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Celexa is a drug that was released by the Forest Pharmaceuticals corporation aimed at fighting depression. The FDA approved Celexa on July 17, 1998. Celexa is a member of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor family, which increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells. Official Celexa Website
If you or someone you know has had a problem with Celexa feel free to call the advertising section of FDA at (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240.
Celexa Feedback and Side Effects

Be extremely careful with this drug. I was on Celexa for 3 years and at first it worked very well. But at three years on the drug I started to have violent reactions to the celexa. I took no other drugs, so it was the celexa. I am now off the celexa, but not before going through serotonin withdrawal syndrome. see:


You will not find this term at the celexa site, but it is known to the FDA and I cannot even begin to explain how physically and mentally painful the syndrome is. It is by far the worst pain I have ever felt.

The only thing that makes sense is that the drug built up a store in my system over time, hence the violent reaction - like an a-bomb going off in my head with a half hour of taking the meds, then profuse sweating, dizzyness then nervous energy that will not let you sleep for a few days.

And remember this is after years of no problem on them.

Posted by: nk at March 26, 2004 4:04 AM

I have recently stopped taking Celexa after three years of use. To me, it was my miracle drug. I stopped using it because I lost my job and could no longer afford medications of any kind. Even my children notice the difference. Au naturale, I have a short fuse. I can laugh deep and loud one minute at my child and then be biting their head off the next. Celexa normalized both sides and brought them more to the middle. Oh, I would still laugh loud and deep and still bite their heads off on occasion. I have been off the drug for 30 days and have had no negative side effects. I am me again, unfortunately, I did so enjoy being more normalized.

Posted by: Patterson at April 29, 2004 1:53 PM

Celexa does have a few side effect: insomnia, anxiety, dizziness. But, by far, the worst one for me has been what I call "Celexa Dick". It's a bit hard to get it up sometimes, sometime it's impossible, and I know it's due almost totally to the celexa medication. But there are other things that can cause this, so perhaps it just an isolated incident, but I think it's the celexa.

Posted by: timmy at May 17, 2004 4:35 AM

I am in the uk i think celexa is citralopram here - and for me it has worked wonders - once i got the right dose - been on it for a year and hoping to come off soon - but slightly scared of dependence as now it seems i have no problems - very happy. mind you life generally is good - but what comes first the chicken or the egg?

Posted by: butaflye at July 13, 2004 3:23 PM

been taking celexa for 6 weeks now and feel its working for me, i had mild nausea for the first week, but i coped, but now, and for the last 3 weeks ive had diarreah quite badly and was wondering if this is the celexa, i had read it was a side effect, it cant be anything within my diet as thats closely monitored,i wondered if there was anything i could take to help, or if if i should just put up and shut up (i am in the UK)

Posted by: at October 21, 2004 11:35 AM

ting but not with her. are there similar antidepressants that dont have sex releated side effects?

Posted by: daniel at April 13, 2006 7:24 PM

Celexa was bad news in our family. It ran us down one wall and up the other. Husband had multiple rage instances before being discontinued.

Posted by: Moore at May 23, 2006 1:05 AM

Not right for me - is it right for anyhone? Total loss of sexual sensitivity, weight gain, felt 'numb'

Posted by: celexa at July 4, 2006 1:50 PM

Celexa at first was a help, but after a year or two of use, I began to lose my sexuality. Felt so numb that I made an appointment to see an OB/GYN to see if possible surgery may help to regain some form of normality. After running out of medicine and going through a few weeks of withdrawal, its as if I'm 18 again. Oh happy day. LOL

Posted by: Happynow at July 12, 2006 11:40 AM

You can possibly receive the same medical benefit from an over the counter product called Melatonin. It also raises the seratonin levels. Much less expensive. Perhaps this is worth looking into. It helps us sleep at night, wake up on time "naturally", helps fight some forms of cancer. Definitely do some research before you try it, but its a thought. Maybe it has less side effects. The sexual side effects are an issue to both male and female. I actually made an appointment to see my doctor, thinking something was physically wrong with me.

Posted by: happynow at July 12, 2006 11:47 AM

I have been off celexa for about a week and three days cold turkey. Saw my medical doc , he told me since I am this far might as well hang in with the withdrawl symptons. I have been looking for natural rmedies to help but not much is out there. Right now I have mood swings which I have to be very careful to monitor so i don't offend anyone( especially my family). Does any one know of anything to take to help with the withdrawl symptons?

Posted by: dan at August 7, 2006 4:09 PM

I have really bad migrains and i have anitey and depression and i have took a lot of medication for them but i took effector for my depression and my anitey and i had to quit taking them because they were a weightgain so i don"t take nothing thats going to make me gain weight.

Posted by: karen williams at August 18, 2006 7:55 PM

been on celexa for 2 years. Has anyone combined it with alcohol and noticed anything? I develop an alter-ego if I have only 2 drinks.

Posted by: Dina at September 8, 2006 12:38 AM

been on celexa for 2 years. Has anyone combined it with alcohol and noticed anything? I develop an alter-ego if I have only 2 drinks.

Posted by: Dina at September 8, 2006 12:38 AM

I began taking Celexa 6/99. By April 2001, I'd lost the central vision in my right eye. I was 37 yrs. old, took no other meds, was in good health and had no family history of ocular disease.
Has anyone else experienced vision problems or vision loss while taking Celexa?

Posted by: KhristyLynn at September 28, 2006 11:31 PM

After losing vision while taking Celexa, I visited the Celexa website. Read the animal toxicology report which showed retinal changes in lab rats. I discontinued the med.
I did file a report with FDA & was contacted by them because of the seriousness of my report. Evidently, the FDA can't do much without other reports of a similar nature. I also notified Forest Pharmaceuticals. They also contacted me & referred my report to public affairs dept..
They've had this info for 4 years. No further studies have been done that I'm aware of. Meanwhile, Senior Citizens are being heavily marketed by antidepressant manufacturers like Forest Labs/Celexa. Seniors are most at risk for vision loss - wet macular degeneration - which 3 specialists diagnosed me as having.
I can't be the only one out there with this experience. Can I?

Posted by: KhristyLynn at September 28, 2006 11:38 PM

I have experienced quite a weight gain (probably 50 lb.)in the last year after taking Cilexa which is sold as Cirtalopram here. I also have experienced a low libido and little or no ejaculation although an orgasm. Erections have to be coaxed. Other than that it seems to work well for depression and anxiety. I still sometimes experience depression but have beocome quite adept at changing my mood by changing my thoughts or locale. I have gone off of both Celexa and Paxil probably about three times each without ill effect except that the depression and anxiety have returned eventually. I think what I need is a three-week pill. Something to boost me up for a short period of time.

Gord in Canada

Posted by: Gord in Canada at October 1, 2006 5:34 PM

Correction to recent post.

Sorry, that should be spelled Citralopram.

Gord in Canada

Posted by: Gord in Canada at October 1, 2006 5:36 PM

I have been taking Celexa for almost 2 weeks now and I do notice I am a lot happier. This is the first time in the 27 years of my life that I have been diagnosed as depressed. I had a breakdown at work and the doctor immediately prescribed this drug and I am worried that my physical/mental self is going to become reliant on this drug just too be able to laugh..Can anyone offer some advice? I certainly don't want to become "numb" to the world and after reading these logs I am really worried..

Posted by: Terri at October 2, 2006 6:42 PM

I've been taking Celexa for 3 months. My moods have evened out, which is a plus, but I'm not sleeping well, hardly at all, and that is bad enough for me to try to switch to something else. Other side-effects are extremely dry eyes, decreased appetite, and frequent urination.

Posted by: Lynn at October 6, 2006 1:37 PM

have been taking citalopram since may this year,i get on well with them apart from gaining about a stone in weight.I am taking another type of tablet aswell and one of them is giving me insomnia,but i just get up and clean,so my flat is spotless! Could do with sleeping better though,buy generally i feel alot happier.

Posted by: lisa at October 11, 2006 6:42 PM

Hi, I have just been prescribed celexa and haven't started taking them yet. I am doing some research on it before taking it and I'm kind of scared of all these side effects ( weight gain, insomnia, and vision loss) Has anyone tried anything else that doesn't have these side effects or at least the first two.

Posted by: Veronica Godina at October 18, 2006 2:04 AM

Yikes, I took Celexa once and it was like a very bad drug trip. I wound up on the floor clenching my jaw, dizzy, light-headed and nauseated. That lasted about 6 hours. Obviously, Celexa didn't agree with me!

Posted by: JF at October 19, 2006 4:28 PM

Be VERY careful of the Celexa side effects. One thing to note is that it can "increase" your depression while your body adjusts and its "benefits" can be felt, 3-4 weeks. Also note that there is a suicidal aspect that needs to be understood. The Celexa producer makes note of suicide as a possibility on their own web site and you need to make sure that you are reporting anything adverse to your doctor immediately and to take notes each time you take the medication and how you feel. You need to record this to track your therapy. I have a very personal story and perspective as my wife died recently.

Posted by: John at October 20, 2006 12:36 AM

I'm so sorry to hear that. I lost my father tragically 9 years ago and I think that's part of the reason why I've feeling depressed. I never had therapy to help me cope with my loss. Thank you and JF for your input, it is very helpful. Now I would like to know if there is something else less side effects or at least not so severe. I want to also hear about vision loss and if anyone has experienced it.

Posted by: Veronica at October 21, 2006 1:55 PM

Have been on Celexa for 18 months and have decided to go off of it cold turkey. I'm experiencing MAJOR dizzy spells constantly, and it's been a week now.

Wondering if it's going to stop soon or get worse? Any advice would help!

Posted by: Lyndsey at October 31, 2006 12:30 AM

have been on citalopram 18 months apart from no intress in sex is all the side effects iv had, iv felt great &thankfull iv decided to now go it alone. its been 3 weeks 1st cutting them down but im experiencing very bad heads sickly n dissynes feel quite ill! but ifeel i dont want to rely on them any longer

Posted by: carol at November 4, 2006 5:02 PM

Update on Celexa: Evidently there has been a link between use of SSRI's and GI bleeding - which could ultimately affect vision in some people (as in my case).

For Veronica - All SSRI's and Antidepressants are not bad and are in fact extremely helpful.
I tried Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft before finding a good fit with Effexor. Effexor has worked well for me.

Posted by: KhristyLynn at November 8, 2006 8:28 PM

I have been taking Celexa for a little over a year now. During this year I've noticed significant improvements in social anxiety, and the way I feel about myself- my friends and relatives have noted the changes also.

HOWEVER- there is one huge side effect that this medication has. If I go even two days without it, I experience dizziness, irritability, irrationality, shakes, vertigo, and feelings of extreme frustration, anxiety and depression and almost physical anger. Worse than any other anti-depressant I've tried. This medication should be taken with extreme monitoring by your doctor and do not change doses or stop taking it without consulting he/she.

Posted by: Brandi at December 11, 2006 5:37 PM

I just started taking 20mg of Celexa last week and I'm already noticing the sexual side effects. Sex seems to be the last thing on my mind all of a sudden. I was given this drug since my doctor told me it didn't have many sexual side effects, hopefully it wont last that long..

Posted by: Brian at December 14, 2006 12:06 PM

I was put on celexa in Aug 06 and a week after taing it i started having a tinggling traveling up the laft side of my face and head, My Doctor thought i was just stressed but took me off on Sept 29th 06 it is now Dec and im not takeing anything and i still have this tingle off and on all day This NEVER happend untill i took the celexa does anyone else have this problem?This becomes so intense it drives me nuts i find myself rubbing my face and head all the time feels like something is crawling in my hair, HELP

Posted by: kathy at December 16, 2006 7:25 AM

I have been off of Celexa for about a month and a half and above all of the other usual withdrawal side effects I have one lasting one; dont you know how when on celexa you can have sexual side effects that make it hard to get up or have orgasm, now off of the meds I orgasm way too quick rediculously quick and I wasnt this way before I was on the meds. This is extremely frustrating and I am trying to see what I can do about it. p.s. for some of you looking for an alternative, you might want to give this site a look http://healthrecovery.com/HRC_2006/Depression_06/D_OpeningPage.htm

Posted by: Bobby at January 2, 2007 1:08 AM

I’m so glad you have created this site to let people learn about these pharmaceuticals. I am reading the post by KhristyLynn on September 28th 2006, who stated that she had lost her vision– I feel so sorry for her and that this had to happen. I wish you peace and hope your vision will be restored.
I have fought a long battle with depression most of my life and when I lost my job and moved back to my parents home many things seemed very dark. I was also breaking up with a girl who I had recently met, because now it was a long distance relationship and I had no idea what would become of me. All these things added up. I went to my doctor who recommended Celexa. He prescribed I take it for four weeks and then make an appointment to discuss the results. Within the first night I took it I could not sleep. I felt more panic stricken than I ever had in my life, my heart was racing, I could hear myself saying “I think I am going to die” those words still haunt me - it was as if someone else was saying it.

Looking back on it, I can’t believe I would keep taking it another few days to ‘see if my body would adjust and positively go from there.’ I guess when you get so down and feel lonely, you will try many things to take away the issue at hand. After I stopped Celexa it still took time to wear off.

My doctor didn’t ask me too many things about my life when he recommended this anti-depressant to me. Later I would get in touch with a psychiatrist who my sister in the medical field recommended. As fate would have it, the psychiatrist’s secretary was so rude I felt like it was somehow not meant for me to go there – you know, you get a ‘gut feeling’. Then you wonder if you should even trust your ‘gut’ after the many mistakes you’ve made.

Nevertheless, I went with my gut.

It is not my doctor’s fault for prescribing me this medicine. It was probably a difficult day for this psychiatrists’ secretary, (who knows what she had do deal with on a daily basis.) The problem was me. No drug, – illegal or prescribed, would change my patterns of thought. Finally, finding a website about considering suicide, I reached out to G-d and his only son Jesus. I won’t get religious or anything on this web blog. I am alive today and though I cannot change my past and still make many, many mistakes, and yes I get depressed! Yet I wake each day not dependant on a drug to make me feel good, not dependant on a job to satisfy me, not dependant on relationships (thought they are important), not dependant on the news to tell me what to worry about today, Not dependant on my ability to succeed. My dependency is on G-d. And I know he is there and that he cares (the only side-effect).

Good luck with your journey, don’t give up, I don’t want you to give up. You are going to make it.

G-d bless

Posted by: elliot at January 16, 2007 10:10 PM

I have recently come off celexa.I been on
the medication to treat my depression from June
29,2006 to Jan.10,2007.The reason for the anti-
depressant is that the treatment(interferon)has
very strong side effects(I need to have the ant-
i-depressant before I recieved the interferon to
treat my Hepatatsis C).I find it quite astound-
ing that both these drugs have many side effects
and that both need to be reexaimined carefully.
But how did the FDA approved of these drugs kno-
wing full well how dangerous they are.I am furi-
ous as how can medicaid reimbused these drugs
without knowing the side effects.Even low income
people deserved better medicines rather than these toxic sluge medications(like anti-depressants) that can ruin anyone health for years to come.


Posted by: John Bevacqua at January 18, 2007 12:47 PM

I am researching this drug because my 56 yr old girlfriend takes it. Im 42 and I noticed that she doesn't have much of a libido and I am extremly good looking and very sexual. Not to mention I also noticed that she can be emotionally and physically unavailable and I am starting to believe that its this Celexa that she is taking. I think she is only in her second year or two and just the other day she said she was having trouble sleeping. I wonder if these long term effects are starting to act on her. She swears by the stuff but I think that is also one of the side effects, a sort of "Im so happy Im brainwashed effect". No joke!

Posted by: Sam Johnson at February 1, 2007 12:02 PM

Had to start Celexa because Cymbalta caused my blood pressure to rise. AFter 2 weeks, started having severe manic/rage episodes and becamse suicidal, which I never was before. Very bad stuff. Worse side effects I've had.

Posted by: ar at February 12, 2007 10:01 PM

Effexor gave me hemochromatosis When i stoped taking effexor it went away My ferritin was high it is now 28

Posted by: Leon wofford at March 15, 2007 12:29 PM

Kathy - I actually had the tingling head thing before I went to the doctor and he told me it was likely my recent increased stress/anxiety. You know how your eye will sometimes tick for a few minutes and drive you nuts? That's what a little part of my head did followed by the tingling and numbness. I'm worried because I've been having panic attacks for the first time in my life and this is what my doctor put me on to prevent them. I'm not depressed at all. I wonder if I'm taking the wrong drug?...I took my first on a few hours ago. I'll guess we'll see.

Posted by: Amanda at March 16, 2007 4:42 AM

I have been taking celexa for a month,, it sucks, I really feel no better,, I was not too bad before I started taking it,, lost my job had career change issues,, but the "celexa dick" is more troblesome than the problems I was experiencing,,I would rather be a tad upset and cum,, than to be upset and not be able to cum,, as well as a change in eyesite,, and seeing unexplained lights in my eyes,, I want off ,, but my Doctor said ,, if you are feeling well ,, keep on it ,,
God bless you all for you input.. I am getting off tonight ,, not by cold turkey ,, but by reducing the meds to 1/2 over the next few weeks ,,
Will post results for those that are interested !!
Good luck to all ,, we need it !!
Best regards,,

Posted by: PK at March 24, 2007 9:22 PM

Had anxiety disorder,and got perscribed some citralopram,hence whilst i was having a panic attack,otherwise id have never done this stuff.I seem to have sufferd nearly every side effect listed.its really messed me up,if your depressed stick at that,its better than feeling suicidal.

Posted by: michael hough at March 28, 2007 7:02 PM

CITRALOPRAM? stick to being depressed its better than being suicidal!

Posted by: michael hough at March 28, 2007 7:04 PM

I used Celexa for three years with great results. 20MG dose. No problems with sex or any other negative side effects. December 06 I decided to get off the drug. Always reduce your dose gradually over about a three week period before you stop taking the drug completly, otherwise you will experiance "Head shocks." Not good!

Today I decided to go back on Celexa, as my depression and rage symptoms are back. Some doctors will tell you that using Celexa for a couple of years will correct your problems and you can then stop taking the drug, as you are now cured. Not so.

Posted by: Dennis at April 2, 2007 10:15 PM

I have always suffered from depression, and anger issues. I was also diagnosed as possibly being bipolar when I was 19. I was on wellbutrin for a while but I went back to work, and school part time, so I slowly got off of it. I usually just try to ride through my mood swings the best way I knew how. I am now 30 and had my 3rd child. This time I have not been able to get through my depression on my own. My doctor prescribed me leprexo but my husbands insurance wouldn’t cover it. So she put me on Celexa. I was only taking it for 6 days and I experienced vision loss. I have a prosthesis in my right due to cancer as a baby, I only have one eye as it is. My doctor told me to get off of the Celexa. I am petrified that I have ruined my vision for good. Did anyone get there vision back to normal after taking Celexa?

Posted by: wisdom at April 11, 2007 10:49 AM

Hello... Have been taking Citalopram for too many years- maybe 5..started with Celexa then insurance would not cover it...I tried to go off it and had whooshing in my head and dizziness evem after a month so...went back on it and in fact went up on dose 3 months ago because of inability to move, function...I am having VITREOUS DETACHMENT... am bothered...told it is the effect of "aging"...I am 56...who should i report this to? My doctor shrugs it off...

Posted by: Mary at April 12, 2007 2:54 AM

I have been taking celexa for years. I am just realizing that my gaining weight and no libido could be a side effect. I was not very informed. I am out of the meds and going cold turkey. Any advice? Right now I am just feeling very light headed and weak.
Thanks for this site!!

Posted by: Beth at April 15, 2007 6:12 PM

i am currently weening myself off of Zoloft which i took to help cope after being diagnosed with OCD. lately i have been feeling very dizzy and i think it may have something to do with the drugs.
does anyone know if dizziness is a common effect of trying to get off Zoloft? and if it is, why? i would really appreciate any feedback. thanks a lot.

Posted by: natalia at May 3, 2007 9:17 PM

I've been depressed due to job loss. Dr. prescribed Celexa. I read all this and am worried.
What to do?
Please post B4 I start on the journey....

Posted by: Gabriela at May 25, 2007 11:11 PM

I've only been on it for a week, but have felt extreme drowsiness. I dont know if i want to continue the use, because it is affecting my work schedule and social life. I feel like staying home on the couch and sleeping.

Posted by: workplayendoftheday at June 10, 2007 8:29 PM

For all of you who are wanting to get off of the anti-depressants there is a program out there that WORKS WONDERS. Its called The Road Back program. http://www.theroadback.org.

Check out the website and read all the info before starting to get off the medications on your own. There are many supplements that should be taken to build your body back up prior to the weening process. After that there is a very specific protocol to follow to get you off psych drugs most painlessly.

Posted by: Jason at June 23, 2007 4:03 PM

Hi all,

I've been on this drug for 9 days. Unwilling to take any drug like this in the first few months, I yielded to my doctors finally due to continued depression. I've been experienceing fatigue, sleepyhead, no motivation to do anything, nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth, heavy chest, some loss of appetite. I found myself extremely difficult to get up, can't go out because I dare not drive.
I prayed I could tolerate all these side effects and be positive during this transitional period. I would eat right, exercise & connect to friends so that I would win this battle. God bless.


Posted by: CC at June 27, 2007 4:32 PM

I started taking generic(Citalipram) about two years ago. I recently had an occurence of "Celexa Dick" and it was just annoying. I did have sporadic erections but they kept disappearing. It's like my johnson has ADD or something. The quality of the erections weren't that great either. I have been relying on sleep aids to fall asleep a little too often lately and that probably doesn't help.

Another thing I've noticed is that when it(my penis) is willing to cooperate, it can take forever to finish the job. I have to really strain and wait for the stars to allign to have an orgasm. My orgasms are much more intense though when I begin taking it after a hiatus.

I don't really seem to be able to figure it out though. Sometimes I feel it increases my sex drive while other times it seems to wipe it out. Anybody else experience it as inconsistant?

Posted by: El Gringo at July 10, 2007 12:21 PM

I had been taking citalopram for about a year and a half with seemingly no side effects. I was only on 20 mg at first, then would go to 40, then back to 20. A few months ago I noticed I was unmotivated and sleepy all the time, which is odd as I am an avid exerciser and mover. I started to feel emotions less or with delayed reactions. I am not sure, but I think I was experiencing some vision loss as well from the drug as time was going on.

I just got off of it cold turkey about a week ago, and my brain tingles and dizziness are starting to fade. I can feel my emotions again, and my sex drive is good so far. I am also far less anxious. My vision seems to be coming back as well.

I am hoping that things will keep getting better as time goes on. The reason I started the drug was due to situational anxiety and depression. Those situations are gone now, so I hope that the good times are here to stay!

Posted by: Laura at July 10, 2007 2:32 PM

I just started taking Celexia 5 days ago, it makes me feel so tired, where I am alomst falling asleep at work. Also, are the any major side effect to drinking while on this medication?

Posted by: Jersey Girl at July 24, 2007 3:41 PM

I have taken Celexa for two periods in my life for about a year each, both times for anxiety problems. It worked wonderfully for me-- took me from teetering on the edge to normal within a month. But this second time I have taken it for maybe a few months longer than last time and I started to experience some side effects, particularly weight gain and sluggishness. I've gone off of it now because of that and I am having the most ridiculous withdrawal symptoms! I am incredibly irritable, dizzy, etc., and I am having what other people seem to be refering to as electric shock sensations. It sucks! And there is no information out there about this! So if you're thinking about taking Celexa, know that it's not just for rainy days-- nothing but serious depression or anxiety is worth this.

Posted by: Ana at August 7, 2007 11:22 PM

everyday i keep getting weird visions in my head but each day its the same thing i dont know where it cam e from and when it happens my head hurts and one it is done i cant remember what it is

Posted by: courtney at August 13, 2007 8:10 PM

I have been on celexa for about 7 years now. I was experiencing severe depression after some marital problems and it was hard to smile. After six months of counseling and two years later, I was so ready for something to lift me up I took the sample on the way home. At first I was dizzy, and instead of gaining weight, I think it has helped me keep it off. I feel no ill effects from it (except insomnia) but my doctor has prescribed sonata, a mild sleep aid. I feel very balanced and great in the morning.

Posted by: Chris at September 19, 2007 6:47 PM

My mother took one 10 mg dosage of Celexa and had an extremely bad reaction within 4 hours: palpitations, extreme anxiety, feelings of suicide, nausea, sweating alternmating with chills, raging..things that almost took her to the hospital. THIS IS A DANGEROUS DRUG AND SHOULD BE TAKEN WITH EXTREME CAUTION. Her physician claimed it was safe....her depression was not half as bad as the reaction from taking this drug. Please protect your loved ones from this drug.

