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Zoloft is a drug that was released by the Pfizer corporation in 1991 which aimed at fighting depression. The FDA approved Zoloft in October of 1997. Zoloft is a member of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor family, which increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells. Official Zoloft Site
If you or someone you know has had a problem with Zoloft feel free to call the advertising section of FDA at (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240.
Zoloft Feedback and Side Effects

I've been on Zoloft for six days now, 25mg. I feel weird, like I'm no longer alive and feeling anything. Yes, the benefits are I no longer feel stressed, but the negative thing is a no longer feel anything. I've had a headache for four days, I feel like I'm in a total fog, sick in the stomach, waking up throughout the night and now I feel like I'm dizzy even though I'm sitting down. Plus the tiredness! I could sleep my way through the day the only problem is when I lie down at night I have trouble sleeping. I have a very bad phobia about spiders and the last two nights I've been absolutely terrified of bad dreams with spiders in them. I wake up literally feeling terrified. I'm seeing my doctor again tomorrow and I think I'll go off this drug - it makes me feel too foggy and too weird. I don't see how I can function on this, I'm having trouble concentrating and don't feel "connected" anymore.

Posted by: Andrea at September 26, 2004 10:22 PM

Started taking this a couple of months ago for anxiety after my hysterectomy. Initially, I felt good, relaxed and less bitchy about everything (my husband liked my happy pills). After a couple of weeks, I started having non stop diarrhea and lost 5 lbs. Stopped taking this about 11 days ago and finally the diarrhea has almost stopped. However, I can't sleep and have headaches and am extremely exhausted. Am almost afraid to try anything else.....

Posted by: Donna at October 8, 2004 12:23 PM

Started taking this a couple of months ago for anxiety after my hysterectomy. Initially, I felt good, relaxed and less bitchy about everything (my husband liked my happy pills). After a couple of weeks, I started having non stop diarrhea and lost 5 lbs. Stopped taking this about 11 days ago and finally the diarrhea has almost stopped. However, I can't sleep and have headaches and am extremely exhausted. Am almost afraid to try anything else.....

Posted by: Donna at October 8, 2004 12:23 PM

Started taking this a couple of months ago for anxiety after my hysterectomy. Initially, I felt good, relaxed and less bitchy about everything (my husband liked my happy pills). After a couple of weeks, I started having non stop diarrhea and lost 5 lbs. Stopped taking this about 11 days ago and finally the diarrhea has almost stopped. However, I can't sleep and have headaches and am extremely exhausted. Am almost afraid to try anything else.....

Posted by: Donna at October 8, 2004 12:23 PM

I went on Zoloft (reluctantly) because of my intense fear of weight gain and obsession with food and exercise. I have dealt with this eating disorder-though it has taken many forms-since about age 14. Although the doctor said there was no chance of weight gain, after the 3rd month or so on the meds I gained ELEVEN POUNDS in 5 weeks time. I am so hurt, angry, feel deceived...Fear of weight gain is WHY I got on the meds, and it only made it worse!! I stopped the medication 10 days ago but I want to know how long until I may see the weight come off. I count my calories religiously and work out 6 days a week, weight training and high intensity cardio. None of that changed while I was on the medication; in fact, I actually decreased calories at one point in an effort to stop the weight gain...no such luck. Now I just feel like suing. I do, however, feel okay and have had no withdrawl symptoms, yet, anyway. I don't typically ever get headaches and Zoloft actually eventually didn't make me tired...just bad dreams and damn weight gain...GRRRR...

Posted by: amy at October 18, 2004 9:32 AM

I've taken Zoloft for 6 weeks now - the first time I've ever taken any prescription med for a prolonged time at all. The initial two weeks were the weirdest ones; dizzy spells, feeling numb, sick stomach... yep, side effects seem to be frequent and abundant with this SSRI. However, over time my anxiety and depression disappeared (a good thing!) while I am in a state of indifference and I too have trouble staying asleep at night. It's an ok trade-off, but not one that I like to live with for much longer. The worst is that I gained 14 lbs in 4 weeks (from a solid 210 to a wiggling 224lbs) and I don't feel comfy in my skin anymore - I used to work out 5 days a week... now I watch TV and pat my belly instead:). Well, this too shall pass! I am also being terribly forgetful these days(to the point where I have to keep notes with me), that is no fun at all. So I am planning on tapering off very very slowly to get off these pills within a reasonable amount of time. I'll see....

Posted by: army at October 20, 2004 4:32 PM

I've been taking Zoloft for nearly three months, now. I had been feeling extremely depressed for many months and had gotten to the point of waking up every morning considering suicide. I was in so much emotional pain, I had become literally immobilized by it. Finally, I worked up the courage to confide in a local GP about my feelings and my situation. He prescribed Zoloft. I started with a 25 mg per day dosage and moved up to 50 mg per day after one week. Like others, I found the first two weeks felt the strangest, on a perceptual level. I did not trust myself to drive my car even a few miles those first two weeks. But my mood was almost immediately better, even with the odd changes in perception. I no longer "over-reacted" (in my partner's words) to criticism and was much less prone to getting angry. The WEIRDEST aspect is that I feel as though my emotions are in some sort of cocoon. They are there, but there is an important moment inserted where I can THINK before I act or react. Now my partner and others can say or do some genuinely thoughtless or ugly things to me and I don't even flinch -- sometimes I even laugh! (Trust me, folks...it's better that I "roll with the punches" for the time being). But at about one month in, I began getting hit with the non-stop diarrhea and low-level nausea side-effects others have mentioned. I am actually living with these inconveniences because the alternative -- reacting like a normal human being would to absurd or negative stimulus -- is not a luxury currently available to me. I was apathetic before and the Zoloft hasn't changed that: that problem is no worse and no better. I have to struggle against apathy and am unwilling to take other drugs or switch to and adjust to another SSRI at this point. When I move away from my partner and the place I'm living, I intend to wean myself off this medication. Meanwhile, even with the inconveniences mentioned, Zoloft is helping me survive and work my way out of a situation that had been constantly upsetting, distracting and ultimately life-threatening. What is better? Crying my eyes out for days and wanting to die because someone with a few drinks in them insulted me? Or living with some side-effects, shrugging off the insult, accepting that I'm dealing with someone who is verbally abusive and some number of sheets to the wind, networking with friends, getting on with and rebuilding my life?

Posted by: Jet at April 16, 2006 4:54 PM

i didn't like how zoloft made want to hurt my self and othres around me , i took it for 3 weeks and now on lexapro which dosent seem to be helping . im better off not taking any thing . but i need something for anxiety . have to see the doctor again ,but i think this drug should be off the market

Posted by: HOLLY MCKELVEY at April 26, 2006 11:50 AM

Holly, I hear what you are saying, I often have the same urges. I currently take 200mg a day, I really thought it was helping at me first, but now after about 7 months, I just my kinda lost in my own head. Not to mention some of the side effects really bother me at times.

Posted by: james at April 30, 2006 10:59 PM

I am a 52 year old woman who has been on Zoloft for over 15 years. I guess I have been on it so long now, that I have either overlooked the side effects. I tried to get off of it several times and at one point was off for six months. I don't remember any terrible effects at that time, but my family kept insisting I needed to get back on, so there must have been something going on. My question however is this........."has anyone just gradually gained weight over a period of time while on this drug?" I guess these past 15 years have slowly caught up because I have gained 17 pounds of ugly, dimplely fat that will not go away. I have started exercising and it won't go. Some people report weight loss......I am reporting a gradual wt gain........

Posted by: Annie at May 18, 2006 3:17 PM

I am currently trying to stop taking zoloft. I was so stressed out at work and would get anxious over anything that I was completely desperate. I am a young mother of 2 and after having my son my problems seem to have crept up on me. I am a Christian and extremely devoted to church and serving God. I have been taking this medication for 3 months now. I told myself in the beginning that it was temporary and that I wouldnt allow myself to become addicted. I dont really have all of these side effects people are talking about except for the fogginess but hey its enough for me to call it quits....I think I have had enough time to figure out that when I freak out...its ok and its just anxiety, I have also joined a gym in hopes of helping the stress. I have been told by several people that this works. PRAYER does too. I hope that this will be encouragement to others that you can LIVE without antidepressants. They dont really help.

Posted by: at June 8, 2006 10:21 PM

Zoloft improved my mood, but in only 6 months on the drug, I have gained 25 lbs! No amount of diet or exercise has helped.

I think I'd rather be off the medication and deal with my depression some other way than suffer this awful weight gain.

Posted by: Sharon at June 13, 2006 12:27 AM

been on zoloft just 2 days(25mg).I didn't get bothered by anything today ,(great)zest for sex is gone also(not so great).when i looked at the women outside while driving i had no mental stimuli.i gonna try cutting that little pill in half and see what happens.

Posted by: EDWARD at June 21, 2006 8:09 AM

I've have been taking zoloft for 2 days and I have decided to stop. I have had a horrible time sleeping (panic attacks), dry mouth, numb lips, difficulty breathing (to be fair, this might just be anxiety - not the zoloft), and loose stool (to the point of water). This morning I woke-up and felt like I had drank about 6 cups of coffee – my chest was on fire and I could not relax (this is after a night of about 3 hours sleep).

