to feeling better again. I'm finding more beneficial things to eat that help diminish the withdrawl symptoms and am exercising more. Shame on my doctor for not telling me of the difficulties of getting off this stuff, more so shame on me for not doing any research before taking this dangerous drug.

Posted by: Theodore E. Schumm at March 23, 2007 11:49 AM

I was on Paxil for 2 years when I started weaning off of it (with the help of my Dr). I'm documenting how I feel and how severe my withdrawals are each day. I've started a blog where I'm posting my story. I wanted to invite everyone thats having a hard time with this drug to read my story. I found hope in reading other peoples stories and I hope my story can help someone else.

Posted by: RIB at April 11, 2007 8:36 PM

I been on paxil for a while, and Welbutrin as well, I'm down to 1/2 10mg (5 mg) pill a day. My problem is I am unable to ejaculate.. I tried coming off paxil a couple times, but had side effects from that. The Drug is fine, just that one problem. Anyone know of something else I can add to help this? I tried taking some men enhancement pills. they don't work that much..

Posted by: K-ZAK at July 1, 2008 2:05 AM

I'm a 21 year old female, and this is the second week I've been on 10mg of Paroxedine / Paxil. I started taking it because I was incredibly depressed and stressed, but most of all I was having a really awful time coping with simple things.

I can actually cope now.

I've been on Zoloft a few years ago to help with post-traumatic stress syndrome, and it gave me a terrible zombie-like apathy that started triggering suicidal thoughts. It also made me nauseous. I tried St John's Wort a few weeks ago, and while it did seem to help somewhat, it disrupted my BC pill, and also having to take 3 elephant pills every day (brand dependent, I think I was on Nature's Own brand..) was not great.

I'm anonymous so I can be as honest as I like here - My sex drive has fallen through the floor. In perspective - since I was that down and stressed, I wasn't really in the mood or enjoying it anyway.. in better times I do enjoy it! ;) No other major side effects. Some restless legs a few days ago and I've woken up at 3am twice in a row... but compared to two weeks ago, I consider myself very much better off for the moment.

I consider it a temporary life raft. I don't want this long term, but a few weeks of relief and being able to cope is what I need to get my own strength back.

If I start getting really awful side-effects i'll post ASAP.

Posted by: Megan at September 4, 2008 12:06 AM

Is it ok to take Sam-e while on Paxil?

Posted by: Denise Desaulniers at September 9, 2008 11:30 AM

I had been on Paxil for almost 7 yrs. Things were going good with it, until after I had my son. I don't know if because the body changes inside of me, that made Paxil not work for me anymore. Panic attacks kept coming frequently, I didn't gain much after having my son, but after being put back on Paxil I gained 30 pounds. I was also having extremely bad headaches, which helped my decision to get off of the medication. I've been since prescribed Zoloft so we'll see how that goes.

Posted by: Heather at September 16, 2008 12:59 AM

i JUST WANT TO SAY THAT 20MG OF PAXIL HAD REALLY HELPED ME WITH RACING THOUGHTS AND WITH ALL THE WORRIED THOUGHTS I HAD ALL THE TIME.I HAD REASON FOR all THOSE THOUGHTS but it controlled my mind so often I could hardly move on to the next thing. I was stuck. My family Dr. RX'd Paxil 10 mg. first week, 2nd week 20mg's their after.I was so excited at the notion that this little white pill could really help me feel better. Well after I took my first 10 mg. pill, I had such an ill feeling. tingeling in my brain somewhere. this really scared me. The other odd issue I took with this Paxil medication was a full burning sensation in my tummy. I tried this Paxil again the following day. same symptoms just add one, I felt like I had hot black pepper in my mouth.
Well at this point I thought how in the hell could a little tiny pill cause so many concerning side effects. This drug was RX'd by a very smart family DR.with years of helping people just like me every day. Now I pondered should I call my DR. and tell him what I was feeling here.but then i thought this man would never RX a medication to help someone knowing of it's bad extensive downturns. I was stunned at this. I decided this bad effects issue on my paxil was too much to worry about. well after not taking the paxil for three days , I had found time to inform myself about this drug paxil. and I found that many people just like me suffered with the hot pepper taste and the really bad tunny cramps and yes, even a few people had tinkling in the brain funny sensations.So my little dears, I decided that I wasn't going to run just yet. I knew two facts. I needed the help of this drug to help with depression and a racing mind. the second fact was that I read that this drug did have some funny effects that should be less of an issue as my body adjusts to it. Well, I started back on the 20mg. after five days I felt no negative drug effects and my mind was not racing. I was 80% focused now. prior at 60%. I'm so thankful for paxil and I'm proud that i knew in the end what was best for me. I'm now 95% better in every way. thanks to A DR.who knew his business and to the great drug co. that worked years developing such a drug to help people begin to find their way back. I may always need to take paxil.But I will take that over my beginning issues any day. Thank you DR. W Johnsen and to the developing drug co. of paxil.
Elizabeth l Glenn
November 27 2008