Posted by: Hoffman at October 13, 2007 9:52 AM

I was on Celexa for about 2 years before my doctor asked me to start tapering it off. The taper off schedule was too fast and I suffered worse depression and a weird aray of symptoms so my doctor started me back on the Celexa at a lower dose. I took it for about 6 months and then started the taper off again this time much more gradually. It has been a year now since the last dose and I am still experiencing what I have learned are withdrawal symptoms of this SSRI medication. The things I am experiencing are "zap" feelings in my head, burning face and or tongue, tingly feet and or hands, twitching eye lid, social phobia, extreme low self esteem, poor concentration, poor memory,and sporadic depression. Most comments I have seen say the withdrawal side effects last only a few months at the most. Not so for me!!! It has been going on over a year. Anyone else have this long term ailment from this drug?

Posted by: Sally at November 4, 2007 10:38 PM

I HATE CELEXA! I am on my 2nd week of scaling down and I am a wreck. I feel overwhelmed, short fused, emotional, crying at the dumbest things, cannot concentrate, ugh...I was on celexa for 8 months and became progressively Ill on it (I did not think it was the med as it came on so gradually). My Dr. was so overwhelmed with my plether of symptoms that I was referred to a Rhumatologist to investigate fibro or chronic fatigue. I was dizzy, had major pain in joints and my rt. arm, Severely Exhausted, heavy limbs, heart palpatations, Headaches, Nausea, Dry Heaves, Trouble breathing when I moved around, ear ringing, the list goes on and on. Off the meds for 48 hours and I was a new woman...till the withdrawls started. Now I have a major headache and feel nervous and like I am going nuts. NEVER AGAIN will I take Celexa!!!!

Posted by: Jenn at November 7, 2007 2:26 PM

I've been on Celexa three months now. I switched from Paxil and I was having severe side effects with that, so physically, I feel better now.

But the things that worry me are:

--memory loss--I mean to the point where I can't remember what happened the previous day, but also names, phone numbers, appointments, etc.

--violent thoughts--This is scaring me.

--laziness and lack of concentration--I can't get any work done.

Posted by: anonymous at November 10, 2007 9:22 PM

As an anti-depressant Celexa only made me feel "numb", and not alive...totally did not work for me.

It also, for the first few weeks made it extremely hard to reach orgasm, which was cool for awhile since I could go all night. But eventually I couldn't even maintain an erection. I stopped taking the junk.

I've started taking Adderall, which I think help significantly.

Posted by: EtotheS at November 11, 2007 9:18 PM



Posted by: Brandy Walton at November 13, 2007 7:29 PM

I have been on Celexa for about 6 years now. I have no problems with my eye sight or libido. I have no side affects at all from the medication until I miss a day or two. Watch out on those few days after that occurs. I am like a mad woman with attitude. I can am like Oscar the grouch x 100. I admitted this to my doctor and she did not seem surprised. I also noticed that I can get major headaches when I missed a pill or two. I am considering going off the medication. I was never officially diagnosed with depression so I figure 6 years is plenty to help me self diagnose on the drug. I want to see how things will be without them after so long. Anyone been on Celexa as long ? What are the actual withdrawal symptoms?

Posted by: Amie at November 17, 2007 8:53 PM

I've been dealing with anxiety and depression issues for about 5 years now. In college my doctor prescribed Lexapro (20 then 10 mg) which worked really well. After college, as I was dropped from my parents' insurance, I weened myself off of it. I was fine for a few months, and then symptoms returned.

I went to the doctor to report my symptoms, and he prescribed selexa, or citalopram, because it is lexapro's cheaper predecessor. I have been on citalopram since June of 2006, and for a while it seemed to be working alright, but in the last 5 months or so, I've felt pretty numb and apathetic, unable to get excited or even vent when I needed to. I've felt extremeley needy with my friends and have a lot of trouble concentrating. I've also had frequent thoughts of suicide and decided to take a month-long sabatical from my job because the anxiety was just too much to handle.

My instinct is to ween myself off of all drugs, as I feel like my body is reacting negatively to them, but I fear another relapse into depression. It's been comforting to read these posts, and I can relate to all of you who feel "numb" due to this drug. I have hope that things will get better, and good luck to everyone going through these feelings of despair. You are not alone, hang in there.

Posted by: Sarah M Burdacki at November 21, 2007 2:36 PM

I have gone off celexa cold turkey 8 days ago. I am experiencing the electric shocks and dizzyness. How long will this go on.

I also feel closed in and anxious ....with a little paranoia and fear thrown in.



Posted by: Henry at November 21, 2007 8:55 PM

I currently take 40 mg of celexa a day. Since increasing my dosage, from 20 mg to 40 mg if I drink wine or beer I sleep deeply. Recently I eve wet the bed then woke up! Has anyone experienced this, I mean I know you are not supposed to drink on this stuff but I like my wine with dinner or at a party. Help !

Posted by: jane at January 4, 2008 12:26 PM


Posted by: Shawn at February 11, 2008 3:58 PM

I was on celexa for about a month, i completely lost my sex drive. Ive never been more depressed then i was once i started this medicine. I would not reccomend this to anyone.

Posted by: Courtney at March 17, 2008 5:33 PM

I went on celexa for a few months and i also felt extreme drowsiness - absolutely exhausted and wanted to sleep all the time. Plus, i lost my libido (I'm only 24 and have always had a high sex drive) and started grinding my teeth really hard at night. My doc prescribed wellbutrin to take along with celexa to mitigate the negative side effects. Has anyone been on this combination? I don't know whether to just stop taking celexa and try wellbutrin or to try both together...

Posted by: Alex at March 19, 2008 11:53 AM

So the Army decided that Celexia was my answer. I deployed to Iraq for my third time with depression. I was doing great and took the medicine everyday for about 5 months then I started running more missions and would forget my medicine. i would go 2 weeks or so and then start taking it again. I felt great on it but didn't notice any withdraws syndromes over the past 6 months of on again off again medication. I have been able to express my rage with the .50 cal but the only side affect i noticed was no erection.

Posted by: James Roy at March 20, 2008 6:04 PM

I was diagnosed with depression in 2000 and was prescribed Celexa 20mg. I took it for a few months, I can't remember now exactly how long, but longer than 3 months. I was also prescribe Adderal because I was also diagnosed with ADHD. It didn't make feel any better. It gave me severe mood swings, I'd cry all the time in private. I came in with just depressed feelings, anxiety, and having had a hard time focusing for years. The Adderal was great. But the Celexa didn't help with my depression. I know I was supposed to gradually go off of it, but I had to quit cold turkey because of insurance reasons. The one withdrawal symptom I noticed was the weird sensation of "head and body zaps", "electric surge down the spine to the toes and back up to my head". It's the same feeling I'd get when I hit my funny bone, only this feeling surges through my entire body. It's set off by sudden noises, loud or faint. It could be someone yelling or abruptly talking loud or a creaking of the furniture at night when all is quiet. It's a very painful feeling I've lived with since I got off Celexa. Sometimes it enrages me because it just cripples me. It's been over 7 years since I've come off this drug and I've been telling myself it'll go away. It hasn't and tonight out of all nights I decided I was tired of living with it and started to look and see if anyone else had the same problems. I've read similarities. If anyone knows what this syndrome is called. How I can get help and what I should say to a doctor when I sit in front of them so they understand me. I would appreciate it very much. I don't want to go on any anti-depressants. I've learned to control my stuff with diet and exercise and just need to set boundaries for people and their crapola. So please, if anyone has any information on what I've just described please share it with me. Thanks!

Posted by: FD at March 29, 2008 4:41 AM

Was on Celexa for a couple of years. Took 20mg a day. Just weaned myself off over a period of a few weeks as the side effects (dizziness, head shocks) were so difficult to go through. I am still feeling the occasional head shocks and am agitated. I question if I should go back on it.....but, don't think I could ever handle the withdrawal again. Am just trying to get my 'bad mood' under control.

Posted by: MO at April 3, 2008 10:28 PM

is there ant side effect for penis if we do excersice

Posted by: sri at April 7, 2008 8:45 PM

I just started on 10 mg for anxiety thay caused depression. I take it in he morning at 9am but I am also on another med, clonazepam, but a very low dose three times a day. this helps my anxiety stay in check and I take my last pill at bedtime. so far I only get a lttle dizzy and lightheaded but it has only been a week. I hope I do not start experiencing all of these side effects. I already take a beta blocker for having a rapod irregula heartbeat. don't need more palpataions. I do fel numb. got into fight with hubby and just couldn't care less.

Posted by: Kelly at April 14, 2008 10:09 PM

Am taking 40 mg of Celexa. @250 lbs,52 years old, and post menopausal, who knows what's causing the insomnia, but I do have it very badly. I am getting dizzy since I began to diet, need to lose because of knee problem. I think I ma taking too much. I am very nervous about that vision loss, I have aloss of balance also since I began dieting a week I think you need alot of food to absorb this drug. ??Will be speaking to my doctor

Posted by: gracie at April 16, 2008 12:34 AM


I tried Wellbutrin, also because of lowered sexual drive and function. The sex improved a little bit, but I found the Wellbutrin ineffective. I didn't try them together, so can't comment on that. A friend had a very similar experience, she found her sex drive better, but the Wellbutrin wasn't as effective with the depression. She did find, though, that the break from Celexa kept her sex drive going longer, even after she went back on Celexa.

Overall, it has been a good move for me to take Celexa. I was a closet door slammer, and I don't do that anymore. I can really tell the difference!

Posted by: Bruce M at May 13, 2008 9:20 AM

i read about 20 min of this blogs, and i am going to wheen my self off of them i take 40mg a day, i have ben doing it for abiut 6 month and puy on 50 lb and my left eye started twithching 3 days ago and i wondered what the hell was wrong

Posted by: mia (utah) at May 21, 2008 3:51 PM

Has anyone ever noticed an increase in gas with celexa. mine has become uncontrollable.

Posted by: Eileen at May 29, 2008 8:02 AM

I have been on celexa about a year for anxiety and stress headaches. my doctor also prescribed walking everyday. I think that relieved my headaches more than anything. I am on 40 mg and have been missing doses. I notice my sex drive is returning, and i am starting to be able to control my sweet tooth. That became uncontrollable on the celexa, and i never use to crave sweets. I have gained 20 lbs, and have been disorganized and never seem to get enough sleep. I also am a memeber of al anon and have found my spiritual connection with God. Getting beyond this world and seeing that life is just practice for the next has helped more than any medication can. Elliot hits the nail on the head. Thank you all for listening.

Posted by: eileen at May 29, 2008 8:13 AM

I took my first tablet of 20mg as directed by my md. About 3-4 hours later I was hallucinating and went to the ER. I was given benadryl and anti-nausea medication for possible allergy to the medication. However, the ER. Staff argued with me that it was impossible for me to be having such side effects from this drug and did a drug panel on me for street drug use. When that came back negative for street drugs they said they didnt know why I was reacting the way I was. Basically I felt the hospital was calling me aliar. 2 days later I was having what felt like rolling brain freezes that came in waves, nausea, paranoia, shaking, flushing that came in waves. A month later I was still suffering from dizziness, flushing, and elevated anxiety. The whle experience was so traumatic that I am terrified to try any new mediactions. So I suffer without. DO NOT TAKE this medication if you have had any bad experience with this type med in the past.

Posted by: Jasper at May 29, 2008 1:59 PM

After another sleepless night and worried I had some terrible disease due to my strange on going symptoms, I started googling my symptoms: nasuea, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, agitation and increased anxiety, muscle pain, migraines w/no previous history...etc. I reviewed all types of possibilities but hit a home run when I read the "fine print" of Celexa side effects. I have been on Celexa a few months, started at 20mg, then doc told me I could easily double that - my mind said ok, 2 20mg twice a day. Been doing that for nearly a month. Called the doctor, talked the the pharmacist - no one told me how dangerous this level was. No wonder I feel like I'm dying. I'm very upset at my physician, and myself for not being more careful. I have no prior experice with ANTID's and don't want any more of this drug!

Posted by: Sherry W at June 8, 2008 12:58 PM

I've been on Celexa 4 or 5 years. For me it only gets more wonderful. Side effects minimal - easily dazzled by car headlights at night: some vivid dreams; that's it. It's like someone handed me the key to myself. This, in my late 40s after years of struggling with heavy family background and 11 years of therapy.

God bless celexa/citalopram - I am so grateful.

Posted by: Deborah Beale at June 9, 2008 10:43 PM

p.s. 40 mg a day

Posted by: Deborah Beale at June 9, 2008 10:45 PM


Posted by: BARBIE JOHNSON at June 15, 2008 8:44 PM

I accidentally took my wife's Celexa, mistaking it for my Prednisone.
I have Lupus and needed 30mg of Prednisone in the morning. They come in 10mg white tablets. My wife had just gotten her Celexa refilled. They used to be dark, but now they are white tablets --20mg tablets.

So I took THREE of what I thought were Prednisone tablets (which turned out to be SIXTY mg of Celexa). I started my morning run (I run 4+ miles every other morning) and I was stopped in my tracks. I felt like I was high. My brain was "zapping" and I had a horrible chemical taste in my mouth. I couldn't hardly walk back to our house without passing out. My ears were ringing and I felt my heart missing beats.
I walked into the kitchen and noticed the Walmart bottle of pills on the counter. I took a closer look and it said "Celexa 20mg".
Damn I wish that WalMart would catch a clue like Target Pharmacy and put different colors on the bottles for each patient...Not that I blame them, but it would have kept this from happening.

I laid in bed, awake, the entire day. Every time I stood up, I felt like I was more high than the last time. I was sure I would end up in the hospital. I mean...60mg of Celexa and I have never taken that drug before!

Now, 2 days later, and I still feel "off". I have twitching in my arms and legs (like when getting a funny bone hit).

Finally had sex yesterday and had no problem gaining an erection, but trying to orgasm was a challenge. I couldn't reach that point. Very frustrating.

Anyway, I am hoping this dang twitching goes away very soon and that my heart stops missing beats once in a while.

Anyone here know how long Celexa stays in the body???


Posted by: Mike at June 29, 2008 9:24 AM

I only took celexa for a bout 3 or 4 days and came off it and omg i am so dizzy is that normal.

Posted by: Valerie at July 1, 2008 10:21 PM

I've been taking citalopram for 3 weeks now. I have a severe anxiety disorder. Was taking 10mg a day and i felt it was working , i think, so now im increasing to 20mg a day. I read everyone's post here and its really scary. I havent felt any side effects really. Maybe some drowsiness but it says that on the bottle. However, sleeping is hard for me lately and I go to be at 2 or 3am everyday, I can sleep in fortunately with my schedule but i wake up a lot and its hard to fall asleep in the first place because my mind is racing and i cant stop thinking. I've been switching the last week from 20mg a day to 10mg a day to 20mg, so i am just going to start taking 20mg a day and see how that works out for me.

Posted by: Krystal at July 10, 2008 1:39 PM

I have been taking celexa for going on 2 years now. I starting taking it when I was diagnosed with post-partum depression. I am now weaning myself off of the drug because I get extremely sleeping in the afternoons/evenings now for no apparent reasons and then some nights I can't even sleep. I wish I never went on the drug sometimes...but it did temporarily help me with the depression I was experiencing. I hope to wean myself off this drug without any withdrawls symptoms.....because as I've seen in the other posts.those symptoms are not pretty.

Posted by: Upset at August 4, 2008 12:14 AM

I have been taking celexa for a couple of months, At first I didnt have any side effects and I felt really good.. But for a little over a month now, I always feel like I cant breath and I am short of breath. Its very uncomphortable. When I told my doc he just increased my dose. Has anyone expericned this side effect?

Posted by: Kimberly at August 10, 2008 2:31 PM

I've only been on this for 2 weeks and feel shaky and like it's not helping at all. I want to quit. When does this stuff kick in? Any advice?

Posted by: Karen at August 11, 2008 8:47 AM

I have been on Celexa for 4 1/2 years, since I had a heart attack and suffered profound depression. I am a very young minded 51 year old. I have gained an excessive amount of weight 70+ pounds and now that is my sole reason for depression. I have some twitches, such as right now I am holding my mouth like Renee Zellweger for reasons unknow to myself.....dreams are very vivid and most often involve the past. Sometimes I will involuntarily blink my eyes hard.....movements I never exhibited before. I don't remember much day to day.
Very difficult to sleep at night and sweat like crazy all night long. I feel a detachment to most things.No sexual libido at all.....even if I try to pleasure myself it is a lot of work. I feel "out there somewhere" I do have a bit of OCD and now feel "whatever"
I am just not me anymore. Any advise as to how to get off this?
Thanks everyone,
Nadine in Toronto

Posted by: Nadine at August 14, 2008 11:17 PM

I have been on Celexa for about a week and stopped taking 80mg of Paxil about two weeks ago, because it was not working anymore (had been on paxil 10 years). Not sure if it is withdrawal of paxil or starting celexa but I have dizziness, slight insomnia, headaches, heightened anxiety, I have been really cold and live where it is 100 degrees everyday and the weirdest one is I feel like ants or bugs are always crawling on my skin. Has anyone experienced these problems or have any suggestions? I am not sure if I should stick with it or get off it. Thank you.

Posted by: meg at August 16, 2008 1:04 AM

I am on 10 mg of celexa. Has anyone experienced vision or sinus problems on this?

Posted by: Paula at August 17, 2008 10:22 AM

been on it 3 years. didn't know head zapping, feeling like bugs crawling on, me and fatigue were symptoms. but really works for my depression. diahhrea and no orgasms definitely are huge side effects for me that haven't gone away. BUT my doctor put me on buspar also, now i have orgasms again. it really works!!

Posted by: carrie at September 11, 2008 2:37 PM

i've had postnasal drip and a cough which has been checked out by a number of doctors with no explanation. so maybe it's related to celexa. shrink says no, but...
anyone have fatigue???????
sleeping 12 hours a night?
or liver inflammation?

Posted by: carrie at September 14, 2008 3:23 PM

I have Glaucoma, Fibrmyalgia. Ulcerative Cololitis, Chronic joint pain, insomnia, weight problems, can't loose weight, all my tissue under my skin hurts when I touch it or someone rubs me. Does taking this cause worsening of any of my problems?
Jaynetta, Please write to me on this. Then I was changed to Cymbalta and suddenly stopped last week and I feel like crap. I hurt all over, can hardly walk without help. So is the side effects worse that the benefits? please help me for I m truly miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jaynetta at September 18, 2008 5:54 AM

just started taking celexa about 4 days ago. I am on 5mg and uping the dose to 10 mg I am kinda nauseous but more just scared and waiting for something "bad to happen" I also feel very shaky and nervous is this normal?

Posted by: Nicole at September 18, 2008 9:27 AM

I have been on Celexa for about 4 months now and I love what it has done to my life. I lost my anger, I am able to brush bad thoughts off, and I don't worry anymore. As far as erections go. I can get an erection in a moments notice. I have great staying power, but, It takes alot of concentration to orgasm abd the amount of ejaculate is very low, to sometimes nothing. My wife was on Zoloft a few years back and became a sexual zombie. No sex drive at all. As for weight, I started a diet in January 08, and was losing weight with diet and exercize. I started on the Celexa and started dropping weight quickly. To date I have lost 50lbs and I attribute my weight loss to the Celexa. I am currently on 40mg and want to rampt to 60mg because the efficacy is lowering.

Posted by: Jeff at September 20, 2008 10:11 AM

Nadine, you need to see you doctor and report what you wrote here my dear. Please promise you will see your doctor.

I went on Celexa last October 15, 2007 and stayed on it for six months to the day. In that time, i gained 15 pounds and lost all interest in sex. My depression/anxiety went away, BUT it came back b/c of the weight gain and lack of sex with my husband. Since going off it, the weight is very slowly coming off. I went off it cold turkey. I was soooooooooooo tired. I couldn't think, i couldn't focus. I couldn't remember anything, i had to have lists for my lists for my lists!!!! I had to write everything down.

My doctor said initially that Celexa will not make me gain weight. I go to the gym all the time, work out, eat right, and maintained a svelte shape BEFORE Celexa. Since going on it, my system went haywire. It made me better, but i felt high and detached... i couldn't remember anything - space cadet. But hey, i was happy and the anxiety/depression was gone. The weight crept up slowly, and because of this, i stopped.

I went off it cold turkey and it's been since April, and i still feel it in my system but it's starting to go away. I have started running and weight training, and figure it'll come off eventually.

I was taking 20 mg/day. Approx 20 years ago i went on Paxil and gained weight and then went off it b/c of this.

Hope this info helps someone. But i believe even after five months, it's still in me and will take a bit more time for it to be totally gone.

All my best,


Posted by: Maria (Toronto) at September 24, 2008 9:37 PM

I am an 18 year old english girl and have been taking Citalopram since April of this year. I was first put on 20mg but after a couple of months my dosage was increased to 40mg. Have read through all the blogs and am alarmed by how many of the symptoms experienced by others match my own.

For me these have included:
-SEVERE vomiting after eating any normal sized meal. Regular painful stomach aches and nausea.
-Loss of appetite
-EXTREME exhaustion and apathy. I have gone from being an early-riser who enjoyed physical activity to someone who cannot get out of bed in the morning and needs naps after only a few hours of getting up.
-Difficulties with physical and speech co-ordination.
-Sporadic bouts of verbal and physical aggression/rage, sometimes resulting in self-harm (punching walls, cutting). Have attacked boyfriend several times, poor soul.
-Dry eyes, making it difficult to wear my contacts.
-Difficulty urinating but constant feeling of full bladder, especially in the evenings.
-Difficulty reaching orgasm - used to have very high libido so this is not good at all!
-Loss of emotional feeling

A few times I have missed taking the tablets for a copuple of days and have experienced the same withdrawal effects mentioned by others - stunted feeling and heaviness in my limbs, headaches, manic behaviour, anxiety, heart racing, dizziness, uncontrollable crying.
I feel let down by the 'specialists' who have insisted that I persevere in taking this drug, despite the frequent updates Ihave given them of my body's reaction to it. In the last few weeks my thoughts have turned more frequently nihilistic and suicidal, and I intend to stop taking the drug as soon as I have seen my care co-ordinator at the local mental health clinic.

Based on my own experience and the others I have read, I think that Citalopram is an EXTREMELY dangerous drug. I would have thought that it is also a completely inappropriate drug for adolescents/young people such as myself, given the natural fluctuation of hormones experience by my age group. It has not really helped me at all (emtoional 'flat-lining' in the first few weeks was all), only exacerbated the problem.

Have tried fluoxetine too aged 17 and did not get on with that, so it is frustrating that yet another anti-depressant has disagreed with me. Will have to keep trying I suppose.

Final word of warning - my 58 year old father committed suicide at the end of April this year, after a 4 month stay at a voluntary mental health clinic. It turns out the same clinic had tried to treat him with Citalopram a few months before his death.

I would treat this drug with EXTREME CAUTION and do not recommend it to anyone.

Posted by: saran11 at September 28, 2008 8:39 PM


Posted by: NIKKI at September 30, 2008 4:09 PM

I am searching for answers about whole body spams and taking celexa, my husband is suffering from these and i am trying to find out if this is what is causing it, 2 trips to er, within 2 days and no answers , waiting to see family doctor has anyone ever done this? if so please respond

Posted by: terrie at September 30, 2008 11:21 PM

I've been on Celexa for about a month or so now, having switched over from Lexapro. My doctor said I could start with half a pill (20mg) or even go up to a full pill (40mg) since he felt Celexa was slightly weaker than Lexapro. It seems to be working for me at 40 mg, but I've noticed tiredness (I'll lie down for nap and not get up for 2-3 hours, while I never used to take naps at all). Also, I do feel that sexual feelings have been stifled. They're not gone totally, but I don't have much desire in the physical department.

Posted by: Jason at October 12, 2008 4:43 PM

I have been on Celexa for over 8 years and I am trying to withdraw.......slowly. I have been cutting back for almost 3 months and my dosage became so small I just quit taking it. It has now been 3 months and I am still having the withdrawal symptoms. I am becoming concerned they will never stop. I am afraid to drive sometimes because the combination 'brain zaps' and feeling like I am walking in slow jerky movements is scarey. I am clumsy and dizzy. Anyone else had these problems and know how long they will last?

Posted by: Barb at October 19, 2008 11:31 AM

I have had panic attacks, anxiety and depression for a very long time..years...upon years...and I was just prescribed Celexa and I am scared to take it...especailly after reading all these stories. I took Zoloft for only a couple weeks a few years back and then quit. I am the type of person who is terrified to take pills and I always think the worst about things. I just don't know what to do anymore. I was curious if any of you would mind listing some of the things that you experience when you are having your anxiety attacks or panic attacks. I sometimes feel like I am really going insane because of all the weird things I feel at times.

