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Lexapro is a drug that was released by the Forest Pharmaceuticals corporation aimed at fighting depression. The FDA approved Lexapro in August of 2002. Lexapro is a member of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor family, which increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells.Official Lexapro Website
If you or someone you know has had a problem with Lexapro feel free to call the advertising section of FDA at (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240.
Lexapro Feedback and Side Effects

My partner has been on Lexapro for almost a year now, was on Prozac (absolutely useless for him) before that and then Effexor (made him worse). The Lexapro doesn't really seem to do much for him at all and the drs are so bad over here (Irl) with regard to Depression, He has not yet been diagnosed with a particular type of depression, he had to wait 8 mnths for counselling and that is ending soon without any results so yet again he is being left high and dry and therefore more depressed. He grinds his teeth ferociously at night (seems very common from what I have read on this wsite) and has bad dreams and feels hopeless. What can I do to help him? I've read and read about depression and years ago I had a short episode myself so I understand a bit what it feels like but there must be something I can do for him...can anyone help?

Posted by: m at November 1, 2004 12:25 PM

i hate lexapro, I've been on it for about a year now . I have every side effect you could have, sexual side effects are horrlble. I've been on paxil before and hated it too. Both do nothing to improve my mood.

Posted by: Janessa at November 4, 2004 2:18 AM

I have no other experience with other depression medications for a frame of reference, but my experience with lexapro so far is as follows:
Started on 5 mg two months ago for general depression. Noticed the second day a dramatic increase in energy and a strong everything’s-going-to-be-alright feeling for the first time in over a year. The horrible headaches, nightmares, and all-day crying stopped immediately. Drawbacks at this dosage included some occasional nausea (only a couple hours a day, mostly on an empty stomach).

After 1 week I was moved up to 10 mg, and within two days unfortunately felt all the benefits ripped away...like it had stopped working entirely. In addition to continued slight nausea, I had a freak-out moment on my second day where I felt a rapid vibration combined with a tingling feeling from my hands down to my feet - thought it was coming from some nearby construction like a jackhammer, but after asking the person next to me about it I realized it was emanating from INSIDE me. I was starving at the time, and ate immediately. It went away, and never recurred. Between this incident and feeling blue in general, I asked my doctor about going back down to the 5 mg, thinking maybe 10 was too much for a petite person and somehow this made it ineffective. But my doctor and experienced others were convinced I needed to do just the opposite and increase it to 20 mg. Several reluctant days later I felt full blown depression again and increased the dosage to 20 mg.

I've leveled out on 20 mg for 5 weeks now. I’ve never felt as good as I did on the 5 mg that first week, but that may have been my body’s initial reaction to getting seratonin. Other than a slightly temperamental tummy, fatigue, and only a very rare ability to orgasm I feel “normal” again. Anxiety is gone, I feel empowered, decisions don't scare me, and I don't cry every day. When I'm angry or sad I know it's for a good reason, and not the depression. For me, the side effects are worth having the perspective and confidence to make tough life decisions.

Posted by: Poecile at November 5, 2004 4:09 PM

I just took my first 5mg dose of Lexapro recently recommended from a Dr who I see but don't entirely trust. With little or No background on my depression issues my DR gave me this drug. I have never taken anti-depressants but having read so many negative things from users on-line today I am very concerned about getting involved. If somone gets this please let me know the following. Would it be safe to quit taking the drug right away having only ingested 5mgs?
I broke a 10 mg tablet in half as my 1st dose as prescribed. Is it safe to just not take anymore or can or will this make me sick or have reactions. Nervous in Chicago.

[moderator comments: I am not a doctor (so my advice should not act in place of or replace the advice of a doctor), but I doubt you will become dependant after a single 5mg dose. You may want to do your own research, but if you feel your doctor is a med heavy flake that prescribes stuff you do not need I would suggest talking to another doctor who talks a bit more to you.

They can do at least a test of your urine to see what some of your amino acid levels are like...I certainly would have that done before taking medication unless I felt like I was really really really bad.

Moreso, the placebo effect is strong. If you don't think you need the medication and you do not think its going to make you better it probably will not introduce positive things into your life. Any way you slice it, you are only going to get better when you want to.]

Posted by: MITCH at November 7, 2004 4:18 PM

I've been on lexapro for about four months I guess more for anxiety, anyways I started at 10 mg a day and was moved up to 20 mg a day. I tried to wean myself off of it twice. The first time i just quit taking it and was going to call the dr and try sommething diff, well i didnt get around to it in time and on the 5th day i ended up in the er with breathing problems, like i wasn't getting enough air and a rapid heart rate. it was in the 90's and i felt the need to run and scream or like my muscles had excessive pent up energy or something.anyways they said it was lexapro withdrawl and told me to talk to my dr. she decide to put me back on it and a few weeks later i decided to wean myself of. i tried cutting the pills in half for about 5 days then in quarters for about 5 more days. Next thing i know for about three days straight i was so nausted and had headachs!! i was sick in bed vomiting for about three days. well i got through that which was about 9 days ago and i'm still experinecing nausea and headachs everyday.!! i dont know how long to expect this but i tell you i wont ever try one of thesse drugs again. hopefully the symptoms go away soon i'm pretty much stuck at home from the stomach upsetness. any ideas please help!!!

Posted by: christy at November 10, 2004 6:00 AM

oh i also forgot to mention i am a normally very thin person who has had 3 children with no lasting bad effects, pretty much eat very crappy and still stay slim, but on this i started gaing about 1 lb every four days!! not real impressed with that one!!

Posted by: christy at November 10, 2004 6:11 AM

I have been on lexapro for what I believe to be at least a year. I have used anti-depressant drugs for at least 4 but Im pretty sure I only switched to lexapro a year ago.

Lexapro has caused a complete lack of motivation. I do not care about anything. The only reason I do things is because I have to to survive. Like work for instance. I'm almost always tired. My sex drive is nearly non-existant. Basically I have turned into something of a robot. I was on 20 mg but cut the dosage in half against my doctors suggestion about two weeks ago. I had very very mild withdrawl and almost didnt notice it. Ill be cutting it in half again soon.

Posted by: Isaac at November 11, 2004 5:40 AM

Taking lexapro over 11 months. First of three SSRi's that scares the hell out of me. Doc said no side effects. Great. Much better than Paxil and Effexor which I had been off for over a year. Started at 10mg daily. Lost 20 lbs in two months. Great?! Emotional steady but dead feeling - no highs no lows no interest no energy. Esepcially no focus. Then 20 mg after 3 months. INcreasing lack of life. Finally decided after putting the 20lbs los back on rapidly - that must come off. Started to wean when 20 mgs started to cause major sweats all day and night. Took 1 months and went to 10mg daily. Then over 1 month 10 mg every other day - then every second day - then tird now off completely 7 days. Side effects comig off definitely outweigh benefits of going on. I feel like my brain in flaoting a s jar of water. Dizziness causing nausea, elecric chocks, pain in hands and legs. I am trudging without though. Had I known this would be so hard would never had taken. Had better oerformance with effexor and little withdrawl over 2 months. This drug should be studies more. Suicide thoughts much more often and with deeper emtotionghydgdrueawknesb ttooued stedsgigheccxiaxects

Posted by: Maureen at November 11, 2004 3:33 PM

I was having several severe migraines a week, even after trying to avoid my triggers. My doctor prescribed Lexapro but I was reluctant to take it at first because of a bad reaction I had to nortryptoline the previous year. Finally I made a deal with my doctor, I would try it for three months. The first two weeks I was on Lexapro I had 11 migraines as my body adjusted to the change in seratonin. The good news is that, after six months, I average only one migraine every six weeks and it is usually mild. The bonus part of taking Lexapro was it helped with my anxiety. I feel normal now. I don't dwell on things all the time or circle-think until I make myself sick with worry. I have had very little side effects (after the first two weeks). The only side effect I have now is a lack of appetite (which helped me to lose 12 pounds and keep it off).