Posted by: E Glenn at November 28, 2008 3:09 AM

I've been taking Paxil for approximately five years. I started taking it because I was struggling with the onset of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). The ringing was causing me to be sleep deprived which escalated the ringing even more. With that said, detoxing off of Paxil is even more difficult for me. With the whooshing in the head from detoxing and the ringing in my ears is deafening. I'm on my second week of reducing from 20mg to 10mg. I'm having a difficult time. I hope the whooshing in the head ends soon. I think that would help me considerable in completely eliminating me from the drug. I am experiencing the dizziness as others have stated, and the feeling of emotions that have been subsided by the drug. We can do it!

Posted by: KelBel at November 30, 2008 2:39 PM

Hi, I just needed to blog. I have been taking 60 mg of Paxil since I was 19 years old and now I am 29. I have tried to get off several times before and always went back. I have been working partially with a doctor and partially on my own to get off this drug. I am down to 30mg, but I feel like I have the flu alot. I feel sick to my stomach a lot. I don't know how long this will last and when to do my next drop. I know everyone says trust the doctors but I have been to over 20 doctors and I have only been prescribed more medications or given other diagnosis. I know I am fine. I don't trust the doctors. They gave me over the FDA recommended dose for years and years with out ever educating me on the side effects of helping me through withdrawls if I ran out.. So I say screw the doctors. If you haven't been on paxil and tried to get off, no book will tell you what this is like. Any advice, I am open.

Posted by: Robyn Strong at December 11, 2008 8:29 PM

I have a prescription to take paxil for depression but am scare of the side effects. I take xanex for panic attacks and that works well but I'm scared of the axil from some of the things i read. Anyone who is taking this and can shed some input please help.

Thanks Mike

Posted by: mike mulligan at March 5, 2009 2:02 PM

I have been on Paxil CR for several years. I am on the generic now Paroxetine and it has done wonders for me. I had panic attacks and was depressed and didn't like social functions and I am doing well now except I have gained a lot of weight. I guess I don't have the side effects lot of people have with the Paxil or paroxetine. It has greatly improved my life. And I don't have the sexual side effects most people complain about. I couldn't get by without it.

Posted by: Donald at May 17, 2009 4:33 PM

I am currently detoxing off of Paxil after having taken it for 10 years. The highest dosage I have ever taken was 30 mg. Ten days ago I went down to 20 mg and felt fine, then 10 mg, then nothing. I think I tapered off too rapidly because I feel horrible. The whooshing in my brain has been atrocious and I feel nauseous. I have read some postings here and felt so comforted. I decided to do what one reader wrote which is 10 mg, then 5 mg and then 3 mg. I figure after ten years I have to taper REALLY slowly but this time is it. I am going to be medication free once and for all. I am disgusted by this medication and wish I had learned what I have learned in the last year about meditation, yoga, self talk, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Posted by: Eduardo Sanchez at August 14, 2009 2:07 PM

I'm sorry to hear about those who have had such negative experiences with anti-depressants. I too have had bad experiences while I took Lexapro. After a couple of weeks, I spoke to my doctor about the terrible side effects (lack of focusing the eyes, extreme dizziness), and he switched me to Paxil (Exetine in Australia). I still had suicidal tendencies, but eventually, by working with my doctor, I was able to find the right dose. I discovered that the reason Paxil increases suicidal tendencies is because it gives people more energy, which can then be used to make plans for suicide if you aren't monitored properly, taking a high enough dose, and also seeing a counsellor. I strongly suggest those having problems with their medications and dosage work with their doctor to find the correct medication and dose. If your doctor won't help, find another who will.

