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Prozac is a drug that was released by the Eli Lilly corporation in 1987 aimed at fighting depression. Prozac is a member of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor family, which increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells. Official Prozac Website
If you or someone you know has had a problem with Prozac feel free to call the advertising section of FDA at (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240.
Prozac Feedback and Side Effects

my ex, now ex-wive got off her prozac after having our baby, every three months, she wanted a divorce, i asked her if she was taking her meds, she yes. a year later, and a happy family is now destroyed!!!!!!!she thinks theres nothing wrong.

Posted by: tim ritchie at August 20, 2004 8:09 PM


Posted by: TERRI KAYE at October 9, 2004 11:18 AM

I have been on different anti-depressants for the past 16 years...ever since my first child was born. I want to stop taking them (currently been on Prozac for two months). Can you be on SSRI etc for so long that you can have too much serotonin and maybe they begin having the opposite effect, becasue that's how I feel now. Any feedback would be appreciated as I am through with medical doctors! Thank you.

Posted by: Lynn at July 25, 2006 5:48 PM

agitation/sleeplessness only side effects experienced

Posted by: anon at August 3, 2006 12:36 AM

I am just recently off Prozac for the first time in a year and a half. I have a history with the drug since the time I was first prescribed it at age 16.

Today I feel wonderful (only day 6 off Prozac). I slept more soundly than I have in months. I have been nervous and agitated on the drug. Today I feel a calmness.

Something I've never told anyone: I went on a hypersexual binge when I was married while taking the drug. I didn't understand this at all. I blamed the binge on not being happy with my then husband, but now I know that it was most definitely a manic phase -- brought on by the Prozac. I couldn't sleep. I was hyper-spending. I can't tell you how uncharacteristic any of this is for me. I will regret that time in my life until the day I leave this earth. It was years ago, but I still judge myself harshly over this ordeal.

Posted by: anonymous at August 14, 2006 7:40 AM

I was diagnosed with severe depression and started prozac. I was up to 80mg a day. It helped pretty well for my depression but it also, in the beginning, induced suicidal feelings and harming myself ( burning and cutting myself and reckless behavior including alcohol abuse and promiscuity). I recommend to all parents and teens, do not consider Prozac for treatment of severe depression, I believe it can lead to intense suicidal feelings and suicide, for the first few months on it.
It did NOTHING for my anxiety so I switched to Paxil and I have been on it for 5 years. Doing ALOT better, especially with the anxiety.

Posted by: Mandy at August 21, 2006 10:50 PM

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my teens. I have been on and off medications for the past twenty years now. I am currently taking 40 mg of prozac everyday. No other meds. I have experienced the most unusual of side effects: Lactation!! yikes. Hypomania, bursitis, headaches, anorexia, bruising. So I have most of the common and not so common side effects of this drug. However I continue taking this as I feel the benefits outweigh the negatives. Has anyone else experienced lactation?? I also feel I am on the edge of a manic episode, cannot figure out if it is prozac related or just my normal behavior.

Posted by: merry at September 1, 2006 7:38 PM

I now have drug induced Lupus from taking Prozac for 5 straight years. Symptoms are..flu like, tiredness, major achy joints! Possible heart/chest pain. I feel like a 90 year old and thought I had Rheumaoid Arthritis, but nope, just LUPUS! Be careful!!!

Posted by: CP1120 at September 11, 2006 11:59 PM

HI! I need help, I have a younger sister she is 18 she has had no issues before, but all of a sudden she is really sad and throwing temper tantrums. She says she has no friends, and that (me and my middle sister left her, we both left to go to college). My parent are very concerned because none of us had ever been so sad so they took her to a specialist. He said that my sister has a depression. A girl that is tall pretty, has no obligations, is happy, has traveled, has a car, has all going for her, has depression? He wants to put her on Prozac for 9 months. I am trying to convince my parents not to do this I think this solution will be worst than the actual problem. We were all teenagers and growing is painful but prozac? I’m so scared that it can lead to my sister actually believing she has a major issue than a minor depression.
I would appreciate any suggestions this matter is urgent they al ready have the prescription!

Posted by: michelle at October 10, 2006 1:46 PM

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Posted by: Lonnie Blocker at November 12, 2006 8:17 AM

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Posted by: Donte Klein at November 12, 2006 2:09 PM

I went to my family doctor a little over two weeks ago to talk to her about my anxiety problems. My anxiety was nothing too alarming-- in general, I was a more anxious person who tended to worry about things beyond my control. When I told the doctor this, she immediately suggested Prozac to me. She briefly went over the list of side effects, told me I had to take the medicine every day, and told me that she would evaluate me again in 4-6 weeks. Mind you- I was not, nor have I ever been, depressed. The doctor specifically asked me this-- if I ever felt depressed or suicidal and the answer was a resounding "no". Still, she felt that daily Prozac was the answer to my anxiety problems. I started taking 10 mgs a day for 7 days, then my dosage was increased to 20 mgs a day. I didn't feel much at first-- well, I would say I felt a bit emotionally numb and probably less nervous, but no drastic changes that I could pinpoint. Then, at the start of my third week taking the medication, I had a horrible panic attack and stayed completely anxious for hours following the "attack". I had never before had a panic attack in my life, but this attack made my heart race, my body feel tingly, I was sweating, and just felt like I was completely losing control. Today, 4 days after the initial "attack", I still feel anxious. During some points of the day, I feel okay, but then out of nowhere, my heart will start racing again. I went back to my doctor (a different one at the same practice) and this doctor told me she had no idea why my doctor would've chosen Prozac for someone with slight anxiety problems. She told me to take 10 mgs for one more day and then to stop. I stopped taking Prozac all together 2 days ago, and I am still feeling the side effects. For me, Prozac was a nightmare. It changed the way I look at mental health medication as a whole. I have learned relaxation techniques online and am considering seeing a counselor to help me learn to further relax. I can say one thing for certain: I will never take Prozac again and I urge anyone who is considering it to seriously weigh the costs against the benefits. Having never suffered from depression, I can't vouch for or discredit Prozac's usefulness in this area, but taking Prozac for anxiety was simply not a solution for me.

Posted by: Lynn at December 21, 2006 8:41 PM

I have been taking prozac for 6 weeks it only made me have more severe headaches that would last for days, my head felt like it was burning i was miserable. I was feeling shaky, sweating palms my axiety was worse! I was told by my doctor that it takes at least 6-8 weeks for it to work i called to tell him that it made me worse i was told not to take any more. I am awaiting for a new prescrition, i will never again take any form of prozac! I do take an axiety pill only when i have an panic/axiety attack this is not a daily pill only when neded.