Posted by: Lisa at November 13, 2004 9:06 PM

Been on lexapro for almost two years now, and think I was overmedicated --not sure. But when I recently had an insurance hang-up, I just went off it cold for two months. I experienced some heavy anxiety and downswings, but better up moods as well. By the end of that two months, when my insurance finally came through, I was starting to feel a little more evened out, if still a bit anxious, and then I went back on, 10 mg a day. And I felt scrubbed from the inside out. Nothing, no spark. Slept all day, couldn't sleep at night. Quarts of coffee kept my brain going but it didn't seem to connect with the rest. I'm in grad school and teaching --it was a hell of a mess trying to keep up with everything. So finally I just went to half-dose, to see what would happen, and it's making a huge difference. I've been at half-dose (self-prescribed) for three weeks now, and feel more normal than ever. Still can't sleep though, and the ambien isn't helping that. Not sleeping is going to throw the seratonin off all over again, so I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to just get the hell off lexapro and get a stronger 10 mg dose of ambien? Has anyone else tried this?

Posted by: J at November 14, 2004 12:38 AM

been on lexapro for one year now, and can't say enough how much it helped me, but realize these are extremely personal experiences and situations.....

struggled with depression for several years, but not as bad as some others......typical sleep problems, self-esteem issues, suicidal thoughts, etc......tried zoloft a few years ago, and just didn't feel right, so stopped....

only real side-effects i've experienced: increased sweating and body temperature for about the first month or so, and occasional feelings of overmedication (like irritability, euphoria, trouble-putting-up-with-other-peoples-crap, etc)...

anyway, just wanted to contribute one positive experience with escitalopram, but not to discount others' troubles with it.....i haven't felt as connected and optimistic in years, but ymmv.....

Posted by: rob at November 14, 2004 8:04 PM

I was prescribed lexapro for mild depression last year. My husband was away in Iraq and I was the typical stressed out mother. The therapist who met me for the first time the day she prescribed the"happy pill" , said most women my age (30's) were mildly depressed due to life stresses, hormones , etc. The first month, I felt sleepy and had no emotions at all - I wasn't stressed out anymore so that was great, but I wasn't happy , sad, angry, nothing - I was like a robot emotionally - only a low functioning robot because I was so sleepy all the time. Unloading the dishwasher became a 2 hour chore because I couldn' focus on it for more that 30 second periods, then my mind started racing, then I had all this "energy" which now I believe was a drug induced mania. Pretty soon I was sleeping only 2-3 hours a night, calling people- anybody who would listen and rambling on about nothing for hours. Then came the rage- intense and deep anger about everything , toward everybody, all the time. I am married to a gorgeous man who I have always been extremely attracted to and I would get furious and push him away if he tried to touch me. Finally, after my husband (poor man) had enough, he told me it was over, I fell apart ,went to see another therapist and decided after I accidentally missed my "happy pill"that I felt a little calmer, not so punchy. So I didn't take it on purpose the next day. I went cold turkey and within 72 hours, my mind was clear, I was processing thoughts at normal speed, my energy was low,but I didn't care, I was starting to see glimpses of the old me again the me I liked. It has been three weeks now, and I feel extremely calm, in control and am functioning like I used to . My relationship with my husband is improving, but the damage that resulted from my Lexapro era may be too great to hold it together. I did and said some very hurtful,lasting things and I didn't even know why. The scariest thing about the whole experience was I started believing I truly was insane. My head was never quiet. I never wanted to stop talking because when I did, what was going on in there was so loud I couldn't take it. I became a TOTALLY different person- a person I am ashamed of. If you are reading this , and thinking of taking any mind altering medication (And yes ALL antidepressants are mind altering, no matter what doctors say, because they change your mood and behavior -that is their job) please be informed and have a thorough physical exam and meet with your prescribing doctor several times before you make the decison to hand your mind over to a chemical. It is not as simple as it is made out to be on commercials. There is no happy pill . Life is hard, and painful sometimes, but I almost lost EVERYTHING I had spent my life building because I made the wrong choice. Choose wisely. Your life could depend on it.

Posted by: katy at November 17, 2004 10:30 AM

I have been on lexapro since february, and it worked fine. It started not working, and then they raised my dose. My depression is worse than it EVER was and ive been depressed for 5 years atleast. I need help. I dont want to leave my room, and this is destroying my great relationship i have. A month ago my boyfriend and I were discussing marriage, now we are almost broken up. PLEASE HELP ME

Posted by: Kym at November 18, 2004 8:27 PM

I have been taking lexapro now for one month. The first week I struggled with alternating mild to moderate nausea and severe dry mouth. My depressive symptoms continued - foginess - fatigue - general apathy - moodiness. The second week I felt amazing - extream high energy - a wonderful love of life - I felt that this medication had been made for me. Up to that point my complaints were still mild nausea coupled with a decrease in appetite - a total loss of sexual intrest - increased sweating - especially in the evening. The last week however I feel almost worse than before I took the drug -I have been sleeplin a minimum of eleven hours a night and fight to stay awake all day. I feel more apathetic than before - the world has begun to seem overwhelming - I have had a few sucidal thoughts - one if not 2 small panic attacks - I just feel as if everything is just too much - I want to feel better but almost feel too hopeless to care. I also have epilepsy and am curious about how the 2 drugs affect my body. My plan of attack is just to give this lexapro a few more weeks -

Posted by: milli at November 19, 2004 10:33 PM

Where to start.

I used lexapro to get off of effexor. I now have the same brain-shocks I used lexapro to remedy. With lexapro, I was ALWAYS terribly tired. I quit dating, hanging out with friends and found myself dangerously angry all of the time when I wasn't too tired to feel any emotion.

Now after being on lexapro for over a year, I have been tapering off from 20mg to 10, 5 and now 1 week without any.

My brain feels like it is going to explode. I cannot walk well, drive, think or remember anything. I tried to dull the pain with about 8 martinis and that didn't help at all! I have tried many drugs (legal and illegal) to ease the horrible pain to no avail.

Percocet is all that has helped at all, and even it was not enough for me to function.

Lord, I wish I would have never taken ANY drug like this.

Good luck to others in my position, it surely seems like an uphill battle from here...

Posted by: Sandsplinter at November 22, 2004 11:36 AM

Lexapro worked for me for a while, but then started causing some of the worst insomnia and weight gain I'd ever had in my life!

Posted by: kay at November 23, 2004 1:06 PM

I have been taking lexapro for about 6 months. Prior I took Effexcor which left me sleepy all day. Paxil which did not seem to do much of anything. The Lexapro takes the edge off, however I do find it hard to cry. My libido is gone. Overall I am pleased. I hope to reduce the amount I take sometimes next year. If I skip a day or two, I am able to cry more freely (I am grieving so this sometimes helps me).

Posted by: Kay at November 24, 2004 2:01 PM

I took lexapro for the first time 2 nights ago I woke up feeling like my body was set on fire I had the worst panic attack i was throwing up and i had a terrible headache my pupils were dialated and i was so dizzy i couldn't hardly walk. that was yesterday and today i feel wiped out and nausous. This may not happen to everyone but be careful before you take it.

Posted by: km at November 24, 2004 3:12 PM

I have been on Lexapro 10 mg for a year now. I had almost no side-effects except sweaty palms. My problem is that i have trouble concentrating on tasks due to high anxiety and procrasinate on many projects. I have had less anxiety but I recently increased my dosage to 20 mg (two days ago). I am hoping that it will help me to focus more. I do believe my procrasination is because I can't handle anxiety that it provokes. I am curious about other people's experience. Can increased dosage make a difference?

Oh, by the way, I take my Lexapro in the morning. I sleep well, so take lexapro in the morning.