People react differently to different drugs, so unfortunately it is trial and error, but well worth the while once you do find whatever it is that works. I tried stelazine for my paranoia, and after two days I had to be admitted to hospital to take an antidote! Not a pleasant experience, but fortunately I always read the product information carefully, knew how to spot a bad reaction, and could seek medical attention. Some people may see this as a waste of time, but I saw it as part of the process, frustrating as it was. Do make sure you monitor yourself closely while taking new meds.

I started anti-depressants 2 1/2 years ago after visiting the hospital for a suicide attempt. After a few hicups, I found it helped me a lot, in that I no longer had my fortnightly nervous breakdowns. Sure, there were some small side effects, but I hardly noticed them compared to the huge benefit of staying alive! It gave me a lot more energy and helped me to think more rationally.

I've still been in a bit of a slump since then, until after trying lots of different things, I found a psychologist who clicked with me. I did some really good Cognative Behavioural Therapy with her. Once I started practicing it, it really worked! Because I was able to take care of my emotions and thoughts on my own, I started noticing the side effects of the paroxetine more. This included slight dizziness, horrendous nightmares and vivid dreams I could not wake up from. I'd put up with them because I felt the benefits outweight negatives, but recently I felt that this was no longer the case. A few weeks ago, I spoke to my doctor, and I'm slowly weaning off my meds. His plan is that I won't need to go on another anti-depressant, but I'm not convinced, and made him promise me I'll try another pill if I regress. In any case, after a couple of horrible days of initial withdrawal, I felt okay again. I'm still weaning, so I don't know if I'll be fine without my meds, but I will see. Hopefully I'll be able to manage without them using the skills I've gained from CBT, but if I can't, I'm happy to spend the rest of my life on anti-depressants, because it beats the alternative - ie, being DEAD.

To sum up this very long post, unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all cure for depression. It sucks that we have to go through the trial and error method, but that's all we have available. One pill won't fix everything, but the counselling process is usually too stressful to manage without some pharmaceutical help. Try anything and everything that comes your way, both medical, psychological and lifestyle wise, and eventually you will hit upon what works. In the meantime, watch yourself closely and stop something which isn't working. Don't be discouraged by other people's negative experiences, because what works for you won't necessarily work for them, and vice versa.

Posted by: Pennie at September 12, 2009 7:27 AM

hi, i have been on paxil for 2 years, and switched to zoloft cause though it would be a safer medicine... I took zoloft for five days and almost went crazy!! i started feeling life is worthless and having bad thoughts! is this normal? i cant stop thinkin!!

Posted by: soha at November 29, 2009 6:11 PM

My dad has been on Effexor now for a few years and it stopped working. Last Saturday he took Paxil and again on Sunday and when he awoke on Monday he was forgetting things if you asked questions. He went to the doctor on Monday as he didn't want to be on Paxil anymore so he put him back on Effexor. His doctor wasn't sure if it was the Paxil or the effect that he stopped Effexor after so long and switched to Paxil.....He is back on Effexor and we'll see what happens. I would like comments on this please.

Posted by: Debbie at January 11, 2010 10:29 PM

I have PTS from rape,abortion,sexual assaults, an recovered alcoholic husband, the list goes on, so now I suffer Panic Attacks, I get the debilitating sysmptoms, tingling, burning skin etc. I started on Paxil 10, took 4 weeks to kick in felt good for 3 weeks, now relapsed and now up to 15Mg past 2 days, feel nauseated, ear lobes burn a little, throat and chest burn, feel whacky!
I'm going to give it a week than up to 20mg.. Or should I try something else?