Posted by: Chris at June 29, 2006 6:00 PM

I have been on zoloft for about 2 months now and to be honest it has reallly helped by anxiety and depression. I did not realize how bad I felt before I started taking it. I was to the point where I would wake up every morning and cry, and I could have took a nap at anytime during the day. The only negative thing about this drug, is that for about two weeks now I have had diarrhea. I have lost about 6 pounds in 2-3 weeks??? I don't understand why this side affect is now happening?

Posted by: Brooke at July 29, 2006 9:55 AM

I have been on Zoloft for about 5 months now. It has made a huge difference in my anxiety and panic attacks and I'm very thankful that I am taking the medicine. However I too have some side effects. I started on 25 mg with no side effects. Shortly thereafter I moved up to 50 mg and about 2 hrs after taking the first 50 mg pill I thought I was going to have diarrhea. That went away, but about 5 weeks after this it all came back. Since then I seem to have a lot of dyspepsia (fancy word for gas/bloating/general indegestion) and diarrhea when I drink coffee. I had some of these symptoms occasionally, but now they are here all of the time. For me it is worth the trade off because my OCD/anxiety is much better.

Posted by: Lisa at September 20, 2006 10:22 AM

I have been on Zoloft for about 3 months and I love it. It has made me a new person. However, I do have some side effects of the drug. The worst is the diarrhea. I will not stop taking the Zoloft because of this. It's the best medicine I have taken for my anxiety.

Posted by: Di at September 26, 2006 1:08 PM

Great drug for the first year, resolved my anxiety and depression. I became very energetic, very focused. Really impressed my boss. I had been slim my whole life but i suddenly developed a voracious appetite and gained 30 pounds in one year, mostly in my belly. To my wife's delight, i reacquired the sexual libido and performance of an 18 year old, i am 36 now. I experienced lengthy and painful erections. Sometimes i could not achieve ejaculation even after nearly two hour of sexual intercourse. It was a wonderful time; i thought i would want to keep taking this medication forever. Then the fog set in my mind, like many others here, i became emotionally numb. Stone cold heart. I would be restless at night, tossing aroung, waking up my wife. I would sweat profusely during my sleep and wake up soaked cold with transpiration. Then the headaches started to put pressure behind my eyes and i felt like a vise grip was tightening around my brain. My daily dosage was 100M/D, i had to take it early we i woke up, if i took the medicine later in the day, i could not sleep at night. I would be restless, sitting in front of the computer until 5AM when i would be so exhausted that i would finally be able to fall asleep. I started experiencing memory loss and it became problematic because i was not able any longer to carry out an intellectual conversation with my spouse or friends. i could not find the words for the things i wanted to express in conversation. I nearly lost my ability to enjoy aesthetic experiences. I had little feelings left. This drug desensitized me physically, psychologically and sexually. I started feeling mentally blank. I nearly broke up my relationship with my wife because of the way I became. After 20 months, i was ready and eager to get off zoloft. I lowered the dosage progressively for the next two months, the side effects were getting worse so i finally quit while on a trip in Paris. The withdrawals were severe and painful. Heart throbbing, uncontrollable feeling of electric current buzzing through my body. I felt like my nerves had turned raw. i could not sleep. It was hell. I ended up having to take muscle relaxers and painkillers to function on a daily basis. I became addicted to some strong pain meds, i slowly lowered my intake and finally quit after 6 months. Then, a couple of stressful and traumatic events happened and i relapsed in deep depression accompanied by anger, sexual dysfunction, also lost 20 pounds since i quit zoloft. I have no appetite any more. Food tastes terrible. I took a couple of zoloft pills this week to help me cope with stressful events, the headaches immediately reappeared. The blank stares, dumbfounded mind, heartless soul came back to haunt me. Just took 3 Tylenols to help with headache. I cannot function without pain meds anymore. Currently looking at alternative meds and solutions.
Good luck to you all. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post, i will check back.

Posted by: mac at November 11, 2006 12:45 AM

I am on Zoloft for like 6 months...I cannot seem to lose the weight I have gained..I am on the correct dose of Zoloft after trying other dosages but was wondering if anyone else had this trouble.

Posted by: eileen at January 19, 2007 6:47 AM

I was on Zoloft for 18 months. My first side effect was my blood pressure increasing from 106/65 to 180/128 and then from a starting weight of 130 lbs at a height of 5'8" to a weight of 168 lbs. After the 18 months, I had gained 35+ lbs, despite the fact that I had never had a problem controlling my weight in the past. Everything I had done in the past to lose weight didn't help anymore and I was becoming increasingly frustrated. I did read some blog right when I got off of Zoloft and it made me feel better about the weight gain, but 3 months later I am still having problems with memory and losing the extra weight.

The most troubling problem, aside from the weight gain, has been extreme trouble with my memory. I am a degreed engineer and am very disturbed by the fact that I still can't retain some of the simplest information. It's very embarrasing for me to have to admit that I can't remember what someone told me the day before. I am at my wit's end here and hope someone can give me some hope for getting out of this pergatory I got myself into by taking Zoloft. Some people call it a wonder drug and I call it something else. I pray nightly to have a good night's sleep and have a good day tomorrow. I pray.

Posted by: Leigh at January 20, 2007 10:35 PM

I tapered off Zoloft recently after being on 50 mg/day for just over 3 years. During the first 9 months or so, I found Zoloft to be quite helpful with my anxiety (I was starting grad school and feeling paralyzed with anxiety at all I had to do, fear of failure, etc.). Zoloft allowed me to cope, I was less negatively reactive and I felt I had more energy. I experienced no negative side effects while starting on Zoloft.

However: about 9-10 months or so into taking Zoloft, I began to notice unexplained weight gain. I had always been a fairly slim person, if I did gain a few pounds here or there I could take it off easily. But here I was at age 33 gaining approx. 15 pounds in the course of about 3 months or so. I continued to gain up to about 160 pounds (20-25 pounds over my natural weight), all while eating normally and exercising. When I consulted my doctor she insisted my metabolism was slowing down due to my age and that I had to watch my diet and exercise more (which I was already doing!). After cutting my calories and intensifying my exercise and only losing about 2 pounds over the course of a year, I knew something was truly wrong -- especially after reading countless similar stories from Zoloft users on the web, and hearing the exact same thing from two close friends who had also "inexplicably" gained between 15 and 30 pounds on Zoloft.

I also found that after being on the drug for approximately a year, it was like I was no longer directly experiencing my emotions. It was like I was living at an arm's length from myself. I still HAD emotions, but they seemed dull, muted, and my motivation seemed non-existent. It was much more difficult than it had once been to take action and complete things. In many ways, I did not even feel like myself.

So at 3+ years, the negative effects of the drug outweighed the positive and I weaned myself off over about a month, with (thankfully) minimal withdrawal symptoms. I already find myself "feeling" more, crying more easily for the first time in over 2 years, and I'm hopeful that in time the weight I've gained will come off.

I believe this drug is best in the short-term, but that it is not effective for long-term use. I think the body does not want this drug inhabiting it for years and years. And I know FOR A FACT that Zoloft did slow my metabolism, no matter what the doctors say (such as "you started eating more because you weren't as depressed," or "Zoloft does not cause weight gain, it's your lifestyle that made you gain weight."). If you're having problems on this drug, listen to yourself and not a doctor. You know yourself, your body and your emotions best.

Posted by: Jill at January 25, 2007 1:03 AM

I was on Zoloft for several months three years ago. I weaned myself off after gaining tons of weight and feeling no better - in fact feeling nothing. Three years later, I really believe the Zoloft altered my emotions forever. I don't feel things as deeply. I have cold, remote, and have no true feelings for anyone but my closest family. Anybody else?

Posted by: andrea at January 27, 2007 9:15 AM

After the second day of taking Zoloft, I have noted that I am getting erections throughout the day. Also I have a very significant delay in orgasm. I do not know if this is a blessing or a curse yet.

Posted by: Kevin at April 11, 2007 10:28 AM

Can side effects of Zoloft come on late in treatment? Or, do the side effects show as soon as treatment begins and stays throughout treatment? I thought Zoloft was non addictive? If so, why does my wife adamently state she isn't going to quit taking Zoloft and that none of her symptoms are related to Zoloft treatment? She has been taking Zoloft almost two years and has been, over last several months, experiencing tremors or twitches at night, night sweats, teeth grinding, mood shifts, state of emotionalissnes, headaches, extreme fatigue, insomnia to point she takes sleep aid, no desire to have sex, etc. She has stated she doesn't know why she doesn't want to have sex. During her time on Zoloft she has not been diagnosed with any depression, etc. She was prescribed through our family Doctor after her mother had a major brain hemorrage that has left her to this day in state of vegetation. She has not been, to my knowledge, monitored for any condition and treatment of Zoloft. She merrely just has to ask for refill, is this protocol for an antidepressant? What actions can I take? Where should I turn to? When I talk to her about it she adamently states she isn't going to even think about going off Zoloft nor try anything else. She has had all her hormone levels checked and come back good. She does have a lot of stressfull events on hand but she doesn't work to clean her plate. I need some help and or advice on where to go where to turn, what to do, how I can save my wife from becoming a Zoloft "junkie"!