Thank you

Posted by: Tara at October 19, 2008 7:40 PM

I've gone from taking Effexor, Zoloft, Citalopram (Celexa) to Lexapro and then to Citalopram. I was on effexor for 2 years. I asked if abnormal dreams was a side effect and was told no by my psychiatrist and pharmacy. I gained 40 pounds and when the dreams got so real that I couldn't tell the difference between dreams and reality I got on the internet and found that effexor causes abnormal dreams. Finally the pharmacy patient education info included abnormal dreams and then I believed my reality as if I need a doctor or pharmacy to tell me what I was experiencing was because of my medication???? I had a doctor take me off effexor without tapering and I became sick, hopeless and when I told him what was going on he said, "Who took you off effexor?" Talk about crazy making! Then I went on a dosage that was was too high and was a mess and it took me months to titrate off effexor. I used the road back supplements but like any company they are out to make money and they didn't do what they promised. I did the pretaper and all they said and spent so much money. Because withdrawal makes you worse, them doctors will get you to think you need an antidepressant because see how depressed and hopeless you are! I went from one antidepressant to another because I believed there has to be one that works! Then I would go through the horrible withdrawal over and over again. With each of these other medications I have had abnormal dreams, weight gain, nausea, elevated liver enzymes, got thyroid problesm from effexor, and the withdrawal with each is horrible but the worst with effexor!!!!
I'm going off citalopram and am taking 5 mg a day as I taper off. I'm feeling hopeless, having suicidal thoughts, feeling unable to get up in the morning, afraid to sleep at night and having insomnia, have had a rash and itching for 5 months, gone to my doctor and 2 dermatologists who just say I have eczema. All over my body and even like my skin is crawling? I was yelling at my husband yesterday saying that when people commit suicide and that when you hear people say that if they knew the person was feeling that way they would have done something. I was yelling and saying that was b*ll sh*t. I have been telling my husband how I feel and I stopped talking to my pastor about anything that has to do with mental health because he says just give it to the Lord. When my brain is a mess from withdrawing from these horrible drugs I'm unable to even think! I sat on the couch for 4 hours the other day unable to even move. Finally my husband said what do you need? Ijust broke down and cried and said hold me. I cried and cried and just needed to hear that I will get through this. When I can think I know that God will get me through this. I usually have a relationship with Jesus and lately I avoid most everybody and everything. We all will get through this and I will pray that God helps all of you. Talk about how you are feeling, pray if you are able to and God bless.

Posted by: Sharri at October 22, 2008 7:21 PM

I have been taking celexa along with serquel for about 1 year and it has done wonders for me however, I am trying to get pregnant and all of my doctors want me off of all my meds and it sucks. I have profuse sweating, constant dizzness, my moods are all over the place and it is very hard to focus. I can not sleep at all. My doctor told me to try Tyneol PM, which makes me sleep but I wake up even more tired then I was. This is a terrible feeling that I have been going through for days now. When will this systoms go away. My doctor told me to give it 1 week but "come on" this is a terrible feeling of hopelessness.

Posted by: Terri at October 24, 2008 3:52 PM

My son was just put on this for depression he is 17 the dr started him on 1/2 a pill for 7 days then one pill a day .. reading your comments scare me ... he got up today day 6 of 1/2 a pill and said he got up last night and felt dizzy he went to school I had him eat and he said he felt a little better just wondering if this side effect will pass... and I wonder after reading if he has skipped a dose because alot of you say skipping will mess you up .. he seems happier I know that

Posted by: grapeape at November 3, 2008 10:31 AM

I've been on it since early Aug, started it for increase in my usual anxiety symptoms, to the point that I had become wildly hypochondriacal and thought I had dreaded diseases. This stopped almost immediately upon starting Celexa. I take it at night, as it makes me tired. I started on 10mg and raised to 20mg in a month. I have better sexual performance than I did before (same thing happened a few years ago on Zoloft). I notice that I get very tired if I sit and, say, listen to a lecture. But it hasn't effected my sleep or my exercise, and no weight gain. Vivid dreams, definitely (including powerful nightmares) but I realize these SSRI's always have a trade-off. The one thing that worries me is, last night I raised to 40mg (been down and lonely lately) and whoooooooooooa I feel SICK today. Can't explain it, it's like part flu, part hangover. I feel jittery, cold, tingly, and have bad malaise. I think I'm scaling back to 20mg, 40 was not a good move.

Posted by: Abobo at November 3, 2008 11:27 AM

I have been on celexa 40mg am time for about four months. Now I cant sleep solid through the night. can a person be prescribed more than 40 mg.? Can you get the same effects by dividing the pill 20mg am and 20mg bedtime to see if this helps with sleep?

Posted by: kathy at November 7, 2008 6:41 PM

Does anyone else sleep excessively with Celexa? I can easily sleep 10 hours a night. And the dreams, they are so vivid! Nothing bad, just vivid and epic in nature. I'll even wake sometimes and then go back into the same dream again. I used to sleep about 6 or 7 hours a night and I'm not complaining, it's just so weird. I haven't had any other side effects after one year of being on 40mg per day other than a weight increase of about 12 lbs. I take the Celexa at night at bedtime. I cannot complain about the amount of sleep I get now and I am much happier and less obsessive about little things, which makes those around me a lot happier too.

Posted by: Sharon at November 11, 2008 6:02 PM

I started celexa and xanax around May 2008, started me at 20mg of celexa which went up to 40mg and .25mg of xanax which then was up to .50mg. I felt great at first, wasnt pi**ed off, or angry, or crying or having panic attacks, the xanax was the only thing that was NUMBING MY MIND...literally, I then realized I was becoming tooo dependent on my medication and wanting more, whenever it started to get build up in my system. Which is why I wing'd myself OFF of it and now havent been on my xanax for a month 1/2 now. So i dont feel soo mentally gone. With the Celexa i am down to 15mg, which i started this week. THE PROBLEM IS THIS::: I have missed a period, and of course was stupid to have unprotected s*x which was on Halloween with my boyfriend. So im like 13 days late. I've taken two test in 2 weeks, and am flip'n out of my mind. I had cramps for a week, but no bleeding, then realized "up there" I could feel my uterus was swollen a bit, and I've been eating like a horse. I still get dull cramps here and there. But i cant tell WHY Im feeling this. I've had two negative test, and i've told myself mentally that there is no way that I could be preg and its all in my head. But symptoms are still there. Im even constipated, which I know celexa can do that to you too. But im pee'n a lot. I plan to go into the doctors on Saturday to get blood work done. I was just wondering if anyone else was having this much of an issue as I am.

Posted by: Bridget at November 12, 2008 7:05 PM

I was taking 40 mgs of Celexa everyday but noticed that I had no sex drive and was unable to orgasm. So my Dr. had me cut back to 30 mg. This small decrease in dosage has improved my sex drive mildly and I'm able to orgasm normally now! The best thing about it though is that I don't have a voracious appetite anymore which I have had all my life and which was increased when I started taking anti-depressants over 10 years ago. If anyone is having sexual side effects or weight gain, look into decreasing the dose slightly. One note though, I also take 150 mg of Wellbutrin so I think the Celexa may have been cancelling out the effects of the Wellbutrin, which causes a suppressed appetite (I think).

Posted by: SF at November 20, 2008 12:15 PM

SHARRI! Hang in there, please! I've been on meds since 1991 and they have helped me live a productive life. I'm on 225 mg. of effexor as well as 200 mg. of trazodone. Trazodone is not habit-forming and helps you sleep. Ask your doctor if this might be right for you. You need your sleep. S/he could start you with a low dosage and increase it if necessary. This changed my life completely. I can sleep again! In 1991 went 3 days with no sleep (this is without any drugs at all - just rip snortin' anxiety and depression and insomnia with OCD symptoms thrown in). Best of luck. Ask doc, too if a "maintenance" dose of effexor might be best without the bad side effects of celexa.

Posted by: Julie at December 1, 2008 1:56 AM

I started taking celexa a month ago and I stopped cold turkey immediately. I noticed I was feeling really weird symtoms such as yawning alot, kin of dizzy, very blurred vision, and absolutely no sex drive. I did not really mind the no sex drive, but my fiance did! The anxiety scared me, so I stopped! I think it is always good to listen to your body or warning signs. On the plus side I was able to sleep great and also have some fantastic dreams.

I think I'm finished taking anti-depressants!!!

Posted by: Amy Louise at December 10, 2008 2:48 PM

I have been on Celexa for two years. I had originally been taking Zoloft. Zoloft was making me numb and wasn't working like it had before. I was moved to Lexapro and then eventually Celexa. Celexa seems to have worked better then the other two. I have noticed tho I don't sleep well at all, and I have gained weight. I am happy and have not experienced numbness with this medication. My sex drive also doesn't seem to be as affected as when I was taking either of the other two. I am worried about dependance and any other side affects I haven't noticed.

Posted by: Max at December 21, 2008 2:22 PM

I used Celexa for 1-1/2 years and stopped taking it cold turkey. I experienced, emotional numbness, I was no longer depressed, but felt nothing, no highs, no lows, just numb. Also Celexa made me sleep a lot. I normaly would sleep 7-8 hours a night, on Celexa, I was sleeping 9-10 hours a night during the weekdays and 14-16 hours on the weekend. I was just barely able to get up, go to work and come home and get into bed. I was like a walking zombie, tirered and couldn't wait to get into bed. I am 5'4" at 100 lbs, so i was only on 20 mgs. That might have been too much for my body. Anyway, i got tirered of sleeping my life away and stopped taking them.

Posted by: Mary at December 30, 2008 6:55 PM

Here is my story...

I just graduated college three weeks ago and for the past 3 1/2 months I've been having panic attacks. I immediately contacted my physician and he put me on 20mg of Celexa daily. I start my new job in 2 weeks and I am extremely nervous. I have noticed as my start date approaches I get more and more anxious. I would like to share my side-effects...

The past month I have been out of school and I've noticed that only when I have nothing to do I feel panic. I used to be up bright and early every morning, but now I have a hard time waking up. I find myself taking naps throughout the day. I have extremely weird dreams, not scary, but involve weird scenarios. I find it humorous when I wake up and the dreams are still fresh in my mind. I never used to dream this much before.

My sex-drive has decreased. I just don't think about it much anymore.

Only during the first month I lost my appitite and felt nausious at the thought and sight of food. I lost 20lbs, but I am slowly regaining my cravings. I have found that a more well-balanced diet helps too. I eat more fruits and veggies and have began to take daily vitamins.

I am a smoker so I can't run, but I walk for about 1/2 hour every evening and I find that this exercise is beneficial.

I quit drinking. I used to have a few beers a few nights a week and now I drink lots of water. I stopped drinking because I found that even with one beer I would become extremely anxious.

Everybody reacts differently to medince so if Celexa is not working for you, try something else. Eat healthy and exercise. Share your experiences with family and friends because their support will give you confidence in situations when you panic, feel depressed or are axious. I feel the worst when I have nothing to do so stay busy! Eliminate all negative influences in your life.

Posted by: Ryan at January 5, 2009 3:01 PM

Been on the planet celexa for four years now and I'm feeling like I'm living on a farm that raises dew worms for seasonal trout fishermen.Things have gone flat in My life.Libido?Whats that?The flag pole can no longer support the flag.Something like the sound of a packman meeting its end in the old game.
Is it time to quit and find another source of uptake or does anyone know of a better alternative ?? Thanks

Posted by: Doogie at January 7, 2009 2:09 PM

I was on Cymbalta and experienced bad vision problems, extreme sweating, body pain, and jaw clenching. Asked doctor for something else and was switched to Celexa. Have the same problems with it and now experiencing iritablity, feeling extremely cold, and head feels strange. Have to take sleeping pill to go to sleep and then have extreme fatigue in morning. Both did improve depression and social anxiety though. Think I will stop taking. I have been on several other anti-depressants before so don't know what I will take.

Posted by: mickie at January 12, 2009 2:48 PM

I've been taking Celexa for 12 years off and on. I had major stress while my child was diagnosed with cancer twice (started 12 yrs. ago). We just celebrated a milestone from his StemCellTransplant, so I'm doing emotionally better. I recently noticed gaining weight (20lbs.), eye twitches, and extreme tiredness. After reading these blogs I am cutting cold turkey. Thanks for all your input.

Posted by: 12year veteran at January 15, 2009 4:41 PM

Hi, my boyfriend was on celexa for about 6 months and decided to get off. I had lost my father last year and had a REALLY tough time, and I would tear him up, then when I started to get better he was really depressed. So he got on celexa. Things got much better for the both of us. He weined off over 2 1/2 months and has been celexa free now for almost 2 months. But he is having a lot of trouble with anger and overwhelming feelings of sadness and the weight of the world being on his shoulders. We currently don't have insurance, but obviously will go in if we need to, but would like to know if anyone has experienced anything similar. Thanks

Posted by: Erin at January 18, 2009 8:41 PM

I had taken celexa for about two months and by the end of the two months I realized I was starting to have a severe allergic reaction to the medicine, with very serious symptoms- I quit taking the celexa and felt better. But ever since then I have not been able to fall asleep or stay asleep without having to take something to help me sleep. If I don't take something to help me sleep then I will stay awake for days until my body is so exhausted it can no longer stay awake. If I don't take something to help me sleep I will stay awake for days and nights at a time...

Posted by: Megan Smashey at January 25, 2009 10:59 PM

I was on Celexa for four months and it really interfered with my relationship with my husband. I was so moody and snappy all of the time and actually thought about leaving him (we just had a baby 5 months ago!) Our sex life was nonexistent and i was NEVER in the mood. Now I have been off of it for a week and i already am much happier in my relationship and all other aspects of my life which is great for my little baby boy:). Also I have to mention i was on Paxil before my pregnancy and gained 20 lbs in 3 months. No more antidepressants for me!!

Posted by: heather at January 25, 2009 11:42 PM

Ive been on celexa for 1 and a half years. At first it was a miracle drug. With exception of a few side effects, it was a mircle drug! I came back to life and it also made me look healthy. But now i think it quit working. Does anyone know what to take next that gives the same results

Posted by: linda baker at January 26, 2009 9:33 AM

My MD put me on Citralopram about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I'm 52 years old, and I was feeling depressed and anxious. My job is stressful; my dad had just passed away, and I had a total hysterectomy October 2007. I chose not to take hormones because of risk of breast cancer, so I was experiencing lots of hot flashes, and insomnia. I noticed after a couple of days of taking Citralopram,I started sleeping better and it seemed to help eliminate my hot flashes. I did have a couple of bouts of diarrhea. When I got home last evening, I noticed that had restless leg, insomnia began, and I had a very restless night. This morning my legs and feet were cold and felt numb. I feel like my legs are going to give out when I walk. I didn't take the medicine today, and I called my MD. They said they had not heard of these side effects. Has anyone experienced the leg coldness and numbness?

I've decided that I'm going to try to deal my my anxiety another way besides medication.

Posted by: Cathy at January 27, 2009 7:05 PM

With all the attacking/whining about anti depressants, what about the effects of drugs like alcohol, ECSTACY, cocaine, meth, etc?

What would happen if people posted about the side effects of alcohol?

I've been scared off celexa for over 6 years from boards like this. I understand people complaining, but I pray you aren't stopping people like me who are SEVERELY depressed from taking it.

We turn to alcohol and drugs instead. Surely celexa is safer than alcohol and illegal drugs.

Does anybody have success stories that would rather be on celexa than reverting to alcohol or drug abuse?

Posted by: joe at February 5, 2009 11:47 PM

i went in for anger management but my doctor told me he didnt think thats what was wrong with me. he handed me a sheet of paper with questions on it. i took the test and he looked it over and said "i think you might have mdd (major depression disorder)" he prescribed celexa and said it might come with wierd side effects. i started taking it about 3 weeks ago and i feel anxious, and tired but awake at the same time, and my body wont stop tingling, i space out for about 10 minutes at a time, i walk so slow it feels as if im not moving and i get light headed. i am 16 and i dont have time to slack off (i am a boxer, a sports trainer, im in link crew and upward bound a collage prep team) is there anything i can do to stop feeling like this?

Posted by: coco at February 11, 2009 12:12 PM

The only thing i can tell on an every other day basis, which i take half of a 20 mg pill every other day, is that I have severe sore jaws. Wether its lock jaw of just tension, it causes great discomfort, and sometimes makes me knaw at my jaws, like im tweeking on something. It wakes me and my husband up in the middle of the night, and i find myself not resting because my jaws are clenched so tight together it makes them hurt.

Posted by: Brandy S. Brown at February 18, 2009 12:08 AM

Have been on Celexa for about 7 years. No side effects. have tried to stop taking it but each time i get the "Head shocks" and generally feel bad. So i continue taking, will probably be on it the rest of my life. Only 43.

Posted by: SEAGULL at February 26, 2009 10:38 AM

My mother in law has experienced vision problems and vision loss and relates it directly to taking Lexapro (a Celexa-like drug). Has anyone else experienced this?

Posted by: Connie at February 26, 2009 2:50 PM

I was on Effexor (150 mg) for over 4 years with little trouble. I lost my job and could not afford the $150 a month so, 5 weeks ago my doctor gave me a month supply of Lexapro and then a subscription for Celexa. It does not seem to be working well. When I first started I was swimmy-headed and very short fused. After starting the Celexa, I have been so blank-minded and just depressed in a way of not wanting to get out or wondering if I could handle a different job. I am recently divorced, in bad debt, and laid off. I am a moderate drinker and I am 37 years old.

Posted by: Derrek at February 26, 2009 7:33 PM

The person who invented Celexa obviously never took it himself. Otherwise he would have kept working until he got it right. I've been on 60 mg a day for a year and a half and its been slow torture the entire time. On the plus side, it did cure a case of melancholic depression (in combination with other drugs) that had me in the hospital for 3 months. On the down side, anything having to do with sex disappeared. It absolutely killed my sex drive, or libido if that's what you call it. I can't tell you the frustration of 'getting started' and not being able to 'finish it' Delayed orgasm or usually not one at all. I don't know how they expect people to be fine with this drug. It's sadistic!

Posted by: Steph at March 8, 2009 8:28 PM

I took Celexa for a couple of years. Like others, I thought (after years of trying to find the "right" drug for my disorder) that I had found "the one". I felt great on it. Didn't think I was having any side-effects. I gained a huge amount of weight on it, though, in a short period of time--to the point I got stretch marks in places I never had any before. Repeated complaints to the doctors had me frustrated, as I was told to drink more water and ingest more fruits and vegetables. Basically, I felt like I was being told that I was eating badly and it was my fault. I felt guilty about that, even though I knew that wasn't the case.

At any rate, after those few years and a total of 60 pounds gained--at which I was more depressed about being fat than anything else--I decided to forget the doctors and take myself off since they didn't want to listen to me. The withdrawal was horrid. Incredible dizziness, sleeplessness, restlessness, vertigo, upset stomachs...for weeks. Interestingly, I lost 30 pounds in a couple of months without changing anything I was doing.

I will never take Celexa again, even though all my other symptoms were well controlled. There's no way gaining that much weight is good for you or worth the supposed pay-off I was getting by feeling "normal" mentally. I couldn't stand to look at myself. It was unnecessary.

Posted by: Jennifer at March 12, 2009 3:27 PM

I started celexa last thursday. This morning thought I was losing my mind. For hours I was curled up in a ball in bed with severe anxiety attacks, arms feeling like they were on fire, muscle spasms, horrendous feeling. Went right to my dr. Meanwhile took
Klonopin and Xanax to stop the shakiness of my body. Dr told me to take 2 teaspoons of benydral every 6 hours. First I took a 3 hour nap then when I woke up my arms felt on fire again so I took the benydral and instant relief. This drug is horrible. Since it hasn't even been a week since I started it I'm hoping I don't have any withdrawal symptoms. I've been on other antidepressants and had some bad side effects but this was the worse. I'd rather handle my problems on my own. Still need the klonopin for anxiety

Posted by: Dee at March 17, 2009 1:10 AM

Iv been Dx depression a year n half ago and started w/ lexpro 20mg for a month, severe dizzy,knee pain,blurr eyes even when lowed to 10mg, so swith to celexa 10mg,felt numb all the time and severe drowyness,difficult to get concentrate on work,so lowed to 5mg for 2 wees, nothing getting better and totally lost sex drive, so I stopped. I felt a normal person again.Three months later,got a panic attack. So took 20mg celexa,drowyness came back,numb and sleepy all the time,insomnia,dream a lot, dry mouth,puppy eyes and no motivation on anything.
God help me.

Posted by: laureoles at March 17, 2009 2:39 PM

I have been on Celexa for almost two years after my husband died. It suspressed my appetite for about a year and I lost 20 lbs but after that my weight has crept back up. I thought increasing the dose would help me, but I had side effects, 40mg,so I have slacked off to 20mg again. My skin was hurting like I had a sunburn. It has improved.It seems that I had loss of appetite at first,but now it has reversed on me. Has anyone experienced this? As far as my mental state is concerned, I'm okay. One reason I have stayed on it this long was to control my appetite, now it is not working anymore and doing just the reverse.

Posted by: Knoxvkid at March 22, 2009 5:20 PM

I'm on apo-citalopram (20mgs) for a couple weeks now. i was told it would take 10-14 days to feel any results, but i think its been much quicker. It is great to feel "normal" again. the intense ups and downs are gone. i feel happy and i can't remember feeling happy in a long, long time. my family have noticed a big difference, and my husband is very happy with his new/old wife. Libido is back too. interesting how many say they've lost sexual desire. i have not, nor have i gained any weight. i've actually lost a bit, but then i'm not spending most of my days sitting in the basement watching law and order any more! i hope i don't have the side-effects on stopping treatment. is there any reason to go off the drug?

Posted by: Mary at April 5, 2009 12:47 PM

Of all the anti-depressants I have tried over the years Celexa has got to be the worst. I started out the first day at 20 mg, started feeling feverish, numb, shaky, and could not sleep. So the next day I tried 10 mg and my symptoms continued and even got worse. I felt like I had the worst case of the flu in my life. I was useless.
Celexa is supposed to help relieve symptoms of IBS as well, which I have suffered from forever, but is not worth risking my health in other ways for relief of IBS. There needs to be more research done with this drug, though some may do well on it, many others I see have sudden severe reactions to it often needing medical attention. Like I said, nothing else I have ever taken has made me feel so sick, was literally like being poisoned. I am not sure taking anything at this point is for me, I think my family would rather me be sad once and a while then to see me sick and in bed all day unable to even function.

Posted by: kayway at April 8, 2009 2:03 PM

My daughter is 18 years old. Her doctor put her on citopram for situational depression. She was on it for 5 months and was acting to hyper etc. We decided to take her off about a month ago she gradually reduced the dosage for 1 month but the side effects are making her crazy dizziness, fatige, heart palpitations, nightmares, hallucinations, etc.
How long will this last
Please help,


Posted by: Lisa at April 25, 2009 8:44 AM

I've have had a sore tongue for a month or so. I have been to the denist and I have been to my family physician. There are no sores. My physician changed my celexa (Generic) to 40 mg instead of 10 at about that time. Could this be the problem.

Posted by: Patty at April 25, 2009 9:05 PM

I am on day 15 of taking Citralopram, the generic form of Celexa. I was given this by my doctor to help with my anxiety problems. The side effects are pretty bad.

"Tense muscles (around the neck, jaw), Constant Yawning, depression (which i was NOT suffering from prior to taking celexa), loss of sex-drive, nausea."

I've also felt like i've had the flu, or a bad cold for this last week. I drank for the first time on it the other night, and it was horrible. I completely blacked out, felt insain, and thought I was going to die. DO NOT DRINK ON THIS MEDICATION.

As for Anxiety, i think it might be working, however, it might just be distracting my mind/body with all of these evil side effects.

Also, the doctor seemed like he just wanted to throw some medication at me. I told him, I need "Anxiety Medicine, and NOTHING for Depression"

Do u think I was given the wrong medication?

Posted by: Turk at May 18, 2009 8:26 PM

i have been on celexa generic brand citorphram..for two years...i tappered off and stopped cold turkey ...i wish to god i never went on it... i am sick tired.achey body head .. i am sick and all because this damn medication ..i wish i never went on it i hate it and think people should think twice about going on it ..i have gain 100 lbs in 2 years .. i excercised diet ..and i still gained weight ... i wish i never went on it ..and hope to god i can loose the weight .. thats what i think of celexa..

Posted by: lynn at May 24, 2009 4:37 PM

I've been on citalopram for 4 months I feel numb to the world. I cant sleep at night, I have vivid dreams, I've recently been having vision problems in my right eye. My eye sight is going bad all I see is a blur. I go back to doctor in a few wks. I am trying to decide if i should come off the pills. Doctor has also put me on an axiety pill to sleep at night. I don't like relying on a pill to get threw my day.I have lost appitite along with alot of weight. Recently I've been vomiting with upset stomache. Anyone else going threw same symtoms???????? Vision problems????????