Posted by: Jae at November 28, 2004 12:00 PM

I just wanted to say that I've been on Lexapro for 3 weeks and love it so far. I am happier. I do have vivid dreams and occasionally feel dissasociated. I also am now capable of sleeping 14 hours. But the disassociation and extra sleep don't feel as heavy and ominous as they did before I was on Lexapro. Now, its a happy sleepy. I feel much more engaged with the world, and able to communicate with people. Thank you, Lexapro. (I am on 10 mg)

Posted by: Hilarie at December 1, 2004 4:16 AM

been on lexapro for 2 and a half years, started at 10 mg
went to 20mg after a couple weeks, I've stayed at 20mg
now from the remainder of the time. Felt great! No more
being test with the kids, no more fights, out of control with my husband, outgoing like I use to be, just happy.
The worst side effects have been the weight gain. I was a size 8 sometimes a 10, in the past two years I'm up to
a 14, i'm a 165 pounds, at my heaviest the dr said I should be 130. I'm 5'5. I feel disgusting, and all I want to eat is carbs, and sugar. I decided to try to get off this med. Talked to my dr. He dropped me down to 10mg, this is my second week of 10mg, I've noticed that I'm back to being tesy again, and I have a constant headache. I hate being in a bad mood again! But I really hate being fat. Any advice?

Posted by: heavym at April 23, 2006 8:59 AM

I was on lexapro for 1 1/2 years. I gained about 15 pounds which is a lot for me because I am small. I stopped taking lexapro about a month ago coming off it slowly with my doctors guidance. The withdrawals weren't too bad at all. HOWEVER, I can't seem to lose the weight!!!! I am exercising 4 times a week, sometimes more. And I mean I am sweating like a pig doing a really tough workout on the eliptical machine along with doing weight resistance exercises. Despite all this, I got on the scales this morning and I have gained more weight!!! I have heard that lexapro can change your chemistry and metabolism even though it is advertised as having a low occurance of weight gain. Does anyone know anything about this!? I can't stand this weight!!!! I feel better emotionally except for this. This is depressing and it is bringing me down. Also, even though I have been off for about a month I still do not have a libido!! HELP!

Posted by: at April 28, 2006 11:02 AM

Lexapro seems to work well with my depression, but I have gained weight and have not been able to lose it even with watching what I eat, so I feel it helps in one way, but now I feel bad about myself because I'm more overweight than I was to begin with. It also makes me very sleepy so I have no motivation to exersise.

Posted by: Wanda at May 27, 2006 1:27 PM


Posted by: JILL at June 15, 2006 3:05 PM

I have also just come off lexapro, having gained a lot of weight. I have always been thin. Now I am 5'3" and 160 lbs. My boyfriend and I started a diet a month ago. He has lost 10 lbs, and I have gained 2. I have read so much about people gaining weight on lexapro, but I can't find any stories of people coming off and losing it again. I went on the medication because I was depressed. Now, I am depressed and fat. I wish that someone had told me before I started. I have felt so much guilt about gaining weight like this. Does anyone have a hopeful story about getting their body back after going off the meds?

Posted by: anonymous at June 18, 2006 10:50 PM

I have been taking Lexapro for 4 weeks now for depression & anxiety. I am past the initial anxious feeling in my chest. Now I notice very subtle effects, such as less dwelling on depressing thoughts and more patience. Again, very subtle. I am prescribed 10 mg a day. I wonder if I should ask my doctor to increase it to 20. Any thoughts?

Posted by: Mike at June 21, 2006 9:35 AM

I originally started taking lexapro b/c I felt my zoloft was no longer working after 5 yrs. I'm at the stage of not knowing whether this was good or bad decision. Lexapro really helped my mood. I rarely had the urge to cry while on this and my anxiety was slim to none. However, the side effects were not so desirable. I lost absolutely all of my sex drive and gained about 30 lbs within 6 months. I wanted to believe it wasn't because of this drug, but after reading everyone else's symptoms on here it's pretty hard to deny. I spoke with my doctor and she has switched me to wellbutrin... I guess we will have to wait and see how that goes.

Posted by: kari at July 1, 2006 8:45 AM

Lexapro is the biggest nightmare I have ever experienced in the drug realm. I felt great when I first started taking it and then, libido gone, I became very lethargic espically in the afternoons and felt generally rotten.I started to titrate off and the real fun began.I get Zaps in my head, my hands and feet are sweaty and then cold,neck aches, backaches,trouble concentrating.It's been three weeks since my last dose. Will I ever feel better?

Posted by: marian at July 22, 2006 8:11 AM

I have been on Lexapro for about four months because I had two major upheavals in my life at the same time and I was having trouble coping. I have gained at least 10 pounds and I have lately been having trouble sweating. I'm past menopause and past hot flashes so this must be caused by Lexapro. Two weeks ago I cut my dose in half (10 mg to 5). I feel just fine. I plan to wait two more weeks, then take 5 mg every other day. I can't wait to get off this drug and I hope the weight goes back to normal. I still haven't read on this site if anyone lost the added pounds after weaning themselves from Lexapro. I hope this will happen! Good luck everyone.

Posted by: Rachel at July 24, 2006 9:57 PM

I can't stand the way this drug makes me feel. I've been on it for about two months and it makes me feel insane. It gives me insomnia-it makes me super confused-it's having a great deal of effect on my short term memory as well as my moods. It makes me feel numb-it's almost like it takes your soul. I can't even put my finger on everything that's changed. I get diareah all the time now-the headaches lasted for weeks and it seems to be incresing my heart palpatations. I have gone from 20mg down to 5mg still without positive effects. My anxiety level sucks. I need my xanax back or something.

Posted by: polly at August 12, 2006 2:16 AM

Hi my name is jessica and i recently started having anxiety attacks. I also worry so excessively that it keeps me up at night and prevents me from living a normal happy life. When the doctor first prescribed me Xanax I thought i was in heaven. It just mellowed me out and made everything ok. But then i was told xanax is not for long term use. The doctor then prescribed me lexapro. I refused to take it because i was scared to death of what would happen and did not want to be addicted to pills the rest of my life. I have been trying to fight it but i just can't do it anymore. I am moody and i get these weird pannicky feelings in class. I feel like im going CRAZY! I gave up and cut one of the 10mg pills in half and took it today. I am scared out of my mind of what's in store. Somebody out there talk to me. Does it make you tired? Is lexapro hard to get off of.

Posted by: jessica santiago at September 1, 2006 6:43 PM

Have been on lexapro for 2 years and have in the last week finally weened completely off it. It's horrible. I feel weird in the head and am feeling very anxious and bad tempered. How long does this last. HELP!

Posted by: Kym at September 22, 2006 12:13 AM

I tried Lexapro twice and each time, 7 hours after taking the pill, I had the worst burning sensation from my neck to my abdomen. I wouldn't have taken it the 2nd time but my doctor said to give it another try and I almost had my husband take me to the emergency room the 2nd time. I was put on them for anxiety so you can imagine that didn't help. Threw the pills away!

Posted by: Marlene at September 22, 2006 10:44 AM

I started Lexapro about four months ago. I was terrified to take it due to severe reactions to an antipsychotic and anti parkinsonian drug I took five years ago. I finally realised I had to take something after getting to the point I couldn't even talk to my mum on the phone I was so anxious. At first I took 2.5mg, and I was fine, a few headaches, feeling groggy, but not much more. I then increased it to 5mg and noticed that I felt better after about a month, with my social phobia slightly decreased, and my depression slightly lifted. However, after three months I started getting severely down again, so I've increased the dose to 7.5mg and after a week of feeling slightly anxious, I am now feeling horrendously anxious and I can't sleep at all! It's nearly four am and I'm just sitting up in bed with my laptop whilst my boyfriend snores away! My bad thoughts are back, my fears, the achey face from muscle tightness. Horrible. Also, I've been getting a twitchy nerve in my chin that is really strong and now I'm terrified I'm going to get tardive dyskinisia or something similar. I hope this will go, it's horrible!