Posted by: Gary at May 18, 2007 12:03 PM

ya i went on zoloft in the adolecent psyche center thingy and i went insane with nightterrors and homocidel and suicidel tendencies its bad dont use it.....(brainwash)

Posted by: k diddy at July 21, 2007 12:29 AM

ZOLOFT IS A VERY DANGEROUS DRUG!! PLEASE...if you are starting it or starting an adjustment in your doseage, make sure you have close supervision by a family member, friend, or nurse! I was depressed, although functional, and was put on this drug for relief. The mental chaos that accompanied the first 2 weeks on zoloft totally incapacitated me. I could not work, think in complete sentences, drive, carry on a lucid conversation, prepare a meal, or pay a bill. When i notified my doctor of this, little was done. I begged him for help and he gave me 7 doses of xanax. I do believe that without it, I would have jumped off a bridge to end my new insanity. As a nurse, I was not sure if my symptoms were zoloft related, or depression related. My doctor told me that it was simply my overstimulated synapses, which had previously been suppressed and were now 'lit up'. I can't imagine going through this without my sister the social worker holding my hand...and keeping me off the bridge. Those symptoms did resolve over time and the zoloft kicked in my newly-found passive personality; it gave me an 'i don't care' attitude about everything. It took away my inertia...to cry, to care, to be joyful, to get angry. After a year of hearing how dangerous it was to quit this medication, and a year of seeing myself balloon into a couch potato, my doctor convinced me that I needed to increase my dose. I went from only 50mg to 100mg and spent the first night wide awake, convinced that I was having hallucinations, my skin pulling from the inside out, flip-flopping mental activity, that couldn't even be called thoughts, and the feeling that I was in the process of dying, while I watched. NOTHING can describe accurately the chaos that zoloft caused me. After two days of trying my new dose, and being unable to go to work, or leave my house, or look outside, or answer the phone, I prayed. God very quietly told me to get off my knees and to THROW ALL OF MY ZOLOFT PILLS INTO THE TOILET. I did just that, and I didn't tell one soul until a week later. Instead of the horrifying withdrawal that Pfeizer and every prescribing physician will warn you about...I became more mentally lucid and pleasant and joyful and loving than I had been in over a year! It's been wonderful...I'm now organized, able to concentrate, capable of completing a crosswork puzzle or soduko,and I feel as if I have my personality back...what joy. The whole point of this for me, is to express my certainty that more research needs to be done on this medication.

Posted by: JA at September 13, 2007 2:20 AM

Family doctor told me I was very depressed, was put on zoloft 200mg daily plus 30 mg. valuim daily. I would get panic attacks, loss of short term memeray, loudness, shacking, vomiting. falling. Acted out of it and looked all doped up.
Could not figure out why I was going though all of this. Was on these med's for almost a year could not remember saying something to some one and they would tell me I had told them the same thing like 4 time's. I am going though withdrawl from these med's. Just terrible to live like that, was in the hospital for 4 day's with nothing but throwing up. Could not hold down any food. The doctor's for other problem's thught i needed to see and talk to a perf. like I was mental. And all along it was the zoloft and valuim. Have been going though withdraw for the last week and a half. Was neaver so sick in my life, thank's to the Doctor that had me on all of this for so long. I am just trying to go cold turkey, they told me I would have to wein off these drug's, but I would rather go though hell know and get it over with. Siad it would take 6 month's to a year to quit the med's. I am doing so much better, my mind is back and don't look and act like a zombie. Like I say I was very sick for a good week . Know I am getting thew it ok feel alot more human. Everyone that has seen me since then can't belive the differance in me. I don't want to ever be on this medication again. Quit my old family Doctor and see a new one today.
So if you are going threw this or are taking zoloft please ask your Doctor to wein you off. I am just doing the cold turkey not going to stay on this for another 6 month's to a year. God must have been with me for I don't even know how bad i was until I stopped it all. Hope the best for you or a loved one. But I can say I didn't know I was as bad as I was from this medicine till I quit. I am eating good again and feel 100% better. I was really a mess my family thought I was loosing it. God what a differance with out the zoloft and the valium . God be with you and I hope you feel better real soon. The first week was hell! But I forgot who and how bad I was until I stopped it all. Alot of Doctor's say don't just quit them but I did and I am finally getting back to me! What a new world for me. Good luck to you for I was there and it was awful. I believe the zoloft made my panic attack's come on. Haven't had any since, but he sure messed me up on all the drug's. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

Posted by: Candace Davy at September 27, 2007 4:10 AM

Zoloft has been the weirdest thing for me. I am 16 years old, and I started taking zoloft a year and a half ago. I went from 50mg to 75mg to 100mg for a little while, and then back down from 75mg to 50 again. For a while, I thought that zoloft was a miracle drug for me. However, I've begun to realize that it has changed me so much, and the negatives are starting to outweigh the positives. I have had an eating disorder for 3 years, and I went to residential, got treated, and i am on the road to recovery. However, I'm starting to think that the zoloft led to my anorexic behaviors turning bulimic. I used to be totally organized, could get my work done efficiently, and still managed to have a good time on the weekends. Then, I started zoloft, because I had depression, possibly from being underweight. It made me happy for a while, but now i can't even organize my thoughts. I will start one thing, then move to the next, and before I know it, I've started 10 activities without finishing any of them... Zoloft has made me a wreck. I cannot even think enough to type this. I need something else...

Posted by: Julia at February 25, 2008 2:04 PM

I have been on 25 mg zoloft for ptsd for 11 days now and I cannot bare another day with diarrhea, sleeplessness and thoughts of doom. I'm not taking it today, end of story. I am a 31 year old heart patient and the dehydration from the D is literally killing me. I think my anxiety was better than these side effects.

Posted by: Amy Banner at March 2, 2008 12:07 PM

April 15 1997 I started on 100mg of zoloft and at the same time 40mg of busporon. I have been taking it now steady for eleven years. Side effect, I have been constantly tired, and find it hard to concentrate. I would like to get off of it entirely. I am 79 years old and was told if I get off of it, the severe depression I had will come back.

Posted by: John G. Parisi at April 13, 2008 7:45 PM

I took zoloft for almost 3 weeks and it helped my depression a lot, but the diarrhea was terrible, the pharmacist said it could last a month, but I couldn't take it any more. Any others with this problem?

Posted by: Elna at April 29, 2008 8:52 AM

My partner was suffering quite major depression after the loss of his brother, and quite a difficult upbringing. He went on zoloft to try remedy this. initially he was positive and we both really thought things were coming along.
then it all slowed down- he became vague, lost his sex drive, lost interest, became aggressive and would go into white rage over quite small issues. So the doctor amped him up to 250mg a day...which i see now is about the biggest doage you can get. he has become but a shaddow of his former self. he feels no love or guilt anymore and when he does he doesnt know what it means. he is confused, and lost. one minute he wants me, the next minute he cant wait to get away from me. he used to be so sure of himself- he was focussed and never gave me reason to doubt him.
how all i can do is doubt him. he wanders in and out of my life now, not knowing where he is going or why. he has broken my heart numerous times, then tried to win me back. then within minutes sometimes has changed his mind and left me a broken wreck. i prefer him as he was before he went on zoloft. at least i trusted his word then.
zoloft has destroyed a relationship, and turned him into a walking zombie.

Posted by: Aaron at June 9, 2008 8:52 PM

I have been taking zoloft for about 2 months and I have experience an increase in my frequency to urinate, please advice.

Posted by: Erick Cedeno at July 15, 2008 4:48 PM

I started taking zoloft 50mg about 6 months ago for depression, I was waking up and having to talk myself into getting out of bed everyday, felt teary and emotional, and suffered terrible p.m.t. After the first month on zoloft I felt much better and my family were all much happier! especially my teenage son, with whom I was having difficulty communicating with. I no longer reacted to the little things that used to really bother me, and was not as sensitive to things people said. I did however notice weight gain around the 3 month mark, 3kg increase and now after 6 months another 3kg has crept on. Prior to zoloft my weight would vary only slightly 1-2kg which i could easily lose if I watched what i ate and exercised a bit more often. Once I recognised I was gaining weight on zoloft I joined the gym and became even stricter with my eating habits, and I do not drink alcohol. After 6 weeks at the gym I had actually gained a kilo, which they put down to me gaining muscle, however my clothes and my general appearance say otherwise! I have been weaning myself off zoloft for two weeks now, tapering from 50mg to 25mg and this week 12.5mg I am beginning to get my emotions back, which for me is not something I really wanted, however I am sleeping much better and my memory appears to be improving slightly again, but my greatest fear is that i will just become the same person I was before zoloft and the whole experience will be wasted leaving me overweight!
Does anyone have any positive experiences of weight loss after tapering? or even after a few months off of zoloft? Are the emotions I am feeling just part of withdrawal and I will still be a better version of myself in the long run? does anyone feel it 'cured' their depression. My doctor felt my depression was caused by a chemical imbalance and that zoloft would get it back on track, and I should be o.k. Just wondering if anyone feels fabulous after they have stopped taking it and are not on any other meds? Thank you also to everyone on this blog, it makes such a difference to feel that other people are going through similar things and all of the little bits of information help me to understand am not a freak and depression affects so many people from all walks of life.