Posted by: jamie at May 24, 2009 9:12 PM

I started taking Celexa 10 days ago. From the first day I took it, I was feeling great. I started to take it for anxiety and depression. I was living in a house full of my husbands friends, and I spent my time in my room, never socializing because I was so full of stress and anxiety.
When I first started taking it, I felt great, and started socializing, now I'm friends with them all. The only problem is, that I've begun to fantasize about his friends.
I'm really not at all interested in them, and I love my husband so much. He treats me great.
But ever since I started taking the medication, after two days of taking it, to be exact, I've started to form crushes on two of his friends. I was just curious, if Celexa could be to blame for this.
And it's not my husband, because nothing in our life together has changed, and I love him so much. Just, it started after I began to take this pill.

Posted by: Barbara at May 26, 2009 6:26 AM

I took celexa two different times and both times only for about a week. The first time I was on 40mg and the second 20mg both times were bad for me. I had hallucinations and heard voices. I would be zoned out at times and scared at others. My anxiety level increased and so did my depression. I have know others it worked for but it did not work well for me. I can only say be cautious and aware that my doctor said this can happen to some but is rare so be aware of this and be careful. It was frightning for me. I was alone and calling for friends running out of the house to the neighbors and even called the police to come check around my house.

Posted by: Jen at June 10, 2009 10:17 AM

DO NOT DRINK ON CELEXA!! I was taking Celexa last year ut was also having a bit of an alcohol problem. As soon as I would have just 1 drink, I became EXTREMELY violent. It was like some super human strength came over me and (no joke) one night my parents had a party and I physically sttacked my mom, dad, 3 brothers, brother in law and a friend who was in the Marines. And this went on for hours. But when I wasn't drinking Celexa worked fantastic for me. It did make me a little mouthy but for me personally that was a good thing b/c I tend to be somewhat of a doormat. Anyway, I just started taking Celexa again today since I've finally given up drinking for good so hopefully better luck this time.

Posted by: Natasha at June 11, 2009 9:07 PM

I've been on Celexa for five years, and have had no adverse side effects. I now enjoy getting up in the morning, am able to see and talk to people, and am able to make decisions. Before taking Celexa, I wasn't able to do any of those things easily. I am an RN and have my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, so I am very careful to watch for side effects and to research drugs, and I can honestly say that I have found Celexa to work well for myself, as well as several of my patients. Be patient, as it takes about 6-8 weeks after you first start taking it for optimum results. Your body does not even recognize the drug for the first two weeks that you take it--it takes some time, since Celexa works very slowly to regualte your serotonin levels.

Posted by: Summer at June 12, 2009 12:26 PM

I was Celexa for one day 10mg at bedtime and within two hours of taking it, I woke up and felt pressure on my abdomen. I thought I just had to use the bathroom, but while I was in there, I threw up, plus I had really bad diarrhea. I called my doctor and he said I was ultra sensitive to the side effects and I shouldn't take it anymore. That was third medicine I had problems with. Anybody know of any alternative medicines or therapies that would work for Generalized Anxiety? I've tried Zoloft and Buspar and hypnotherapy. I'm going to see a psychiatrist tomorrow. I hope that works.

Posted by: Gayle at June 24, 2009 12:30 PM

I have been batteling depression for a log period of time. During my undergraduate studies the school psychiatist told me that I was depressed but sort of brushed it off. Just today I saw my primary care and he prescirbe me celexa, and just reading this blog scared the heck out of me. I just took my first dose this morning and so far the only side effect im having is hot flashes.

I have not felt happy since the death of my mother so if I can feel happy for a few days with all the known side effect Celexa will casue me then I think I'll take it.

Posted by: Lili at June 30, 2009 1:29 AM

I have been on celexa for about 5 years now it has been my wonder drug & i do not like to take meds unless absoultly have to. Anyway my life has been a much better one since I have been on it!I no longer have insurance so i was paying for my script,know the script has run out & it has been a year since i have seen the doctor & he will not refill the script so life right now is not good iam depressed & come off this stuff cold turkey not good iam sick to my belly all day i just do not feel good I cry for no reason it just is not fun i just want to sleep my life away why wake up & feel like this its not worth it! well how long will these symptons last? Can you belive it is all about money thats all life is MONEY!!!!!!!!! WELL THANK YOU FOR LISTNING!!

Posted by: bonnie at July 2, 2009 12:28 PM

I am on my fourth day of taking celexa and I'm going in to get on something else. I'm nauseated, dizzy, drowsy during the day but cannot sleep at night, jaw clenching, and I keep feeling like I have things crawling on me. I have never felt this way and it sucks. I have felt so miserable the last couple of days. After reading this, I have realized that I shouldn't feel this way and it could get worse. I thought it was just something that happened the like the first week. I wouldn't recommend it and I'm glad I found this site.

Posted by: Des at July 25, 2009 10:35 AM

It works for a while but after a certain amount of time you should get off them,,, low low libido,

Posted by: laura at July 29, 2009 8:34 AM

They never told me about withdrawal. I started taking celexa for a major depressive episode, and remained on it for six years.
Then, my lifestyle changed. I went from a high pressure, urban setting, to a rural life of retirement.
And celexa became a demon. I developed violent diarrhea..and after some on-line research, found I was probably now suffering from too much serotonin in my system. Somehow with my new lifestyle, and lack of "stressors", my body was now back in balance.
But noone ever told me what would happen when I stopped taking the drug. I had believed it would be as simple as stopping , let's say aspirin. But no, it has been hell.
Yes, celexa rescued me from a very dark pit when I needed it...but I wish I had known what it would eventually be like to end the drug.
All I can tell anyone, is hold on. I have been off the medication for 3 weeks now, with little loss of withdrawal symptoms. I battle to stay connected to a daily routine as my cognitive abilities are so impaired...hopefully a temporary condition. My pupils remain in a constant state of contraction, and I am lightheaded, fuzzyheaded, and unstable on my feet.
But I keep saying "this too shall pass"...and I hold on to the hope that in perhaps 6-8 weeks I will be ME again.
My mantra, which I repeat daily and repeatedly , is "every day, in every way, I am getting better and better". This hope, and a very supportive mate, keeps me plugging along.
But I am angry. Noone ever told me that I would eventually experience withdrawal. They just put me on the stuff 'cause I needed it at the time. They never told me what I would eventually go through.
Shame on you medical community of physicians. Yes, you medicated a person into wellness, a person who was mentally impaired at the time you prescribed this drug...a person who was sooo depressed all she wanted was a cure, a way out...then you never happened to mention what a terrible ride she would eventually take once the drug was no longer needed, and once it had permeated every cell in her body...FOR SIX YEARS.
If you are alone out there...talk to someone. If you are with someone and going through withdrawal...hopefully they are a supportive and understanding individual.
But don't give up...or give in. Remember, this feeling is not forever. God bless.

Posted by: Darlene at August 17, 2009 7:12 PM

I have been taking citalopram 20mg daily for 6 years with substantial decrease in anxiety and aggression. Unfortunately this medication made me very very tired. Over the last year or so I have been suffering from RLS (restless leg syndrome). Yesterday I stopped taking my Citilopram before bed as my prescription ran out (no insurance). I have no rls symptoms at all tonight! It is so wonderful to be able to lay down and not have the extreme discomfort of this syndrome. I truly believe that citalopram was causing these symptoms. As far as my anxiety and mood issues I intend to speak to a Dr. ASAP in regards to taking Welbutrin. If you are taking Citalopam and suffer from RLS do your research!

Posted by: RLSsufferer at September 3, 2009 4:47 AM

I've been taking citalopram since june 22 started at 20mg and that took me out of the black hole I was in but I never really felt good on it was always dizzy/lightheaded and anxious. Now 3 weeks ago my new doc doubled the dose to 40mg, I went to 30mg for a little and seemed to help some more with the depression but now i've been on 40mg for a few days I just feel drugged up(not how I should be feeling after taking it for 3 months!) I'm thinking of going back to 30 then 20 and hopefully find something else. Side affects for me are dizzyness, lack of appetite, no sex drive, anxiety etc. too much for me!

Posted by: Dominic at September 15, 2009 4:43 PM

I am wanting to get off celexa 40mg. i do not have any side effects or have suffered any side effects that I am aware of. I have been on this med. for 1 year. I'd like to taper off the dose and reduce it to 1/2 than none at all. After reading the blogs already posted I am extremely anxious to get off the med but smart enough to know that i should not stay on the medication. Any advice as the health care professionals seem to be not as well informed on this matter.

Posted by: Kimberly at September 16, 2009 6:09 PM

I have been on celexa for 6 months and recommend it HIGHLY. I had absolutely no negative side affects. For the first 2 weeks I notcied that my appetite was down (but I didn't see that as a bad thing) and then it did come back. I still have a healthy sec life (I know that is one of the major side effects). The constant fear and worrying went away on this medication. I do not think about my anxiety on a daily bases and little things that used to worry me don't any more.
The nice thing about trying it is if it doesn't work out you can get off of it with no problems. I remember going to these sites and scared to death about trying medication because of all the negative comments and was hoping more success stories would write. I am now I HUGE advocate for medication and love that my anxiety is near to gone :-)
ps. I do have more vivid dreams but they are more entertaining than scary. Last night I found a pet lemur in a forest and got to keep it.

Posted by: Ash at September 29, 2009 12:13 PM

I have been withdrawing from celexa for three weeks now, The first two weeks were bad dizzy spells ,cramps ,mood swings. The biggest reason i have dosed down was because it made me very tired ,and very unmotivated.It was great for the first year but after a long time use it made me an impotent zombie. My wife had to choose beteen me being crazy or us having a sex life

Posted by: marlin at September 29, 2009 6:38 PM

It's so great, what you people do for each other (and me) sharing your experiences. My doctor put me on celexa last week, 10 mg per day with intention to increase to 20 if it seemed warranted. I had situational anxiety and depression from very shaky situation at work that's been going on for 5 years, plus menopause. (I'm 55.) I also have newly diagnosed gastritis. The first four days on celexa seemed so great. My mood evened out almost immediately. I was sleepy and low energy, dry mouth and kinda of fuzzy but these seemed minor and might change over time. More worrisome is that I'm a professional writer and I couldn't seem to write coherently.

Then on day 5 I had a panic attack-I'd never had one before in my life--high levels of anxiety, prickling up my arms and my gastritis, which had been responding to treatment, worsened badly. I called the dr. to say get me off NOW. she said since it had only been five days at 10 mg I could go off cold turkey or if I wanted I could slice the pills into 5-mg doses and take those a couple of days. I'm trying cold turkey.

That's not to put down the drug. I read here about so many people who have been greatly helped. But I'm not going to go on a drug again that requires weeks to wean off. what if I had gotten these symptoms after a few weeks at 20 mg? I'm lucky enough that my depression and anxiety were not something I can't live with.

What next? I have signed up for two gentle yoga classes. I have reached out to friends. I am setting aside time each day for deep breathing and stretching, and a couple of times a week for meditation. Maybe celexa gave me the break I needed to make a better plan for myself.

Posted by: lisa at October 4, 2009 5:39 PM

It has been 2 weeks since I have taken celexa & I
feel dizzy. Is this normal?

Posted by: Lindy at October 5, 2009 10:09 AM

Hi, I have been on Celexa for many yrs, 5+...I just went off it 10 months ago because it was no longer working for me. I had all the withdrawl problems, headaches, brain zaps, nausea, dizzy, uncontrollable crying, etc. I also had many of the side effects that are mentioned here, weight gain, sleepiness, not able to control my pee, zombie like, hot flashes, you name it, I had it. In the beginning, I thought it was a wonder drug too...had been on many antidepressants before.

My question is has anyone been off the celexa for longer than I have. I have literally been crying for 10 mths. I can't seem to control it, anything sad or sentamental happens...get the tissues. I have being in counseling and just sobbing to her. I am starting now to feel a bit better, but I am wondering if this is still effects from that drug? Does it take this long to get out of the body. I am starting to lose some weight too, so maybe the celexa is being released. If anyone has had experience with this please email me.

Posted by: cweed at October 7, 2009 5:31 PM

I Have been taking Celexa 20mg for 10 days now and 3 out of those ten days suffered extreme insomnia. 10th day I experienced extreme anxiety and aggitation. Does anyone know if there is something the Dr.can prescribe to ease the anxiety and insomnia, its too much for me to handle?

Posted by: Chad at October 7, 2009 10:14 PM

vicodin helps ALOT with the withdraw symptoms

Posted by: jennifer at October 9, 2009 9:48 AM

I have been having vision problems and dizzy spells plus when vision issues happen I have hearing issues. Been to every kind of doctor. Had MRI done still nothing. Stopped taking Celexa and am getting better with these issues. Never seen this in side effects. Worried if any permit damage to my eyes.

Posted by: cathy at October 14, 2009 2:50 PM

I've been lucky enough to not have any major sexual side effects other than prolonged ejacultory response. However i am yawning every 20-30 seconds, and it feels like my jaw muscles are always firing. Not to mention i seem to have mood swings at roughly the same times every day.

Posted by: Tyler at October 27, 2009 2:16 PM

I have a happy Celexa story to share, just to provide a little perspective...

I am a 40 yo woman suffering from mild depression due to circumstances in my life, I don't think it's a long-term problem, but I needed some relief. My depression is not severe, not debilitating, I have just been slowly losing my sense of humor, my positive outlook, my flexibility and "can-do" attitude. Something about middle age and the miserable economy's effect on my livelihood hit home. My business is suffering, my husband's job is hopeless, we have relocated to a new town with few friends, and we have a 12 yo son with emotional problems. Ta da - welcome to middle age!

Anyway, our family therapist recommended that I start a course of anti depressants. I put it off for a long time, then went to my doctor and asked for some relief. At first the nurse said "prozac" and I refused - too much bad press over the years, I didn't like the sound of it. They prescribed Celexa b/c of it's low incidence of weight gain. I took the prescribed 20 MG at noon the first day. BAD MOVE! The first time I took it, I thought I was absolutely losing it. Dizzy, lightheaded, spacey, sleepy - kind of like being drunk in the middle of the day. I should not have been driving. But I didn't give up, I knew if I gave it time, it might help. I cut the dose in half and took half at bedtime. In short, it's worked wonderfully for me. in a week I went back to the full 20 mg, only taking it at bedtime. It's been so fantastic and it's helping me so much. 1 month later, I feel great, I wake up at 6 AM refreshed and even on the worst days (like last week when my business was $20K short for payroll), I didn't panic, I thought clearly, I came up with a great solution, I still smiled and had kind words for my children and kept on top of tasks like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. at home.

Bottom line: I am happy. It works. It's not all bad. Give it two weeks and take the pills only at bedtime - never during the day!

Posted by: rhee at November 9, 2009 9:48 AM

I started taking 20mg citalopram about 1 month ago for major depression. After a week or so, I noticed my anger noticeably decreased and I'm sleeping better.

I've had a few minor effects so far; nausea, confusion, one suicidal thought, mild mania. However, all but the nausea have happened once or twice, they lasted just a few minutes, then disappeared.

The mild nausea has persisted. Since I need to lose over 100 lbs, right now I see citalopram as two meds in one; anti-depressant and weight loss pill. So far, I've lost approximately 10 pounds! :)

I figure the nausea side effect won't last forever, but for now, I'm quite happy with how I've responded to citalopram.

Posted by: Drandie at November 17, 2009 1:25 AM

I have only been taking Celexa for 3 days now. I am so out of it, that I can barely concentrate to write this. I am experiencing: bad headache, severe dizziness to the point where I can barely function, dry mouth, bad nausea, shaking, tingling in my left arm. The dizziness is the worst. I feel like I am in a fog. I am so mentally foggy and confused and literally can't see straight. This drug is just horrendous. I felt way better just being anxious and dealing with the anxiety than being physically debilitated. I FEEL AWFUL. I am not taking any more of this medicine. It is the devil.

Posted by: Melissa at November 21, 2009 4:07 PM

If my memory serves me right, I did well on Celexa for 4 years until me mum died. No one told me to go to therapy ... was expecting the drug to handle it. Found Zoloft 75 mg and it did the trick. It gradually makes you anorgasmic and I stepped down 25 mg over time. The withdrawal is terrible .. .they never tell you about this.
I am on Celexa again and surprisingly having nervousness and nausea after 10 days on 20 mg. It could be the addition of a little bit of Wellbutrin added to combat the sexual effects. Also added was TrazadoneI to help sleep. I have never slept so good and sound; I just sleep 10 hours AND a 1 hour nap. I am leary to step up to 40 mg Celexa due to the anxiety/nausea.

Posted by: Molly at November 29, 2009 5:16 PM

This drug sucks. I've been on it for a month and gained 10 pounds (keeping my diet the same). Again, all things kept the same during the time I've been taking the med, skin is majorly acnified. Dreams are scarily real and I am exhausted 24/7. All I want to do is sleep. Going off of it this week... Wellbutrin was much better.

Posted by: kris at December 14, 2009 10:59 PM

I have been on celexa generic for about 14 months.
I am on 60mg per day, the highest dose. It did help to stabilize me during vicarious trauma. However, whenever I don't get around to getting it for about 4 days, i feel great, up late, happy, productive, etc. This is atleast the third time my picking up meds has been delayed.

I have asked my doctor several times about weaning to go off. She has said no way so far. I do have a very stressful court date and testimony coming up in Jan. and it is the holiday season with 3 kids as a single mom and several losses. However, I have found myself so sluggish, unmotivated, and lazy lately, that being off for 4 days and having energy and feeling good makes me wonder.

I remember a time when I called the pharmacist to ask about withdrawal since I hadn't picked them up yet, and how important it was for me to do so that night.... She actually said I sounded really good, and if I was really feeling that good it could wait till the next day.
My friends of course say don't go off without dr. agreement, same with my therapist... but should I go ahead since I have missed again for 4 days anyway???

On another note after reading side affects... I have had a twitch on my left eye since starting Celexa actually now that I think of it... is that related? Also have had serious pain in elbows and forearms, and some tingling in left hand fingers... holding a phone or steering wheel or even my purse is painful and I have to switch hands frequently. Dr. said it is tennis elbow, nothing to do for it but splint and cortisone cream. I have had carpal tunnel severley in pregnancies before, and surgery on right arm/hand... the tingling on the left though is not the same as that.

Are these possibly from Celexa?

Posted by: Lisa at December 15, 2009 2:05 AM

I've been taking Celexa for almost a year now and it seemed to be the right one at first. Now I have no desire to be intimate with my boyfriend. I dont feel anything emotionally or physically when I think about sex in genral. This is not me! Its making feel depressed over lack of interest. I slept through my entire vacation. I hate this drug and am going to try weaning myself off it.

Posted by: Carly at January 7, 2010 5:19 PM

My husband was deployed to Iraq (for his 3rd time) and I had some friendships fail while he was gone and lost a job and was in a horrible funk. I even considered suicide, thinking that was the only solution. Luckily I was put on celexa and I was my normal self again, even better. I was no longer anxious and I jkust really enjoyed life again. Unfortuneatley when my husband came home I had NO sex drive. I just wanted to cuddle. When we did actually have sex I couldn't "finish" which led me to fake it everytime. I still have not told him this and will never tell him. It really started to bother me but he seemed happy so I continued taking it. About 3 months after he'd been home we had a serious talk and he said he just want happy w/ our sex life anymore. It was a pretty long discussion and he told me he wanted me off the celexa and that everything should be better now. So, in order to save my marriage, I went off of it. Cold turkey...just bam. Well it's been 2 weeks and my sex drive is back however I am SO anxious all the time and dizzy all the time and I feel like I am going to vomit. I'm not sure what to do. But this really isnt a better solution. I'm back to being miserable again. I guess I'm sorrta sacrificing my mental helath for my marital health.

Posted by: Angie at January 10, 2010 1:53 PM

took celexa for the first time last night. 5 hours later, woke up clenching my jaw, experiencing hot flashes, dry mouth, rapid heart beat and extreme nausea. this lasted about 6 hours. nearly identical to the reaction I had with zoloft and am extremely irritated that the dr. prescribed celexa to me after what I told her about the zoloft incident.

Posted by: liby at January 20, 2010 11:36 PM

Took celexa for mild depression and anxiety. It worked fantastically for my anxiety and depression. The only problem was that I'm in my senior year in college and this last quarter was a disaster. The worst grades ever. Looking back I remember telling myself that I didn't want to do my schoolwork and so I wouldn't. I really wasn't even worried about the consequences until I saw my official final grades. I was too complacent. I weened off semi-slowly. I was only taking 20mg anyway. I went to 10mg for a week and then 5mg for a week and then 0. I am three days completely off and am having major dizzy spells/flashes. I am also very tired. I can feel anxiety again but I guess I need to tough it out until school's done. I had visual disturbances while on the celexa and occasional dizzy flashes. I was on celexa for maybe eight or nine months total. Not sure what I will do next. I am hoping that I can incorporate a cognitive element to cope with stress as I was able to identify positive and/or productive thinking patterns while on celexa that I did not have before medication. Hopefully this approach can be used in a hypnotherapy session, which has been successful for me in the past. Quit smoking after 21 years. Anyway, I would love to be able to change my thinking without the use of pharmaceuticals.
Hope everyone finds peace from within.

Posted by: Rebecca at January 21, 2010 6:00 PM

I have been on citalopram since 2003. I thought it was working but it really changed me over time. I was depressed at first then I started to fell better on the drug but the last few eyars I have had really bad anxiety, so bad I can't work also the last few months I have violent spurts and a very short fuse. I am currently being taken off the drug by my doctor. I am getting real bad withdrawls and brain zpas.. it isnt good!

Posted by: Lee at January 28, 2010 12:39 PM

i took only 2 doses of citalopram on the 23rd october 2009 for mild anxiety. my reaction was so severe that i had to stop taking it. all the same symptoms and side effects others have noted o this site, also extreme depersonolisation and suicidal ideas. i was not even depressed when i started it! shaking all over my body, no sleep at all. like being tortured 24 hrs a day. now 3 months after taking those 2 doses i have become depressed and agoraphobic with constant anxiety and panic disorder. i have had to leave my job and me and my family are really suffering. i wold never have taken those 2 tablets if i had known it was going to ruin my life. now all my doctor wants is to give me more medication bu ti am too afraid to tkae anything.

Posted by: justine at February 4, 2010 10:33 AM

I couldn't afford to go this week so sacrificed my citalopram prescription. Noticed after 2nd day my head felt so weird like my brain is moving around. Today is the 4th day and felt sick most of the day moving around is awful head just spins felt nauseous till taking some anti-nausea pills. Had no idea coming off was so bad. I mean I read the label DO NOT STOP TAKING THIS MEDICATION but hey always wondered what would happen. Regret it all now but wonder what this stuff is doing to my brain if i'm feeling this bad coming off of it cannabis is a much more pleasant drug to stop taking which is how I ended up on Citalopram. Smoked pot to ease anxiety however pot smoking seemed to gradually make the anxiety worse so ended up on citalopram. hmmm modern/natural medicince??

Posted by: Mariana at February 5, 2010 6:25 AM

I just wanted to come back to this blog and write my opinion two weeks after nearly being scared off taking the 10 mg of Celexa (Citalopram in the UK) that I had been diagnosed for anxiety after having an extremely vivid Near Death Experience two years ago. Of course the side effects of Celexa are so strong in the first few weeks that I'm not surprised people search for blogs like this one where they can take solace reading the similar side effects others have experienced. However, I think it is extremely important that you give the medication 6-8 weeks as recommended before making a decision about whether this medication is right for you. My first 3-4 weeks were a nightmare, headspins, hot and cold sensations over my body, severe anxiety, not being able to sleep, barely able to focus at work at times. However now 5 weeks in they have completely settled down... I had a slight ringing in my ear for a few days, but that's subsiding, and compared to the horrific anxiety I was suffereing, it's nothing really. I just wanted to say, please don't let other people's experiences of this drug stop you from giving it a try yourself. It does also work really well for many people. All anti-depressants react differently depending on the individual, I just think this blog details too many of the bad experiences, and not enough of the good ones. I'm doing just fine now 5 weeks in, and I'm glad I didn't let myself be scared off after reading this blog two weeks into taking Celexa. Give yourself time, and if the side effects are still really bad 2 months into taking Celexa, then go and speak to your doctor about an alternative. Good luck everyone, you will have good days again :-)

Posted by: James UK at February 13, 2010 10:13 AM

Should I begin Celexa. I have taken Paxil for two years. Came off it on my own. cutting back sllowly on only 10 mlg. Am now experiencing pains in my head. head tightness etc.