Posted by: Lydia Butler at October 1, 2006 10:18 PM

I only feel subtle changes. I have been on 20 mg Lexapro for about 3 months. My doctor just added 150 mgs of Wellbutrin. I only notice subtle changes in the way I feel. I am going to ask him if I he can increase the Wellbutrin to 300 mgs. Any thoughts on this?

Posted by: JazzBass57 at October 12, 2006 4:53 PM

Thinking about switching from Prozac to Lexapro for depression and anxiety...any user comments on the effectiveness? Also, any sexual side effect?


Posted by: jt at October 20, 2006 2:00 PM

2 Years ago I under went a complete hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis, I was 32. Because of the endometriosis I would have to wait 6 weeks before going on hormone replacement therapy. When I was discharged from the hospital I was sent home with the regular pain killers, antibiotics and another little pill called Lexapro. When I went to my doctor for a follow-up 3 days later I asked her what this was. Oh dont worry, this will just help you get through the next 6 weeks without your hormones. I was placed on this while still in the hospital, no one ever discussed this with me. Anyway, six weeks later, I said to my doc, so I can stop taking this now right, its 50.00 a pop even on insurance...no, I think it is best if you stay on it for awhile at least a year. A year later I just stopped taking it. About 6 dyas later I was in the ER, I thought I was dying, having a heart attack or a stroke or a siezure, or god knows what. I had jolts of electricity going through my body, dizziness, tunnel vision, numbness in my hands and around my mouth. They hooked me up to everything, all tests were normal! What??? How could that be??? Anyway they start asking me if I have started any new medications...No I tell them, nothing...but wait, I have stopped a medication. Bingo...They tell me whoa, you cant just stop taking a medication like that...A medication like what? What have I been on. Mrs, you will need to resume your medication and see your doctor to make a plan for coming off this. They gave me a pill and within 2 hours all my symtoms were gone. ALL OF THEM. I went to my doctor the next day. I really dont think you should come off of this medication, it really helps a lot of women deal with having a hysterectomy...Well no one asked me if I wanted that "help" or If I even felt I needed that "help" God was I mad. I started cutting my dosage down slowly in May of 2006, from half a pill, to half a pill every other day to a quarter of a pill every other day to nothing 14 days ago. GEUSS WHAT, I have jolts of electricity going through my body, dizziness, tunnel vision, numbness in my hands and around my mouth. Heart palpatations, Migranes...the withdrawl symptoms are getting a little better, but are not even close to gone yet even 14 days into this. To add insult to injury I weighed 125 when I started this, today I am tipping the scale at 156, I am 5 foot 1 inch...pretty huh! So my Lexapro Feedback. This sucks, I feel like my life has been taken away from me right now. I have been reading some forums and have heard some real horror stories, children being put on this medicine for grinding their teeth...etc. I HATE Lexapro. Hopefully someone will read this BEFORE they go on this medicine, hopefully they will be GIVEN THE CHOICE of going on this medicine or not. I will keep all of you who are trying to come off of this in my thoughts, and hope you will keep me in yours. I will never put anything in my body without completley researching it...NEVER no matter what any doctor tells me. Listen to others, their is a reason they have found this site, a reason they have posted their experience. Use their combined experiences to make the best choice for you

Posted by: Lisa at October 31, 2006 1:11 PM

Lexapro made my depression worse. I first started in last year and it helped. I stopped for a while and restarted because of IBS symptoms. This time it didn't help at all and made it even worse. I am stopping it immediately.

Posted by: Susan Vollano at November 3, 2006 11:40 PM

I took Lexapro three years ago and only for about 3 or 4 days. I initially took it b/c of depression but when I started Lexapro I was out of my mind and panic attacks started. I had never had a panic attack so I literally thought I was dying. My doctor then took me off and put me on Zoloft and for the first two months I was also on valium for the panic attacks. I'm still on Zoloft but the panic attacks never stopped. If anything they have gotten worse. After reading what everyone else has to say about anti-depressants. I want off of them NOW! I also used to be extremly thin, around 115 and now I weight 174. And I put all that weight on in 3 yrs! I blame Lexapro completely for the way my life is now. The panic attacks have nearly taken over my life! My advice to anyone is to never take any kind of SSRI. Just see a physcologist.

Posted by: kristen at December 14, 2006 4:50 PM

I just started on Lexapro 10 mg three days ago and really haven't noticed much. I suffered from consistent, fairly extreme anxiety, mood swings and occasional bouts of depression for most of my 45 years. Going through a very hard time right now with work and family and went to see my doctor on the recommendation of an old friend who is both a doctor and takes SSRI's. He started me on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg, which at first was OK, felt like a coffee buzz without the jitters, but nothing special or really good. Still anxious and angry, especially at the end of the day. I tried upping the dose to twice a day. Awful. Could barely control my anger. Two days later I stopped. Went back to the doc and they gave me more Wellbutrin and the lexapro. Took both, and within 24 hours was back on the anxiety trip. Stopped the Wellbutrin again and now just taking the Lexapro. My wife and mother-in-law have both done well on it by itself. Evened out my wife's moods and I'm still surprised at how little things don't set her off anymore. I'm hopeful it will help me. I'm pretty low and freaked out right now, waiting for this stuff to kick in. Right now, I don't feel like getting out of bed or leaving the house, very anxious, disengaged. But these stories are mostly hopeful for me. My doc is fairly certain after my Wellbutrin experience my issue is with serotonin not dopamine or norepinephrine. Staying hopeful. Would love to read responses from anyone with similar issues who's had a positive Lex experience.

Posted by: J at December 16, 2006 9:24 AM

OK, I'm another 12 days in. I just want to say something. Wellbutrin made me CRAZY. I am one of those people who don't need norepniephrine boosted and needed serotonin dealt with. Lexapro has not been perfect for me. I've been sleeping too much and haven't had the energy to work out in 4 weeks. BUT, I am happy and positive and optimistic for the first time in two years and haven't lost my temper in 3 weeks. Just saying. This stuff isn't perfect. But when you find the "balance" you need, this stuff can help.

Posted by: J at December 27, 2006 10:00 PM

I am 57 and have been on either hormone therapy, Prozac, and now Lexapro for my post-menopausal life. All of the three have helped me, in succession, cope with stress and anxiety, but I get to a point, where I am now, that I believe there's got to be something better, as there are constant tradeoffs.

Okay, I don't harp anymore on my family, BUT, this is what I get in return: an extra 20-30 pounds that won't leave me, constant fatigue, recently frequent dizziness (especially after sex), stopped drinking wine because the dizziness became impossible to cope with (my world felt upside down - literally). I can sleep all afternoon, couldn't care less about work, etc. etc. I do not call this drug a success in my life.

As of today, I am looking for better-experienced psychiatrist who has more tools than my GP, who has prescribed this. I am eager to wean off, but know I will wake up feeling as if I had stuck my finger in an electric socket, with heart palpitations, incessant headaches, the whole mess.

This is not a drug to be prescribed lightly, not a start-and-stop solution. I am coming to the conclusion that I am made of body, mind and spirit and that all three have to be working in harmony for my life to feel good. Back to a real gym workout, which should help, very balanced and healthful eating, lots of veggies, avoid the sugar I crave, and pray.

Any other ideas? If you are reading this, I feel for you! Good luck with your lexapro route, it's not an easy one.

Posted by: Eager to get off L. at January 7, 2007 10:27 AM

I was on this crap for about two and a half years with my max dosage topping out at 40 mg a day. To make a long story short, don't take it. To anyone on it right now, start weening off IMMEDIATELY. I started weening off last September from 30mg/day to finally 0mg/day at the beginning of this month and I feel as if the shocking-pulse sensations and dizziness aren't going away at all. The side effects have been so horrible and debilitating I feel like taking my doctor and Lexapro to court. Not to mention the shit my family's gone through because of this horrible drug, they've suffered far worse than I have because of the horribly angry and depressed state I've been in trying to get off.