Posted by: Donna at March 27, 2007 2:10 PM

I was on Prozac for 5 weeks and developed a tic which affected the trunk of the body and shoulder. This is also accompanied by vocal grunts and swearing. One year on and I am still suffering. I have had brain scans and blood tests which show no underlying cause for this to happen to me. I am currently awaiting a liver biopsy. This is thought to be Tardive Dyskinesia Tourettes which is a rare adverse reaction to prozac. There is no apparent cure and not all doctors are aware this can happen. I am 23yrs old and devasted.

Posted by: Gemma Ebdon at January 15, 2008 3:45 PM

I am on Prozac. I started 28 days ago. I feel like a new person. I am me again.

Posted by: Birdie555 at March 10, 2008 4:56 PM

For a couple years I've had horrible panic attacks at first i was precribed to paxil and couldn't wait to get off of it because it made me a zombie.So after a year of treatment I quit the medication. Then about 7 months later the panic attacks returned with migraines and more severe. My doctors prescribed me to Prozac this time because they said it wouldn't make me feel so tired all the time. I felt fine taking 10 mg then when I moved up to 20 mg I had sever panic attacks with dialated pupils. I immediately went to the doctor and they told me to take more (30 mg) of the drug along with clonazepam. Then after a couple days of taking 30 mg I was awakened in the night shaking uncontrollably with dialated pupils and horrible panic and etc. I was hospitalized with all these heart tests done and everything came out fine the doctor then told me that I had serotonin syndrome and to immediately stop the medication. These were the same symptoms i had earlier when i bumped up to 20 mg and the doctors passed it off as just panic. I read up more about the serotonin syndrome and it's apparently very severe and could have killed me. It's been about a week and I still haven't fully recovered from this. I have to take clonazepam or valium or some other benzodiazepine just to not go back into that state. I am only 21 years old and was a completely healthy athletic male and my life has been reduced to laying in bed and wondering whether or not Prozac has given me severe brain damage. I strongly feel like these drugs are horrible things and are overprescribed. I urge ppl to question their doctor's advice when they try to put you on Prozac or another SSRID. Hopefully my life will be back in order and this shit hasn't permanently screwed me up

Posted by: Kenny at April 13, 2008 3:49 PM

Marry!! I have experienced lactation!!! and a friend of mine did too

Posted by: norma at May 5, 2008 11:49 PM

I just started Prozac 20 mg a week ago and I already have weird symptoms. I feel lightheaded and fuzzy, and have vivid weird dreams and I am very jittery. Is this normal for anyone else?

Posted by: Angie at May 21, 2008 2:54 PM

what are side effects when teenagers take prozac?

Posted by: sara at August 5, 2008 1:43 AM

i have been on prozac 60mg for 3 months. it immediately got my bulimia under control and within the first month i was no longer feeling low. however, i did feel strangely happy and energetic, needing less sleep, and couldn't figure out if this is how i'm supposed to really feel. the second month, things leveled out for me more, and i actually started to feel even and stable. this third month has been different. i am not sure what is happening. i am not sure if i am having a manic episode but i have been unable to control my urges to do reckless things because they are exciting. if i resist the urges, i quickly fall into sadness. if i follow the urge, i am elated. i have been talkative and daring, have been drinking excessively, and spending so much more money than i should. i want to say, yes, i am manic because the last time i experienced this was when i had a manic episode. i just didn't think it was possible to have a manic episode while taking prozac. perhaps something else triggered this, but wouldn't the prozac keep me stable no matter what life threw at me? isn't that the whole point of being on meds?

Posted by: superwonder at December 30, 2008 9:30 AM

Would Prozac have anything to do with this knot on the back of my head that enlarges from time to time? Why can I tell when I am NOT on Prozac (I can't stand myself even), but I cannot feel better, like I used to when I first started taking Prozac?

Posted by: Dianna at February 18, 2009 9:21 AM

When will someone in the right position do something about these meds?
I recently got divorce and my family life with my kids is destroyed, all because off a little pill called Fluoxetine(prozac). My now ex-wife started taking this drug in 2003 after suffering a mis-carriage. In 2006 I really saw the changes in her and when I tried telling her, she reply that I did not know what I was talking about. finally in 2007 I made a phone call to her parent too speak with us, that phone call was the door to hell.
After 11 years of marriage and 3 kids this woman destroy our family because she refuse to get help.
After reading the horror stories from the side effects of this drug, I realize that I myself had just become another family destroyed from this drug.
My ex went all out too destroy my life so as to hide what she was doing. Having an affair, drinking and who knows what else. How do you deal with a situation like this? Everyone says to move on and my question is what is the difference between this drug and crack? because anyone on this drug will do anything to keep taking it.
When will husbands and wives be heard and given the right help in situations like this? who is the ideal person too see the changes in their spouse and why are we look at as the wrong one?
When will doctors be held accountable for giving this drug so easily as if it was candy.

Posted by: Constantine at March 9, 2009 11:49 PM

Do not take prozac! It has messed our family up in more ways than one. My husband started to take prozac 2 years ago and he changed. He was up to 40 mg a day, becoming more and more distant from our family. He had the racing heart beats, the panic attacks the hallucinations, not to mention the sexual side effects we have been through. He had a hard time with his coordination, he was always off balance. I thought our marriage was over. He was saying things and doing things that he would never normally do. He even asked me for a divorce after being together for 11 years. He almost looked like he was a "demon". The pupils of his eyes were so big and he was not himself. On top of everything he started to drink and it made things even worse. He was even seeing things in the middle of the day that he thought were there and they were not. We started to read about the side effects of Prozac and he had 99% of them. He has been off of them for a week and he seems better. Not to mention his blood pressure has dropped dramatically. He use to be 153/98 and today he was 112/84! Please save your family the heartache of what happened to us. Stay away from this drug! God Bless

Posted by: janna toolesn at March 22, 2009 9:18 PM

i am takin prozac and when i take it in the morning bout afternoon i start to fidget and shake is the a side effect?

Posted by: rachel at April 24, 2009 11:59 AM

I met with a lawyer last week, feeling like I need to protect my family assets as my marriage is crumbling around me. My husband has found new passions and has no time (or interest) in his family anymore, traveling most of the time and investing large sums of money into a start-up company that will "make him a billionaire." As I think back to when things started to fall apart, it's when he started on Prozac. And I've recently found out that his doctor put him on Aderall, too, because the Prozac made him tired. I should also mention the sleeping pills he takes to be able to sleep some nights. I'm sure he tells his doctor he's doing great, achieving more than ever, and oh, by the way, that pesky family won't be in the way any more...