Posted by: Sharee in Australia at July 17, 2008 2:39 AM

I'm 16 and have been on Zoloft for about 7-8 months now. At first I thought that it was working well, and was pleased to restore a broken relationship with my mother. I let go of getting pissed over the smallest things, and became seriously laid back. Now I'm realizing that it is hard as hell to have fun. Getting to the point of being truly happy is so difficult. I'm ten times more serious than I was before, and I liked being silly, so this is really affecting me. Plus, when I do need to cry to release all the emotion inside, I can't! It's horrible! So I mope and feel awful with all this negative energy locked inside, and have no escape for it in a healthy way! I too have everday diarrhea. I really think that I wanted to believe in Zoloft, and now I'm just being realistic about it, and I want off soon as possible. I hate this constant numbness, and I no longer value myself enough to speak up when people upset me. Everything just seems ok, even if it's not. My boyfriend cheats, and sure, I get upset, but then I'm like, "oh, it's alright. Don't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill" but IT IS A MOUNTAIN! I think it's great to not feel completely depressed and suicidal anymore, but I need to be able to feel something. Anyone else feel that the medication has sent their emotions packing?

Posted by: Julie at July 23, 2008 5:32 PM

I just started taking Zoloft and everything I eat turns into diarrhea, especially meat I noticed. I actually feel very happy and people are noticing I have a pleasant attitude lately. I felt so confident in my interview and got the job within hours when I got home. I think its helping with the depression. I also take Lithium and Seroquel. You want to talk about a drug that sedates you until you have no feeling in your legs, Seroquel is the one that does it. Without it, I couldn't sleep though. It will knock you out within a half hour like being wasted. With the Zoloft, however, I almost fell over the other day I was so dizzy. I also lost my shoe on the way to the interview today and tripped. My legs were also shaking when standing. I guess I just have to get used to this.

Posted by: Charlene at July 29, 2008 9:05 PM

My toilet is my new best friend! I can't stop throwing up! I'm freezing...but my head feels really hot,I'm shaking, my stomach is in knots,and I didn't sleep a wink last night and now I'm back in the office for another very stressful day at work. I don't know how I'm gonna get thru today without barfing in my trash can. And all this after taking only one 50mg pill! Good thing I didn't take the full 100mg dosage my doctor prescribed. I have been on Zoloft before. About a year ago I was on it for a few months but I was only taking 25mg. I found that it did exactly what I wanted it to do for me....made me feel numb to any emotion. No side effects. I felt that this greatly helped with my panic attacks and after a few months I quit zoloft with no problem. But this time around I'm telling you..taking a greater dosage and actually feeling the side effects has made me rethink my decision to take this drug. I'm even scared of taking 25mg! I don't think Ill be using this drug anymore. Oh...I had two panic attacks last night too. Shaking, tingling all over, vomiting, feeling disoriented, fast heart rate, finger cramping...everything! I think I'm better off without zoloft.

Posted by: Juliana at August 6, 2008 2:30 PM

Hello, I when on zoloft today and i was prescribed a 100 mg doze yet right now my head hearts i got diarrhea and i think i feel nauseous, i say i think cause i've never felt like that, i have always been a physically healthy person. But i do have to admit that i haven't had any of the thoughts that get me depressed and for the past two weeks i have been crying every day after those thoughts and today not even a tear even if i try i can't it is like if there was fog in your head you can't think clearly or deep. I hope i don't have to use it for a long time cause I am a UCLA student and have 4 hard classes i need my thinking for homework even though i have been so depressed to even do it.

Posted by: Rocio at January 17, 2009 6:40 AM

I've been on Zoloft for 3 years after the birth of my daughter. My doctor promised me that this drug would not make me gain weight. I have since gained 30 pounds. I am a member of Weight Watchers, exercise, and am very active. I couldn't understand why I was still gaining or maintaining. I decided to wean myself off. Yesterday I had a panic attack (2 weeks into coming off slowly). I am very aggitated, mean, and aggressive to my family. I hate feeling this way. I went to the doctor and he said I should not have any withdrawals. However, I feel like I want to die and can't cope. I am a strong person and don't understand why I feel this way. He prescribed Wellbutrin XL. I have taken this before and nervous about it's side effects. I am tired of being overweight!!!

Posted by: Leaping Lena at January 28, 2009 9:00 PM

I took zoloft for a week and had anxiety attacks every single day and a never ending headache and could not sleep. and it made my left pupil dilate which is just fucked up. zoloft is the devil .

Posted by: Saya at April 27, 2009 8:01 PM

"Omg"my name is kellie,I'm sitting crying because my dr.put me on "ZOLOFT"!! I was just stressed out! Iv been gaining wait like crazy! It feels like water and weight gain,I told my dr over 20 times a out my ancles,belly and a bad breakout on my face but he said its not from meds."Yea ok" before ZOLOFT, I was 115 6 mounths ago and now I am at. 160! That's a lot to someone like me becouse I modeled before this! He keeps lying to me! I'm finding out others r having the same problems. Affraid to talk to my husband about it, I don't wanna seem vaine but I want to stop taking ZOLOFT but iv already tried and I went through very bad withdrawrals! PLEASE! SOMEONE! HELP ME! I feel so stuck! Tell me what you think! Kellie. XO XO

Posted by: kellie at July 22, 2009 7:40 PM

I've been taking Zoloft off and on since I was about 14, which was 4 years ago. When I first started taking it I never noticed any side effects. When I stopped taking it for a while and started taking it again, I noticed something was different about me. I stopped again, but when I stopped this time I started getting really dizzy asnd having seizures so I went back on it after a while. Now, every time I get back on Zoloft I feel really sick and I can hardly eat or sleep, yet i'm always tired. I don't know if I should stop taking it and just face the anxiety on my own or get a different prescription. Zoloft does help, it's just the side effects that make me wonder if I really should be taking it.

Posted by: Lauren at August 14, 2009 9:30 AM

I was just reading a post Mac what you said seems to be very similar to my situation, only im seventeen and i have no idea whats so ever how to handle it someone please tell me?

Posted by: Danielle at January 19, 2010 11:41 AM

I have only been on Zoloft for 3 days and I am a complete wreck. My doctor told my that my Limbic system wasn't sending or recieving signals to the rest of my body so it was shutting down. She put me on Zoloft because she thought that would help my brain start functioning. I take it at 1:30pm and by 4pm I feel like a zombie. That kind of wanes, but later in the evening I become utterly irrational, my heart rate is really high, everything is foggy and Im hostile and paranoid. Does this go away once this gets in your system??

Posted by: DandelionGum at January 25, 2010 11:50 AM

I have been on the drug about 6 weeks now, and it's really helping, but for over a month I have had the worst diarrhea! It's unbearable. Suggestions for making it stop while continuing on the meds? Thanks!

Posted by: Sheri at January 26, 2010 4:13 PM

I've been on zoloft for about two months now, started out at 25 moved up to 50, now I've moved up to 75 with the intention of moving up to 100 mg. So far? The only result I've noticed is gas, all the time. My stomach is grumbling and gas cramps are pretty frequent. No problem with diarrhea, but I've definitely had a problem with loose stool since starting.
Oh, did I mention that I no longer get good sleep? I take it in the morning, and I'm able to fall asleep at night but I'm waking up 2-3 a night, having vivid dreams, my sleep is ruined basically!
If I hadn't tried so many medicines before zoloft I'd be more apt to get off of this, because it's not making a difference in my depression/anxiety, in fact I think it's making me more anxious! Plus I'm almost to the breaking point with these side effects as well! I wish I would have never started on this..

Posted by: Lindsay at March 22, 2010 11:52 PM

Been on Zoloft continuousely for almost eight years.
I almost have to go out and get a call girl to get excited about sex.
Cutting down to 100mg. from 200mg.s for a couple of days now with the only side effects are the lights are too bright and noises are louder.
I can now smell the air and the roses.
It's like I've been asleep for eight years.
Not even motivated enough to tavel back home to see Ma before she died.
Lee M.
Keizer, Oregon

Posted by: Lee Murray at June 10, 2010 8:35 PM

Hey guys, I started taking sertraline 2 days ago which I think is another name for Zoloft, basically I just feel weird, like really out of it, but the weird thing is that my pupils are huge, like im stoned, and my left one is bigger than my right one. Is that normal???

Posted by: kirsty evans at June 19, 2010 2:46 PM

W0w. I been depressed for like 5 days and it really sucks..dnt no what 2 d0 can s0me body help...

Posted by: alex at August 4, 2010 3:14 PM

I switched to zoloft from lexapro about a week ago. the lexapro wasnt helping my anxiety was ok but i was exhausted,depressed and hateful. i went on the lex for 3 months when paxil stopped working after 2 years. this week has been great i have tons of energy, positive attitude and feeling great except ive been shitting water since the first day, literally. i dont have cramps but just suddenly feel liquid trying to come out about 5 times a day.. and about once a day i will have a spell of nausea for a few minutes and it goes away. i have definitely started eating less which is good because paxil made me pack on the pounds. i cant decide weather to stop or not so im gonna stick with it till i see my doc next month.

Posted by: Ash at August 19, 2010 12:08 AM

I have been on Zoloft for two years now and I can say two things:
1. Chemical Lobotomy
2. Chemical Castration

these are the effects of Zoloft. It is as if your emotions and feelings are being re-directed into a psychic bladder that exists between your stomach and abdominal muscles. All of the things you would normally feel: anger, sadness, pain resentment, hatred all get redirected from your neural network into this expandable psychic bladder.

After two years I got off zoloft for a month and the Dam Wall burt and I was flooded with tears and having crying fits to release all of this pent up emotion. I also found I could laugh again
because Zoloft inhibits the ability to emote.

I have gained a lot of weight since I started taking it and this psychic bladder is still not emptyed out yet. Two years of stuff crammed in there takes a while flush out of the system

Posted by: Chris at September 17, 2010 3:41 PM

I tried Zoloft which resulted in really big problems with diarrhea, I was resently prescribed another brand which was even worse, is there any alternatives which does not have this side effect?