Posted by: Gabe at January 25, 2007 9:18 PM

I had been taking Lexapro and was feeling great! The anxious feeling I had been having prior to the medicine. Approx. 2 and a half months later I started feeling SO sick...headaches, tired, sick to my stomach. I stopped the medication and shortly after my anxiety came back. I tried to give Lexapro a second chance and I am experiencing the same side effects again. Has anyone else felt this awful on this drug? I thought it was supposed to be a very mild antidepressant but I have not had that experience.

Posted by: Jennee at February 2, 2007 2:46 PM

I was diagnosed with clinical depression and my psychiatrist perscribed Lexapro for me. I didn't like the idea of taking drugs, but I was really depressed and figured I needed to do something, may as well listen to the doctor. I hated it. I was just as sad and just as sleepy as before, and worse, i still had zero focus (the worst thing for a student). I was on 10 mg. the only difference was for some reason when i was awake i was jittery. like, my leg would shake all the time. I would notice and stop it, but the second i stopped thinking about it it went back to shaking. i decided i really didnt want to be on the stuff and didnt refill my perscription. my psychiatrist tried to convince me to get back on it, and maybe up the dosage. i chose to just drop it and drop my doctor, too. right now i'm still depressed but better than i was (likely because of martial arts).

Posted by: Frank Breech at February 15, 2007 6:17 AM

son had horrific nausea from using prozac, so we switched him to lexapro...he's been getting bad bad headaches...curious if anyone else has had side effects similiar...he's very sensitive it seems to anti-d's...
thanks for any info..
he's on .5 mgs..and supposed to go to 10mgs today...not sure if I want to increase at this point

Posted by: jean ratchford at February 24, 2007 1:37 PM

OK, SO I'm facing a very difficult stressful week and went to the doctor to get something like Xanax or ativan to get me through a few days...nothing long term. Instead the doc gave me a prescription for Lexapro 10mg. He understood that this was fo very short term, but I feel that lexpro is more for a long term depression---I just need something to take the edge off so to speak. After reading some of these posts, I'm scared to death to take this stuff.. Will this work for my needs? also, will it work after the first dose, or does it need to build up in your system?

Posted by: JB at March 2, 2007 6:45 PM

I have been on lexapro 10mg for a week now. The only thing I have noticed is that I don't lash out at my parents like I was. The worse part is that I can't get any sleep. Something the opposite of what I needed but it did help the hurtful lashing. I had some occurences of headaches. At first, I tried taking it at night and it kept me awake and restless. Then couple days later, I started taking it in the morning, I still can't sleep. I try to exercise and doing things around the house but I can't get any sleep like I should. I will wait for like another month and if it doesn't get any better than I will tell my doc. I do take tylenol once in a while to just get a few hours of sleep in but I don't like to abuse it in that way. Can I have any references or any feel on this issue?

Posted by: valerie at March 7, 2007 8:30 PM

Hello. I have been on Lexapro for about 4 weeks now. My doctor switched me from Paxil CR 25mg because it was not working anymore.

I was on Paxil for 9 years. All seemed well for about 5 years, then I went through a period where it wasnt working anymore. I was taken off paxil by my primary doc with no weaning and put on Prozac. I about went off the deep end and immediately (against my doctors advice) stopped the Prozac and continued the Paxil. After about a month or so of battling the anxiety, I started to feel better. Almost as if it were just a phase I was going through. I did however quit my job to pursue something else less stressful. Maybe that helped...

Anyways, About 6 months ago, I started having the worst panic attacks anyone could immagine. full blown numbness, fear, out of body experiences, all day fatigue and fealings of absolute hopelessness. I cant say Ive actually been suicidal, but I can relate to anyone who has thought of ending it because of this condition! I feel as though I could never bring myself to that level though. I do have good times although seldome. But those good times keep me hopeful that some day I will be normal. =o)

Back to Lexapro... Since Ive been on Lexapro, I have experienced bad side-effects. My hands tingle all the time. Like pins and needles. My head feels pressure like in an airplane. My anxiety is pretty much gone, but I still have symptoms of anxiety without the fear and heart punding effects. I have brief periods of feeling great. Then it goes away. It like a tease. Forever I thought that my symptoms had to be a brain tumor or something because my symptoms seem more physical than mental. However, docs say its common for the condition.

Anyways, Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, Effexor, pretty much sucks. lol... If anyone wants a "normal" life with depression or anxiety, go to therapy! talk about it, learn that you're not alone and that others feel your pain. Its so easy to just curl up in a ball, but, I refuse to do that. I make lifes hard descisions and go full force into my fears because even though I feel like shit, my condition cant hurt me alone. If it does indirectly, it was meant to be. So far this attitude has done me ok. Even as I type this, I feel my head pressurized and foggy. My hands tingle and I should be working, but Im not. Im focused more on just feeling better at the moment. =o)

God bless all of you and be well.

Posted by: MAK at March 19, 2007 10:45 AM

Lexapro makes me sick. I have been on it for three days and have been sick every day. I don't know if I will be able to go to work tomorrow. I am nauseated, dizzy, weak, uncoordinated, and seem to do nothing but sleep or lay around. If you aren't depressed enough, Lexapro can fix that.

Posted by: Depressed and Sick at February 24, 2008 4:13 PM

I have sporadic burning on my scalp ever since I started taking Lexapro. The pain comes in waves and lasts about 25-35 minutes. After reading some information I can see that this is not too uncommon. Has anyone else had this experience?

Posted by: Ker at March 21, 2008 10:03 PM

I had to stop lexapro after three months of taking it due to increased side effects. I had severe gas, abdominal cramps, shortness of breath, severe fatigue, muscle and leg cramps, neck aches, headaches, my menses completed stopped. Absolutely, wretched side effects also I vomited at least 4 times a week and had nausea at least twice a day. I gained 22lbs. I was so agitated tv and even radio drove me absolutely crazy I couldn't even listen to it. So, I stopped it cold turkey. I am now on my second day. Wish me luck.

Posted by: Kaysea at July 11, 2008 3:44 AM

I've been on paxil for about 13 years. When I finally decided it wasn't working anymore and my depression was getting worse, I talked to my Dr. and he put me on Lexapro. I don't know if the symtoms I'm having are from withdrawal or the lexapro. My pharmacist said it would take up to 3 years to get the paxil out of my system.
What do I do?

Posted by: Denise Olsen at January 14, 2009 10:31 AM

All I wanted was a little something to take the edge off... that's it. I wasn't clinically depressed, I wasn't suffering from anxiety-- I was just a stressed stay at home Mom with too much on her plate.

So my Doc prescribes Lexapro, and says everyone does really well with it and I should too. I was WAY too quick to trust her words!

I took 10mg before I went to bed, and all seemed fine. BUT THEN I awoke around 1am and something felt absolutely horribly WRONG. I opened my eyes as if I woke from a nightmare, and the sentence "I shouldn't have taken that pill!" kept racing through my mind in a scary panicky tone. My mouth and eyes were bone dry; my heart was beating so furiously I thought it was going to burst out of chest; I felt the need to RUN AWAY and get out of my house; I couldn't calm myself or breathe at a normal pace; I felt beyond WIERD. I called my Doc, and explained my symptoms, and he said, "It sounds like serotonin syndrome, but you'll be fine." I said, "SCREW THIS I'm going to the E.R.!!!" So I drove myself to the hospital, and I'm shocked to this day that I made it without freaking out behind the wheel. Guess what I was given at the E.R.??? ANOTHER FREAKING PILL: Xanax. Did I take it???? HELL NO. So I had to ride the sensation out on my own, for the next 24 hours. I couldn't sleep at all, and when my body wanted to fall asleep my eyes would POP open, my whole body would jerk quickly, and my heart would pound heavily. I felt like I was floating all day, like I wasn't present... I wasn't really "there". Eventually I got back to normal, but it really took 24 hours.

And so now, I'm suffering from PMDD on a regular basis... and guess what is approved for treatment--- LEXAPRO, PROZAC, AND ZOLOFT!!!!!!!!! Screw this. I'll ride out the storm and feel the waves of depression and anxiety for as long as I can stand it. I can't imagine going through an intense scare like that again. It's just not right.