Posted by: Becky at May 5, 2009 4:13 PM

I could write pages, but I am at a library, and my time is limited. Plus, I would need to cut my comments down anyway.
My sister has been on Prozac for about fourteen years, and it has been terrible! It is now like her mind is going and I am having a lot of trouble communicating with her. It seems like she has no empathy for others and she is very hostile. She doesn't think there is a problem, and she tells me that I need help, because I have got feelings!
I would be pleased if someone could help me. I am going to have to cut off contact with her altogether - if the situation doesn't change. My sister drinks too, so that adds to the problem, and I don't judge her for what she is doing. We come from an abusive family, so it is all a way of coping, but the Prozac seems to be causing brain damage!
That is all for now as I have to go. Thanks!

Posted by: Anonymous at August 18, 2009 4:30 AM

Help! I feel like I am going crazy.. I can't stop thinking obsessive thoughts. I feel sadder and more worried on Prozac than not. This is taking its toll on me

Posted by: ange at September 4, 2009 1:52 PM

I started taking anti depressants when i was 16 only because my granparents who i was living with at the time kinda forced me so i took em against my own free will to shut em up bassically eventually they kicked me otta the house so i stoped taking them thought it was healtheir not too take em any more. now im starting to wonder about the side effects cause im noticing some unusaul behavavoius thoughts that i may have not had before kinda feelig really helplees and careless needles to say i felt the same way preety much when i was on the pills. but i just feel different almost like im not the same person im not any better than i was before i kind of feel worse its hard to explain. im wondering since i was so young when i took them maybe it did dammage to my brain thats just how i feel is it possible nobodt\y told me this was a risk before i took the meds.

Posted by: sarah maxwell at October 7, 2009 7:29 PM

I have suffered from depression for most of my life. I have been on effexor, welbutrin, paxil, zoloft and the latest prozac eyes. I dont know if its me but this stuff is screwing me up. I forget everything, my patterns are off and i feel like my body isnt attached to my body. I was on acne medicine, depression medicine..too much so i recently took myself off everything. I weined myself off prozac. I feel alot better, but i cant help feel like i'll never be right upstairs ever again. i feel like these medicines have dont permanent damage to my brain.

Posted by: cia at October 8, 2009 12:32 AM

I'v been on Prozac for 2 years and i feel like i could sleep all day and all night everyday. I do get up early for work but i only work 8 hours and off at 1:00pm. But i want to sleep the rest of the day and night.

Posted by: Tara Jo Etherton at October 12, 2009 9:38 AM

Please share if you can. My teenager is going through alot of changes in their life. They are very depressed and the DRS have recommened PROZAC, I am terrified to put them on this drug. I have heard so much contraversy regarding this medication. I have been doing as much research on this med and the reactions, suicide etc... as possible, in fear of making the wrong/wright decision. I love my teen, am I overacting?
Thank you

Posted by: Sherry at November 4, 2009 12:24 PM

I have recently completed a research paper on the overprescribed use of antidepressants, focusing mainly on Prozac, an SSRI. It was a scary revelation to discover the little amount of efficacy and the large amount of risks it entailed. Through the marketing strategies of Eli Lilly it has created a world of unnecessary stories of tragedy and damage of innocent lives.

If you would like to be able to read more and learn about these types of medications, I would recommend Talking Back to Prozac by Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin and Prozac Backlash by Joseph Glenmullen. Both of these authors are highly reputable and have an amazing background in the research of antidepressants.

I wish I could attach my research paper. It provides alot of helpful information. As I read many of your posts, it is concerning and hope there is adequate sources to turn to to immediately treat the horrible side effects.

Posted by: Sarah at November 29, 2009 7:49 PM

I have been on prozac 20mg/day for about 6 months. it was my first time trying any antidepressant, but i really needed it. at first, i thought it really helped. The naps i used to take all the time were signifigantly reduced, and i just thought i had a better outlook on life, "the dark cloud" that seemed to follow me for so long was gone. But now I feel like lately that dark cloud has been coming back. I don't know if i need to switch my med. altogether, or what. I am looking into wellbutrin. Besides this, i will say in the past few months, i sleep very hard at night...tossing and turning often, super vivid dreams. this tossing and turning isn't something i'd ever experienced before.

Posted by: julie at December 29, 2009 10:52 PM

i have been on Fluoxetine on and off since 1995 some times it seems to help and other times .. not.. for example i don't know who i am or what purpose i have any more. ing it again since my daughter was born about a year and a half ago. i really don't think that the drugs are helping anymore. I have been put on Flupentixol as well. i have suffered side effect from the fluoxentine before and find it hard to sleep at night, wake up sweating, im nervous, im grining my teeth at night and i want to sleep during the day. these are sighns of depression as well as side effects so how do you know where one starts and the other ends. is this the depression now making me feel so bad or is it the drug?

Posted by: maggie at January 3, 2010 3:27 PM

i've just started taking prozac after suffering with real bad anxiety and low self esteem, i've took them before 20 years ago and they made me feel a lot better, i've took my 5th tablet today and it has made me feel so down and nervy, its so horrible this normal should i stop taking them ??. please reply Jim.

Posted by: jim at January 29, 2010 9:41 AM

im 13 years of age and have been expieriencing depression my doctor put me on prozac its been about 2 months and ive been really really tired all of the time and it seems theres nothing i can do about it and my mom dosnt know whats happening either if know please tell me why im so tired

Posted by: cody at March 11, 2010 3:52 PM

I took prozac for 5 years. was diagnosed as a bi polar 2 . immediatltly it chnaged my life for the better in everyway except
i slowly gained 20 pounds and it began to wear off after 3 years and zapped my sex drive into non-existance. i was willing to live with the side-effects because i had NEVER experienced a calm , balanced , controlled mind. Before prozac, my bi polar was ruining my career and i didn't know it. I had serious side effects from some other drugs i also tried before finding prozac ( lamictal made me uncontrollably fisgettty to the point of feeling suicidal) , geodone ( gave me heart palpitations ) . I stopped taking prozac after 5 years to see what life would be like with a sez drive and hopefuly to help lose the weight. My mind went back to it's depressive phases but without the manic part. I also tried Sam-e for 3 months and am now looking to combine Sam'e with a the smallest amount of prozac.

Posted by: kara at April 5, 2010 8:54 AM

my doctor prescribed me prozac today and i am scared to take it. i have heard a lot of bad things about it.. can anyone give me some good or bad feedback on what they have experienced ?

Posted by: trena at April 8, 2010 12:00 AM

To whom it may concern

Just wanna knw what is the side effects if i took 5 Deprozans at a time??? Im struggling to reach an orgasm, it has not happen before, this is the first time and im on the Deprozans for almost 3 years now.