Posted by: helentrudel at February 15, 2010 4:46 PM

I was put on Celexa because of mood swings do to PMDD. However, now I am on it because of depression and anxiety. I am on 20mg and over the last complete of weeks I have been having "hot flashes". I was already having difficulties with the sexual part of things as well as the trouble sleeping which they have me on something for.

Posted by: Giselle at March 2, 2010 12:44 AM

Only been on celexa a week-feel very spacy and nervous........Dr. said it would help my anxiety-i also have intrusive thoughts-will it help that?

Posted by: kate at March 4, 2010 2:27 PM

I have been on Celexa for 5 years. I am starting to wonder if long term use can cause the adverse reactions. I am very anxious, crawling out of my skin, don't really care about anything anymore and have noticed at night i have muscle spasms? Has anyone had any experience with this after prolonged use of this drug? I feel like if I don't stop taking this NOW, it is going to kill me. Any advice will help.

Posted by: kelly at March 7, 2010 3:25 AM

Diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and OCD. Been that way my entire life.I am 40 and in good health. I eat very well and exercise.

Have been on Citalopram for 3 months. 10mg, then to 20mg, then 40mg, now at 60mg for the last 6 weeks. At first it made me feel foggy in the head so I take 6.25mg of Adderall with it.

Life is great so far, concentration is back, don't worry about people or things I have no control over. Do feel a little less sexual, and does take longer to orgasm, but I can't complain. My relationships are much better, more even feeling and no longer obsessive about work, food, and exercise.

No weight gain though no compulsion to exercise either.I do have an almost complete aversion to alcohol, which kind of sucks because craft beer was a big part of my social life. But the even temper, loss of mood swings, loss of anxiety, loss of depression, loss of intrusive thoughts are more than worth it.

This has been a wonderful life changing drug for me. I hope it stays that way!

Posted by: Paul at March 11, 2010 8:13 PM

I was on Celexa(the generic Citalophram) for 2 yrs. I finally thought I was "normal". As a child I think I had undiagnosed ADHD that really made me feel inferior. I think Citalophram helped me to slow down and not get to anxious. One major side effect I hate...weight gain. It made everything taste better! I have kept off 20 lbs for 5 yrs and in the last year I have gained it back!!! Major downer. I went off the drug 2 wks ago when my prescription ran out. Major headache the first day and definite insomnia but sex drive came back. I am still having trouble not yelling at the kids and I get teary-eyed at the silliest things!

Posted by: rebecca at March 20, 2010 9:15 PM

My wife started taking Citalopram 6 days ago without telling me... She went to the doctor about stomach pain and apparently came out with a prescription for Citalopram and Xanax. I must say, what a week it was!

Last Tueday (the first night she was on the drug) she came home at 6:30 and immeditately went to bed sleeping for over 12 hours. The next few nights she was acted funny - like she was drunk or high and completely out of touch with reality. I shrugged it off thinking it was here demanding schedule at her job.

We'll all the excitment peaked on Saturday night when she go home, nearly crashed the car in our driveway, and went on a $600.00 shopping spree earlier in the afternoon (and we only had $300.00 in out checking account for the rest of the week). The evening ended with her completely out of it, all the heaters in the house on max with the air temp 100+ degrees (she was still cold), an empty bottle of Xanax (she took 3mg per day assuming that she took an equal amount the whole week), a lot of empty beer cans, and the medics/police our house around 4am because I thought she was going to die. That was when I found out about the Xanax and Citalopram.

Since she was out of the Xanax I first assumed that she had abused it since she has had drug/alchohol issues in the distant past... She kept taking the Citalopram but no Xanax since that was gone... Sunday seemed normal but we spent most of the day arguing and trying to figure out the night before...

Which leads us to this evening... She came home from work late tonight and this time actually crashed the car in our driveway and was acting similar to the way she had been all week. Her coginitive abilites and reactions were so serverly limited that if she were pulled over I have no doubt she would be arrested for DUI. The only thing this can be attributed to is the Citalopram!

She could barely stay awake to eat dinner and is now completely passed out. Luckly I talked her into taking a sick day tomorrow and we are going to go back to the doctor and she is not going to take any more of this HORRIBLE DRUG!

My ANGER for my wife's shopping spree and the Xanax has shifted toward her doctor and the maker of this drug. It made my wife completely nuts, has fanancially ruined us for the next month or two, hurt our marraige, for all I know almost killed her.

My advise to you is DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!! Or any other anti-depressants for that matter... Sadly this is not the first time something like this has happened to us (which is why she didn't tell me she got back on it).

Short of the long? Life is hard. Deal with it by eating well, getting excerise, and finding a hobby you enjoy.

Posted by: TacitBlue at March 30, 2010 4:33 AM

I have experienced vision loss and after reading about Celexa I think it might be the cause.
I am 56 and normally just wear reading glasses but now have to wear them all the time even watching TV and driving.

I am withdrawan and have extreme moodiness, and "bad attitude," I really rather be sleeping and lying around. I have lost about 10 lbs which is a good thing but was wondering if it might be the Celexa. I have taken Wellbutrin for about 14 yrs and when I talked with my Dr telling him how I hate my job and I am very unhappy . He prescribes Celexa along with the Wellbutrin. I have been a little better but I don’t feel like myself.

I love to go shopping and now I won’t even stop to just run in for something. It’s like I am afraid. Its weird, real weird. I go to the grocery store (Kroger) and normally hate Kroger because I have always said they are too expensive. Itseems to make me happy to buy grocies. I spend 200 dollars every week with out fail.. Then I have no extra money and don’t know why.
Along with these weird side effects. I also have rapid heart beat, light headed and dry mouth. Even had my first panic attack which I had no idea what was happening at the time, a close friend realized what was happening.
Sexaul sides lets do go there and sleeping well have you ever felt like a fish flip and flop all night.

Posted by: MP at April 14, 2010 5:57 PM

I have taken Celexa for 9 months now. I was going through a nasty divorce and also the loss of my father. The Celexa, after a few weeks, mellowed me out. Still got happy and sad but no extremes. It was nice. I did find that it was impossible to get an erection. This was very upsetting to me as I was about to enter the dating scene again. I talked to my doctor about this problem and he gave me a handful of ED drugs. I tried Levitra but it gave me horrible heartburn so I switched to Cialis. It worked great. I then found that once the Cialis got me the erection the Celexa prolonged my (and her) enjoyment! I am preparing to wean off now as my life has returned to somewhat normal. I tried cold turkey but got extremely dizzy so I will try weaning myself off. I did gain 20 unwanted pounds since starting the Celexa. I found that when I know that I shouldn't eat a certain something I just don't care and eat it anyway. This wouldn't have happened before the Celexa. My exercise has not changed in this time.

Posted by: Joe at April 16, 2010 3:49 PM

I was on Celexa (generic-citoloplam) for almost a year...at first things "seemed" to be better, but now I realize I was wanting them to be better so I convinced myself the Celexa was doing its job....WRONG!! I called my doctor and he told me how to "taper" off of them, which I did in only 9 days???? It has been over three weeks now and the side effects are about to do me in! I got worse in my depression and started acting totally out of my head...I have bouts of rage, anxiety, irratability, hot flashes, I get the shocks in my brain at any given moment, times where I just stare off into space for long periods,I almost checked myself into a mental facility twice, I did attempt cutting my wrist (thankfully i didn't cut too deep)...I have tremors, shakes, restlessness..etc...do not get on this drug!!!! I'm going in for counseling ASAP!!!

Posted by: shannon at April 19, 2010 11:36 AM

I have just started to take citalopram the generic version of Celexa, in fact I just took my first pill last night, it is very interesting I think that it is helping me a lot so far, no side effects except for the vivid dreams, mine were like I was actually there talking with someone in my dream and I was dreaming that I was talking to someone so I was talking in my sleep, also this drug is really making me feel better about my self, after having situations happen to me in my life I keep beating my self up over past situations that happened and celexa is helping with that so far and this is only the first day! hope I dont get the side effects that some people are expierencing, I will keep posting to let everyone know how it goes

Posted by: Lyman at April 21, 2010 11:47 AM

This drug has done wonders for my disposition and mood. I had a difficult job when I started the drug and was heading into the time of year with Mothers Day, my mother's birthday, and the anniversary of her death. I was in tears daily and just miserable. As I go thorugh this usually difficult time of year, I am much more in control of my emotions than I have been during this time in the last 5 years since she passed away.

However, during the first few weeks, my sleeping patterns were off the wall, and I had no appetite. My heart would race and I was nauseated all the time. These have disappeared, but I do notice other side effects that I will not miss when I go off the drug (I plan to in 2 months, as my doctor indicated this should be enough to "rewire" my brain). I have absolutely no motivation to do much of anything (pay bills, housework, get work done at work). My sleeping patterns are still nutty, and I have frequent unrination (every hour or two during the day and it wakes me up after about 6 hours of sleep). This is extremely frustrating as I have always been able to sleep through the night with no problem, and travel without potty breaks. I also have started to eat like crazy, to the point I am concened that the bulemia I have had control over for the last two years will be harder to control as I am not able to stop my binging a the moment. I have started eating red meat at least once a day and I barely even like meat, I just crave huge, substantial meals. I have a more difficult time orgasming, but I have not noticed a significant decrease in sex drive (thank goodness).

Posted by: Nicole at April 21, 2010 11:55 AM

the man im dating is taking celexa and he can get a hard most of the time but he cant get off and sometimes it doesnt stay hard he said it still feels good to him but i find it hard to belive and now since he cant get off he doesnt even wont to have sex now. i asked him to change his celexa to something else and he wont. he sweats a lot and cant sleep with out taking a sleeping pill, since he has taken this he is so negative. He also doesnt like to kiss anymore and he doesnt hug and for goodness sake there is no forplay at all he seams undetached and not reachable. Like he has lost his soul. I hug him and kiss him for god sake you cant french kiss him anymore. we rearly have sex anymore and he could care less. This brakes my hart and i feel like im with a hartless person going through the motions of life. And i cant bring it up cause he gets bent out of shape. I love him but i cant live this way i feel like im walking on egg shells. This has left me feeling empty and sad for us. I have never fealt so alone, Are there other wifes are girlfriends had this happen to them are guys that are dating a lady on this celexa? I really hat to say this but for me and my happyness i feel like its time to move on! This is bringing me down, i feel more like a best friend now instead of his lover and mate. The brakes my hart because im afraid he will be alone for the rest of his life and this brakes my heart! but its taken a tol on me i now feel broken and sad and when im not around him im happy i cant wait to go to work and will work over so i dont have to go home, i remember a time i couldnt wait go home cook dinner wait for him to come home and hang out.If anyone can help me tell me what to do i would love to hear from yall

Posted by: brenda at April 23, 2010 1:11 AM

I gained 50 pounds after taking Celexa for about 6 months. This was about 2-3 years ago, and have since then, not been able to get down to my previous size. Makes me scared to try anything else..but I know I need to get back on something.

Posted by: Emily at May 13, 2010 4:54 AM

I realize no one has posted on this blog for quite some time, however, I would like to share my experience thus far with Celexa. So far I have found it to be a highly tolerable medication. I suffer from GAD, with panic attacks. I have been on the medication for approximately 1 week, and have noticed very few side effects. My doctor started me out at 20mgs, and I am a small person. (Under 115 lbs.) I understand from previous posts that this is a fairly high starting dosage. I do notice more vivid dreams, but this isn't neccessarily an oddity for me. I do yawn more often. The other effect I have noticed is that it has significantly LOWERED my blood pressure. I am currently on 3 separate BP meds to keep my bp under control. (And I am only 25.) I am actually having to cut back on my bp meds for the first time since the births of my sons. I plan on continuing on this medication for at least six months, or until I can once again manage AD-free. Every drug works differently for every person. Don't let others' bad experience with this medication scare you off giving it a try!

Posted by: Mady at May 17, 2010 3:46 PM

How do I winn myself from Celexa? I have gained weight and cannot take it anymore. I have been tAKING 20MG FOR 3 YEARS.

Posted by: Diane at May 18, 2010 8:43 PM

I had horrible side effects with this drug..It made me even more depressed the first few weeks I was taking it, to the point where I starting cutting my wrists and sleeping alllll the time. I have reduced my dose to half a pill and am trying to wean off of it. If you are thinking about starting this drug, DON'T!!!! It caused me to be more suicidal and depressed. You're better off where you are at now. Smoke some weed, try meditation or yoga. ANYTHING is better than this drug!!!

Posted by: Mel at May 20, 2010 4:48 AM

Did anyone experience tingling and numbness in arms, legs, a hands when quitting celexa, or trying to reduce dose and get off?

Posted by: Worried at May 22, 2010 2:45 AM

I started taking Celexa, 40 mg., in February of 2010. It worked very well in the beginning. About three weeks ago, my doctor increased the dosage to 60 mg. Within a week, I could not read anything close up without closing one eye. I cut the dosage back to 40 mg., with no improvement in my vision. I have cut it out completely and have an appointment with my doctor next week. I am 62 years old.

Posted by: Kathy at May 22, 2010 11:13 AM

Does celexa(citalopram) cause bad gas? I just started taking this med.(two days ago)

Posted by: mark at May 23, 2010 1:10 PM

I took Celexa for 10 years. I gained 60 pounds. I had 0 energy, felt numb. I went off it and have worked out (exercized) a lot less than normal, and I just am not hungry at all. I ate all the time, I was always so hungry. I have lost 12 pounds in 3 months. I feel great. Celexa is the devil.

Posted by: jbaby at May 24, 2010 11:18 AM

I have been on Celexa now for over a month - the worst side effect has been weight loss (about 20 lbs) and the lack of appetite. I'm scared, because, I work out alot and I am losing more weight than normal. Any advice?? Alex

Posted by: Alex at June 5, 2010 5:30 PM

I started celexa may 29th and stopped taking it yesterday June 8th. I was having terrible sweats, not able to sleep and started to itch all over my body within 10 minutes of taking the drug and finally the last couple days I took it I would break out with a rash and hives all over my body. Constant itchy eyes as well. I think this drug sucks!

Posted by: Jamie at June 9, 2010 7:18 PM

I just started taking celexa three weeks ago and it has really made a difference in my mood.My fiance has noticed that im happier too. But the only thing that is really negatively effecting me is that I can't "get there" when we have sex. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Jamie at June 12, 2010 11:35 PM

I have been taking Celexa (citalopram) for about 3 to 4 months now. Since taking it I have gained 12 pounds (or possibly more). I was originally prescribed Celexa for stress, anxiety, and depression at my therapist's recommendation. She didn't specifically say she wanted me on Celexa, but that is what my Primary Care doctor prescribed for me. I was working full time, going back to school part time, dealing with issues with my 11-year-old step-daughter in school, and also dealing with the stress my husband was having at his job which was causing him to have panic attacks. It was all situational depression and anxiety. I had previously taken Paxil in years past and felt no difference when taking it, so the doc chose Celexa this time. Again, I honestly don't FEEL any different. I don't think it helped me manage my anxiety. I was also prescribed Ativan to take if needed when my anxiety got really bad. Now, 3 to 4 months after starting Celexa I'm gaining weight - I want to stop this immediately. The nurse at my doctor's office suggested that I ween off this drug. I wanted to quit cold-turkey like I had with the Paxil, but after reading the stories here of other people who have quit cold-turkey having "head shocks" now I'm afraid to just stop taking it without weening off it. I wish I hadn't started taking this medication ever. Today I start to stop taking Celexa for good. I'll post an update once I'm off it completely.

Posted by: Denise at June 22, 2010 8:46 AM

i take it as citalopram 10

Posted by: kathrean brooks at July 4, 2010 9:45 PM

My dtr is 18 and has been taking Clexa now for about 6 weeks. She started on 10 mg and went up to 40 mg daily. She would feel good then go up in the dose saying she just needs a bit more, then she was out of the med and had none for 2 days and i noticed extreme irritablity, crying for no reason, dizziness, and nausea that has now lasted a week even though she resumed the med. She keeps changing the dose on her own and so i will need to monitor better and give them to her myself. Just a warning how sensitive this med is with a little change in dosage or missing a dose. I almost swear she acts pregnant but she is on birth control and i do intend to check that out just to make sure. She continues to complain of alot of dizziness today.She dropped the dose to 10 mg so most likely why.

Posted by: Barb at July 8, 2010 7:17 PM

I have stopped taking Celexa for one week now - after at least 5 years and ten years total of SSRI's - I actually feel lots better - have had some dizziness (my head feels weird at times) but overall I think this is a good thing - have been wanting to do this for years - finally felt ready - hoping the withdrawal will go OK.

Posted by: Katherine at July 9, 2010 9:55 AM

I have suffered with depression for a very long time, september 08, diagnosed with lots of things, went to the hospital on a 72 hour hold. about 3 weeks later I noticed everyday I started to feel a little better, the original dose was 20 and now its 60. I have gone a couple of days without the medication and can tell right away that im having withdrawls. I think that the Celexa has saved my life and cant wait to see what the future has in store.

Posted by: jess at July 14, 2010 1:37 AM

After a month on citalopram, with the last 2 weeks on 60mg, I am ready to ditch it and go back to fluoxetin,e which was great for me. For the last 2 weeks I have never been so 'wiped out' in my life e.g. sleeping 12 hours and still struggling to get up;, so tired;, yawning all the time; little motivation; and eyes twitching!! I had reached max dose of fluoxetine for peri-menopause/pms symptoms (have always been very hormonal) but I am so going back to fluoxetine!!

Posted by: tallpoppiesb at July 14, 2010 4:25 AM

I have been on 40mg celexa for 7months and on welbutrin 150mg for about a month and I ran out about 3-4days ago and havent gotten it filled and now I feel like crap I have the diarrea I feel sickly my head hurts and i feel dehydrated and dizzy and my anxiety feels high and i have no patience for anyone am I suffering from withdrawal?

Posted by: Michele at July 14, 2010 7:20 PM

The worst experience I have ever Had in my life!!!
I intially went on this drug because I have an addiction to alcohol - my life was extremely stressful with a busy business and a predisposition to alcohol with family - I just didnt want to drink anymore - my doctor suggested celexa -- thinking my doctor afterall is a doctor - I trusted that this was true and correct - what I know today is that it is just a miracle that I am still alive and this is in no way an exageration. From this point forward I will always
be my own patient advocate!!

After being on it for 5 months I was so depressed
I started drinking again - the side effects are not severe for everyone - but for the people that do have side effects - alcohol makes the side effects 10 xs worse - I have always been an upbeat positive person . I was raised christian with a belief as a child and in adulthood however
strange to some of you this may sound - that if you take your own life you will spend an eternity in Hell - so no matter how crazy life can get at times - suicide was just never an option - I am not crazy and yet after mixing alcohol with the celexa have tried to commit suicide in a black out 3x in the last five months - however, I still
never attributed it to the celexa - I just thought I was going flipping nuts. On Celexa since
may of 2007 - now in reflection of the last years - here is a list of what I experienced and what I am experiencing now - horrible night sweats - body aches and pains - deep under my skin - in my
muscles , joints - head - skin sensitivity - major changes in my menstral cycle - always normal and yet bleeding for two months and had to have a biopsy - still did not attribute it to celexa - bladder control - come on - Im thinking - Im only 44 - always been in shape - now I feel like Im 80 - headaches - blurred vision - each time going to the doctor - thinking Im diabetic - im menopausal - Im crazy - 85lb weight gain - I have been the same weight with a great metabolism all of my life - my doctor says - well you can expect to gain 5-10 lbs but certainly not 85 - so again - no relation to celexa - finally the symptoms just cant be ignored anymore - because there are just too many things going on here with
no apparent reason- I couple of months ago - I went to see a world known inspirational speaker - who had a friend that hung himself after being on these meds without in previous history of mental illness - they now have a foundation called woodys foundation to help people understand the seriousness of the these all to overly perscribed
anti depressant - I then began to research it myself and all of the pieces to the puzzle quickly came together - , and I dont need anything
to blame my problems - the fact is, the facts are to alarming and close to home to ignore - my doctor didnt seem to know that celexa had a recall of suicidal thoughts and attempts and severe weight gain, etc, at least if he did - he
certainly wasnt going there. He recommended that I ween myself immediately - yeah, you think - I was so close to being in woodys webb site it makes me sick to think about - all of the people that are suffering from taking the very drug that
is supposed to help relieve suffering - Be Warned.

Last but not least - I am having a horrible withdrawl from it - however, I know what it is and
that is bearable - and I know , or at least I hope that it is temporary. I wish you luck , and hope that this gives some insight - please proceed with extreme caution before taking any kind of anti- depressant - and real advice is take a homeopathic approach

Posted by: heidi at July 21, 2010 11:08 PM

I have been taking citalopram for 4years now,and have been feeling awful for some time now.Rapid heart beat, not sleeping, feeling angry or very tearful.

Posted by: elise paule at July 26, 2010 4:29 PM

I have taken Celexa off and on for about 4 years now. I started out at 10mg. But when I got off of it and back on it 10mg didnt do anything to help me. so the dr doubled it. I also thought this was a wonder drug but I think now that it is starting to effect my sex drive and my mood termendisly. I think I need to get off of it. Glad to be able to read all ur comments. It helps alot.

Posted by: ANNON at July 27, 2010 8:30 PM

I have been on many ssri's also. I've been on wellbutrin 100 mg, paxil 40 mg as a combo. Didn't work for me very well and the wellbutrin made my pupils dilated. But now I just started taking the celexa and i hope that it works i see all of these stories where it hasn't worked very well but ill let you guys know if it works or not.

Alicia Lower

Posted by: alicia at July 29, 2010 7:35 PM

I was on celexa for 11 years and decided to try going off of it, because it was starting to effect my thyroid negatively (celexa contains bromide). I stayed off for 3 months while trying holistic remedies. After 3 months, I experienced a complete breakdown. For 8 months I've been trying to get back on the celexa...doctors think I developed a sensativity to the drug. I've had some success with NAET therapy to clear the sensativity, however it's been very slow. I can only take half of what I was originally on. Has anyone ever become sensative celexa once you've stopped taking it. Celexa was a great drug for my anxiety. I never would have went off of it had I know what would happen. Any helpful tips would be appreciated.

Posted by: Char at July 30, 2010 12:34 AM

Been on celexa for many years but just recently decided to go off it, cold turkey, bad thing to do,Celexa was prescibed for fibromyagia,beeing on it has taken my sleep, weight qain, moodiness,yes my eye sight,lost some vision ect. now that I have gone off it, I am experiencing heart palpitations and dizzieness, tingling hands and feet,I do not feel normal, weird in fact. I live in remote area and not many doctors, will not see walk-in clinic till tues. August 3 so i think I will go to our small hospital which is open till 8 p.m. Very bad drug and do not do cold turkey.

Posted by: Helen at August 1, 2010 6:43 PM

may i take celexa and procek together?

Posted by: De'etta Escoto at August 20, 2010 11:07 AM

I have been on Celexia for over 10 years.The times that I have decided to try to wean myself off of this drug.. my suicidal thoughts were so very strong, I truely thought I was going to shoot myself in the head, so I would go back to the drug. I would take 10 MG then 20 MG all the way up 40mg. I am now on 5 MG, and hoping to when this war with myself and this terrible drug that has a hold of me. I just want to be normal again.
It has helped me through the years feel better about myself because of my low self esteeme. I am going to be 60 years old in October 2010. I have had no sex drive for all the years I have been on it, and after reading all this feedback on this web page, I haven't heard anyone mention how long their side affects last. 2 or 3 months or a year.
Could someone help me, so I know what to expect when very soon I will go cold turkey. I am so scared to go through the withdrawls. Thanks Myra

Posted by: myra at September 1, 2010 3:41 PM

I was prescribed Celexa to help with my emotions. I took one 40mg pill yesterday evening and within hours was nauseated beyond belief. I was surprised I never got sick. I finally got myself to sleep by sucking on a mint. I woke up at 4am feeling extremely anxious (I almost never feel anxious) and was still nauseated. I felt awake like I was on caffeine but I was still tired. I stayed up for an hour or so then tried to go back to sleep. Finally managed to, then woke up again at 9am and felt overwhelmingly nauseated again.

I know I need to eat, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to keep it down. Just looking at food makes the feeling worse. And just a few minutes ago I started having diarrhea like I took a laxative or something. I definitely will not continue to take this medication, especially after reading everyone else's experiences.

Posted by: Lisa at September 2, 2010 9:21 AM

I don't notice much of a differance. Althought I do notice a whole lot of weight gain! A 15 pound weight gain. I still watch what i eat and I do alot of walking and it just seems not to matter. I am still gaining and I see no signs of stopping unless I just quit taking it. I have only been on it for about two months and now nothing fits. Also, I have noticed I am retaining water, if thats because of the Celexa I'm still not sure!