Posted by: Larissa at July 25, 2010 2:51 PM

I went off of paxil (gradually) about a month and a half ago. I am extremely concerned because I am suffering some pretty severe anxiety and depression and am not sure whether they are caused by Paxil withdrawal (still??) or are just my "non-drug" state. I have been on Paxil so long it is ahrd for me to remember what I felt like before taking it, but I really don't think I felt like this. I had panic attacks and social anxiety but now I seem to have a generalized anxiety that is there for no reason. I did not have this before--I am certain. Is this withdrawal? Could I still be having withdrawal symptoms this long (6 weeks at least) after going off the drug??

Posted by: lisa bennet at July 26, 2010 4:23 PM

sir i have last 7 years ocd depression .did now i can use alcohol with medicine ,i no fit,

Posted by: abid khan at November 26, 2010 10:10 AM

I have been on Paxil Cr 25mg for almost 3 years. I have never skipped a dose but from time to time (2 to 3 months) I experience the head zaps that last 7 to 10 days then magically stop. These head zaps are really debilitating. My questions are: Why do I get the withdrawal symptoms even though I take the pill daily and at regular times (morning)? is there a solution to stop the head zaps while on the this treatment?
I appreciate your response.

Posted by: Zack Brown at March 13, 2011 1:18 AM

I plan on telling the world not to take paxil. I'm trying to get off this after a year at 30mg cold turkey. I'm 25 years old I'm 5 days in and I'm a mess. Terrible night tremmors- sweating so much that I'm drenched then freezing. Tunnle vision that sends waves from the front to back of my head. Nausea! Fingers, teeth! And tounge are numb, feels like I just left a concert with the ringing in my ears. I can't sleep! And when I do I'm haunted I can't get comfortable. I was only on paxil due to a death I the family a short term thing- almost a year later and now I'm suffering! I tried to better myself its not like I should withdrawl like a heroin addict! Its not fair. Oh and to top it off I'm having violent thoughts! Not normal. I hear it takes 2 weeks to feel better. I can't stand it!

Posted by: sara at March 16, 2011 3:01 AM

Paxil has been linked to numerous birth defects. Heart defects including atrial and ventricular septal defects have been linked with Paxil use during the first trimester of pregnancy. According to two studies, women who took the antidepressant Paxil during their first trimester of pregnancy were one and a half to two times more likely to have a baby born with a heart defect than women on other antidepressants or women in the general population. If you are affected by this, we can help you with that so that I can provide you the link. Email

Posted by: Allan B at March 25, 2011 12:23 PM

3yrs after my dad has passed I started getting panick attacks. When I had my 1st severe one I was rushed to hospital on a sunday evening @ about 10:25pm. I woke up and went to the bathroom and all of a sudden my vision was blurred and as I tried getting up I became dizzy and I couldn't breathe a little. I sat there for a while and finally I was able to move. When I reached my bed then all hell broke loose. I fell on the bed and couldn't breathe, my partner was woken up by the banging soung sound. Since being diagnozed wit depression and anxiety I had realised I never grieved my dad's death and I never even reaised it. Grieve councelling helped me a lot and all I'm left with is my condition. I've been through a string of different pills then finally I ended up with paxil.

At times I forget to take it and this time I had skipped three days, what a mistake. It feels as though I'm back to square one again, HEADACHES, DIZZINESS, TUNNEL VISION AND UNFAMILIAR SENSES.

Paxil has helped me a lot since using it. I learned my lesson today, guess I'll have to make sure I take them every morning :)

Posted by: annie at August 14, 2012 6:19 PM

Hello, I just have to share with you all, the experience that I've encountered with taking Paxil for the last 10 years. For me other than some weight gain and whooshing in my head, (which I just discovered recently that Paxil was the cause),I have had very positive results. Although I have had some extremely traumatic things happen in my life this passed year, I have had my dose upped to 60mg. I have tried downgrading my dose throughout the years and I did it very gradually, but that was the wrong approach for me as I started having uncontrollable crying spells that would come out of nowhere. So I have just continued taking it and am living a normal life. I had tried many other meds beforehand and they were all the wrong choices for me. Some did nothing at all. I am very grateful that there was something that works for me.Paxil was it for me. I wish everyone the best of luck finding the right answer for you.

Posted by: Debbie at May 22, 2016 9:37 PM

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