Posted by: Bianca Nel at May 3, 2010 8:01 AM

I was 16 years old and I was put on 50mgs of prozac, I became extremly sick after a month. Part of my brain started to detoirate, I amalso now anemic, and have a really low immune system. I also had gotten extrem vivid violent dreams about death and even thought about killing myself in order to get away from it all.

I stopped taking it abruptly and my doctor is trying to get me to use again, but only 20mgs I will not go back on this drug it is absoltuly the worst thing I have ever taken and now i am 18 and i know my health is going downhill more than it should be.

Posted by: Rachel at May 6, 2010 8:57 PM

ive recently increased my prozac to 40mg a day and i feel down tired and depressed,sweaty,sick, hungry double vision occasionally,will this pass?

Posted by: philomena at June 15, 2010 4:39 PM

hello someone please help me. my wife is on prozac for a while. She was a church girl, never spent money real loving wife. i am a truckdriver, & have been since we've been together for 18 yrs. my wife i have found out has been messing around with other men, she tells me she dont love me anymore there's just too much in our past. We loved each other unconditionally until all this.Another difference in my wife is she has been wearing low cut shirts w no bra< short shorts to church. She was on 20 mgs of prozac then was upped to 40mg when she called her family doctor. So the doctor just upped her prozac to 40mg. She wanted it upped to help her deal with the seperation. She never goes back to get checked. They just give her a new prescription. I know this drug is the heart or our problems. My wife is the most important thing in my life next to my kids. she has given me an excellent 18 yrs and i love her dearly. Is all she tells me is I dont love her. I don't know what love is. I know this hurt i feel during this seperation is like none other in my life. She dont lie, and i have caught her in alot of lies lately. She even has lied to our preacher & his wife. Very unlike her. My wife is a sweetheart. I sure miss her. someone please give me someway to get help. please dear lord. I love my wife.

Posted by: s hauser at August 8, 2010 6:19 PM

I went into the docters office it was for anxiety.i was feeling anxious because i was an aranchaphobic staying in a house overrun with spiders. though i may have worded it wrong because i actually said i was up half the night trying not to step on spiders. he seemed concerned when i told him i went to a shrink once and was diagnosed with social anxiety and even more so when i started exhibiting some anxious mannerisms. he immediatly asked for a blood test and when that came back clean suggested i should take prozac. before that he asked me all types of stupid questions: had i ever been physically or sexually harmed? what did i think of taking prozac? should i tell your mom first or your. well no i've never been abused, how the hell would i have an opinion about prozac I'M 14YEARS OLD and it doesn't matter who you tell first because their both gonna find out any way. i actually felt pretty damn good the 1st day i took it maybe alittle irritable in the morning but even when i tried to feel anxious, i couldn't. as the days went by it stated working less and less. i'm now a week on prozac and i'm feeling anxious, angry, and depressed. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DRUG.

Posted by: kayla at August 8, 2010 9:58 PM

I went to the Doctor today because I have pushed all my friends away, almost tore my relationship apart, and have been depressed for eight months. He put me on 10 mg of Prozac. My mother took and it helped get her life back on track, and he wants me to try it for a month and see how it makes me feel. But what everyone seems to be overlooking is that we are all different. A medicine that helped one person could have destroyed another. I am sixteen, and I am looking forward to getting my teen years back on track and no more Friday nights where I tell my friends "I'm busy" because I don't want to see them. I just started Prozac today, and I feel better than I have in such a long time.

Posted by: Kim at September 1, 2010 2:31 AM

I have been taking prozac for pms for a few weeks. I have a fuzzy feeling in my head and a weird feeling in the back of my throat like I need to yawn but can't. I definately don't feel normal, but not sure it is good. Not sure if it will get worse or better. What should I do?

Posted by: Angie at September 14, 2010 11:52 PM

I started on citalophram due to stress with job, marriage, and debt. Relized that i was stoned in mornings and wasn't productive till after 10am and I also was achy all the time. Switched to prozac and have been able to deal with wife better but she doesn't like it because I fell I don't need her as much and I'm staying for the kids. Also I've been very achy and am planning to ween myself off everything. To sum up I wonder it I should have ever tried any drugs. My wife has finally started Wellbutrin and it has been good and bad. Scarry stuff wondering if we will end up better or worse and if the effects will ever go away.

Posted by: Karl at October 3, 2010 3:55 PM

I have been on Prozac a good years 60mg aday.
The real only side affect that is hard to deal with is strange dreams.I don't mean nightmares
or anything that wakes me up however when i wake
im left with a strange feeling and a depress
feeling.This fades in time but this happens every
night.Could the 60mg be too much?

Posted by: Donald Tremblay at October 7, 2010 5:05 PM

I am frustrated by loneliness

Posted by: khan at October 16, 2010 7:07 AM

you should not be taking an antidepressant when you have bipolar. This will only make your bipolar manic episodes worse. Prozac has worked great for me.

Posted by: kelly at October 26, 2010 12:32 AM

There is So much in Common With The HUNDREDS of Posts ive read about the Behavior of Both male & Female Prozac Users............ Basically its like READING MY LIFE in A BLOG. The Behavior Changes, Where You Dont even recognize the person Anymore.......... Them Telling You They hate You & Want A Divorce, COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE ! Then You Mention that to them & They claim its Been A While...... Basically, The Person You Knew Is Long Gone......... & The Doctors That prescribed them the drug Are their NEW FRIENDS & Confidants...... If You Mention The Drug Has Changed Them "WATCH OUT "! The Doctor Is Their New Love Along With Strangers That they Meet, But You Will be Treated like Trash. Funny How the Week Before they said They Love You..... Now Its DIVORCE TIME & YOU THE EVIL GUY THAT RAISED HER KID IS NOW JUST A WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH THAT IS GETTING THROWN OUT. In The End, The Only 1 having A Good Time With This will be, The Doctor that so Easily Prescribeds A VERY DAMAGING DRUG WITH MANY MANY SIDE EFFECTS THAT ARE & WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM EVER WAS........ THE LAWYER THAT WILL GET PAID FOR THE DIVORCE...... THE COUNTY & OR STATE, COURT FEES & COSTS..... & THE REAL ESTATE AGENT THAT SELLS YOUR HOUSE. To Pay For it all. What a life. I Love My wife, but shes Already stated her truth, I FUCKING HATE YOU & WANT YOU DEAD & GONE ! Thanks prozap.