Posted by: problems at October 27, 2010 10:52 AM

I'm 21, I have been on Zoloft for only 30 days, and even though I have noticed some positive changes, I am already refusing to get my first refill. I started with 25 mg and was instructed to increase to 50 after 5 days, so I did just that. I was prescribed Zoloft for my chronic headaches and depression.

About a week into it, I already started noticing that I was handling my stress much much better than before. I wasn't experiencing my anxiety attacks as often, and when they came, they weren't severe. As time wen't on, though, I started to grow more fatigued. I took naps nearly every day, and waking up in the morning was nearly impossible.

I took it at night time because it made me sleepy, and even though I would get 7-8 hours of sleep, I would wake up feeling like I slept for 3 hours max. My dreams became a nightmare. Every single night, I would have dreams about things that used to haunt me in my past; things that used to tear me apart inside. These dreams were mainly about my past extremely unhealthy relationship and the emotional trauma that it caused.

Every single morning, within an hour of waking up, I was in the bathroom dry heaving and coughing up stomach bile and mucus. There would normally be food in there, but since I never feel like eating recently, there's nothing TO throw up. All this stress on my guts started to show up in the form of little red speckles mixed in with the mucus, which I believe to be blood. I also think I spotted some blood in my stool a couple times. I wouldn't even call it "stool." It was usually mushy diarrhea or... liquid.

My sexual desire and my attitude toward sex has become dramatically negative. I hardly ever get "in the mood" and it... takes a lot longer than it should.

While my outlook on life became quite positive at first, I believe it was psychological. I later on started to view some things more negative than before, and I can attribute that to my lack of energy. It takes energy to think positive when you're depressed. I am sure you'd all agree. It's only been 3 days without taking Zoloft, but I'm sure I'm going to start to feel the effects a little soon.

I am starting to view the drug as a life inhibitor, similar to the issues it tries to resolve. What a waste of time.

If anyone else is feeling like this, too... I urge you to back off the Zoloft and make a doctors appointment this week. You shouldn't have to go through more sh*t than you've already been through

Posted by: Chelsi Huntz at October 31, 2010 2:27 PM

I took one pill yesterday evening, seemed to help right away with the axiety I've been having for a few months. But then the diarrhea stared...I have ulcerative colitis so I don't need that. So no thanks, I hear there are plenty of other drugs that work just as well. I also heard that sometimes you have to experiment to see which drug works best for you. My wife had panic attacks and she tried Zoloft and several other drugs until she finally had good results with Clonopin. Never had any problems with that one so she stayed on it. I'll get my doctor to let me try something else I think.

Posted by: Steve at November 10, 2010 10:58 AM

Ive been taking this drug for 3 or so months. besides all the other side affects i can handle. Ive notice that i havn't been able to enjoy sex as much. taking much much longer to cum is cuase me some destess and really bothing me and i would like my sex life back.

Posted by: max at November 28, 2010 9:13 PM

EVERYBODY'S BODY IS DIFFERENT!!! Zoloft is a MIRACLE drug for me. It made me able to LIVE again. There were a few side effects for me, but all tolerable, and the medication does tend to stop working after a few years. BUT,when that happens, I usually go off for a few months (which always sucks) and then go back on. What's true for one person is not true for the other. Please do NOT scare away these people who are looking for a solution to their depression (which is one of the deepest, darkest diseases a human can experience). In my personal experience, depression and anxiety disorder were always far scarier and more damaging than anything a little pill of Zoloft can do. Just my experiences:)

Posted by: Jeremy at December 24, 2010 2:00 AM

i started taking this like 2 months ago.
at first, i was taking a whole 25mg pill, but then stopped and went to a half.
the side affects are still persistant, and its like i feel like i dont exist, like everything is a dream..
i hate this

Posted by: nathan elder at January 15, 2011 7:34 PM

ive been on setraline for three wks, and feel totally numb, which is not me im normally full of beans, so going cold turkey,been on antidepressants for 30yrs,

Posted by: sarah at February 28, 2011 4:07 AM

I just started Zoloft a couple of weeks ago. I feel instantly better. For the first couple days (I started on 100 milligrams) I was extremely sick, and lost 10 lbs in a week. I don't know if I will have weight gain but I am worried..? I lost so much weight people tell me I look too skinny. But I like the way I look now for once in my life. I have a strange eating schedule, I binge eat then don't eat. I wonder if I lost a bunch of weight and now I will gain a bunch? On another note, I am exposively angry and always full of energy. I think the secret to the Incredible Hulk was Zoloft, seriously. But I also feel better, I am not depressed, I am in a perma-good mood. So my review on Zoloft: Good if you are willing to gain or lose weight, (both are common), and good if you are willing to wrap yourself in an indifferent / permanantly happy mood.

Posted by: Brianna at March 9, 2011 6:37 PM

hello there, I've been on zoloft for about 4 weeks now. The first week was brutal insomnia, headaches my mood where all over the place, 2 week i was normal my social anxiety and general anxiety where finally somewhat controled. On my third week was the worst starting on a sunday i woke up screaming from a bad dream, monday from 9pm-12am i was only sleeping every 15 minutes and finally up from 12 am- 7 am then i slept for two hours. Tuesday had a hard time sleeping, wednesday i had more nightmares, friday was actually a good nights slept for once. Saturday( last night) i woke up screaming in pain felt like my insides where twisting i couldn't scream for help or get up to go get advil or the washroom without assistance. This week has been so brutal!

I am seeing my doctor and mental health nurse monday and tuesday hoping to increase the dosage from 25mg-50 mg-75.

Overall i think this drug is by far the best my family has seen a difference in my attitude( wanting to help people, or around the house. I was on cipralex for about 2 weeks and i tried committing suicide ( not good at all!)

Good luck to everyone who is on this drugs i hear after the third fourth week its suppose to be wonderful!


Posted by: Michelle at April 10, 2011 11:22 AM

I have been taking zoloft for about a month now, and it has helped my depression. The bad part is I wake up in the morning feeling like I have the flu, it is awful. I am wondering if taking it at a different time, or maybe lowering the does would help. I am only 5'2 and 107 lb. I have a problem getting answers from my doctor.

Posted by: Terri at April 15, 2011 7:56 PM

I took Zoloft 50mg for a little over 3 months. The 1st month was good but I had terrible cold sweats when I slept. They were horrible and I gained a lot of weight. I didn't feel anything and I felt tried all the time. I quit cold turkey my last pill was on 4/23. The first week I felt really dizzy and had bad headaches. Now I feel bloated tired and it feels like early pregnancy symptoms Im supper nervous and sleepy. I don't want to be pregnant.

Does anyone know how long the withdraw is suppose to last...I feel so nervous and tired and confused.

Posted by: Olivia at May 11, 2011 10:08 PM

I have been taking sertraline, the generic, for several years for migraines. Recently I increased to 100 mg.. In the last few years I have noticed that I have changed from an emotional person who cries over the normal, touching things in life, to a person who internalizes my feelings. I do cry from time to time over things or events that move me, but I am not the same emotional person I used to be. Is that a result of the medication? Also, is weight gain a side effect as well?

Posted by: Ellen at June 12, 2011 11:57 AM

I started taking zoloft roughly around 1 year ago. I had never been on medicine consistently before. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar tendencies, & depression. After taking zoloft(50 mg)over the last year I've gained 40-60 lbs give or take and I am not any better. Yes, initially the medicine did help to 'balance' my moods; however, it did not 'help' me. I finally stopped taking it around 3-4 weeks ago. I do not recommend anyone to take an anti-depressant for depression unless you really need it. I didn't really need it. I needed therapy, someone to talk to in which would've helped the cause of my depression. I tapered off zoloft according to what's recommended. I still had headaches, my head felt weird (like when you're sitting on your legs too long & they become numb and tingly), & unbelievable mood swings. I felt horrible. My recommendation to anyone suffering any of the above or similar is to simply seek a therapist first & resort to medicine last if you're able to help it.

Posted by: Amber at July 5, 2011 3:36 PM

I was prescribed Zoloft for mild depression/anxiety; I took 25mg daily. I ended up with MAJOR diarrhea to the point where I didn't want to leave the house. That was way worse than my mild depression. I switched to Lexapro and have had no side effects for last 9 months.

Posted by: DESERT L at July 7, 2011 10:46 AM

I just took zoloft for the first time last night. I woke up every hour In panic thinking I missed my alarm. Once I got up up...i have been on the verge of vomiting all morning and had a horriable time driving to work thismorning. Hope it stop.

Posted by: Ashley at September 28, 2011 8:49 AM

I am 13 and i have been taking zoloft for 3 months. Ok, I just got off Zoloft and I feel so free!!! It's like, it added more stress to my life. I took it because of anxiety issues where I ended up cutting. I have to say, Zoloft locked me away in a small case where I couldn't have any emotions. I was tired everyday, and I never got my homework done because I would sleep until 10:00 each night, then be all bitchy in the morning. I am so glad to get off this stupid drug. I do not reccomend it to anyone. They should just take it off the market!!!!

Posted by: Jennie at October 31, 2011 12:46 AM

Thank God I found this forum! I have had chronic diarhorrea for two years! Every day several times a day. It co-incided with my starting sertraline. I went off it for 2 weeks to see if it was a side effect of the drug. The doctors kept telling
It wasnt one of the side effects. I had stool Tests, blood tests, colonoscopy, gastroscopy but docs found nothing. I'm over it. I want a new drug!!!!