Posted by: Shelle at February 18, 2009 12:03 AM

I've been off Lexapro for about 3 months and I'm still gaining weight. Is there something permanently wrong with my metabolism now? This is really insane...

Posted by: Sylvia Barca at March 13, 2009 2:34 PM

since last month i take 40 to 50 mg sleeping pills every day ,what will they do to my body if i go like this,some times i go up to 100 to 150 mg

Posted by: hussain at April 6, 2009 1:33 AM

My 19 year old son was suffering from depression and was prescribed 20mg Lexapro. Four months later he took his own life by hanging. Was it Lexapro? I guess we will never really know but it does look suspicious. Parents, be very caucious with Lexapro.

Posted by: ray neabore at April 15, 2009 8:03 PM

i have had anxiety, panic n depression for about 10 yrs. i was on zoloft for a few yrs n it helped me alot. it totally got me out of the depression n helped the panic. i stopped takin it cause i felt good. i weaned myself off of it. u never want to stop an antideppresant cold turkey......my panic has never stopped. i take xanax for that, but now my depression is back. i went back to zoloft n it gave me bad headaches, so i stopped takin it. then a dr prescribed lexapro. i took 5mg for 3 days n it gave me horrible headaches n made me feel sorta like a zombie BUT it took away my depression n made the panic better. the dr told me to stop takin it to see if the headaches went away n of course they did. i so want to try it again but those headaches r horrible. my question is will the headaches pass if i keep takin it? has anyone had this problem? i want to feel better so much. idk what to do.

Posted by: josie at April 29, 2009 3:56 PM

I was prescribed Lexapro for anxiety and depression during a bad time in my life. I was 67 yrs old. It did lessen the anxiety for about a year, but as I was also taking Keppra for seizuers the depressive ability of each finally took hold. I weaned myself from the 10 mg a day by cutting in in half, and then going to the 5mg every other day. The keppra depressive and weight gain ability took over and I am back on Lexapro 5 mg every other day. I need to get off both these somehow...I have put on 25 pounds in just over a year and have lost interest in my artwork. The thing which works best is being outdoors. Nature is the healer. Stay off prepared foods if possible. The spikes in my moods are too lmuch to deal wityh and I sometimes think awful thoughts about my self. Negative self worth thoughts and depression feed on each other and Lexapro doesn't help.It just coats the brain to be inactive and not think.

Posted by: Blossom at September 2, 2009 12:20 PM

there is more than one thing approved or even off label uses for PMDD. If Lexapro isn't working for you or you cannot handle the side effects, which are a real bitch, talk to your doc about another solution. You may even want to go to a GYN instead of your regular doc.

Posted by: harleybluz at January 8, 2010 11:19 AM


This is a good and bad story I guess. My girlfriend was suffering from anxiety and depression pretty bad, she would cry herself to sleep every other night, get super moody and freak out at me over things that seemed like almost no reason, she fanticized about offing herself. It came to the point where she was so needy, needing me to be on the phone with her all the time with her all the time, msning her all the time I was ready to call it quits with her even though she is a really sweet kind person and I really like her. She at times would say if I let her go she would kill herself and I was like thats it.

I did recommend that she talk to her doctor initially since she was dead-ball against any form of counselling which is what I recommended at first. Told her that she could probably get some medication that didnt put her in a dazed state or turn her into a zombie, I have some family members who have used / are using antidepressant SSRIs and it really works for them.

However I do notice some oddities. At first, when she was "tapering up" the difference in her was rapid and incredible First day she was just "more her". Where she'd sit there and say nothing for hours and even pulling teeth couldn't get her to talk she was chatty and laughing. I was so happy for her. She stopped being so needy and clingy within the first week or so.

The doc's orders were for her to taper up from the initial 5mg to 10mg after 2 weeks which she did. However after the taper up to 10mg I noticed some stark personality changes. She is really petite at 5'1" and I've read about 180 lb males taking 10mg doses to good effect so I am a bit worried.

She started compulsively gambling, losing almost $3000 in the past 3 weeks since she went up to 10mg. She ran out of money and stopped, I hope THAT doesn't come back. She also is totally disconnected from me. Where she was annoyingly needy before now she prefers to do things on her own and to actually get her to spend some time with me doing something other than sleeping (she sleeps 12-14 hours sometimes) is like pulling teeth. Where she used to call me constantly to the point of annoyance now I'm lucky to get a 1 minute conversation with her and it seems I'm the one always initiating the contact. She talks about not really being able to feel much of anything and her sex drive is practically gone where she used to want it 2-3 times a day before we have had it once in 3 weeks. That once was weird though, she just showed up and wanted it like immediately 2 times and wanted it super hard and fast. She didnt even realize how long it had been and because I did her bidding she got quite sore.

She is now very outgoing and honestly with the massive changes in her personality I have been freaked out that she is having an affair. She assures me that that is not happening and I do have some trust issues because I was cheated on before quite badly. My ex that cheated on me had a lack of sex drive, a sense of aloofness and disconnected from me and slept all the time which I know can be side effects of Lexapro/Cipralex and these are normal. So while she probably isnt cheating on me (we dont live together so why would she bother) I am quite afraid of what it is doing to our relationship.

To speak the truth I think that she probably should have stayed on the 5mg, that amount did her so much good and didnt cause her to disconnect so bad.

However I have to say that Lexapro/Cipralex has done her a world of good. All the negative behaviors she had before are gone, no more crying, neediness, thoughts of suicide, worthlessness. I just will caution anyone going onto this drug that if you have a spouse or partner make sure you talk to them about it first and have them read about it's potential effect on relationships.

It is very important for the partners to talk about the effects of the drug on the patient's personality and perhaps even to read about the drug together. This drug is so clean that it is hard for the patient to tell what changes the drug is making for them and what changes they are making for themselves once their anxiety/depression subside!

The sense of disconnectedness is very scary. My girlfriend hasn't left me however I fear that she just might decide she doesn't want to be with anyone and just wander off to be on her own. Would be pretty sad since I helped her to take the step to get help in the first place... I do talk to her about the drug effects though.

I find people are often apt to blame the drug, "Oh thats just the antidepressants not you" this is absolutely wrong! Do not undergo this with your partner like that.

What I do is ask her how she is feeling and she will describe some changes and then I ask her how she feels about that. I am no doctor but as I understand these drugs aren't supposed to "fix" people's personalities at all but rather are there to clear their head so that they can have a series of "moments of realization" which will help them sort out their problems.

I know my girlfriend has had many. She has been on Lexapro now for 7 weeks. She has realized things about her childhood trauma and how her parents treat her, which is the likely cause of many of the bad choices in previous partners she has made (more abuse) and probably the cause of her gambling addiction (which I never really knew about until she went on the Lexapro... it probably retriggered it I have a hunch she has done this before long before I knew her) and the cause for her depression and anxiety in the first place (physical and sexual abuse).

I can only hope though that she will get off it as quickly as is possible. The disconnected side of the drug is VERY VERY scary for the partner of the patient. Someone who felt so much affection and love for you very quickly just doesn't care much anymore.

I never want the needy side of her back that was just unbearable but I do feel that I'm getting too much of a good thing! When my girlfriend says to me, "i cant even remember the last time I was here at your house" because it was over a week whereas it was everyday before is very scary. She tells me that she "hasnt felt much of anything" lately when I ask her if she loves me.

So in every case where you have a partner or your partner is considering going on Lexapro/Cipralex I would strongly recommend that you visit the doctor together. My girlfriend wanted me to go to the doctor with her but I didn't know why I thought she just wanted company in the car and while she waited. Because I didn't go the first time now she doesn't expect me to go at all anymore.

Lexapro/Cipralex works really good for the right people. It is very strong stuff though even though the people on it don't feel dazed. Another thing is if it works they like it and dont want to really even think about going off because they dont want to go back to the depression or anxiety. Which means a life of feeling no real emotions about much at all - including the partner!