Posted by: My Life With A prozac User. at February 24, 2011 11:21 PM

I take prozac and have no problem with it. I do feel much better when I am taking it and any anxiety I used to have has passed. I highly recommend them but it does take a couple of weeks to get them into your system and then you must take on every day.

Posted by: susan fiszman at February 26, 2011 3:25 AM

Hello, my wife has. Been on prozac for a year, just after christmas, out of the blue I was informed that our marriage was over, it was my fault and she didn't love me any more, my wife was the most loving careing woman in the world, she was and still is my world. Then came the next blow , the affair, then the coldness, assigning all the blame to me, telling me details about her sexlife as if I was her buddy, no regard for anybody but herself, its too late for us now, but please anybody with a loved one starting on this " wonder drug " or on it now but still in controll, stop get off it, stay away from it, it will swallow up. You loved one and leave no trace of them behind.

Posted by: mark at March 29, 2011 9:17 PM

My ex wife started taking Prozac after being diagnosed with depression, by a Family practitioner no less. Within weeks she had changed her hair color, started working late, arguing and stated she "she never loved me anyway". Needless to say I was dumbfounded by the whole ordeal. Came home one day to find divorce papers on the table and my stuff in a pile on the floor. Thanks Eli.

Posted by: ThanksEli at May 1, 2011 12:43 AM

I started taking prozac a few weeks ago and at the moment it feels like I'm about to fall apart. I'm stressed out constantly and completely out of it. But I am also pregnant and wonder if its a hormonal imbalance or prozac

Posted by: kjw at May 5, 2011 4:04 PM

I have a 13 year old daughter who was prone to having seizures. She began cutting herself to get attention. My genious ex wife took her to the hospital, then to a HACK psychiatrist who immediatly perscribed prozac. Her seizures, which had stopped for over a year, started up again. Much of the blame is on the drug companies, but I mostly blame the worthless "doctors" who perscribe them.

Posted by: Bradley at July 5, 2011 11:50 PM

Oh my god. I thought Prozac was my "wonder drug," until I started to read all of these posts and realized that although Prozac has taken away most of my OCD, it has caused me to become extremely restless. This restlessness has led to erratic behavior over the past two years. I have done things out of impulse such as acted out sexually and started drinking. Prozac took away my obsessive tendencies, but it overstimulated me to the point where I have done CRAZY things. I use to be a very "good Christian girl." The correlation between the time I started taking Prozac and my change in behavior is shocking.... I am going to the doctor and weaning myself off of this poison ASAP!!!

Posted by: Sarah at July 24, 2011 3:52 AM

Nice post...

Psychologists today use many different approaches to treating depression. For the more severe cases, the most typical outpatient technique is to blend antidepressant medication with psychotherapy. All of these drugs have minor unpleasant side effects, but those for whom the medications bring relief from depression are usually glad to tolerate them. Psychotherapy should always accompany pharmacological treatment. As the antidepressant improves the underlying moods, the reasons for the despondency must be explored, maladaptive patterns examined, and efforts to make necessary changes supported.

Posted by: newport at August 11, 2011 8:31 AM

Recently, my boyfriend went on the generic version of Prozac. He started acting very distant, super cold, basically just wasn't himself. I believed he had depression before, but it wasn't that severe. The psychatrist gladly prescribed him the meds, and told him that it would help. All of the sudden my boyfriend is "motivated", and is "trying to figure out what he wants", and he thinks the drug is actually doing him good. After 2 years of dating, in which he told me he wants to marry me... took me to try on rings.. named our future kids.. told me that he doesn't love me, and that I shoulndt have pressured him to move, get married, or have kids. The thing is, I truly didnt pressure him. He was always saying these things, and I really felt like we were a good couple that actually had a chance to start a happy life together. He was my best friend. Everything he told me was completely out of the blue, even though he claims to have bee losing feelings for longer. Maybe he was, but I sure didnt see that at all. He was looking at engagement rings a week before he started prozac, for god's sake. He switched to Wellbutrin a couple weeks ago now, and I really seen any improvement. The sad thing is, that he really thinks he needs the meds, and things hes getting his future together, when nothing is changing. I see rare glimpses or what he used to be, and it breaks my heart. We are going to try to work things out, see if he "regains feelings".. but I dont have much faith in that because he thinks he's doing really well. Prozac turned the love of my life into a crazy person, that now acts bipolar, and a cold bastard. Screw prozac.

Posted by: taylor at August 28, 2011 6:15 PM

Hi my name is Angela Corona I'm taking wellbutrin 300 mg depakote 500 mg 3 times a day I also take prozac 40 mg What would be a good time to take my prozac

Posted by: Angela Corona at September 25, 2011 7:13 AM

i took it for about 5 months now and at first i felt sooo happy but now im depressed again. its like i grew immuned to it.. im only a teenager so i dont know but i dont know what i should do now. i have horrible side effects. dizziness, headaches, insomnia.

Posted by: mee at October 5, 2011 2:35 PM

I was a happy person for more than 30 years, after taking PROZAC, 8 months.... really light, simple reasons... after withdrawal i become impotent in a single moment, thought i was going to die,never had any problems like this before, never ever... I should have been.. now my life is ruined, nothing makes me happy now, i'm very sad and feel broken from the inside, not depressed, i've never been, i'm just a shadow of a man i used to be, every next day is like a punishment, i'm just lost for words, sad story this is

Posted by: broken33 at October 22, 2011 6:42 PM

I started prozac 20mg 2 days ago for anxiety. Since I started i am tired and feel anxious. Will this feeling go away and how long will it take

Posted by: janie at October 23, 2011 2:15 PM

i was on prozac a few months then i got off of it it made me feel like something was wrong some time i felt stuck,not understanding what was going on around me not sleeping,hearing things that wasnt there.stay mad at what i dont my doctors put me right back on them what am i to do.prozac turns me into something i dont want begin mean to every body and makes me feel bad to be that way some people just dont under stand and lose friends and family NOT FAIR

Posted by: hallie at October 29, 2011 7:03 PM

In July 2011 I was dianosed with depression. My doctor pit me on Prozac 20mg. At first all my bad symptons went away and I was happy. About 2 months ago all of those bas symptons came back, and I think my symptons are worse now. Im still taking the prozac just to help keep my symptoms down. I dont know what to do!

Posted by: Dolly at April 5, 2012 2:51 AM

Can Prozac at 40mg a day really stop me reaching a orgasm, i have no other side effects really, but can it really stop them? Or do i just need to relax :(

Posted by: N at May 1, 2012 5:33 PM

Help !!! I nee to sleep. I took predisone for excema and I am now crazy. Please tell me how much prozac i can take without dying.