Posted by: Kimberly at September 14, 2010 5:20 PM

Hi, I've had panic attack issues years off and on now. Usually during transitional periods in hormone levels and times of change. Right before I graduated High school I began having these panic attacks again, only much more severely than any time before. I began taking Celexa and took it for about two months before going cold turkey because I felt for the most part better and couldn't stand the decreased libido. Well now I'm getting a new job soon that's going to be extremely stressful and classes start soon and low and behold, a panic attack occurs at work (my job I'm leaving soon). So I left work in a hurry and immediately filled my prescription. Its been two days and I feel horrible. This morning I was shakey and hot then cold, I had horrible nausea and almost began dry-heaving several times. As I write this I get uneasy just thinking about it. In previous years it was off and on. But ever since that incident at work I've been anxious 24/7. What's wrong with me? This isn't normal to feel like this every minute. Somebody please help me.

Posted by: Dan at September 15, 2010 1:13 PM

Hi, was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing anything like this...

on citalopram (20mg) for 1year and a half, lost weight, had a few dizzy spells but no real side effects just generally felt numb but it helped at the time! Came off cold turkey in June, survived the 2 week withdrawal but now...
its been ages since i stopped taking them but im rapidly putting on a lot of weight (half a stone so far) and ive not changed my diet or exercise routine and very im tired all the time
had my thyroid checked and it isnt that so am now beginning to wonder if its to do with coming off the citalopram?

has anyone else been through anything similar? how long does it last??

Posted by: k at September 18, 2010 6:01 PM


I was taking citalopram for about 4 months. Started to take it for my depression, was really excited about starting a "new life" with it.

Right from the start i had difficulties sleeping and had very vivid dreams. Very vivid. Many times during the day i was not sure what was true and what was a dream, it was very strange experience, but somehow funny.

I kept waiting for the happiness to kick in, but it didnt happen! yes, in some ways i was a bit calmer, but as well as that, i felt numb and not carrying towards anything. Soon i started to feel even more suicidal then before, and over all, my behaviour changed.

It broke my relationship, because i was just out of my mind, didnt really care how i behaved and hurt my boyfriend a lot. I just wasnt emotionally there, it is hard to describe the feeling. Also, many times i didnt remember what i said to someone, or what happened the day before.

After losing my boyfriend, after coming very close to actually killing myself, i decided to stop taking this. What a bad experience. i went cold turkey on it, experienced the "electric shock", dizziness, light head and so.

I am sure it helps some people, for me, it was an experience from hell :(

Posted by: Eli at September 19, 2010 10:08 AM

Has anyone had body aches or feel like they are having hot flashes? I haven't been on it that long either.

Posted by: sharon duke at September 19, 2010 10:13 PM

Have been taking Celexa 10 mg for three months now before going to bed. Have been dealing with depression/anxiety & social phobia since lost my dad in 1999. My mood has improved tremendously, i feel comfortable when I interact with other people. Side effects are continued weight gain (despite diet & DAILY exercise- burn 500 cals per day). Notice decreased urination, edema/swelling, pain upper abdomen, wake up middle of night, feel heaviness on my legs and shortness of breath when I exercise, dry mouth, yawning and blurry vision. No libido either or interest in sex.

Posted by: Lourdes at September 21, 2010 9:24 AM

I have been on 10 mg of Celexa for about 8 months. I have been diagnosed with Glycoma which is one of the side effects. I would rather deal with mild anxiety than go blind. Need to get off ASAP.

Posted by: flygirl at September 29, 2010 12:40 AM

Just started taking celexia. Day 2 and I am fighting a pretty fair case of nauseia. Is this common?

Posted by: Joyce at September 29, 2010 10:46 AM

I feel like I am losing control of myself after I stop taking Celexa. The worst part is that I feel like drinking myself to death when I am taking it, but I feel like a total failure after I have stopped taking it altogether.

Posted by: Lindsay at October 4, 2010 8:04 PM

I started taking this drug (citraloplam) I also take Webrotrin 150XL and some blood pressure medicines, the gave it to me for deprssion, but after being miss treated for so many years by my union and its unfair treatment of its workers. Anyone would be depressed, I have 23 years invested in the I.B.E.W. and haven't worked in 19 months. Being depressed is an ordinary human reaction when this happens and the loss of loved ones. Maybe when I get back to work I'll stop taking it. Tom

Posted by: thomas murtaugh at October 6, 2010 6:57 PM

I was put on citalopram for anxiety and depression. I am 36 years old and in my final year of a teaching degree. Last year I decided to wean off these pills going from 40-20-15-10-5 (i halved a 10mg pill) it took me 4 months. Afterwards I felt ok I had taken up running and yoga and all was well. Then out the blue I started to get 'brain-zaps' which left me feeling ill for hours and I slept constantly, I had pressure in my head etc all the time, anxiety, gave up the exercise, kept telling my doctor I was anxious about what was wrong, was told it had nothing to do with pills but sent me home with a prescription of 20mg meds. That was June, the zaps have gone, I'm still light headed and my bp keeps fluctuating. I have decided today I am getting off these bloody things for good. I will start to taper but I'm scared of the withdrawl effects. I am out running and doing yoga again and i'll keep at it. Good luck to all :)

Posted by: claire at October 13, 2010 6:00 AM

Hello fellow Celexians (Citralopram) ! It is obvious that each person has a different reaction to this medication - some are simular - some are not. I have been on Celexa for two years - was on 20mg for about a year, then 40mg for a year - which is where I'm currently at. I have been sleeping too much lately and I wondered if the cause could be the Celexa. So like others, I went on the internet to find out how other people reacted to this medication. WOW!!! It seems that it almost killed some of us, made some of us better, and the rest of us are in between these extremes.
I have had extreme fatigue, slept as much as 17 hours in a day, low or no sex drive, vivid and bizarre dreams, forgetfulness - were talking major memory loss - sometimes I forget where I am and what I'm doing - but my memory comes back usually within a few seconds (sometimes I will do things that I have no recollection of doing - I know this cause my wife and kids will say "But don't you remember?" - Sorry I do not)and I get that spacey detached feeling some of you have had.Things seem to be getting progressively worse, so I am going to try to taper off it.
I wish I had some solution to help you guys (and gals) out. Maybe the best solution so far is to try to live as healthfully as possible - good diet and sufficient exercise. There is one good book I recommend for some of you - it might not be everyones cup of tea, but I believe it will help some. The book - Fit for life by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond (www.fitforlifetime.com)has excellent advice on how to achieve optimal health. The one thing I do not agree with in this book is the section on yoga - but the rest of it was very helpful. I also think that electrotherapy (shock treatments) may help some people, but like this medication some people will get bad reactions from it so weigh this option carefully - but it does work well for some people.
Meanwhile I pray that all of you will find relief for your suffering, and if someone can give good recommendations for getting off Celexa please let us hear from you. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask God for help - just hang in there !!!
Michael D.

Posted by: Michael D. Daniels at October 19, 2010 2:32 AM

If you have the time to post/read this site....you have the time to take a PROACTIVE approach to your mental health. RESEARCH and understand WHY you are taking this medication instead of taking a passive stance towards your treatment. It's not that hard to understand dopamine or serotonin levels & their related symptoms. If you spent half the energy on researching these brain chemicals as you did reading this site....majority of the complaints/symptoms/& stupid questions wouldn't be posted on this site at all. It's your life, it's your body; you can choose to be an active participant & do your homework, or you can choose to continue burying your head in the sand & hope someone else fixes your issues. Guess what, no one is going to fix you...but you. Until you understand "how" your body works, how diet & dieting, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, affect your neurotransmitters you'll never be able to "repair" any deficiencies or increases in neurotransmitters & will remain just another medicated person who doesn't understand. Meds are merely a band-aid that is masking an underlying problem. You wouldn't try to go fix your car without researching how to fix it first, so why are you trying to fix your brain's neurotransmitters without researching it first??? Meds are designed to be a temporary solution, not a means to an end. Understand your body, do your homework. Research dopamine & serotonin. Hey we all know it's easier to take a pill than it is to actually be responsible for our own well-being. I guess the question is, do you want to be responsible & proactive or passive & not responsible for your own body & well-being?? When you understand your own brain chemicals their effects & symptoms of high or low levels, you'll then have the tools to correct the problems associated with too much or too little of either chemical. Sometimes our bodies need a little help, but to rely on Meds without correcting the underlying reasons won't help you.

Posted by: Christine at October 22, 2010 4:50 PM

waht are the side effects of withdrawal from celexa. my doctor has taken me off of them gradally,, but i am experencing dizzyiness, headaches, sweating and just feeling out of it at times. i can't sleep like i used too and at one time i could sleep when standing up. i have also noticed problmes with my eyes like foginess whenever you are on any drug. please let me know the symptoms, also dry mouth and aches and pains on my body. i have been on celexa for over a year, possibly two.

Posted by: rae at October 24, 2010 1:21 PM

I have been on Celexa for about three weeks. Overall my mood is better. I am not as anxious. I am able to cope and I don't get overwhelmed as easily. However, I am still feeling some pretty harsh side effects. I cannot stop going to the bathroom. I have diarreah frequent urination and feel like throwing up. I have been vomiting for the past few days. It's not the flu. I have been to the Dr. Just three days ago I started breaking out in hives. The hives come a few hours after I take the medication. Although I feel better the side effects are not worth it!

Posted by: Star at October 25, 2010 9:30 AM

I have taken celexa before at a low dose and it was effective, I had a little sweating and yawning w/ it. After a while I weaned myself off.
after a couple years I started having much more anxiety because of life events. Anyway I went to another caregiver and she first put me on zoloft, low dose, then a higher dose and my ears rang terribly. so then it was prozac, same problem. I went back on Celexa and again she increased to dose to the highest possible. By this time I was so anxious and nervous, i couldn't sleep, shook terribly and was coming unglued. This drug is scary to me. Am now going to yet another doctor who has prescribed Pristique. It's brand new.
I start it tomorrow. I feel like a lab rat.

Posted by: Melanie at November 4, 2010 7:14 PM

Reading all this information scares me-not for the drugs but for your reactions to them. All SSRI's have side effects-most of them very similar to Celexa. You have to choose if it is worth it for you to take the drug and risk the side effects and feel "normal" or better. If the benefits outweigh the problems, then it is the right drug for you. If not, then you should switch drugs or therapy or therapists if your therapist isn't listening to you! I have been on Paxil for almost 9 years, but it "pooped" out. Since I also experienced decreased libido and anorgasmia, I asked to switch. My doctor put me on Celexa. I've been taking it a little over a week, so it is too early to tell how it works. All SSRI's have a latency period of about a month, while your body builds up a consistent supply of the drug. During that time, side effects can be worse or non-existent, and medication efficacy is erratic. It's important that you be well informed about the problems with any drugs, but it equally important to remember that the purpose of the drug is to help you, and at least one drug will do that for you (hopefully). For me, I couldn't even function at a normal level before Paxil. It's also important to remember that if you have a mental illness, you have to learn to cope with it, with or without medication. If your medication helps but doesn't fix everything, you need to learn how to manage your symptoms, like with OCD, so you should see a psychologist about things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Good Luck

Posted by: Lindsay at November 5, 2010 9:40 AM

i am 17 and have postpartum i also think i have depression cuz i have so many health problems i have hyperthyriodism graves disease n hishimoto i take 10mg of methimazole and propanolol 20mg i have been takn celexa for 2 days the 1st dat i was jus blah n confused the 2nd was horrible felt more depressed then wired and thn i guess it was an axeity attack my heart kept racing and suddenly a coldness crept up my neck down my arms and into my chest my chest kina felt heavy the worst expereince ever i thought i was havn a heart attack well its the next day n i quit cold turkey i still have heart racing is this cuz my celexa or my hyperthyriodism but i take a beta blocker n it does not help the racing i also have many heart palptations thru the day plz email me if u have ne suggestions plz plz my son is 3 months i need to figure this out so i can buck up and b a better mom

Posted by: veronica at November 14, 2010 8:13 PM

Just to mention that I've discovered that there is a difference in effects depending on which laboratory they come from. Seriously. I was ok on citalopram and ran out of my 10mg so split a 20mg that was from another laboratory and I immediately started with raging headaches, insomnia, nausea, belching, bloatedness.

My head is still hurting although I haven't taken one today. I'm waiting for my 10mg ones to be ready this afternoon. Then I'm going on a slow six month withdrawal. This drug is gaining a very bad reputation and I believe will eventually be withdrawn.


Posted by: steph at November 15, 2010 7:38 AM

I have been on this drug...Celexa, for at least a year. After reading many posts, I realize why I had so much problems with itching when it was not problems with my eyes. Also I have nausea.

I will slowly get out of this medication. I guess we are poisoning ourselves. We should all buy good books about how to cope with life unless we are under a very bad breakdown. Then...sure see your doctor. I am not one. Celexa helped my depression. But now....I am questionning myself about side effects.

The world is so full of bad news, I think that people with fragile emotions...should stop listening to the news morning and night. We should find a way to laugh instead. This is better for our health. Do not take emotions too seriously. I beleive it is a major problem for all of us.
God Bless u all

Posted by: Louise at November 20, 2010 10:07 PM

Hi. About 4 months ago I began experiencing panic attacks and felt nervous all the time. This was totally new for me and had never had them before. I was so tense that my body ached. I started Celexa 10 MG and within a few days I started feeling much better. Within a couple weeks, I felt really well. It's been 7-8 weeks now and lately I have been feeling off. I have this feeling sometimes of not really being part of myself, like a detachment of sorts. Also there is feeling of fogginess and an increase in nervousness. I have even had experiences of sleep walking and sleep sex. While that may sound fun, it's kind of creepy. I have no memory of doing things like that in the middle of the night.

I was thinking of stopping the drug and was wondering what to expect considering my low dose. Also I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these strange symptoms once you got to therapeutic dose. In particular the detachment and increased nervousness. Thanks!

Posted by: CT at November 24, 2010 11:59 AM

I have NEVER gained any weight, I'm up about 10 pounds.... yuck. Celexa is bad, need alternative

Posted by: Susan at December 4, 2010 11:12 PM

I have been on Citalopram 20MG for 7 months.It was taking me a while to get over the loss of my wife and my doctor thought it would help me. After just 2 weeks I started feeling much better and started to enjoy life again.I also started dating, and discovered I could no longer have an orgasim.I finally had one after 2 hours of very strenuous work.It was a long time coming, and one of the best climaxes I ever had, but I am getting off this pill ASAP.I love sex, but when sex turns into work,(it always takes at least 2 hours,sometimes more,and 50% of the time no climax at all),this pill is not for me.I also tried cutting pill in half, but it didn't help.

Posted by: Bob at December 11, 2010 9:38 AM

My child is in the military, and during those difficult times depressed at times. But, the military doesn`t even use doctors to give those kids this drug. Nurses can do so. Without prior bloodwork, or psychiatric evaluation.
Now, my kid got prescribed 20 mg Celexa, and within hours from taking this poison woke up, and could not sleep anymore. But was dizzy, tired,
worse depressed than ever, could not concentrate all day. When we spoke on the phone today, it was like an old person who gave up already speaking to me.
But was fine yesterday, and the day before. But after taking this 20mg of killer B.S. she is sick.
Why does the military have so much money when it comes to new weapons, but when it comes to their troops they go for cheap, dangerous drugs. Drugs
that are not a solution, but a problem.
Celexa is one of the worst and cheapest drugs around.
I do NOT believe in Anti Depressants alltogether. But if people get put on such meds. then it should be at least a drug which does not harm people more than they already are.
Celexa sucks. And if my kid is getting more sick because of this drug, I sue the Pharma Corp . that makes the drug, and the government too.
And since so many soldiers are on this drug, one could think this is a Mass Experiment.

Posted by: Jenny at December 14, 2010 11:25 PM

I just started using celexa two weeks ago and its made its way into my body. It works wonders for me mentally. I have depression and anxiety and the medicine just makes me feel normal. I feel happy and carefree but at sometimes kind of numb to all of lifes problems. The side effects I've experienced are either drowsiness or insomnia, running to the bathroom 5 to 6 times a day aka diarrhea, loss of appetite, and the weirdest one: when I dream every night, the dreams are so real and lifelike, and nightmearish sometimes too. I wake up and have to figure out if the situation was a dream or if it actually happened. My dreams are starting to feel like real memories. Its really weird. But other than that, the pill works great.

Posted by: Amanda at December 22, 2010 11:55 AM

I started on this drug 4 days ago. The 2nd day i woke up sick and with a killer headache. As soon as this went away, i was overwhelmed with how happy i was. I no longer care about sex and i lost feeling in my dick. Ive had vivid dreams every night. I have a very short temper now, i flipped shit on my girlfriend. Im no longer excited for christmas. Even though im hungry i dont eat as much. Im 18 and train mix martial arts. I was prescribed after my brothers self inflicted death out of nowhere. Reading about all these side effects i think im not going to continue taking these. Throughout the day i will not have a headache and feel amazing, then ill have a headache and hate the world. Its a rollercoaster for sure, and f--- dependancy. Ive never been angry but i find myself punching my bed out of anger and actually wanting to beat the s--- out of someone. Celexa is not right for me. (i take 20mg daily)

Posted by: Andyv at December 24, 2010 11:41 AM

It's extremely important for anyone to write about a medication their taking and any side effects(bad & good). Hence why I'm publically writing about mine; in hope it may help someone else thinking of taking this.

Sex: Female
Age: 24
Weight: 114lbs
Other medications: 10mg of Adderall 2x a day.

CELEXA: Citalopram(generic brand) 10mg 1x a day.

My first dosage was just the other day - January 3rd. I've never taken any antidepressants prior to this.

Side effects: Supressed appetite & nothing else.

Progression/results: No progression thus far. Though my doctor said it could take 4 weeks to progress or note change.

Question: Does anyone notice a change/positive difference from taking this? If I may ask, what's your dosage?

Posted by: Amber at January 5, 2011 10:38 PM

Hi. I have read all the comments here and am surprised that so many people seem to have experienced serious side-effects with Citalopram. Take heart those who have been newly prescribed it, as it doesn't always have side-effects and can be very helpful. I was prescribed 10mg per day to be taken at night when I was very depressed due to bullying at work. For the first week I didn't feel any different, then for the next two weeks I felt numb and sort of spacey. Then I suddenly started to feel much, much better - cheerful and with more energy and much more confidence. Within another week I had raised a complaint about my work situation with HR and was seeing it through, and two months later I won my case. I did experience feeling a bit dozy the next day at first, but my doctor suggested that I take the tablet at 8pm rather than just as I went to bed and that worked fine. Plus, I woke up feeling bright at 7am. I took Citalopram at 10mg per day for eighteen months and then dropped to 5mg per day by taking one tab every second day for 6 months. Then I stopped altogether. That was a year ago. During that time I changed my job and my life for the better, and I don't think I would have done it without this temporary helper. While I agree that it is important to monitor any side-effects, it isn't always the case that the medication is bad for everyone. Good luck to those of you who are trying it.

Posted by: Amanda at January 9, 2011 5:45 PM

I have been on 10 miligrams of celexa for five days now. I feel so strange...I just sit in bed and stare at the wall, with ears ringing, spaced out, headache, tingling across my whole body. Like I'm not even me!!! I have been given some bad drug!!! Alot of the same symptoms that I have read on here...what the hell is up with this drug? As I write this it's so hard to even concentrate to use my damn PC!!! I hate this shit! I see my doctor Friday, I want off of this crap. "H E L P M E!!!!!"

Posted by: John at January 11, 2011 6:11 PM

Started Celexa in January of 2010. I had found my Mother passed away un-expectantly. I was having a very hard time dealing with the situation.I kept going to my doctor and he would just ask me how I was doing with everything and I would break down. I did not want to medicate even though the doctor kept suggesting I take something. I kept thinking I needed to get through the grieving process.I did finally give in though and I have to say the Celexa helped me very much. On top of my Mother passing away though I was executor of her estate and had many other personal problems that was just making getting out of bed every day something I did not want to deal with. I felt much better with the first prescribed dose of 20 MG. I asked my doctor if I could go up because of the new problems I was having and I went up to 40 MG. No side effects that I was aware of. No problems with either dosage. I was having horrible thoughts of just taking a whole bottle of pills so I wouldn't wake up again and the Celexa took that feeling away. I am so grateful to that.
After a few months my weight got hard to control. Always a struggle, but I put on 40 lbs in the past year. I looked up Clelexa and noticed that was a side effect. So I guess I was having at least that side effect that I knew of.
Now currently I have decided that I am at a place in life that I can come of the Celexa. I talked to my doctors and they have agreed. I went for 2 weeks down to 20 MG from 40, I am now on my 2nd week of 10MG and I am either to stop taking it next week if I am comfortable with that or try 2 weeks of 5 MG first. I was thinking I was getting through the lower dosages OK. I feel good. Wake up feeling well rested. Sleep well and no suicidal thoughts or depression. But for the last week I have been experiencing Vertigo. I get so off balance from it I am falling into things. I am waiting for a doctor appt. this afternoon to evaluate the Vertigo and decided to browse through some Clelexa postings. I was surprised to see this as a withdrawal symptom as withdrawal was never ever mentioned to me... I had my husband drive me to work today because just the slight turn of my head starts things spinning.
This may or may not be a Celexa side effect but I have recently had to go on synthroid due to an enlarged thryroid. It has only been 4 weeks since I started the synthroid. I was wondering if the combo of a new med and the weening off the Celexa could even be causing the Vertigo. I will maybe find out at my doctor appt.
I did want to say that I had a good experience with the Clelexa for my depression and it put me in a place where I was able to have a normal grieving as to the loss of my Mother.
I wish I could get through going off the meds without any withdrawal. Does anyone know how long this Vertigo feeling will last?

Posted by: Dawn at January 25, 2011 1:50 PM

I have tapered off of Celexa and now have not had any for 6 days. I feel fine other then the constant ringing in my ears and the light headed feeling. Any idea how long these will last.

BTW, I have done this under dr supervision. My therapy was very successful. (I had PTSD).

Posted by: kelly at January 27, 2011 2:19 PM

I have had pretty steady depression for several years. Not horrible but just feeling 'flat' all the time. Tested low for seratonin and tried OTC supplements. Didn't really notice any improvement. Asked Dr for something for depression and got Celexa. Took first dose last night, woke up in the middle of the night with several diarrhea and then couldn't get back to sleep for hours. I am very concerned about the weight gain. I am a health conscious fool and health and exercise and looking good are very important to me. I would freak if I started gaining weight! I think I'll throw the bottle away and just deal wtih it.

Posted by: SD at February 2, 2011 10:31 AM

Im on celexa and have been on it for about 4 years.I'm not to sure about this drug anymore.I want to get off it but if I dont take it I have episodes where I get extremly dizzy, my heart starts to race and I feel like I'm going to pass out. Not good very bad feeling about this drug.

Posted by: Jason at February 12, 2011 10:20 PM

I'm taking 25 mg now with a goal of 30 mg in a few days. The only side effects I've had is it makes my stomach hurt (abdominal pain) and it makes me shit about 10 times a day..but their just little turds, well-formed not watery.

Posted by: Jim at February 22, 2011 8:10 PM

I have been on Celexa/Lexapro ever since I had my baby girl almost 11 yrs ago. I just stopped taking it because my health insurance sucks and its costs me $104 a month. The last four days my body keeps feeling like its getting zapped and my vision goes haywire. My sex drive went waaaay up from where it was before. I didnt notice a change in mood until today the fifth day I feel so tired and snap at my family. Effexor gave me a sour stomache and didnt work very well. Celexa messed with my vision more than Lexapro does I really hated to drive at night, more than normal. Im 39 and feel like Im going through middle age crises with the hot flashes, swolen ankles etc.. etc..

Posted by: Angelene at March 1, 2011 9:52 PM

I had a horrible experience with celexa and the skin disease I contributes!!! Exema or facial acne that are more like SORES!!!! I hate them extremely and didn't have them untill I started taking celexa. I've stopped taking Celexa over two years and still have facile sores!!!

Posted by: Jessica Jelinek at March 6, 2011 5:31 AM

Hi, I've been taking Celexa for about 6 weeks now and the first week was not fun- I'll admit: Jaw clinching, sweating, weird dreams, anxiety, insomnia, and not myself feeling like myself. I would recommend that if you start this medication give yourself at least 4-5 days where your not obligated to go to work etc. I don't think I could have delt with the intial side effects at work it would not have been do-able for me. But, on the other hand, Celexa has really helped me cope with my stress, anxiety, social isolation. I was such a mess before I couldn't enjoy social situations, hated work, and slept ALL the time due to depression. It feels like I'm myself again like I've gotten my life back and I can actually enjoy it. I was extremly hesitant to ever try any antidepressants I was dead set against them but, I had tried everything and I could to shake myself out of this depression and nothing worked: Not exercise, herbs/supplments, being with family. I also, like that I don't feel like a zombie (I was really worried about that) I can still cry if appropriate and feel my emotions but, they do not overwhelm me now like they did before. I hope this helps I know how you all feel.