So I hope things work out for the best for me in my situation. My girlfriend still tells me every day what an amazing and wonderful person I am so I dont think I'm doomed or anything. However the disconnection I have talked to her about I do fear that it may cause her to think she has "fallen out of love" when it's really just the drugs overstabilizing her to the max.

Hopefully her doctor isnt a quack and will recommend her to start tapering off before too long. The stories I read here pretty well indicate that the longer someone is on it the worse they do coming off of it. I am no doctor but I attribute that to that they arent ready to handle emotions and feelings anymore so they all hit them really hard.

This stuff I read about a standard treatment being six months I think is BS. At least in my girlfriend, the change was sudden and immediate - I think that at 2 months if it's working there should be a really slow taper off of it maybe for another 4 months to retrain the patient how to deal with emotions properly again. Because this stuff is strong and its like BAM they feel great and then the doctors figure ok take the off it in 2 weeks then they feel like crap as I've read; they figure the depression is back with a vengance and then they want right back on it.

Anyways sorry for the novel but this is from a partners perspective. If you have a partner and you just went on it - make a day of the week where you just talk to your partner about how you feel on the medication, make your partner also your partner in treatment. When you do finally come off this crap you're gonna need someone around to help you deal with real life again!

Posted by: Kris at February 19, 2010 4:59 AM

I have been taking Lexapro (10mg) for almost 3 months now. I must be one of the few fortunate ones, because I haven't gotten any side effects so far, except for the loss of libido, but I wasn't that sexually active anyway, because I work so much. So far I have no complaints. I'm able to be social, and deal with everyday problems that would just eat away at me before. I'm not angry all the time anymore, and I laugh alot more now.

I go back to the Dr this week, and I'm hoping they don't try to up the dose, because 10mg seems to be working fine, but, I just hope it keeps working.

Posted by: Brice at March 15, 2010 12:13 PM

been on Lexapro for 8days bow. took 5mgs for the first week. now on 10mgs. havnt felt any change of my severe depression/anxiety. i pray this med starts working. been off work for 3months and have a family to support. suicidal thoughts are still present like before i started this med. ive been on several meds and the only ones that ever worked eventually stopped and i relapsed. i have siblings who have success with this med. this has to work, ive been through 30tms treatments which i havnt felt anything from. still very foggy and slow minded. anytime now PLEASE.

Posted by: mark harrison at March 31, 2010 2:49 PM

Lexapro has helped my moods however now I've gained 17lbs since on the meds and it is making me edgy and depressed not being able to fit into any of my clothes! I'm a smalled framed person, usually only 115-117lbs and now i'm over 130lbs and I've never been this big. Although 130lbs is not that heavy for my frame and body it is, especially when i'm uncomfortable in my skin. I would love to stop taking it, but I dont want to ruin my household with my nasty mood swings. My three young children and my husband mean too much to me, but I'm trapped! What other drug is there that can help me besides Lexapro and will help me get this weight off!???
heavy, tired and depressed -

Posted by: Dawn at July 10, 2010 10:16 PM

The Q is u dont think im on the right meds

Posted by: stacey at November 11, 2010 8:44 PM

ive been on lexapro off and on for 4yrs but this past yr on it constant,side effects same dizzy weight gain off 30pounds doc says the same excersize more?wtf!and Nausea.sometimes i feel great and then there is a week ive noticed out of every month that i feel like crap 3-4 weeks feel good and then it comes i feel the anxiety while on the med, i just stop taking it for a month and still feel withdrawls had to take it today again,

Posted by: fabian sanchez at January 26, 2011 10:36 AM

do Lexapro make you have mood swings.

Posted by: albert louis at February 11, 2011 5:59 AM

I was on lexapro for some months and after tapering off of it, I've been feeling a burning sensation in my brain for some years now that has gradually grown.

Posted by: Amanda at February 26, 2011 3:54 PM

I have been on Lexapro for a week for a mild anxiety disorder and it has been possibly the worst week of my life. It started with nausea and diarrhea, then led to restlessness, racing thoughts and an inability to sleep. I actually had to take an Oxazepam tablet to calm myself down. I feel worse than I did before I started so I am stopping the tablets today. I was only on 5 mg for 4 days, then 10 mg for 3 days and 5 mg for one day so hopefully I won't suffer too many side effects coming off them.

Posted by: Kristen at March 30, 2011 11:02 PM

Maybe I'm just lucky but I started taking Lexapro 10 mg 4 years ago. It has totally changed my life. When I first started taking it I did laugh about everything but that went away and I have not experience any depression at all. It does make me less emotional about peoples problems but I still care about the people who are important to me. I just don't cry about a newspaper article any more.

Posted by: sue at April 6, 2011 11:02 PM

what helps take the edge off while weaning off of lexapro?

Posted by: Vicki at October 28, 2011 3:06 PM

hi i am taking lexapro for past three months. i started from 5mg then 10mg it kicked in but not fully so doctor put me on 15mg i was on it for 2 months it didnt do anything so i am taking 20mg tomorrow so i am wondering what was your experience taking 20mg of lexapro thank you.

Posted by: lili at February 5, 2012 6:45 PM

i missed my dose (lexepro 10mg) so i took my pill this morning at 7 am should i take my dose for today at 9 pm my regular time or should i start taking it at 7am every morning?

Posted by: tina at May 31, 2012 9:01 PM

My dosage of Lexapro has been increased to 40mg and I am still depressed. I have PTSD and have had flashbacks; very frightening things.

Posted by: Barbie at October 4, 2012 4:56 PM

I am 23 and been on antideppesson tablets for about two months and i been sick and my belly looks percent keep getting alot of hed akes to i am on 50mg antideppesson tablets . Can u please help me

Posted by: Catherine phizacklea at November 25, 2012 4:22 PM

Omg. WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! Still suffering severely do not take!! I randomly had a panick attack and ended up at er. Gave me Ativan slept for a week. Went to a walk in clinic because I didn't have a Dr and told the Dr I felt really sick and didn't feel right. Without any blood work or anything told me I was depressed and had anxiety and to take 10mg lexapro 2 x a day and also gave me clonazapam ( which shouldn't be taken together) and I also take Percocet on a daily which also isn't supposed to be taken with lexapro which I did not know at the time! Anyways first few nights took it felt soooooo weird I can't even explain it started having such sharp pains in my head and body like no other. Started having shooting pains from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Had severe tingling a numbness. I had psychotic and manic episodes ended up in the er 13x... Seriously in past 3 months. Only took lexxapro for 16 days and still am suffering. Have floaters in my vision either I have excruciating pain or I'm in such a fog I cant think. Had seriouse heart palipitations where even the Dr thought I was having heart attacks but didn't. Had days where I felt absolutely no emotions at all( strangest thing) severe depersonalization, suicidal thoughts. Extreme anxiety and lightheadeness. A strange pain shooting through my throat. Severe memory loss. Very angry episodes. Can't watch tv don't know what's going on around me have severe nerve pain. Still am suffering so many side effects. Now I find out I didn't actually have a panick attack at first and I have thyroid problems and now lexxapro has ruined my life. I have always never wanted to die and now I'm a totally different person don't even know who I am at times and feel suicidal. DONT TAKE Worst thing ever should be illegal!

Posted by: Geegee at March 8, 2015 10:51 PM

Have been on Lexapro 10 milligrams for approx. 9 years. This last year I have tried 2x to wean off without success! Withdrawal has been extremely hard no appetite, sleepless nights, dizziness and depression haunt me each and everyday! Why would a doctor prescribe a drug like this to begin with? Never felt suicidal just pretty hopeless at times. Hate the person I have become....flat and lifeless!

Posted by: Evelyn at May 11, 2015 10:37 PM

Have been on Lexapro 10 milligrams for approx. 9 years. This last year I have tried 2x to wean off without success! Withdrawal has been extremely hard no appetite, sleepless nights, dizziness and depression haunt me each and everyday! Why would a doctor prescribe a drug like this to begin with? Never felt suicidal just pretty hopeless at times. Hate the person I have become....flat and lifeless!