Posted by: karen at May 10, 2012 9:15 PM

iv been on prosac 20mg for nearly 7 weeks starting to get shaky is this normal and got anxity will prosac make it go in time

Posted by: diane at May 12, 2012 8:38 AM

My partner of 7 years has just ended our relationship. When I met her she was taking Zoloft but 2 years ago she switched to Prozac. Since she started taking the drug I noticed a weird change in her, a constant dissatisfaction and apathy. Now she tells me it is all over, 7 years of love and affection mean nothing to her. These drugs are killers, not perhaps of individuals but of relationships and families. They are evil.

Posted by: Graham at May 15, 2012 7:01 PM

I only took one 20mg of fluoxetine Sunday morning,now I'm having this minor headache on the right side of my head. What could be wrong?

Posted by: nickesha Reid at July 17, 2012 1:23 PM

I honestly think there should be a group for people who have been negativly affected by these drugs. I was on seroquel and prozac for years now. at first I felt less anxious and happy. But after years I could feel it taking my soul away. My base beliefs of things that make me happy and ability to put them together got chipped away at. Yes I was always spontaniou and like changing mood and doing random things, this made me happy: i belive thats a great thing, so long as my steady constant core beliefs were there. Taking these for the first year or two still let me keep that.... then I couldnèt relate to myself anymore, things thats shouldnt make me happy did, I didnèt have my core to go back to for peace of mind or meaning, before I could be spontanious and change moods but knew this feels great, and that others do too and the mix of them makes me whole. but this fake happyness made me soooo stressed out that I did act spontanious but without my centre almost like falling off the face of the earth and into a different atmosphere. I couldnt see how all the different feeling had a purpose anymore, all I could do was focussing on the moment, but it was fake happyness, now Ièm of the drigs I define a moet as happyness yes but with underlying understanding of everything else, thats true happyness. I feel sick from these meds and wish I was never pressured as a teen to go on them. Ièm 23 now and am so angry now that this exists. I fear my memories of hollow feelings will affect me forever. I always knew right from wrong before these meds. basically I felt disassociated from myself, that I couldnt link logic together, that I was so worried about indevidual feelings it was a fight to see the big picture. And after off them I realized that worriying about fighting for the things that meant most to me and that feeling blocked the fact that those things did make me happiest. not sure if this makes sense to others. because how do we jugde things after all? HOW THEY MAKE US FEEL! so having fake happyness and stress about loosing the things most important to us and lacking the ability to put those two things together because of disassociating .... lets just say I think how rediculous it all sounds and am horrified that that was my reality. I dont know about some of these posts... those whos spouses left them.... perhaps its cause they werent happy before , for those who explore new things thats natural and can make them happy, but for those who feel their core beliefs withering away into disassociation with themselves. maybe they should just ask their spouces... ex's, whatever they are. lol feelings are so hard to describe... feelings bout indevidual things though are so easy. words in one sentence mean an etirely differently thing in another. But feeling anxious and thinking something, then feeling at peace and thinking something changes the vantage point. wow I'm not making much sense

Posted by: lolhardread at September 11, 2012 3:27 AM

exacly SAME THING!!!! AS Posted by: broken33 I was a happy person for 30 years, after taking PROZAC, 8 months.... really light, simple reasons... after withdrawal i become impotent in a single moment, thought i was going to die,never had any problems like this before, never ever... I should have been.. now my life is ruined, nothing makes me happy now, i'm very sad and feel broken from the inside, not depressed, i've never been, i'm just a shadow of a man i used to be, every next day is like a punishment, i'm just lost for words, sad story this is... every day is a EMPTY and SAD day, my life is ruined, my family, worst thing ever that can happend to you, i would have kiled the finder of PROZAC with my hands 110000%

Posted by: waldek at September 14, 2012 11:08 PM

i was taking prozac 20mg once a day for the past 3 years, slowly weaned myself off and have not taken another tablet for 6 weeks now. Initially i felt great, no palpitations, or anxiety, but suddenly i am feeling completely exhausted, short tempered, angry and de motivated, is it due to stopping the prozac? at the moment i am considering starting them again but really don't want to. Please help

Posted by: michelle conway at September 26, 2012 6:45 AM

I am a sophomore at Texas A&M, and I have been taking Prozac since I was a sophomore in high school.
I used to be one of the skeptics. I thought that using medicine (like Prozac, Paxil, etc) as a remedy for depression was irresponsible,ineffective, and foolish. I questioned why people who suffered from depression couldn't handle the problem on their own without the aid of medication. However, when I started my sophomore year of high school, my depression seemed to be more than I could handle. I was beginning to feel suicidal and demonstrating self destructive behaviors. I probably could have lived my life without ever going on a prescription medicine, but why would I let my life (which is already hard enough as is) be even harder to the point of "not worth living" when it is NOT my fault that my body chemistry is the way it is? With the help of my family and my doctors I came to terms with the fact that depression is in my genetics and I should not be ashamed that I need help to live a more "normal" life. That being said, I could not be the happy twenty year old I am today without Prozac. Some of y'all may disagree and think Prozac is more harmful than beneficial. But, through my experience (as well as countless members of my family) Prozac is life "saving", and I will forever be a strong advocate for the medicine.

P.S. I know depression (as well as anxiety) is a real disease, and everyone who suffers from these ailments has the right to get help and try whatever it takes to make their life worth living. No one should be ashamed of these problems, you are not alone.

Posted by: KatieAustin at October 26, 2012 5:01 PM

My 12 year old daughter has been on prozac for 17 days. She came to me saying shes seeing stuff and hearing things. The doctor thinks its a bad side effect. I don't know but my daughter is scared to death. I won't put a child on this medicene for nothing. The doctors ain't always right..