Posted by: J at March 6, 2011 6:42 AM

Took 20 mgs of celexa in a.m. for about 4 months. Went cold turkey with no problems. Medication wasn't helping and I gained 15 lbs. in 4 months. Had gastric bypass 7 years ago and maintained 135-140 until Celexa came along. Been off of it for about as long as I took it but the weight is not coming off. Take klonipin for anxiety. The weight is really depressing me. How long before it comes off. Haven't changed eating habits or anything else about my life. Deathly afraid of geting fat again. Please help!

Posted by: Ruth McLain at March 14, 2011 6:08 PM

Celexa has given me so many problems. Headaches24/7 teeth and sinuses hurt. Panic attacks. Breathing Problems face hurts. Teeth hurt I am always tired and I hate it. Please help me, I have chemical sensitivity. Help, Cheryl

Posted by: Cheryl Bixenman at March 22, 2011 11:36 PM

I've been on Celexa now for 4 weeks and have had no symptoms so far. I feel calm and more positive in my life. I also have lost weight, totally increasing my libido and confidence. I have only seen one symptom that has been posted that I have. Frequent urination! and of course it would be at night!lol but that would not keep me from taking this pill. I hope that these other symptoms listed do not appear but I applaud all the comments and all the bad side effects to watch out for.

Posted by: Sis at March 24, 2011 10:14 PM

I have been taking celexa for a week and noticed that I fall asleep quickly but cant stay asleep. Is this common

Posted by: peanut at March 26, 2011 8:34 PM

I've been on Citralopram for over two months (10 mg for a week and now 20). I take it a night because it was making me sleepy during my workday. I think it helps me sleep.

Side effects include: yawning, light dry mouth, some fatigue in evening (brief nap or a cup of black coffee helps that), and some sexual delay. I am still very interested in sex, still get erections, but my ejaculations take longer, but I still have orgasms. My friends on this have told me the ejaculations side effect wears off in two months. So far, I can deal with it.

My appetite has slightly decreased and I am losing weight, which I believe is a side effect.

The blurry vision has me concerned after reading some of the entries. I do need glasses and I stare at computers alot for work and watching entertainment. I know I need an eye check-up.

Overall, the benefit of it increasing my sense of well-being has been a godsend. My productivity in my activities is gaining momentum from the lackadasical habits I was in. I am now "in the moment" rather than being outside myself in group situations. My social anxiety, which has always fluctuated from the extremes of being a hermit to the social butterly, is evening out to match my true friendly and upbeat personaility. I am grateful for this.

Posted by: PT at March 30, 2011 1:43 PM

I love that after three suicide attempts I was given Celexa. I get the head shocks and my vision has gotten worse, as it seem's it does with most people on this meds. But I have also gained 45 lbs in 8 months. This is a deal breaker for me. I am very upset, I have worked and worked to get this weight off and it wont budge. I can sit on the couch for hours. I was never able to sit still like I can on the drug. I think it;s time to get off this. I will use a Dr to do this but the numb feeling and the head shocks and the vision loss, dry mouth. I can live with these symptoms, The Fat body I cannot live with.Celexa has been Awesome for my social anxiety. Is there anyone that has a drug that I should try. I have tried effexor, it stopped working after a couple years, wellbutrin and lot's of others. Is there anyone that know's of a good antidepressant that really works with no Fat body side effects?

Posted by: Char at March 30, 2011 10:05 PM

I have been on Celexa for 7 years now since coming out of an 11 year abusive marriage. I have never felt better then since Celexa has helped me even my moods. I have finally gotten the joy back into my life. Folks NEVER get off of Celexa cold turkey--- you need to wean yourself off of it. Also, do not drink and consume Celexa. The effects of alcohol are enhanced when taking Celexa. God bless you and remember that He is the source of our strength

Posted by: Shaeron at April 3, 2011 10:28 AM

Hi all. Just started on celexa today after taking paxil for nearly 9 years. My doc tried me on zoloft, but it did so little that I horded and overdosed on it. I really was hoping 4 gms would have been enough! The initial side effects for the paxil weren't all that bad - the first day I felt like I was on a really bad acid trip - buzzed beyond belief. I tried to eat my way down, but NOTHING worked. My husband held me while I cried. I had a couple HORRID anxiety attacks when I was driving, and went to the optometrist to get my eyes checked a second time after getting a new pair of glasses just a couple weeks before starting the paxil. Now, after taking 40 mg of paxil for 5 yrs, it barely takes off the edge of wanting to commit suicide. With any luck, the celexa will work better, but after reading the blog with so many talking about such serious side effects, I'm actually scared to be trying a different drug.

Posted by: Kay at April 11, 2011 5:35 PM

Hi my boyfriend (who lives 3.5 hrs away from me, he comes to visit me quite often) suffers from personality disorder and so around Feb of this year he asked to go on Citalopram (he's been on it before, years ago and hated it so god knows why he wanted to try it again). Anyway it was because his anger was coming out since seeing me and he hated that and he was getting violent thoughts etc etc (never violent, just in his head). His love for me has always been apparent and he is a very caring person too. Sooo, since he's been taking it, he's become calmer, sleeps more, but bit more distant but loving when he's with me as always. Last time we were together three weeks ago, it was lovely as usual and loving and we spoke in more depth about marriage as we both want that. He then goes home (hates it living where he does, hates the house, hates looking after his stepfather with Parkinsons though only has to cook and pick up his medication, he doesn't sign on (no motivation) and exists in his room. Anyway, this time, when he gets back we chat a couple of times then out the blue (completely!!) he mails me saying he has no feelings for me any more and doesn't want to see me. OK personality disorder can make him rash but not having feelings for me - no way! I've researched SSRIs/Celexa/Citalopram since then and have found no end of evidence about it affecting emotion. I sent him the info last week, but he said to his sister about it that he felt if his love was that strong it'd have coped with him being on the medication. Is there any hope for us? I've spoken to his surgery and intend to again but it's just devastated me, and he's not himself now, ok calmer and not angry but having no emotion - not like him he adored me! We were talking of marriage! What can I do?! I can't give up on the man sorry but he's worth more than that.

Posted by: Sarah at April 20, 2011 3:14 PM

SHAME on the drug companies for mass producing and over-advertising these anti-depressant medications that cause radical weight gain in people who take them! They are definitely adding to the "Fat America" syndrome that is taking place in the USA! Shame on them! People gain weight taking Celexa and other anti-depressants, and can NEVER lose it even after they stop taking these drugs! It is not a little weight gain; it is a significant weight gain of up to 100 or more pounds in some cases! This is not temporary; it is a permanent weight gain unless the person goes on a radical weight-loss diet for the rest of their life. THIS IS A DEPRESSING FACT OF ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. Now, you have something else to be depressed about, or are more depressed, plus you are really angry that this could happen to you. Maybe you weren't significantly depressed before you took an anti-depressant, but if you had this reaction, you are really, truly depressed now over the weight gain. How dare the drug companies even suggest that some children should take them! Get your hormones checked instead. It could very well be a hormonal issue! Change what you eat. Get out in the air, skate, play tennis, go camping, hike, go to Europe, talk to someone, anyone, whatever. STAY OFF THE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS!

Posted by: Bambam at April 22, 2011 1:37 AM

i've been on celexa,,,or i should say now the generic brand of it...
i weaned myself off of it a while back ..
then got back on it..
but now i've realized i'm still depressed..
and always the "underlying depresion"
today i decided to get completely off of it...
then later after my body is rid of it all...
just go see my dr for a "mental health " visit...just to talk to her..
i realized that part of my problem ..besides me losing firt one then the other of my children who loved me...
just surviving a mothers worst nightmare is hell..
i want to start talking out my feelings to someone who i can trust..not to fix me..just to get it all out..
my dr told me that talk therepy....is neccessary..just drugs won't do it..and i guess i realized i was just looking and hopeing for a "majic" pill to take..
anyway...anyone else who's experienced choosing to get off of celexa??
someone told me i'd have a psycotic bread if i did this.
but i take such a low dose...10 mil...anymore i'd just gain too much weight..
just reaching out hoping someone will talk to me..
sad isn't it..
i've realized i feel so lonely and alone...since i've lived where we do now i haven't developed a true close girl freind....as i've had in the past...
and my dear husband can't be a girl freind or my all in all....

Posted by: rainie at April 27, 2011 8:57 AM

Been on Citalopram for four days and havnt slept right since. My insomnia is becoming awful. I've slept maybe a total of 8 hours since I started taking it. I usually fall asleep pretty quickly but it seems sleep is no where in sight.

Posted by: Todd at May 8, 2011 11:08 AM

I am only 15 years old and have been diagnosed with clinical depression. I was given Celexa to take and at first all seemed good. I was happier, my anxiety levels went down, and my self esteem went up. After a couple of months of taking it, I felt so numb and miserable.

Posted by: Guest at May 12, 2011 12:44 PM

I have been on it almost 6 years. I have severe headaches and have diarrea. I have also gained around 25 pounds.Celexa will kill your sex drive.

Posted by: gail p. at May 23, 2011 3:22 PM

i was on celexa for about 2 1/2 months. even as a depressed person most of my life, i am very hesitant to take antidepressants because i acted irrationally on serzone years ago and it affected my whole life. anyway, i have to say that celexa had the least ammount of side effects of all the antidepressants i have taken, but i went off of them only because it didn't help me with my lack of energy at all, in fact i was also more tired. it did, however help even out my moods, and i was not as angry, or aggitated. i didn't go to the bathroom as much, but i wasn't constipated either. as far as the sexual side effects, at first it affected my orgasms. they were harder to achieve, but after a few weeks, they were actually more intense, and multiple. i also had a bit of nausea at the beginning, but that went away in a few days. i definitely think, for me anyway, that if it helped my energy level (which to me is one of the worst problems), it would have definitely been the drug for me. i also didn't cry nearly as much when on it. oh, and the yawning was an annoying side effect.

Posted by: Mb at May 31, 2011 2:23 PM

oh, and also, i didn't lose or gain any weight.

Posted by: Mb at May 31, 2011 2:24 PM

My dermatologist urged me to try to forgo taking my daily dose of Celexa 40mg. Have been taking celexa for my mild depression and anxiety since 2000. She thinks the celexa could be causing some negative side effects...dry mouth, extreme tiredness, low libido, and...itchiness.
Seeing Gen.doctor tomorrow. Have been dealing with extreme itchiness since 2005. Allergist completed a battery of tests and came up with a diagnosis of Urticaria NOS. In other words they believe I am allergic to something in the environment. They just don't know what it is. something Have been taking Allegra for two years now to combat the extreme deep skin itchiness that I feel. Has anyone experienced the same symptom?

Posted by: Lauren at July 6, 2011 3:44 PM

I recently ( 3 weeks ago ) upped my dosage from 20mg of celexa to 40mg. I have insomnia during the night and terrible nightmares. I can't stay awake during the day hours and feel like doing nothing. I snap at my child constantly and feel like I am becoming a terrible parent. I have absolutely no libido. I am only 25 years old. It is not my Docotors fault. I do wish I could find a better solution though. I just want to be energetic, normal, and all around happy. Is that too much to ask for? I have a wonderful life, why can't I embrace that? Soooo frustrated.

Posted by: Roxanne at July 10, 2011 6:41 PM

I am currently on 20mg of citalopram for anxiety and depression following the birth of my baby. The thing is iv been having vision problems feeling slight nauses weak and tired over the past 2weeks but i seem ti be getting more symptoms as the months go on and its really getting me down and im feeling like im never going to get back to my old self because of the constant feeling of there is somethink wrong with me and im going to die it terrifies me i just want to know whats wrong also when i am stressed i tense up alot and grind my jaw im only 20 and i really want to feel my age not old and weak and fragile i eat healthy dont drink or smoke i keep away from caffine i would apprieciate any advice you have thankyou for your time x

Posted by: Lula at July 17, 2011 11:02 AM

i have been experiencing weired side affects like little fatigue, lack of sleep bein hyper,lack of appittite ,anxiety getn worse especially since im a hypocondriac what do i do

Posted by: angie at August 1, 2011 11:48 PM

I have been taking Celexa for 6 months now at 40mg per day.It has helped me get through the worst of my Depression, but recently, I am feeling like half human, no sexual stimulation no sex drive, erections but no cum ! its a nightmare ! I haven't ejaculated for about 1 month its impossible before that it was like 3 weeks before that . I am coming off it may try another drug. Your sexual chemistry is part of our biology yet it making me feel like a Zombie !

Posted by: Beefy at August 6, 2011 2:46 AM

I have been taking Celexa for severe depression for about 2 years. The worst side effect is the lack of sex drive. I am 30 years old and never want to have sex. It's a big problem for my relationship because my boyfriend takes it personally. He's very understanding but I know he wishes it'd be different. I wish it'd be different.

Posted by: Leslie D. at August 10, 2011 2:05 PM

Ive been taking citralopram for 4 1/2 yrs now and gained a substancial amt of weight since. Quit taking it a week ago, hoping for no crazy withdrawal symtoms! I already feel less sleepy during the day and less hungry!

Posted by: Jamie at August 11, 2011 12:47 AM

Anybody taking antidepressants should remember the following:
1 they take time to kick in. Up to 4 weeks.
2 there are side effects at first. These should wear off in a couple of weeks
3 if the pills don't work or make u worse after the 4 week mark, u are on the wrong pill and/or dosage. No psych med is guaranteed to work in 100% of people.
4 they are designed to be used alongside counseling. Do not take them instead of counselling. Its dangerous!
5 withdrawal by cold turkey is physically dangerous.
I have just started celexa & it has its ups and downs. One thing i know though: there are no miracle pills. You have to work at solving the problem.

Posted by: elexa at August 30, 2011 1:09 PM

I have been diagnosed with glaucoma in 1997 and 2003 while taking paxil. This year after trying celexa for one month (5 mg only because my doctor says I have SSRI syndrome and require hypertensive medication whenever I take one. Is glaucoma also a side effect? I plan to stop taking it immediately, but am acheduled gfor cataract surgery and my opthamologist may cancel it unless I can find some reliable studies which indicate there is a link between SSRIs and Glaucoma. I am a healthy 67 year old woman who takes no other medication.

Posted by: Pat Jones at August 31, 2011 12:19 PM

I've been on citalopram for 2 and a half weeks at 20 mg and started getting restless leg feeling all day. Will this go away? I hate taking ad's!

Posted by: ang at September 12, 2011 2:03 PM

I ahve been taking celexa for years, having exsisting liver issues but my problems, one being vision is to the point I can not read anything. The vision is horrible. Can I get some feedback on celexa effecting eye trouble please.

Posted by: Diana at October 2, 2011 4:01 PM

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Posted by: Maxi man at October 11, 2011 6:43 AM

I have been on celexa for 1 year and i have gained almost 50 pounds. I just recently had the priviledge of experiencing extreme tiredness. Also my sexual desire is nothing. Besides all these horrible side effects, the medicine actually works great for me in treating depression, ocd, and anxiety disorder. You have to ask yourself, is it more important to have mental stability by taking the medicine or to be crazy but not have all these side effects. Good question? lol

Posted by: Cassi at October 22, 2011 10:32 PM

Teri- My advice is to keep taking the medicine. It works great but it does come with a price. The side effects you read about are 100% acurate. All side effects will probably come at some point while on this medicine. I just recently was blessed with the extreme tiredness side effect and have been on thhis medicine for 1 year. Joking when I said "blessed". I have tried to stop taking the meds on my own, but I do warn anyone who reads this, on hte 3rd day without the medicine, you feel like hell. I call it being 'dope sick'. It feels like your brain is slushy around in your head. But as soon as you give up your withdrawl and take a pill, within 15 minutes it goes away. I am always trying to withdrawl because I hate the side effects but I love the happiness it brings me. I am so torn.

Posted by: Cassi at October 22, 2011 10:37 PM

Teri- My advice is to keep taking the medicine. It works great but it does come with a price. The side effects you read about are 100% acurate. All side effects will probably come at some point while on this medicine. I just recently was blessed with the extreme tiredness side effect and have been on thhis medicine for 1 year. Joking when I said "blessed". I have tried to stop taking the meds on my own, but I do warn anyone who reads this, on hte 3rd day without the medicine, you feel like hell. I call it being 'dope sick'. It feels like your brain is slushy around in your head. But as soon as you give up your withdrawl and take a pill, within 15 minutes it goes away. I am always trying to withdrawl because I hate the side effects but I love the happiness it brings me. I am so torn.

Posted by: Cassi at October 22, 2011 10:37 PM

I was recently put on celexa 20 mg and I have felt as though I have been havign a bad trip too. I even told my wife I was scared to drive and hour and half home from work. I have been trying to get a hold of my doctor, no sign of a call back yet. My wife said I have been having dreams in the abnormal area, and I twitch.

Posted by: Trent Harris at October 24, 2011 5:45 PM

My son attempted suicide while on Celexa. Against my wishes, his mother has continued to allow it to be used on him.
For those of you citing great results, did you try any other drugs? Did you try diet modification, exercise, and/or exposure therapy?
I am so against any drug with which a huge profit is made from the destruction of individuals and families.

Posted by: Frank at November 7, 2011 3:48 PM

So, I'm 15 years old and I just started taking Celexa, and I was doing some research on it when I found this site. I was reading about the insomnia. I just started taking Celexa today and I already have that side affect. It is 2:55 a.m and I am usually in bed by 11 or 11:30, sometimes earlier then that. Is this an affect that I will have to deal with every night?

Posted by: Reyna at November 22, 2011 2:56 AM

So i recently foung out I am pregnant, my OB said to stop taking the meds asap, I stopped cold turkey about a week ago, i now have horrible sudden dizzy attacks, with facial tingling and slight numbness in my lips..... it happens when I stand up turn around move quickly, start talking...... so many things triger this! How long will this continue????? Im going crazy, I am so easy to snap now, I am so anxious, so upset..... what a mess and to be pregnant on top of this!

Posted by: michelle at December 19, 2011 2:57 PM

getting off celexa is a nightmare. i took it for 13 years. Tried everything to get off of it but could not. Now i am trying again. I take 2400 mg of SAM-E and 300 mg of 5 HTP daily. its been 4 months. i weaned myself off of celexa for four months while taking the above. i am shaky, nervous and short tempered. my head feels like its swimming. i feel worse than i did before i took it. somedays it gets easier and a day like today i just want the withdrawals to subside. i have no idea how long this horrible feeling will take.

Posted by: shauna at December 29, 2011 8:17 PM

Duh...uh...er...FDA? You mean the same agency that works for Big Pharma and allows the release of these and other medications on the market with slanted test results, fronts for them. allows Eli Lilly to pump people full of Paxil ( check out that award) and smiles approvingly as manufacturers pump children full of CII speed IE Ritalin repackaged as Concerta ( they have disabled a generation of young adults with that one. They are behind the "Call Dewey Cheatem and Howe" commercials to call if you have lost a kidney, liver, loved one to suicide or any nmber of ailments from their pre-approved drugs they peddle. Someone is gotsa lotsa lotsa moneys out there somewheres. That our govt agency would be the whore for the pharma companies is a disgrace and that te Doc would be paiid to push this is proof that the medical profession. as well as Congress et al do not work for YOU. Bremmer, Doctor: Book- Medication Madness copyright 2008. Psychiatrist since c 1969. More of an education on SSRIs and the $$$$ kicking the mare down the highway to death and untreatable side effects for trusting patients for Docs who are either incredibly gullible or crooked as a barrel of fishhooks to make mo' money, mo' money. mo' money off you and then front the lawyers who chase your ambulance down on TV to control the cash outlay from the suits they absolutely know will result from the calculated figures releaed in corporate meetings to ascertain how many peole their new drug will kill or disable VS how much more filthy lucre they can pocket for your life, liver or loved ones. My beighbor asked me to check Celexa cause he was lied to just like all of us like when ny wife was given Cymbal;ta for a bad back like I was given Prozac in 1989 for trapped nerves also misrepresnted as being for pain, like Paxil. Zoloft ( ask the Columbine shooters..oh wait! They are dead with their victims....never mind/ My wife never touched the Cymbalta ( also poison)and my friend wishjes he had never trusted the Doc for treating him for a damaged spine with inserted metal pieces plates etc with a SSRI. Maybe the FDA knows they are gonna end up crashing us into anything from Mad Max world to a Hooverville tent camp a la 1929-1940 and must fill their pockets quickly?? What a country wehave become. Well...gotts go, time for "American Idol" or "Dancing with the Stars" or maybe it "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns on Sunday afternoon-gotta get my priorities right you know......Maybe fat Nancy Grace will be dancing tonight again! I can't wait!, Ciao, Bob PS Don't forget...some guy n 1949 fed lithium to lab rats and it made them "calm"/ That was all it took to get it approved( there was no approval) for humans....while they plan to outlaw vitamins and supplements and pressure Docs to not right Lortabs for old ladies missing discs in their 80s. The AMA does not work for you either, its CYA for the same MDs who push SSRIs and send you to the ER cause you sprained an ankle on the weekend with your 100.00 to 500.00 copay instead of caling you in an RX until Monday AM. Take those Lipitors too! They will give you congestive heart failure....I am thinking about no longer having a doctor...to push poison on me for BIG PHARMA LAB MANUFACTURED DISEASES AND "DISORDERS".i'LL PROBABLY GET MY CAR RUN OFF THE ROAD FOR POSTING THIS.lol

Posted by: Bob at January 15, 2012 5:26 PM

i was taken citalopram for 3 months, came off cold turkey and have had lots of discontinuation systems, i have been off them 7 months, i have experienced anxiety, restlessness, increased saliva, bowel problems, stomach problems, palpatations, and i think i might be at the end now i have slight tremors in my arms, and a strange feeling of my sinus's clearing, and breathing clearly. anyone else had a long withdrawal

Posted by: patd at January 21, 2012 11:52 AM

i took citalopram for 3 months and have stopped abprutly, 6 months on still having discontinuation problems. Can anyone equate to this

Posted by: pat at January 21, 2012 1:21 PM

For those scared of taking medication.
The first drug you try might not be your right fit. For all those who say you feel worse or unchanged, Celexa is not right for you (this drug also takes at least a 3 weeks to start working so dont write it off so quick)
If you do feel worse or do not feel a difference than try another drug alternative.
I took this drug for panic disorder. I gave into using medication because I felt I had no better option. I can safely say Celexa saved my life and if you are in need this medication may work for you too.
As for side effects, I have been taking Celexa for 3 years and yes I do feel one day I would like to go off. I still have a sex drive but I do wonder if it has changed slightly. Again if you are feeling strong side effects than you may consider switching medications.
Overall, Celexa can work for some people. Finding the right medication is half the battle... Then finding a great therapist.

Posted by: Bowken at February 13, 2012 1:49 PM

I started taking celexa many years ago primarily because of its price in contrast the alternatives. Antidepressants are somewhat evil. Read this resource about the side effects before getting addicted, http://sideeffectz.com/celexasideeffects

Posted by: Ryan Zimmerman at February 17, 2012 12:57 AM

I have been up for about 24 hours now and I had taken my prescribed Adderall but I doubled the dose. And now I am taking Celexa which is prescribed to me recently. But now I am hearing conversations between people that arent even taking place. I keep just kinda giggling and agreeing with them and people keep asking who am I talking to. I have no clue whats going on. Can someone help me?

Posted by: Sparkywyre at February 18, 2012 12:20 PM

Ive been taking celexa for a few weeks now.. ive gained alot of weight.. so much in fact we thought i was pregnant! AND IM NOT! ive been feeling nausas, and having cramps..I dont want to have sex anymore.. and when we do.. i cant have a orgasm.. my period is down to just barely anything (i have a iud that ive had for 3 years too) ... it really does tho make me a happier person..im playing with my kids now.. which before i wouldnt i just wanted to be left alone and wanted to play my computer.. now i do things with my family.. and well my husband says i dont B*tch as much anymore..i feel happier.. so its a whats more important to u... happiness or a regular life? lol im not sure.. if i will quit taking it or not cause i feel so happy im dancing around my living room and laughing now.. id rather have that than wanting to have sex all the time.. the feeling sick part.. really sucks tho..

Posted by: Jessica Anderson at March 3, 2012 3:37 AM

Wondering if anyone here reacted the way I did to Celexa...
I took one dose of Celexa. Within a couple hours, I was having severe abdominal pain and bloating, headaches, dizziness, confusion, irritability, racing thoughts, heart palpations... the list goes on. I honestly thought I wasn't going to make it through the night... I couldn't bring myself to eat anything at all for hours and I was so nauseated. My doctor and pharmacist both said that this was not because of the Celexa, but I take no other meds. I'm 18 and have anxiety/depression, from now on I will look for more natural methods to cope, I'll keep seeing my counsellor and exercising. No more meds for me.