Posted by: Evelyn at May 11, 2015 10:37 PM

I have been prescribed Lexapro for years. Originally, I got it from my therapist who didn't ask me a lot of questions about my anxiety or depression before assuming that was what I needed. I took the pill, and I must admit at the time I was about 15 so I was young and careless, but I never took the pill regularly. I was always forgetting to take it, I also was never worried about taking other stuff with it such as drowsy increasing cough syrup, etc. At the time I was on 10mg. He doubled my dosage which made me rebel against his word resulting in having to wing myself off this drug alone! It was a NIGHTMARE! Where do I begin?! The sweats, sleeplessness, constant feeling of death, nausea, irregular appetite, chest pains, DEPRESSION, weight loss, and I barely have anything to lose! I'm now at 108 pounds at 5 foot 3. The worst side effect that hasn't left is my irregular heart beat now.. I'm still depressed and having WORSE anxiety attacks! One day years later, I'm in my 20's, I start having severe chest pains on the side of my heart which made me panic, thinking for the worst! I spend two hours at the hospital just for them to tell me I need to get back on Lexapro!! I get so upset, along with my anxiety kicking in at this point, so I refused to take them until, unfortunately, a week later my anxiety gets to me SO bad, I didn't sleep at all! So around 4pm that afternoon, I took Lexapro again. My chest pains decreased slowly but surely. Once in a while I have a chest pain but, I'm also a recovering mild cigarette smoker so I'm not sure what I can blame on what but, I do know another thing is trying to relax your mind and body to go to sleep! Is the juice worth the squeeze?!

Posted by: Danielle at September 18, 2015 3:18 AM

My mom has cancer and was prescribed Lexapro for her depression...the doctor took her off the it "cold turkey" and my mom hasn't been the same person....it sucks!! anything other drug she can take to taper down from her withdrawl? PLEASE HEIPL!!! I need my mom to be who she is!!! Shes bad ass!

Posted by: Eric at December 23, 2015 6:52 PM

Almost six years ago my youngest son died very tragically and I blamed and still blame myself for not checking on him. He as 36, had an alcohol problem, had been on his own since he was 18, had some DUIs and was going downhill fast. We let him live with us for 6 months and he had health issues, high BP, panic disorder since 19, seizures since about 30, but was controlled with med. At any rate, he was having to work at low paying jobs since he was a welder, had had a seizure at both welding places he worked and they would no longer keep him on due to liability, hence, low paying jobs, not able to make enough to live on anymore. We wanted him to be back out on his own and be able to make it in life so when he exhibited symptoms again of drinking or something, we moved him out into a place where you could pay by the week. My husband paid for 10 weeks hoping he'd be able to make it after that..he had two parttime jobs...at any rate, I left on vacation, came back two weeks later, they found him dead in his room, had been dead they said 7-10 days, died having a seizure. I always thought he ran out of money so tried going on without his BP med, and med he took for anxiety, since he'd tried it before and had what he described as DTs...anyway,my grief was unbearable and they tried me on several antidepressants and I'd never taken any of them or anything like that in my life, no med at all. Now, when I try to get off the Lexapro in a few weeks, I am very down again and crying, but on it I don't feel well, either. It's like just not feeling much at all, no really bad side effects but more a blah feeling. Isn't there anything in all these meds that actually make you feel happy and upbeat again? I have weaned myself off it several times for a month and feel better at first and then back crying and blaming myself again, feeling so hopeless because there's no way I can say to him that I'm sorry that I moved you out or that I love him...we were always so close and I know that is one problem...I can never blame him for any of his weaknesses, always feel it was really my fault.

Posted by: Donna at May 23, 2016 7:01 AM

I want add something semi positive here.

#1. Eat well. Take vitamins. If you can afford or insurance covers, get bloodwork to see if you're deficient in anything. Fish oil, Vit B and D are essential for brain health.
#2. Exercise. Mood and energy booster.
#3. Don't ever quit psych drugs cold turkey. Always taper off. I find it helpful to taper off in half-one quarter of the time you were on them. Yes, this might mean tapering off over a year or more. It'll be worth it and will significantly decrease your chance of relapse.
#4. See a therapist. There are plenty of schools that offer sliding scale and affordable therapy. Even if it's 35 a session, surely you can cut something from your budget. Your mental health is worth it.
#5. Don't lose hope and don't allow yourself to get sucked into all the negativity on these boards. In fact, stay away from these boards.

I know it's hard but you can do this. I was on a myriad of psych drugs in my early 20's but weaned off of them. After a really hard break up I made the hard decision to go on Lexapro. I'm so grateful for the little boost it gave me so I could get my life back. I was on 5 mg. My doctor said most people are over-prescribed. Always bear that in mind.

Will the next few months of weaning off be hard? Yes. But I am okay with the struggle. It's currently 2 PM and I'm still in bed with no motivation for anything. And I'm okay with the unproductive days. They happen to people who aren't even on these meds. We're an overworked, malnurished, sleep deprived society. While it's not healthy, it can be normal to stay in bed. Be okay with where you are in the process. You can do this. Life is beautiful. God bless all of you. And for those in your lives who can't accept you and bless you where you are, I hope and pray that they can stay away until they are able to support you.

Posted by: Amanda at June 5, 2016 5:04 PM

Was on Lexapro for 10 years. I have been off for 2 months and feel terrible with anxiety and ocd. Should I get back on?

Posted by: Ksk at June 6, 2016 9:46 PM

I have been taking Lexapro 5mg for just one week and it is awful! I am tired all of the time, I have no energy and no motivation to do anything, I am hungry all of the time, I wake up every morning shaking and dizzy, I no longer feel any joy at all, I am going through the motions of daily living feeling numb and detached. This is awful! So thanks but no thanks i'm coming off of it.

Posted by: E at June 8, 2016 11:08 AM

I'm a 29 year old female. I started taking Lexapro 10 mg started second week of October of 2015. In the begin I wasn't sure about taking Lexapro. At first it started working. Half way through 2016, I started experiencing some side of effects. First side of effect was increase of thirst and dry mouth. Headaches was another side of effect. The two most worst side of effects for me was strange dreams. My heart felt like it ran over a speed bump and i would wake up suddenly being confused and scared. My thoughts would be scattered brain. My period would be heavy and the cramps are bad. I felt more bloated and gain weight only with my period.Sometimes I would be shaky hungry and soda would help. I would be more tired in the afternoon and take long naps. I have bad neck pain on the right side that wont go away. As of June 2016, I missed a dose i wanted to see what it would do. I feel better with out taking. However I do feel a little foggy and legs feel tingly. As of July 2016 I will be talking to my doctor to get off Lexapro. I'm taking a healthy option by joining the gym to help with being a anxiety. I wish i would have never started taking Lexapro. Has any one else experienced the same thing i did while taking Lexapro?

Posted by: ashley at June 30, 2016 9:20 AM

If you have a job or career, stay away from lexapro! I lost all motivation within 3 months! Could not concentrate or focus! I'm normally a patient person, yet started being very irritable and very angry. I couldn't remember the simplest things. I eliminated Buspar, then a prescription NSAID, & finally realized it's the generic lexapro!!! My career is in jeopardy? My home is a disaster; I have barely managed to do laundry. I've been on Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, & am going back on Effexor now! Lexapro is like being a stoner 24/7 - BAD BAD DRUG!

Posted by: Helen K at November 2, 2016 2:51 PM

My daughter is on Lexapro for about 10 days now. She has PTSD with anxiety and some recent depression due to these issues. She has gotten progressively worse on this medication, saying so many things out of character, and that she is extremely suicidal. None of her previous therapists ever thought she was a risk. I am so scared for her and waiting for the Dr. to call me back so they can take her off this awful medication.

Posted by: J at December 9, 2016 10:06 AM

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