Posted by: Jodie at March 24, 2012 3:49 AM

I took Zoloft for about 2 years, I felt on top of the world, like I could do anything I was asked to do and function far better after a severe back injury, along with a number of meditation courses and self help courses I have overcome my metal issues concerning my injury however I have not overcome my physical injury, this is quite normal. because I had become so convinced that what I was doing in the meditation and self help courses (believe me! out of this world sort of stuff) I began to question, was my ability due to Zoloft so I began to wen myself off them, I can still do the stuff I was doing throughout the courses but; not as convincable about somethings that where taught,
I feel that a client needs to be aware that you will (in some people) feel a sense of Rose colored glass's and the world is perfect and anything is achievable and as long as you are not harming yourself or others. .i.e. you actually feel good whats the harm.
well being to all.

Posted by: mark mooney at March 30, 2012 9:18 PM

I have been on Zoloft for over ten years. I started taking it due to obsessive compulsive behaviors checking locks, taps etc etc.

I lost my zest for life and feel like I am withering away almost like someone else is living my life if that makes sense as I merely go through the motions.

I have absolutely no concept of enjoying life, I am like a preprogramed robot who goes to work comes home kills time rinse and repeat.

I don't like this drug at all but I also did not like the anxiety of not being on it.

Posted by: Scott at April 30, 2012 3:56 PM

I can't believe how many of these posts appeal to God and religion, saying this drug is evil and blah blah. You guys are ignorant fucks. Medications can react differently to different people, obviously this particular one was not for you. The one guy who said god told him to flush his zoloft... what a nutbag.

Posted by: banggirl at May 4, 2012 11:47 PM

I started this medication 2 months ago. The doctor told me symptons would get worse for a month or so, Then would peak back off to normal. I have lost almost 82lbs on this med. all i want to do is sleep and eat. (kindly like being depressed :/) Well i decided to stick it out because the first month was AMAZING i had my life back. Now i am having difficulty Sleeping at night, Eatting all day long, Hair loss, Head aches so extreme my whole neck and upper back aches. (note u cant mix any meds with zoloft due to it being a brain chemical medication) Calve muscle cramps and fore arm cramps. tiredness & Enery all in one! one pupil bigger than the other. I am going in for thyroid test and EKG! be caution of this medication! make sure u keep notes for your self so you can have the dates things started! Good luck and God Bless. You all are in my prayers

Posted by: kowalczyk at May 29, 2012 3:45 PM


Posted by: shaunte at June 17, 2012 8:04 AM

Hi everyone! I began Zoloft about 6 weeks ago. Before I started Zoloft I "all of a sudden" got severe anxiety. I say all of a sudden because when I really thought about it, I have always had anxiety, but was able to better control it. I did however have many life changes in a short amount of time. I graduated college, moved back to my home state, couldn't find a job and make money, started graduate school, couldn't fin a place to live and got engaged ( that's a lot!!). My engagement was so amazing, but my dr said that he sees a lot of people coming in after they get engaged and feel anxious. After my engagement I had what my school counselor called a "fleeting thought" of hurting myself. It was a thought that normally I wouldn't think anything about it and would have let it go. I knew I didn't want to hurt myself, but I began obsessing about it. Why did I think this? Is this really what I want? Must be if I'm thinking it right?! Wrong! Not at all! Before I went on medication I was seeig my school counselor until I graduated grad school which only took me 1 year because I was in the advanced program I began seeking help with a therapist . During this whole time I had what I call irrational fears such as, what if I become schizophrenic? What if I don't love my fiancé?! Both of these thoughts were suggested to me by other people. I worked as my internship in the hospital and saw a lot of mental illness. With my anxiety and seeing these people was not a good mix. The not loving y fiancé was because planning a wedding is stressful and I have a masters degree in social work and $90,000 on debt. So I have no $$ and either does my fiancé. Well someone asked me if I really loved my fiancé because I was stressed! (do dumb, but I let it get I me) thankfully I have the most amazing man in the whole world and even though I told him my fears and irrational thoughts he stood by me ad told me he loved me no matter what even if I wasn't sure. I love him so much!!! But to get to the point. I cried every single day for no reason at all, I would freak out over little things, get mad easily and irritable until I started Zoloft! I have been doing 150 times better. I was a little sick in the beginning until I started taking the med at night. I do get headaches but they go away! I have had the thoughts like others have to, could I hurt someone t myself. My therapist told me "a thought is a thought, it's nt an action". So who cares of u think it, don't act upon it and don't let it run your life! Right now we are all sensitive and emotional people. Anxiety and depression SUCK! It's not fun at all! Some days I want to quit! "don't give up, the first day is always the hardest". Belie in yourself. Anxiety is a lot of mental work. Sony let anxiety run you, YOU run the anxiety

Posted by: Vicki at July 27, 2012 2:07 PM

took zoloft friday and saturday night before bed like my doctor told me and friday it made me feel spaced out but focused and sat. night i took it the next morning had a headache i havent took it for like 36hrs now and still feel kinda spaced out but i quit smoking 3 days ago so idk if its more oxygen goin to the brain from quitting smoking or if the zoloft is still in my system

Posted by: Danny at August 20, 2012 10:03 PM

I was prescribed Zoloft after attempting suicide. I tried it for about two months, with no positive results. It didn't make me feel better, if anything I felt worse. I was still stressed, angry, anxious, etc. And to top it all off, it gave me horrible stomach cramps. The pains were so bad I eat, and when I could manage to force something down it would just come right back up. Ever since I've stopped taking it, I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour at a time. I've had terrible headaches and neck cramps ever since I stopped taking it. I wouldn't recommend this medication for anyone, any doctor that prescribes it should be stripped of their license to practice medicine.

Posted by: Anonymous82 at December 1, 2012 7:37 AM

It makes me happy, and alive. I feel like a human for once. No side effects, except from a fake tiredness, cause i can nver really sleep.
For those who are suicidal, i understand, cause ive tried it before, where i where about to commit suicide, but then i added an antipsychotic, and it made it all the difference..
I can now relate to other humans.. God i was locked up in an empty place for moonths, until i tried this combination.. It has really helped me out..
And to all.. I reacts only in 1 way by increasing serotonin, so i dont understand all the different results you people tell.. I dont know im no biochemicalist..
In the start, it makes you feel kinda speedy.. And very... Euphoria-ish. But it subsides as the medication evens out, if you could call it that..
Really an helper for me! ;)

Posted by: Livingproof at January 23, 2013 7:14 PM

i have been taking zoloft about 1 month first half a pill now whole pile 25 mg i am also taking klonopin 3 times a day 0.5mg i feel shaky and nervous have no appetite do you have a answer thanks carole

Posted by: carole at March 22, 2013 3:59 PM


Posted by: Mr. Bojangles at April 2, 2013 2:29 PM

Took this a couple months ago for my major depression and first few nights couldn't sleep right and felt a little odd. Thought i was better stopped taking it (more like got tired of taking it everyday) started taking it again last night was half awake half asleep woke up at 11pm and took a nap at 6am so my sleep would be normal now 1 am i had one menntal breakdown from being loopy and feel like im on speed, forgot how rough the first week is. Also had terrible stomach ache and diarrhea . Gotta love depression :)

Posted by: stephanie at April 3, 2013 2:19 AM

I just have to say this. I have been on zoloft off and on for 15 years. it was a life saver for me. I was able to get off it. Please dont let other peoples experinces stop you from doing whats best for you. Every person's experice is different.

Posted by: Lisa Hamberger at June 8, 2013 1:43 PM

I feel like Zoloft definitely does not work for me. I don't feel any less depressed. If anything it has gotten worse. Additionally, every morning when I wake up I have an anxiety attack that is completely unfounded. It's essentially all physical, but still uncomfortable and distressing. Also I have diarrhea every morning now that I started taking it. I think I need to switch medications.

Posted by: Eve at September 23, 2014 11:19 AM

This is the second time I've been on Zoloft. The first time was over ten years ago and I don't recall having this much trouble with it then.
This time I've been incredibly nauseous, have had diarrhoea, have been terribly depressed and anxious and unable to sleep. I have been on Zoloft for a month now and the side effects are the same now as the first day.
I am on antidepressants for severe agoraphobia and clinical depression. The first time I took Zoloft was after a mental breakdown and it helped me to recover my sanity. It seems that my body can respond totally differently to the same drugs at different times. (Have had two very different responses to Lexapro as well).

Posted by: LPW at November 14, 2014 3:50 AM

ok i only took sertraline for two days, i know you will be thinking that's not enough time for it to even get into your system. Few hours after taking my first dose extreme nausea hit me, i have a phobia about being sick so this was a great start. The two days where the worst of my life i could not sleep, and even when i thought i had fell asleep i would b woke up in extreme panic, and the second night i woke up so confused it terrified me. I have stopped taking it and i am still vomiting and having diarrhoea, after 2 days, there is no way i could put up with this for 4 6 weeks until it got into my system. I would rather go thro proxatine withdrawl again than take sertraline..