Posted by: jesmith at March 5, 2012 8:15 PM

I had been on Celexa two weeks, first week I was so nauseous from it, then the second week, I started to miss work because I'd get really shakey and dizzy. I started to feel out of control on this drug. I just felt so dead inside, and I slipped into a dark place, I started hurting myself while on this drug. It scared me a lot, and people pushed me to change it, So I have. Today is my first day on my new drugs. But I have to say, I do feel better since not having celexa. Celexa scares me now.

Posted by: April at March 6, 2012 11:53 AM

17 days off celexa. (was taking 40mg for 2 1/2 years) still
terrible brain zaps, my body hurts everywhere like I have run a hundred a hundred miles, how long will this last?

Posted by: paula shea at March 18, 2012 1:05 PM

I have been taking Celexa generic for about 3 weeks and I have lost approx 8lbs magically! Before I was on Celexa, I worked out straight for 5 months and NEVER lost anything. I felt better exercising and what not but lost nothing. I do know that I used to emotionally eat and I guess I didnt realize how bad I really did it. But now I dont even crave sweets or want extra food. The only time I eat is 3 times a day when I feel nauseaus. I cannot tell you what a miracle this has been! I feel like everything is possible (even thinking about starting my own business which is CRAZY!) things that I never thought were possible seem within reach and I have been alot more positive. Sometimes I will get a little moody and its usually after I get off work around 5pm. I take my pill at 10pm every night and sleep just fine. Actually still have trouble waking up in the mornings but I have NEVER been a morning person. I just feel an overall peace in my life. Im normally a very high strung stressed out worried person with thoughts raceing 100miles a minute through my head and now I dont feel as such. I used to nag and throw fits about stupid things and cry every single day for no apparent reason, just sadness and now I feel overwhelmingly happy! I have gone through alot of things in these past couple of years and I have honestly never been this happy. Everything is just so positive and I thank God every day for giving me the guidance while taking these. I was very hesitant at first but after 2 years of being depressed, I had to do something. I cried for 2 days before I took these pills because I didnt know how my body would respond to them and I was just so hopeless and thought God would be disappointed in me but I prayed and cried to God and he had me open the bible to a page, I randomly read the page and in it, it said TRUST IN ME. Those words couldnt have been any clearer and I knew it was him ok'ing me to take them. If you truly have a medical problem, god does not forbid you take doctor prescribed medication to treat your illness. Once I realized that, I took the pill immediately and since then, it was the best thing I have ever done. Everybody responds different to different medications and on this pill they say after 2 weeks of this "high", it drops again and your mood can be depressed a little (which it did for me the day before my 24th birthday when I was supposed to be carrying my 9month old son who had passed away at 4 months in my womb, I cried and cried) But the next day was much better and was in greater spirits and have been since. I think it also helps to have a wonderful support system such as friends, family, or boyfriend. They have been a great resource to help me through this. I wanted to share my experience because I was highly against taking ANY kind of medication (even advil or tylenol) and the first night of taking it, i definitely lost a couple hours of sleep. I think it was my mind battling the medication, it did not want to submit to it I guess but after I got through the 1st night, everything has been fine with the exception of the mood drop after 2 weeks. I was only prescribed this for 6 weeks and will have a followup with my doctor then. My mood, mind, weight, and everything has changed so drastically and Im a much more happier person and have found interest in the things I used to love like fashion and makeup that I am now scared to go off of the celexa. I am afraid that I will go back to that horrible person I once was and feel all those sad feelings again. I dont want that! I feel the way I am now, is the real me and I dont want to go back to that. My doctor said that she didnt think I would need it any longer than 6 weeks because she felt I just needed a boost to get myself out of the rut feeling I was in. Of course, I will express these concerns to her and I know it has a lot to do with lifestyle,etc which I have been improving on and will continue to do so!

Posted by: Miscellaneou at April 6, 2012 2:40 PM

Wow ... Iv been on Celexa for about 1 year , after i gave birth to my son i really needed it ! At first it really worked for my anxiety , but , I quickly realised that my libido droped , and after a year its pretty much dead . Now i can't pull through a full day without sleeping at least 3 hours in the afternoon . I start being tired at around 10 Am , so the days seem to go on forever , I find it really difficult to be patient with my son when im over exausted like this ... I miss feeling energised :( !

Posted by: Christina at April 11, 2012 1:34 PM

Celexa is horrible! I am worse taking celexa than I am taking nothing at all! I have been on 20mg for 3 weeks. The first week I felt great. Since then, however, I have become even more depressed. My anxiety levels have also spiked. I have been having panic attacks again, which I have not had in years. I feel like I am losing grip on myself, and I am about to fly out of my skin. This is not the first time I have been on celexa with the same side effects. I was on it 3 or 4 years ago, starting at 20mg. When my then doctor heard about my side effects, he doubled the dosage!! Needless to say I ended up spending a week in the psych ward. DO NOT TAKE CELEXA!!!

Posted by: M at April 19, 2012 8:33 AM

my doctor prescribed a dosage of 40mg of citalopram daily and kept me at that dosage for almost two years. While I did not have the sexual side effects I see listed in some of the comments, the medication adversely impacted my life. I became unable to read without magnifying glasses. My energy level and desire to do things I used to enjoy were lost. I slept 16-20 hours daily. Some days I was unable to get out of bed due to the fatigue and drowsiness caused by this medication. Obviously, since I was unable to function, I gained 40 pounds over the two year course of celexa administration. I also lost a job while on this medication; that side effect seems to have occurred to several others in this forum.
The crazy part is: I had no idea until I went to visit family out of state and forgot to pack my medication. After three days without citalopram I was able to get out of bed well before what had become my routine 1pm wake up time. In fact I began to get out of bed after only 8-10 hours of sleep. In the month I've been without celexa the weight has begun to drop off.
I cannot express how grateful I am that I forgot to take that medication on my trip.

Posted by: fallen cedar at April 23, 2012 9:41 PM


I took Celexa for about 18 months. I tapered for about 2 months and when I went from 5mg to nothing I had awful withdrawal for about 6-8 weeks where I would get dizzy and achey and was incredibly tired. Then I had a bad bout of depression and crying spells for about 2 weeks. Then I've had about 2 months of extreme anxiety. Now, after all this, I feel like the achey-ness, fatigue and dizziness have returned. Is this still withdrawal or am I just burned out from my job? I am so angry that I ever took this drug. I wish I had just stuck it out and done more yoga which has been an amazing cure for depression/anxiety for me in recent months.

Has anyone else had withdrawal that has lasted this long? I always feel like its hard to know what is caused by a drug and what is just life's challenges.


Posted by: Lauren at May 19, 2012 7:34 PM

I have been counting my boyfriend celexa and he has not taken it for two days or possible longer. I am scared to death. I have taken 2mg of zanex. This does not affect my anxiety. I don't feel safe. What should I do?

Posted by: Lisa Tiemann at May 27, 2012 7:34 AM

I don't have any sex appeal in my daily routine with my wife I am fed up frequent times I have been invited for intercourse but she is neglecting is there any default from my side being habit of gutkas and depression in life enjoyment particularly from last 4 months I did not have any sex kindly suggest for better improve in sex and happy life
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Posted by: noor at June 13, 2012 4:51 AM

Hello Guys, just thought i'd post a little something about depression/Citalopram. Well.. Depression (it deserves a capital D because it's evil) It struck about 4 months ago. Suddenly, it was a violent attack! So, was prescribed citalopram. OK it helped the depression/anxiety (or did it? Was it in my mind, i thought it was helping, so it did) But i have suddenly cut down my dose from 20mg - 10 mg - to 5 mg and last night, i didn't take one. I'm feeling much better - i know it's only a day - but i feel less apathetic! Citalopram made me feel nothing, i could read/watch tv/play tennis/ etc BUT there's was no emotion, no enjoyment, i was emotionally numb. Today i am feeling excitment for the first time since taking citalopram. Emotions are returning. Also, a little tip for you guys, what has really helped me is buying a juicer, and juicing 5 different fruits daily. ( i am poor, this isn't expensive, it works out 90p a day) this has gave me such massive burts of energy. Plus i am glowing, and i can fight fatigue in the day. Also, Omega 3 is very beneficial. Siberian Ginseng is superb too... these are all nautral, and are fairly cheap at your local drug store. I wouldn't reccommend Anti depressants, but obviously each to their own. Hope you all get well soon.. Ray 21, UK

Posted by: Ray at July 7, 2012 8:31 AM

I had been on celexa for years and recently weaned myself off them because I wasn't able to do anything productive or function as I have off antidepressants. Getting off them wasn't easy and I did it slowly! Over a month! Psychiatrist are giving meds when we don't need them and would not let me get off? I asked for years and she refused? I feel like myself again and I have feelings again! I've spent a lot of days crying since feeling better and it's a great cry and my body is doing it because I never thought I would feel these feelings again and actually forgot about them. For yourself please find good doctors and talk with them till your confident. I had no rage. These meds can take your life away completely! I've been on a lot for over 13 years at the advise of my doctors and I'm finally well, no thanks to my drs. They simply wanted me on meds and can at this time give me the only explanation that I have to be on them for the rest of my life? I would die a depressed person if I continued to do what they said. I have good friends and family that help me see and I'm grateful for that. I'm not looking at what I've lost just looking what all that I can have now! Thanks to my God too!

Posted by: Just me at August 7, 2012 10:50 PM

This is to Bobby:Posted by: Bobby at January 2, 2007 1:08 AM. I'm having the exact same issue! Does it go away?

Posted by: Enrique at August 7, 2012 10:58 PM

I've been on Celexa for 2yrs now. In the beginning it seemed to help so much with my depression. But I was blind. I couldn't see that it had serious side effects that made my quality of life just as bad.
1. complete loss of sex drive and sensation
2. irritable
3. insomnia
4. depression worsened

After speaking with my counselor and psychiatrist we agreed it was time to take me off. I've been tapering off Celexa now for 3 weeks. I have been at zero for 3 days now. Tapering off the drug is a horrible experience. While some people experience little or no side effects, Other like myself experience severe/extreme symptoms.

Wk 1 40mg to 30mg and added Welbutrin 100mg - little to no side effects in week 1, one crying spell
Wk 2 30mg to 20mg + 100mg Welbutrin - depression is becoming more apparent. Insomnia has increased. Add Ambien to help me sleep.
Wk 3 20mg to 10mg, 100mg Welbutrin, Ambien. - Towards the end of week 3, I have become so sick. Fatigue, diarrhea, upset stomach, unable to eat, Severe anxiety and depression. Feels like everyone is judging me, crying spells, unable to focus.

I went to see my dr. and he recommended me to take Seroquel XR 50mg. It has helped reduce/almost eliminate most of these symptoms. Anxiety and upset stomach is still present. I can't stand up without feeling weak and nausea's.

DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG - It's con's outweighs its benefits. It's going to take me a long time to feel better and this is just to get off the drug.

Posted by: JAldaco at August 12, 2012 10:28 PM

Have been taking citalopram (celexa) for almost three months now and I don't believe they are making that much difference , in fact I am noticing worse depression and worsening anxiey than ever before. I am exhausetd copnstantly with terrible sinus headaches and itchy burning skin, rashes, crawling skin sensation and blistering hives , not pleasant at all. @aranoia and hallucinations seem to be STARTING only since being on this!! Never had it before!! And sleep is terribly impaired now, exhaustion terrible today, and been spaced out from the minute I got out of bed. I have a 17 month old daughter who is the light of my life, we usually always do activities during the day, however today - have been pretty much zombied all day. Just functioning. I'm coming off these tomorrow, I'm starting to feel jumpy, hearing or seeing things and my temper is very very short - am noticing I feel like I am suddenly very irritable. It can only be celexa . - would not reccomend this drug to anyone. It should be banned.

Posted by: sinead at August 16, 2012 3:56 PM

A very good way to get off any pills without withdrall s by takng Vitamin b 500 mg. Vitamin B has worked in even the hardest drug......Try it..

Posted by: chere at August 25, 2012 7:25 AM

Started taking 5mg celexa 2 wks ago.was taking the drug at night and found that i was really groggy in the am.Switched over to a morning ritual and much better.Able to focus and concentrate with a lot more ease.Am taking the drug to combat mood swings and have found it to be highly effective.Some minor side effects mainly in taking a shit.
What i am finding is that this drug is giving me an incredible opportunity to work on myself.Started to do yoga and breathing exercises and re-programming the way my brain thinks.This drug is by no means a magic bullet but it can help you to change from being the person you are to being who you want to be.I'm using it as a tool to get there as i certainly don't want to be on it the rest of my life.Highly recommend that you read Excuses Begone by Dr Wayne Dyer.Its's been inspirational to say the least.

Posted by: kirsten at September 3, 2012 11:27 AM

I'm a 51 year old woman. I've been taking Celexa for about 2 months and it has been working well for me. Previously I had taken Zoloft, which also worked well but made me gain a lot of weight. That is the main reason I got off Zoloft. Anyway, I was on no SSRI at all for a couple of years, but I have some chronic pain problems with my hip and back, and needed an SSRI to help me cope.

First of all, I am rather sensitive to medications. So even though my psychiatrist wanted me to start with 10 mg of Celexa and then after a week increase to 20 mg, I did not take it this way. I started with a quarter of a 10 mg pill, then increased to a half a pill for about a week. Slowly I increased to one 10 mg pill. So far, I find that it is all that I need. The psychiatrist said that if I feel good on 10 mg I don't need to increase the dose. Doing it this way, I avoided the nausea and other digestive problems. I do think that Celexa is making me a little more flatulent than usual, however.

At first when I started taking this drug, I felt tired and yawned a lot. Then I began feeling like I had a lot of nervous energy. I am sleeping OK, but find that I'm waking up early (fortunately I work from home with my own business, so I can go back to sleep for a while).

Nowadays, I would say that the main side effect is just nervous energy. Not really anxiety -- just a feeling like I can't sit still -- that I want to get up and "do something." Sometimes it does border on a feeling that seems like anxiety. Overall I feel that the Celexa has helped me a lot. I feel a lot happier and able to cope with things. I am on Weight Watchers Online, so I am very careful with my food. I am able to continue losing weight (I only have about 15 lbs to lose; it's not like I"m obese or anything). I would say that I think that Celexa is making me feel a little more hungry, but I am exercising a lot of self-control, and Weight Watchers helps a lot with that.

So in conclusion, I will say that Celexa is making me feel happier, is not causing me to gain weight, is not really interfering with my sleep too much, is not interfering with my libido or sexual response, and is not affecting my vision. I feel a bit "revved up" on the stuff and am careful not to have any caffeine with it (I don't drink coffee much, so it's not a problem -- I just stick to decaf or herbal tea or other drinks with no caffeine).

One thing I will tell you -- do not take Celexa at the same time as Vitamin C. I found that when I did this (with breakfast in the morning), it made me feel very shaky. When I didn't take Vitamin C, that side effect went away. Vitamin C can sometimes speed up the effect of some medications, so please keep this in mind.

Best of luck with everyone taking this or any other SSRI. Please don't ever go off any SSRI "cold turkey." It is usually best to go on and off the drug gradually, over a number of weeks or months.

Posted by: Glenda at September 19, 2012 1:26 AM

Celexa has worked wonders for my anxiety, it's a shame the side effects are so terrible. I have been taking 20mg of Celexa for 5 months now. I noticed a decreased sex drive right away but as I am not in a relationship and am too busy for one, this side effect was welcome. However, my dreams have become weird and I am very forgetful. Worst of all I have gained 32 pounds. This is with exercising vigorously and dieting. I was losing weight before I started Celexa so this weight gain has undone my work. Now I am depressed and angry. Not to mention contemplating starvation and/or bulimia. Thanks, Celexa!

Posted by: Mh at September 22, 2012 12:43 AM

I hate celexa. I only took 1 10mg dose and it was the worst feeling ever. There's no way i could do it for weeks to get to where it makes me feel better. My symptoms were almost minimal compared to what celexa did. Horrible!!

Posted by: zak at December 28, 2012 12:44 AM

i have been on celexa for about 3 months now. For the first week, I felt so on top of the world, however, I quickly noticed a lack of sexual desire and an inability to climax. I have not been able to have an orgasm since I have started taking the medication. Also, I have felt "numb" and extremely confused all of the time. I am going to try to get off of this medication because it has changed me as a person in a negative way and has caused me to have absolutely no motivation, not caring about ANYTHING.

Posted by: jim starr at June 3, 2013 4:25 PM

I started taking Celexa in January 2012. Felt great immediately, almost like a placebo effect. Started eating better, working out, long walks. I had already lost 35 lbs and it helped me lose another 10 and also be very fit in cardio and core strength. Back pain went away etc. Felt great. 4 months in, depression symptoms set back in, tried cold turkey to quit, very bad dizzy spells. prescribed Zoloft to help come down off celexa. Only took enough Zoloft, maybe 6 weeks, and had to ween off of it too. also gained back 50 lbs to weigh once again 250-260 in less than 2.5 months. Now in 2014, I'm experiencing a kind of popping between my ears and dizziness which never occurred before I took these drugs. I have never been on any other prescription medication in my life. Now, I just wish I back where I was before celexa.

Posted by: Andrew at March 12, 2014 8:14 PM

TERRIBLE DRUG.nearly killed me.I've taken 8 months to withdraw and I went to the GP who gave it me 5 times to help withdraw and was finally told it was out of my system in 2 days and what I was suffering was all in my head and they have referred me to a phyciatrist!!!! I am a volunteer counsellor and so many clients are on citalopram and are having dreadfull experiences on it.When I have seen the phychiatrist I am contacting my MP as I honestly fear for the safety of some patients on it.Feel I've been to hell and back.Truly the worst 2 years of my life.Please take care I think more research needs to be done.Went for something to calm my nerves and in exchange lost my relationship, many friends,had to delay my submission for qualification,had to come out of voluntary work and was too ill to work and am now £7000 in debt.On a positive note I'm alive as I really thought I was dying.

Posted by: mark at April 21, 2014 8:58 PM

I've been taking Celexa for 3 years. I love it! But....There is one major side-effect for me. Weight gain. I gained 40lbs in one year without changing my lifestyle. In fact, I've improved my lifestyle. I'm eating clean. I lift weights 2-3 times a week. I do some form of cardio 2-3 times a week also. I've been living a consistent, healthy lifestyle for over a year now and have only lost 10lbs total. I'm not willing to give up the Celexa. It works so well for me. But im struggling with losing weight. I'm afraid to try another drug. Afraid to go through the withdrawal symptoms.

Posted by: Angie at July 10, 2014 11:12 PM

I took Celexa and found it extremely helpful. I was no longer looking at life in a negative way, I was kind to my husband who is ill and needs my help, I was no longer anxious. Celexa, though, obviously gave me an effect of a form of hallucination in that at night when tired and when waking up from having "dozed off," I would see right in front of my face a miniature version of whatever was around me (curtains, pictures, things on walls). I was taken off Celexa and the visual disturbance disappeared and so did my first-ever feelings of well-being. The effort of going back to seeing a doctor and starting again a process that previously took nearly 2 months is something I can't do at this time, so back to being anxious, negative, depressed, short-tempered. Whoa.

Posted by: Rebeca Ruff at November 21, 2014 4:43 AM

OMG. After reading some of these posts, I'm totally blown away. I was prescribed 20 me of Cele a for irritability/anixiety/menopausal symptoms. I took 10 me as I thought I would build my system up to the 20. The 1st day I did well but noticed muscle spasms in the mornings and only slept about 4 hours. On day 3 I was having actual tremors and shaking so bad that I couldn't hold a cup. I fell down walking to the bathroom because my legs were shaking so bad. Heart rate was up and sweating profusely. Couldn't sleep or do anything productive the entire 4 days I took this. I haven't taken any for 5 days and I'm still experiencing side affects. My blood pressure is way up. I'm still getting dizzy and nausea, I can't remember even small easy things, my hands aren't functioning and they ache so bad. I'm really scared. Wondering did I have a stroke or something during day 3 when I was so bad. My doctor has prescribed Effexor at half dose but I'm thinking I'm too scared to take anything now and just live with my mood swings and anxiety/menopausal symptoms. Several years ago I took Zolfoft and got to where I could just take it when I needed it but had to quit due to severe diarrhea and it worked amazingly.

Posted by: Scared at January 15, 2015 11:27 PM

i have been on celexa for a couple of weeks. for anxiety and depression, and it does not work AT ALL. i am a ticking time bomb i have lots of anger and neither my anxiety or depression have been better i am going to go on lexapro or prozac

i would not advise this for anxiety or depression

Posted by: Cam at March 31, 2015 12:54 PM

i took 1st 20mg tab of citalopram last nite apparentely , my wife said about an hr later i started to get extremely agro & lost it . its now morning next day i have no idea i did all this . i cant even remeber any of yesterday at all . very vague about the days following too . now i have a strong metal taste in my mouth ( that wont go away ) & all of my muscles ache like ive been tasered ( tes ive been tasered ) . wtf is this stuff doing to me . im not taking it again & im calling the doc this morning

Posted by: brad at April 16, 2015 5:23 PM

An absolute terrible drug. I took it for 2 years on the advice of my Dr. She is no longer my Dr and I launched a complaint to the governing agency in my city.
I had asked her to wean me off this numbing, robotic drug but she kept on coming up with excuses on why I should stay on it.I had never taken any kind of anti depressants in my life and I sure didn't need them now. Normal life's ups and downs do not constitute these Dr's prescribing so many ppl with these drugs. It's all about money and power.
The side effects were terrible when I finally weaned myself off these pills. I called the Pharmecutical Company that manufactures them and all they wanted from me was info on the side effects...I told them only if there would give me a monetary amount for my info. They wouldn't so I gave them nothing.
Why would I give then info to make them even more wealthier? They want to know the side effects... pay the subjects of these brainwashing trials.
I wouldn't be surprised if some of these forums have been started by these drug companies to monitor people's comments.

Posted by: s at May 8, 2015 1:27 PM

I've been taking celexa for 5 years now and have never experienced any bad side affects...no weight gain, no sexual side affects....nothing but good things like giving me a life without terrible anxiety attacks, I've tried other meds and nothing compared to celexa, don't let all these post scare you...everyone is different you have to give it a fair chance to work for you give it the recommended time before you stop using it and do not listen to anyone because like I said every person is different what doesn't work for some of us doesn't mean it won't work for you. I recently was taken off of celexa (20 mg) and put on cymbalta because of alot of pain I'm having on my body and apparently this med is good for pain and anxiety... I was only seemed off by taking half a celexa a day for one week then started the cymbalta ...had bad headaches and nausea for two weeks but am now feeling great. So please give yourself a fair chance to see if its right for you.

Posted by: Teresa at August 1, 2015 9:24 PM

I feel like i have bugs crawling on me but every time i look its nothing i don't kno w if its good while being pregnant

Posted by: adriana at August 30, 2015 12:21 AM

I was taking 40mg a day CELEXA and I took myself of of it

Posted by: Deborah Isbell at September 19, 2015 3:13 AM

I took celexa for one month in 2015 june and I was sstopped by my docter, in july I got very sick, in august 2015 I got terrible chickenpox and after treating it I was put back to anti depressants but this time I was given escitalopram from pschytrist I got sick and I phoned about the medication she said I must terminate medication immediately. I had suicidal thoughts,pressure in my head,sore throat,heart pulpitations brain zaps, muscle twiches in my right eyes for two months, I feel a clicking sound in my eyes. Movement in my left part of my head, and often times pulls my arms down. I had sinus infection and my ENT specialist said my sinuses are inflammed, and became terrible when I its cloudy or too much hot. Is this nerve disorder or what. I'm now not on medication. Its been 7months ever stoped taking anti depressants and I now exercise and healthy. Although I still have sore throat, movements in my head. Please help. Kabelo from south africa

Posted by: kabelo at February 14, 2016 6:06 AM

These are pills that drive you half crazy please don't take them please

Posted by: Debbie at July 20, 2016 6:35 PM

Celexa worked after taking it for 3 months for situational depression. I was on 20mg, I felt weird while on it unable to orgasm, numb, anxiety,but after a month everything felt normal and those effects wore off. Being numb is better than being suicidal. Make sure someone watches you when you first take it, I got super dizzy and felt high. Also this drug made me want to drink.

Posted by: Stephy at September 5, 2016 7:33 PM

Started talking Celexa 40mg twice daily add prescribed by my doctor for two days. I developed serious breathing and swallowing problems along with severe dizziness and motion sickness. A large blister has formed near my mouth. Swelling near my mouth has appeared. I'm having chest pains and heart palpitations. This medication should be illegal.

Posted by: Mike Lay at January 24, 2017 2:34 AM

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