Posted by: Linda Greene at December 5, 2012 6:39 AM

Prozac almost killed me. I turned into another person. Every moment of everyday became worse and harder. I became bulimic, I wanted to die, anxiety worsened, self affliction was the worst it has ever been, started hallucinating, scratching, burning, cutting constantly, rocking in fertile position, horrible night terrors, alcoholism started up again, hearing voices, visits to the crazy house became routine, I couldn't work or keep any relationship's even with family.... after all of this, my doctor upped my dosage and I thought that I had lost every once of my being... It was the scariest period of my life and I never want to feel like that ever again. That was a year ago. I haven't been on any meds sense and am doing much better but still fight pstd and anxiety daily. It's manageable now and I can live again. Many blessings to you all and if something doesn't feel right, tell your doctor!! <3

Posted by: Mae at February 14, 2013 1:39 PM

Headaches, bad for two weeks. Then, energy came up, brighter happier outlook. Waiting for other shoe to drop? Feeling great

Posted by: Mark at May 6, 2013 10:52 PM

My boyfriend and I have been together almost 11 o years. He is an alcoholic with 20 years sobriety. He has depression and seasonal depression making every holiday season a nightmare. The Dr prescribed Prozac 10 years ago. Dr just keeps refilling the prescription without ever even talking to him. We have no sex life at all (which he blames on me). He is manic at times (which he blames on me). He has violent tantrums throwing and breaking things (which he blames on me). He told me he switched meds last month and wasn't taking it anymore. I looked at his meds and Dr just upped dosage. He lies all the time and when caught flies into a RAGE (which he blames on me.)I have to leave him. He is ruined by Prozac and a Dr that should have his license taken away. His family is no help. They just say he's been like this his whole life. I fell in love with him. He acted normal for a few years. He has financially abused me for the last 3 years. He gets moments of clarity & begs for forgiveness only to do the same crap in a few days time. He has said he has felt suicidal. He goes from calm to RAGE in a few seconds. I am risking my own mental health trying to help him with his. This is the last holiday he will ruin for me. I'm scared he will commit suicide...but at least he will be killing himself and not me anymore.

Posted by: Lisa at December 15, 2013 1:02 PM

At what point do you STOP taking PROZAC, because it seems to not be helping you depression. Is it true that it IS ONE of the most efficient anti-depression, for helping people with depression? What might you suggest, if you do reccomend that you change anti-depression medications, to treat your depression?

Posted by: TAMMI at June 2, 2014 3:57 PM

I've been on Prozac for three months after I told my doctor I felt suicidal after some serious family bereavement. I am already on Amitriptyline 100mg, which I have been using for ten years now. I'm ok on that, but started up with panic attacks, which I call death attacks because I feel like that is about to happen during the throes of one. Anyhow, Prozac was awful. I had some major hallucinations, some were actually amazing but otheres left me terrified. I then spent several days planning how to end my life. In the end, I just stopped using them and am ok...

Posted by: Angelica at January 2, 2015 8:37 PM

I have took 1 40g Prozac. Can't take it. When will be out of my system. Help

Posted by: Hazel at January 11, 2015 5:35 PM

I'm on 40mg of Prozac and it is awful. I was dealing with my social phobia by ingoring it before Prozac, i could atleast tolerate it then. On Prozac, I've lost my sexual drive, started having depression, and caused my anxiety to reach whole new level. I can't sleep, my thoughts are scattered, i don't know what to do. I tried to quit on my own but that just made it worse, I didn't understand how terrible it would effect me. I'm all weepy and depressed for the first time in my life I feel constistantly mentally weak

Posted by: Michael at January 14, 2015 4:08 PM

A teenage member of my family became promiscuous while taking Prozac. She put herself in dangerous situations. This behaviour ceased as soon as she stopped taking the Prozac.

Posted by: emma at March 10, 2015 6:51 PM

I took prozac when I was thirty, twenty five years ago, and in one week I developed full blown systemic lupus erythematosus. I have written a book about this called Little Porcupine Goes to the Psyche Ward. In those days the medical people were all in denial that this could happen. My book is on a funding site, and if you'd like to read more of what happened you can go there and type in the book's title.

Posted by: Frances Dale at March 23, 2015 4:42 PM

My daughter has been taking up to a 120 mg Prozac a day for PTSD and other problem. She is now on 40 mg but has absolutely no emotional feelings , she is 64 y old we are her parents in late 80"s both of us has cancer but we are able to take care of one another , what I find strange she has personal vendetta against us because we moved out of her house this spring after a 2 months stay. We love her and told her so . She tells us she has no emotional feelings and refuse to spend Easter with us . Could it be the Prozac that causes her to be that way ?

Posted by: zolnierowicz at March 28, 2015 2:47 PM

I've read these posts and burst out crying. Finally, finally I have found others who experienced my nightmare. I was on Prozac for 10yrs (2005-2015), 20mg a day, but took it 'whenever' I felt I needed a boost. I look back now and realized the rollercoaster (manic) ride I was on...I did things totally uncharacteristic of myself; affairs, compulsive overspending, shoplifting, lying, and in the last year, asked my husband of 20+yrs for a divorce. He was stunned. I weaned myself this past winter, and it was extremely hard (crying jags, sadness, confusion, major anxiety, fatigue) but I finally feel now I'm coming back to myself. I cry everyday, but it's tears of relief. I'm back with my husband (thank God) and see a therapist to get me thru the bad days. Stay strong, be well-informed of the affects of any medication, and be very careful of what you put in your body. I've been a runner for most of my life, healthy and active, and that in part, saved me. I hope I don't suffer any long-term effects from Prozac. For me personally, I will NEVER take chemicals again.

Posted by: tann at April 19, 2015 1:25 PM

I came to the realization not too long ago that I had been married to prozac for quite some time. The stories told here are many of the same things that I experienced which prompted me to start my blog,


Posted by: Joe at May 21, 2015 1:08 PM

My 19 yr old son just recently gotten taken off of Prozac. He was being treated for depression. They introduced prozac and everything went to shit. He went into a manic state for a week. His family Dr would not listen us when we said we didn't think it was right for him. After a week of ranting and psychotic behavior I finally was able to convince ( yes I had to push) the doctor to admit him. This sent my sweet boy to a psych ward. He is three days in, off Prozac and for the first time I see my true child again. Do not take this crap or allow a Dr to prescribe it to your kids. I could of lost my son if I had of taken my eyes of him that week. He wanted the anxiety to stop and he was ready to hang himself. He was doing dangerous things and he was using more and more pot to try to bring himself down. He may be in hospital for a month because of this. Whatever it takes! Prozac should be discontinued

Posted by: mommabear at June 7, 2015 7:31 AM

Hello I was on 20 mg Prozac and now switched to 10. My doctor isn't available, wondering if after 2 more days of taking 10 mg I could just discontinue use?

I take abilify as well and want to only be taking one antidepressant a day.
Thank you

Posted by: ema at July 12, 2015 8:02 AM

I started Prozac 100 days ago, stopped 10 days ago.
1 week after starting I felt like I was chocking and had a weird feeling in my throat!
Gp never heard of such side effects, but it was aweful. I stopped 10 days ago and it's still the same !