Posted by: michael at January 17, 2015 7:10 AM

I've been on Zoloft 8 months, believe me it has helped tremendously with my moods. However lately I've been having no motivation to do anything. I'm dead inside. I'm not really pushing away from my family, I do feel joy and happiness when I see my friends at school and when something funny happens at home. Otherwise, when I get back home from school, I fall asleep. Until the next day in the morning. I have no appetite for a few days and then one day Ill binge eat. I regularly excercise. Listen I really hope this all just My imagination because I've read stories of people being on this drug for 15 years and such. I don't want that. I want to be done with this drug and live happily without needing support of it. I want to be better and do something in my life while I'm not under the influence of this. Please tell me if this is a normal side effect of the pills or not, because if it's not then I'd like to immediately treat it Until I feel like me again:) I want to get better.

Posted by: Darcy at January 28, 2015 6:57 PM

I was on Zoloft 50mg for about 5-6 weeks. I started it when my depression was at its peak and I was suicidal. When I started Zoloft, my depression and anxiety were gone in less than a day. How is that even possible, right? Well, you need to be awake to be depressed, which I barely was. It turned me into a potato immediately, which was fine by me because I was determined to get better. There were those initial side effects like the terrible and constant nausea, but they eased in 3 weeks. I started sleeping an awful lot, and even when I was awake I didn't have the energy to do anything so I was in bed mostly. I think that the entire duration I took Zoloft I had this weird feeling that whatever I ate or drank didn't really go down like supposed to and was rather stuck in my neck or chest. I became a total zombie, couldn't work at all, couldn't think or feel anything. It was a relief after the long time spent depressed, but then it became bothersome because I couldn't do anything at all. I would wake up for breakfast, eat, and get tired and return to bed to sleep. Then I'd wake up for lunch, eat, get tired and go to sleep. Then I'd wake up for dinner, eat, spend some time awake, and then sleep all night. I neither had any energy nor any motivation, and it frustrated me, but even when I was angry, I appeared very calm because I didn't have any energy to waste. I didn't even want to shower 2-3 days in a row, and only took a shower when I began to stank, which was usually on the third day. It began to annoy me how I'd become such a zombie potato. Anyway, after or around the third week, my joints started aching, and it kept growing till it became unbearable. I wanted to quit but after a week of begging my doc said I could start taking Zoloft 25mg. I had one perfectly good and comparatively energetic day when I reduced the dosage, then everything returned to as it was. And then depression and anxiety started coming back slowly. I thought I'd been on Zoloft for months but when I checked the date it was only the 5th week. Sometime in the 6th week, depression and anxiety hit my full force and I became worse than before I started Zoloft and wanted to end my life. I called my doctor, crying, and he said Zoloft wasn't working for me and I could withdraw. I did. I started Zoloft to get better and I think it was a waste of time. My experiences with serotonin have been awful. I've tried escilatopram, fluoxetine, and sertraline, and nothing worked. Zoloft also gave me hives. There's a lot more than I don't remember because even though it's been about 2 weeks since I stopped Zoloft, I'm still muddled.

Posted by: Owaiz at January 30, 2015 5:04 PM

!!!e been on 100 mg of zolaft for 7 weeks .im really depresed now .I shake so bad I cant write . I dont want to be around any body becauce it makes mr feel so wierd .I feel sick to my stomuh. And I losy my sex drive.fuck zolaft!!

Posted by: Chris Brownfield at February 14, 2015 8:58 PM

I started taking Zoloft about 4 months ago. I have since lost 20 lbs. Still have the occasional diarrhea and loss of appetite during the day. I sleep pretty good but have the extreme night sweats. I can see the difference though in my job being able to focus great. Darned if I do darned if I don't take it.

Posted by: Trey at March 19, 2015 10:33 AM

I have been taking Zoloft for 6 months. At 75mg now. I find it gives me clarity and I think rationally not irrationally anymore. I sleep better, I don't spend hours thinking and trying to fall asleep anymore. I've tried to stop taking the pill when I feel better and I get nauseous and dizzy, it just doesn't benefit to stop. In saying that I feel calm now and relaxed with the Zoloft I now feel emotionless with it, can't force myself to cry when i know certain things would normally make me sad. A little mind boggling to say the least. Anyone else?

Posted by: Jessica at April 15, 2015 12:49 AM

Just stopped taking zoloft after 4 days. Worst experience ever. Wish I could have researched it first. Ended up in ER with high blood pressure, fast heart beat, and panic attack. NoW going through withdraw symptoms. Horrible. Headache, anxiety, insomnia,
..... after Just 4 days! Be careful. Not worth it.

Posted by: Becky at September 14, 2015 3:11 AM

Zoloft has been the worse most horrible drug I have ever taken!!! IT IS A NIGHTMARE!!! Especially coming off of this devil's drug! In my opinion to whoever reads this - PLEASE say NO NO NO if ever told to try this! PLEASE take my advice - I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!!

Posted by: Jobar56 at October 10, 2015 8:40 PM

my doctor put me on sertraline 50mg and 100mg and I would like to know will it stop my nerves from being so jump can you please let me now I have not take it yet because I need to know and I worry about my husband a lot and my bills can you please help me I don't like be like this thank you Roseanna griffin

Posted by: roseanna griffin at October 21, 2015 8:00 PM

I've been on Zoloft for a year now.
It's helped substantially with depression and anxiety, however every now and then I seem to "explode" in to an emotional meltdown for seemingly no reason. It frightens me.

It dehydrates me terribly, and causes excessive sweating. Every morning I wake up so dehydrated I'm shaking, nauseous, dizzy and very ill.
It exhausts me quite a bit, some mornings I can't get out of bed or I feel like I'll pass out.

I've also gained nearly 20Kg since I started. No amount of dieting or exercise helps me lose weight. I feel distressed because before I started it I was losing weight, and now I can't shred a single Kg. I only gain weight!

I might add, I bloat heaps now and seem to gain a lot of excess water weight. I feel like my body is a balloon ready to pop, it feels awful.

I'm going to talk to my doctor soon about getting off of it and on something else. It's been great for my depression, but it's not worth it.

Posted by: Anonymous at January 11, 2016 3:34 AM

I'm sure every drug affects people differently so take this with a grain of salt...I started taking Zoloft three days ago (just started my fourth half-pill). At first the results were pretty mixed - I definitely felt 'out of it', but I already had been feeling that way to begin with so no noticeable change there. The doctor prescribed Benedryl to help sleep and the first two days I was doing fine (going to bed around 10pm and waking up around 8:30). This third day, I went to bed around 9:30 and woke up around 1 in the morning completely terrified and exhausted. I am so anxious and sick to my stomach and I can't go back to sleep at all. The drug definitely had some positive side effects but it's not worth this if this disruption of sleep is going to be a regular thing. Definitely going to try and get off it tomorrow.

Posted by: H at February 29, 2016 1:19 AM

I'm on week two of zoloft.... besides night sweats and not being hungry... I'm doing ok with it.... my issue is... I've had untreated depression for nearly 20 years now and my friends do comment they are seeing me happier and more out going..... bit today something minor happened and I got wayyyy over emotional for something I used to just ignore... words and actions hurt more... its like.. I've gained emotions and it seems really weird. ... I dont know how to handle any of this...

Posted by: VeraJae at March 19, 2016 5:39 PM

Zoloft makes me feel on edge and out of it. I've been trying to get to my doc but my case manager can't get me in. I need prayers and support.

Posted by: Lisa at April 4, 2016 10:28 PM

My 24 yr old was prescibed zolof but bought sterlaine 50mg. He does not smoke, drink etc. During that time he mentioned to myself and the councellor he felt sick in is stomach, fuzzy fog up head, headaches and felt tired, confused, gained weight on stomach, became talkative and would go silent, became angry, agitated, nightmares, Palpitations, Yawning and eyes would roll and I would get scared and call out his name. I should have stopped it but decided to continue as they said it would take 4 to 6 weeks before he could feel the difference, He drew a diagram as to how he felt his brain was and also he said their was vision disturbance as well as sexual issues they all come and go throughout the day. He also said he felt a thumping feeling in his head, and the councillor dismissed it stating that it was not on the list of after effects.
He is a gentle, quite, person who does not like conflict and would walk away, no matter what his siblings or any one did. he has OCD too.
I blame myself for not listening because when they prescribed him medications before if after taking it for a couple of days and he complained of headaches i stopped it but this time due to him trying to hurt himself all because of the internet I decided to continue no matter what he said and that was the worst thing ever I did.
His sister provoked him just like she used to do and normally he would walk away no matter who or what anyone did to provoke him he never retaliated, but this time been on the meds he retaliated using a weapon. His sister was shocked too, because he had never ever done this before no matter what, and even she blamed his behavior due to the meds, and also the day it happened he had a bad day with a lot of issues been brought up during his counseling session. I was informed b the councellor to try and keep him calm that day and not to provoke him something which he has never said before. He called the councillor that same day after the session and said he is not going to continue with the meds because of the way it was making him feel,and that was the same day he attacked his sister for provoking him.
He is better without the meds, he blames me for keeping him on the meds and even for taking him for councilling because the only reason we went was due to his addiction. of the computer and I wanted him to find a job. I was asked to take the internet away that stuffed up which I did and that cause most of the issues. My friends daughter has been on sterlaine Zolof under 50mg since she was 14 and she is now 25 yrs, she is a recovering addict. The police have pressed charges and his future is unsure as we wait for the decision.
I want to advice you or anyone who has issues with the medications you are taking if is making you feel worse and you seem to be going out of control due to this please listen to what the person is saying. Because of this we are all living in a nightmare and he is unsure what would happen. I am hoping and praying that they will see what medication can cause someone who has always been calm, quite, and easy going to go to such an extent. He is regretting his actions, but says he went blank. His sister is talking with him and even she is blaming me for continuing to keep him on the meds when he said what was happening to him. One regrettable nightmare that is still not over, that is all it is.