Posted by: Marie price at September 10, 2015 7:23 AM

I was on Xanex for 3 months and tried tapering off to no avail so I committed myself for detox which was horrible. Things got bad,I don't exactly remember much except them asking about a depression drug and I mentioned Prozac n buspar for nerves because my sister is on it. They started me on Prozac the following day (which I figured,they know what they are doing) I started having really bad twitching,shaking,sweating,palpitations,high anxiety and head pain Only on right side. The dr.started me on 40mg which made me feel Like i was on crack or something and so I mentioned lowering it which she did to 30 and then I felt depressed (Never felt depressed before!) after 1 week I asked to boost it back to 40mg which she did and I don't feel too sad but still have moments and I'm unable to focus,I feel afraid,scared and fearful.I just want to be myself again! Any suggestions?

Posted by: paula at December 19, 2015 7:20 AM

I've lived on and off with 4 different people this last year who all take Prozac, they all have eventually become quite speradically and almost uncontrolably violent at times when things disturb them or offend them, one of these friends of mine will be completely normal driving but if anyone were to honk at him he would unhesitatingly jump out of the vehicle, stop all traffic, and completely overreact

Posted by: Cody at December 27, 2015 7:26 AM

I do not believe in any antidepressive meds for any child! However, for me it worked wonders! I was diagnosed with PMDD about 4 yrs ago. It is/was a God send!But it doesn't work for everyone.

Posted by: Leash at February 11, 2016 2:04 PM

Hi! I'm 19 and I just started on Prozac about a month ago. I was on lexapro but I didn't do anything for me. Honestly I am in love with how I feel on Prozac. I do feel like I need to up my dose but after being in a deep depression for 7 years, I finally feel relief. The only thing that is odd is I always have to keep my legs moving. When I'm sitting still I'm bouncing them up and down or side to side. But other than that, nothing crazy!

Posted by: Patti at February 16, 2016 1:04 PM

I've been on Prozac for the past couple months, being in my teens I was put on 10mg for the first 3 weeks and then I was upped to 20mg. I've been on 20mg for the past 1-2 months and I truly do feel happier but I'm not happy for the right reasons? My depression is much easier to hide now, I have odd sudden bursts of energy and it all feels fake. It all feels so fake, it feels as though my soul has been pushed aside and some "anti-monster" has taken over. I hate this feelings of fake happiness, it almost feels like "high" but it's not real. My goal is to be happy, but when *I* am supposed to be happy not this fake stuff. I've skipped my doses for two days now and I've been hiding them in my locker. I don't know what to do? I haven't self-harmed since I've been upped, and I haven't attempted suicide since too. But, what I feel (and I know 100%) is fake. Should I tell my psychologist and/or my psychiatrist? My mom? I have no clue what to do and I just want this "high" to stop so I can be normal. I want to be ME. I want to be me without my depression and anxiety. Right now, I am NOT me.

Posted by: Devan at February 18, 2016 7:16 PM

I have been taken ssri for 13 years and just went off Prozac after being on as hi as 60mg. I've been doing hormone pellets for about a year. Decided to go off Prozac so over a year ween off. Well I've been crying for 3 months and it didn't stop yet.

Posted by: Liz at February 21, 2016 5:34 PM

Taking prozac for 12 months is the best thing I have ever done.I will put up with tremors, feeling hot ,mememory loss ,tired ,anxiety,down days,because putting up with how bad depression and real anxiety makes you feel this drug is a breeze.I think people first taking antidepressants analyse them selves too much (yeh its working ,boo now its not ,then yeh working again) just tell your self okay so im going to be on of a bit of an emotional roller coaster for a couple of months .some times when I have a bad week I think wow if I came off this drug and had to feel like that forever id kill myself .I could not go back to being that person!yes sometimes I'm like a zombie and sometimes I'm over chatty and will speak to anyone and some times I still just want to hide away from the world (it's life) I don't expect to be a happy bunny all the time about everything because this drug is just to help you ,not cure your entire life .you also need to self help ,I have found too much coffee makes me agitated and i will start waking in the night ( just generally be more aggitated )
Alcohol wow (this is naughty)but the first time I drank it just made me tired ,any other times I've drunk (which there have been many)I find I can drink like a fish and I feel that I start having a few down days followed I guess by the drug kicking in to its full potential again and I have these amazing up (kind of on speed days.)I am now alcohol free (2 weeks its a working progress im a bad drunk) because even though i did like the above my memory would become shocking.
I have found if I do have trouble sleeping I have a good hours walk (exercise is just brill)I take a multi vitamin too .you need to be helping yourself!!
Like I said any crap side affects over rule not wanting to live! (Although I understand the feeling this drug sometimes has of numbing you and sometimes thinking yeh it's no big deal to kill myself) get your ass outside for a jog when you get that feeling!!!!!!
I also know that if you have loads of stressful things going on in yourlife that comfy what ever who cares prozac feeling isn't always there to help you ,you just have to keep trying and picking your self up ,you can't be amazing all the time ☺

Posted by: Dye at October 14, 2016 11:02 AM

i have been taking prozac for 6 years. It helped me quit smoking, or so I associate it with that. In years following I gained 30lbs, had two children and I am suffering only the side effects and no benefits of this drue
EI, sweats, anxiety, sadness, weight gain, skin rashes, general unhappiness...
I have two young children and I just want to enjoy life,
how do I wean myself off this!
Please help!

Posted by: Gretchen at November 25, 2016 11:21 PM

I was just changed from fluoxatine 40mg to.60mg
I have been having weird very real dreams nothing bad just weird is this a temporary thing
Also is there a way to go from 40mg to 50mg then if needed go higher weird dreams when I went from 40mg to.60mg. At 40mg my life was back,I was not worried about things like I was I could make better decisions I could tell 40mg was working like it did after about a year. Now 2nd week.on 60mg. Having weird nothing scary vivid dreams will.they be temporary

Posted by: Judi sims at January 31, 2017 5:14 AM

Wow.... I am freaking out because I do not know what to do with my situation. After reading most of these posts.. it made it clear to me. Back in 2010 I was put on Prozac. Even though it made me feel better it also made me hyper-sexual and from someone who is a sensitive and a caring guy, turned me into a selfish and unempathetic person. It made me manic and I am not bipolar. I didn't understand myself and why I was behaving the way I did. Fast forward up until now and being off of it for 3 years and after a bout with a flu or virus which really did something to the chemistry of my brain, a few weeks ago I woke up very depressed and anxious. I was put on Prozac and again. I am freaking out now because I do not know what to do and do not want to become the person I was when I was on it. But I also need help for my current symptoms because I am suffering. Any suggestions out there? The same thing happened to me in 2010. After a stressful period I got sick: flu-like symptoms which turned into horrible fatigue, weakness, and other weird symptoms to depression and emotional disturbances. I thought that would be a period in my life in which I would not revisit but unfortunately, it seems to have it me again a month ago. Going through the same crap.

Posted by: Chris at May 11, 2017 10:21 PM

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