Posted by: jackie at June 14, 2016 4:42 AM

My doc. Increase my Zoloft - 200 milligrams. Now I've been having diarrhea Over 2,monthsmonths all the time its bad.

Posted by: Diana at June 19, 2016 6:00 PM

Hi I have been on Sertraline for two years now. Dose is 100mg per day, usually take it late a.m. My GP prescribed it for me when I had unreasonable worries about everything, i.e., trucks near me on expressway, doom and gloom about everything. Started with 25mg and thought I was in heaven. Happy, loved life. (As a nurse, I could not see anymore people dying or becoming paralyzed and no one to care for them. Twenty-three years was enough. I did advance my dosage to 100mg per day. Yes, I did have the loose stools and severe heartburn which resolved. I did use wine to help me previous to Sertraline and also while on it. That was my coping mechanism then and still is. Today, I have noted that my teeth enamel has eroded and noted more severe teeth grinding and clenching at
night. I did retire from my nursing job and pursued another career which is going well and making more money. However, because of the sertraline which caused more teeth clenching and grinding led to "dry mouth" and decreased saliva which encouraged enamel erosion. Then to top it off, I was also diagnosed with GERD, silent at bedtime GERD (reflux) which also deteriorates enamel. Oh, my dental insurance said that my teeth with loss of enamel will not be covered and I have to pay out of pocket. Awwgh. Anyway, last week I started to decrease my dose of Sertraline from 100mg to currently 60 mg. Have had brain zaps, which I hate. Sexual climax is also an issue related to Sertraline. Will take a couple of months , but I will be off of this med. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for reading.

Posted by: p at June 27, 2016 4:39 PM

I started taking Zoloft (sertraline) in early April after experiencing classic Prozac "poop-out"....yes, that's the actual name for when Prozac stops working. Within 3 days of beginning sertraline, I also began having awful and frequent diarrhea. Over several weeks, it got so bad I was runnunig for the bathroom up to 20 times a day. Despite this, I also gained weight, and felt bloated and gassy all the time. I went off the see tea line cold turkey almost 3 weeks ago. The diarrhea is finally beginning to dissipate, though I am experiencing dizziness and lightheadedness, as a result of the abrupt discontinuation of the drug. Have just begun a cleansing program to assist in clearing these symptoms and the residual see tea line from my system. I have dropped several pounds already, and am sleeping much better, plus have more energy than I've had in a long time.

Posted by: Nancy at July 5, 2016 7:06 PM

I've been taking Sertraline (Zoloft) since October 2015 and during the first 3 months, I found they were amazing.
No longer did I feel so sad that waking up every day was a chore that I didn't think I could do anymore and my energy had gone right up. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It did take a little while for them to properly kick in; I'd say 2-3 weeks and I did feel a little sick and had difficulty sleeping but that wore off quickly.

However, I'm now on my 10th month of taking them and things have taken a sharp turn for the worse. My moods have gotten so bad now that one minute I'm bouncing off the walls to the point where not even a hardcore gym session wears me out or I'm so sad, I can't even function.
I've found that I initially lost weight (I find I comfort eat if I'm sad) when I started taking this medication but now months down the line, I've gained the weight I lost and a few extra pounds on top which is getting me down! Much like a vicious circle, I'm not sure what to do now.

I wasn't on a particularly high dosage; 100mg daily. I've run out of them and having moved house recently, I'm in the process of registering at a new doctor. I'm just worried that I will go in and tell them about everything I've experienced and they'll tell me there's nothing wrong with me :(

Posted by: morganlouise at July 7, 2016 5:25 PM

Hello, all. I feel WEIRD! Can not even describe what weird is!

Tried Paxil, Klonopin, citalopram Hydrobromide, now, Zoloft for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and all the " extras" that are associated with these injuries.

I am a 61 yo veteran, experiencing neurological issues. The VA doctors have me on fourteen different meds.

My new anxiety is because I am unable to properly define "weird."
Imagine, if you will, my brain running at 100 mph yet, my body is stationary. Try to imagine my feeling like my brain short circuiting, strobe light effect every approx 5 seconds for a one second time frame. Try to imagine weird brain movement every time I move my eyes, or body parts. I really feel detached. Not euphoric, but ... Not right!

I am unsure of my balance, yet I can not define as being dizzy. I believe I am experiencing a higher level of agitation, fatigue, insomnia, excited feelings and talking fast (as if trying to corral a thought before it gets away from me,). That "strobe effect" is like my brain flashes on and off... No, that's not it. Shit! I talk too much but appear unable to say what I am thinking.

I believe I am experiencing increased GI problems such as diarrhea, but maybe it is just the same as has been. My perception is that it does. Another perception about this 'weird' feeling is similar to early stages of syncope, but not actually passing out. I have a few more sensations or perceptions that I believe are important to note.

I believe my vision is effected by blurring and double vision at times. Up until recently, (talking a lot of years) I have be aware of a physical warning sign that I am about to experience a bad migraine when the high pitched frequency noise in my ears escalate to a high level of irritation and annoyance. With in the past 2 weeks that very level of loudness has been constant. Tinnitus I think is the word.

The pharmacy instruction sheet enclosed with the prescription, warned of reduced sexual difficulties, such as ED, decreased desire, ect. For me, I am experiencing just the opposite effect.

I also have a perception of increased joint pain, spinal lumbar pain and migraine pain. Whether or not this perception is 'real,' I can not say, especially noting my medical history. I broke my spine years ago, five surgeries later, I have 12 screws and 3 titanium plates holding me together.

I read somewhere that when weening off one med to another that I may experience 'difficulties' while going through the interim period of changing medications. I am unsure how long to give this med a fair chance for my body to adjust.

Oh, another med I'm taking is a Alpha blocker, 'mini-press', and a Beta blocker, (my frequent loss of memory is causing me to forget damn near everything, especially numbers, names and events... ) the prescript label of the Alpha says " for nightmares." I must admit that the disturbing nightmares that have haunted me, have in fact decreased, as best I can recall. But I awaken with nightly memories of very detailed, explicit, and strange or weird dreams; "wow, that was one hell of a movie!" I still awake with sweats and my bedsheets kicked all about.

A lot to read, I know. I'm curious how to define "weird." Does this crap sound familiar to anyone here?

Posted by: Dan Watts at September 9, 2016 3:47 PM

Decided to stop after just one dose of 50mg. Why bother when the side effects are the same as the symptoms of my anxiety / depression, with added nausea and diarrhoea thrown in? No idea why people do this to themselves. Oh, yeah. Because a trusted medical professional said it was a good idea. So wrong.

Posted by: Coffeemonster at January 7, 2017 8:41 AM

I started taking 25mg zoloft 6 months ago. For many reasons. My son died, then my dad died, I gave up the home I loved to move in with my mom to help her, my husband has been off work for a year because he hurt his back at work, etc... I became depressed. I stopped the zoloft cold turkey about 3 weeks ago, I am extremely tired, emotional, dizzy at times, and I get frustrated very easy. How long with this last?

Posted by: Kimberly at January 24, 2017 11:38 PM

Went on Zoloft briefly when I was eleven. Went on it again in July of 2013. I was extremely underweight then (due to anorexia) and weighed 100 pounds at 5'11. I had just turned 16. By September, I weighed 120 pounds. By February of 2014, I weighed 140 pounds. By July of 2014, I weighed 154 pounds. This medication caused me to gain 54 pounds in a YEAR. The doctors told me everything was "fine" and didn't do anything about it because I was healthily thin at 154 pounds. I believed them. Worst mistake of my life. It is now February of 2017, and I weigh 210 pounds. I've never been so ashamed of the way I look (which is saying something). I don't want to go out, I don't want anyone to see me, I just want to fucking DIE. Those doctors and Zoloft have ruined my life.

Posted by: Justine at February 15, 2017 2:16 AM

Two weeks of hell and then things started getting better. After a month I started feeling like great again. I so nearly came off them during the first fortnight but I'm so glad I didn't now. Yes you may feel worse initially and every time you increase your dose, but this will sudside. Some of the side effects I had were increased panic, anxiousness, headache, hot sweats, restlessness, insomnia, head spinning, etc. But these gradually wore off and eventually went completely. I'm on 100mg presently and may possibly increase next time I see GP. They tend to make me very sleepy so I take at bedtime and I'm knocked out within 10 minutes, which suits my great! My advice to anyone starting out on Sertaline is to stick with it, don't be put off by the side effects and be prepared to feel worse before you feel better. Good luck folks and God bless.

Posted by: James at March 17, 2017 3:29 PM

3 days on Zoloft - symptoms so far include - Nausea, upset stomach, long lasting heartburn w/anything I eat or drink - even water. The worst headache(that's lasted almost 30 hrs now) that I think I've ever had. Doc took me off of 6yr stint of Lexapro ("HE" felt wasn't working anymore) switched to Cymbalta - with horrible side effects such as unwarranted terror, nightmares, feelings of catastrophic doom etc) only to put me now on Zoloft. Will update....

Posted by: Deb c at April 9, 2017 11:49 AM

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